1/9/14 TNA Impact Recap

Jan 9, 2014 - by Michael Riba

Impact Wrestling opens with a recap of Magnus winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and A.J. Styles returning to set up the match between the two in the main event tonight.

We go into the arena, and Dixie Carter’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Dixie says she is not going to waste any more of her breath talking about A.J. Styles. She calls Styles to the ring to sign his one-night contract. Styles’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Dixie talks about Styles’ contract being for one night and one match only. Dixie says she has given Styles a lot in the contract and says the match with Styles and Magnus tonight will be a No Disqualification Match. She says she wants Styles to be bloody, bruised, and carried out on a stretcher in their last moments together. She tells Styles to sign the contract. Styles mocks Dixie a bit and says that she doesn’t understand what ‘Winner Take All’ means. He says no more tournaments, no more Dixie Land matches, and only one, undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Styles says there are people in the back that hate Dixie just as much as he does, and they will have no problem coming to the ring to help him out tonight. Dixie says Styles’ friends won’t come out and help him because she owns them. Dixie says she can’t wait to break Styles tonight. Styles asks her how she is going to break him. Styles says Dixie doesn’t get wrestling and keeps screwing it up. Styles says the belt on his shoulder finally got respect when he took it away from TNA. Magnus’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Magnus tells Dixie to leave the ring. Magnus says Styles won’t be calling him a paper champion again, and the only reason Styles came back was because he wasn’t getting the attention that he wanted. Magnus says he will end Styles tonight and he will stand alone in the ring tonight. Styles says it took eleven years of hard work to get where he is and he is going to walk out the doors with honor, respect, and dignity and as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He asks what Dixie is going to do then, and then tells Magnus to take his lips off of her backside and ask her. Magnus tries to get back into the ring, but Dixie holds him back and we head to a commercial break.

We see Dixie Carter talking to Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa talking backstage.

Match #1: Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) (w/DJ Zema)
Young and Robbie start the match. Robbie backs Young into the corner, but Young counters back and drops Robbie with a clothesline. Godderz gets into the ring, but Young takes him down with a hip-toss. We see a shot backstage of Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa beating down ODB, and Young leaves the match to go backstage. Park is in the ring with Robbie and Robbie chokes Park in the corner and then delivers an elbow drop from the top rope. Robbie stomps away on Park and tags in Godderz. Godderz takes Park to the corner and delivers a knee to the midsection. Robbie gets into the ring and they send Park into the corner. Park comes back and delivers a clothesline and a scoop slam to both men. Robbie goes for a cross-body, but it doesn’t faze Park. Robbie takes out Park’s knee and then Godderz and Robbie connect with the Bro Down and Robbie gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Bro-Mans.
After the match, the Bro-Mans grab a piece of the guardrail and take it into the ring. Godderz grabs Park and he and Robbie deliver another Bro Down onto the guardrail.

We go backstage and Samoa Joe walks into Dixie Carter’s office. Joe says he is one of A.J. Styles’ friends that has his back. Dixie asks if Joe is threatening her. He says this is him telling her that if she wants to screw over Styles, she has to go through him. Dixie says she made Joe and she can break him. Dixie says Joe now has a match against Ethan Carter III tonight. Joe says Ethan’s blood is on her hands, not his, as we head to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see what just happened to Joseph Park. We then see trainers taking care of him backstage. We also see Eric Young carrying ODB outside as Sting asks him what happened. Young says she is unconscious and he is taking her to the hospital. Sting walks off looking for Dixie Carter.

We go into the arena and James Storm is in the ring. He calls Gunner out to the ring. Storm says he has been in some of the greatest tag teams in TNA history. Storm says he has a big ego and there is one thing that tears tag teams apart: the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He said it happened to America’s Most Wanted, Beer Money, and now his team with Gunner. Storm says Gunner’s briefcase is going to his head. Gunner says he did step over Storm to get the briefcase. Gunner says Storm can keep his ego, because he has the briefcase. Storm says he has a way to settle this. They both like to fight and neither of them like referees. Storm says they should hang the briefcase back up because he doesn’t think Gunner can do it again. Storm extends his hand, and Gunner accepts the handshake and the challenge.

We go backstage and we see Ethan Carter III jumping Samoa Joe from behind and beating him down as we go to a commercial break.

We’re back and Ethan Carter III and Samoa Joe are brawling to the ring.

Match #2: Ethan Carter III vs. Samoa Joe
Joe controls the early part of the match and drops him with an atomic drop and a kick to the face. Joe punches Carter into the corner and then chops him across the chest. Joe tosses Carter to the opposite corner and then smashes him in the corner. Carter collapses to the mat and Joe waits on him to get up. Carter dropkicks Joe in the knee and then begins to work over Joe’s knee. Carter goes to the top rope, but Joe cuts him off. Joe sets up for the Muscle Buster, but Rockstar Spud grabs Joe’s leg. Joe leaves the ring and goes after Spud and he catches him, but Carter hits JOe from behind and the referee calls for the bell.
Match Result: No Contest.
After the match, Carter hits Joe with a wrench and leaves with Spud as Joe is left lying on the entrance ramp.

We go backstage and Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Angle talks about his Open Challenge Steel Cage tonight. Angle says it doesn’t matter who gets into the ring with him tonight, because all he will see will be Bobby Roode. We head to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see A.J. Styles sitting alone backstage. We then see a recap of ODB and Joseph Park being laid out. We then see the trainer working on Samoa Joe, and then Sting finds James Storm and Gunner laid out backstage. Sting finds Dixie Carter and begins yelling at her, and she acts like she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Dixie puts Sting in a match and tells him to let her worry about everything else. Dixie tells Sting to get out of her face and then walks away.

Before the next match, Bobby Roode cuts a promo. He tells Angle that he will prove once and for all that he is better than Angle and that Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction will be long forgotten after he is finished with him next week. Roode teases getting in the ring with Angle, but then says that would be stupid and backs away. Roode says he found two guys that hate Angle just as much as he does. Roode introduces Bad Influence.

Match #3: Steel Cage Open Challenge Match – Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)
Daniels and Kazarian double-team Angle and slam him into the steel cage. Daniels goes for a cover, but Angle kicks out at two. Kazarian takes Angle down with a flying forearm and goes for the cover, but Angle kicks out at two again. Angle comes back and takes both guys down. Angle goes for the German suplexes on Kazarian, but Daniels grabs Kazarian to stop him. Angle fights back and delivers German suplexes to both men. Angle drops the straps, but Daniels counters and takes Angle down to the mat. Daniels sends Angle into the corner and then gets sent in by Kazarian, but Angle moves and sends Daniels into the cage. Kazarian goes after Angle, but Angle counters and sends Kazarian into Daniels. Angle slams Daniels into the steel cage and Angle delivers the Angle Slam to Kazarian and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kurt Angle.

We go backstage and see Dixie Carter on the phone. She yells at someone to leave the cage up. Bobby Roode walks in and she asks him if he is ready for his cage match tonight. She tells him it’s against Sting and he loses his mind and yells at him. Dixie says she needs him to be a team player and she needs him to take care of business tonight. She says she will have him covered.

We’re back and we see Kurt Angle outside the arena taking a picture with some fans. Al Snow drives up and tells Angle to get in the car, because there is an emergency at the hospital. Angle gets into the car and Snow drives off.

Match #4: Steel Cage Match – Bobby Roode vs. Sting
Roode takes control of the match and stomps Sting down in the ring. Roode sends Sting to the corner and then drops him with a back elbow. Roode goes for the cover, but Sting kicks out at two. Roode takes Sting down again and goes for another cover, but Sting kicks out at two again. Roode tries to escape the cage, but Sting stops him. Roode counters and sends Sting to the corner again and then delivers a few shots to Sting’s midsection. Roode sends Sting to another corner and charges, but Sting gets his boot up. Sting comes out of the corner, but Roode counters with the Double R Spine-buster and goes for the cover, but Sting kicks out at two. Roode begins to climb the cage, but Sting grabs his leg to stop him. Roode kicks Sting away, but Sting comes right back and tosses Roode down to the mat. Sting drops Roode with a couple clotheslines and then sends him into the cage two times. Sting sends Roode to the corner and delivers two Stinger Splashes and then another clothesline. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, but Roode rakes his eyes for the counter. Roode lifts Sting onto his shoulders, but Sting counters and deliver the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock in the middle of the ring, but Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud rush the ring. Ethan begins to climb the cage and Spud tosses a baton to Roode in the ring. Roode hits Sting with it twice and Carter and Spud leave ringside. Roode opens the door and leaves the ring to get the win.
Winner: Bobby Roode.

We see a video of Mr. Anderson walking into a funeral home as we head to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see Mr. Anderson in the funeral home. Bully Ray is sitting in one of the rows. Ray says they were brothers and if he wanted to finish things, he would have finished it last week and would have set Anderson on fire. Ray lights a lighter in his hand and reveals he has lighter fluid in the other hand. Ray says Anderson took everything from him. Ray says he wants his loneliness to encompass Anderson’s life. Ray says Genesis will be the end of Anderson. Ray tells Anderson to go look to see what he put in the coffin. Anderson walks over to the coffin and pulls out whatever Ray put in there. Anderson turns around, but Ray is gone.

We take a look back at all of the attacks on A.J. Styles’ friends that have taken place throughout the broadcast tonight.

We go backstage and we see Sting yelling at Dixie Carter again. Sting says nothing will stop him from being by Styles’ side tonight. Dixie says it’s contract time, and Sting says her filthy money cannot buy him. Dixie says he knows that’s not true. Dixie asks Sting if Styles would give everything up for Sting. Dixie tells Sting that he has a very important decision to make, and she hopes he makes the right one.

We see a video hype package for the on-going feud between A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter and her troupe.

Match #5: TNA World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Winner Take All Match – A.J. Styles (c) vs. Magnus (c)
Magnus goes to the outside as Earl Hebner calls for the bell. Magnus gets back into the ring and Styles goes after him, but Magnus rolls to the outside again. Magnus gets back into the ring, but Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud run down to the ring and attack Styles from behind. Styles fight back and dumps Spud and Carter to the outside. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on Magnus, but Carter gets back into the ring and clotheslines Styles. Carter holds Styles down as Spud delivers a few kicks to his chest. Sting rushes the ring and goes after Carter. Sting stomps Carter down in the corner and then tosses him out of the ring. Styles battles with Magnus and then sends him to the outside as Sting and Styles stand tall in the ring. We head to a commercial break.
We’re back and The Bro-Mans and DJ Zema attack Sting on the outside. They then get into the ring and attack Styles. Magnus goes for a cover on Styles, but Styles kicks out at two. The Bro-Mans drop Styles with the Bro Down. Magnus goes for the cover, but Styles kicks out at two. The Bro-Mans continue the beat down on Styles as Magnus looks on from the corner. Sting gets into the ring and tosses DJ Zema to the floor. Styles drops Robbie E with a neck-breaker and goes after Magnus. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on Magnus, but Christopher Daniels and Kazarian hit the ring. They drop Styles to the mat and Magnus goes for the cover, but Earl Hebner refuses to make the count. Hebner walks out on the match, but Dixie Carter brings Brian Hebner to the ring. Daniels and Kazarian drop Styles again and Magnus goes for the cover, but Styles kicks out again. Sting drops the Bro-Mans on the outside and then takes down Ethan Carter. Magnus goes for the King’s Leaf Cloverleaf, but Styles fights out. Sting gets int the ring and he and Styles take are of Bad Influence. Magnus goes to slam Styles, but Styles counters and delivers the Styles Clash, but Brian Hebner is on the outside. Earl Hebner runs back down and tries to make the count, but Daniels and Kazarian stop him. Styles takes out Daniels and Kazarian with a dive to the outside. Styles goes to the top rope, but BObby Roode interferes now. Roode shoves Styles off the top rope and then drops Styles to the mat. Roode slams Styles to the mat again and then does it a third time. Magnus rolls into the cover and gets the win.
Winner and Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus.

Quick Results:
1. The Bro-Mans def. Joseph Park and Eric Young
2. Ethan Carter III and Samoa Joe wrestled to a No Contest.
3. Kurt Angle def. Bad Influence in an Open Challenge Steel Cage Match
4. Bobby Roode def. Sting in a Steel Cage Match
5. Magnus def. A.J. Styles in a No Disqualification Winner Take All Match to become the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion

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