1/2/14 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jan 2, 2014 - by Jason Graening

Follow along tonight as the Starman recaps tonight’s Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling opens with a video package on the new TNA World Champion, Magnus, and call him one champion under Dixie forever and ever. A new era begins tonight when Magnus has his championship coronation. We welcomed to tonight’s show that will feature Chris Sabin taking on Austin Aries for the X Division Championship and the coronation of Magnus.

Kurt Angle’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring and says 2013 was the worst year of his career. Angle says Aces & Eights and personal issues took a toll on him, which is why he declined his Hall of Fame induction and wants to prove himself to the fans once again. Angle says he wants to tell everyone what his plans are for 2014, but is cut off by Bobby Roode.

Roode comes out and hopes that Angle is going to tell everyone that he is going to leave Impact Wrestling, just like Jeff Hardy did last week. Roode says if he does walk away, he wants Angle to tell him that Roode is better than him. Angle says he isn’t leaving but he will be kicking ass in 2014, and he is challenging Roode to one more match. Roode declines Angle’s challenge as he has nothing more to prove to Angle.

Roode says the two of them are done and is about to leave the ring, but Roode stops himself and says he will accept the challenge if Angle leaves and never accepts a Hall of Fame induction from TNA. Angle accepts and says the match will take place at Genesis. Angle then adds in his own stipulation and says they will battle in a steel cage. Roode accepts the challenge and takes a swing at Angle as the two come to blows until referees and security come out a break it up.

Rockstar Spud comes out and tells the two that they will not ruin the night. Spud then tells each of them to get a tag team partner and they will fight later on tonight.

The announce team hype Magnus’ coronation and the X Division Championship match, plus Joseph Park taking on Bully Ray and Gail Kim will issue an open challenge. Dixie Carter is backstage and says she has found the perfect World Champion. She then goes into a room where a stagehand hands her a note that just says ‘See you tonight.’

Dixie Carter walks up to Rockstar Spud and tells him to find out who sent her that note. Spuds says he will get on it right away. We then see Gail Kim in the ring with Lei’d Tapa and says it’s time for another open challenge. Gail then gloats about how she dominated in 2013 and this year will be even better. Madison Rayne’s music then hits as she makes her way to the ring for the open challenge.

Match 1: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (Open Challenge)
Madison takes Gail down with a cross body block and goes right on the attack as the match starts. Madison then hits Gail with a spear and slams Gail’s head into the mat, which causes the referee to pull her off. Gail uses this break to get the advantage but Madison comes back with a suplex and a neckbreaker. The crowd starts a “You still got it!” chant as Lei’d Tapa trips up Madison and pulls her out to the floor.

Madison is rolled back into the ring where Gail puts Madison in a chinlock submission hold, but Madison gets out, however, Gail slams her to the mat. Gail then goes for the Eat Defeat but Madison counters with a back slide for a near fall. The two then take each other down with clotheslines and they get back to their feet where Madison gets in a series of kicks, but Gail counters and slams Madison face first into the mat. Gail goes for another Eat Defeat but Madison counters again and rolls up Gail for the pin fall.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are in the dressing room where Sabin tells Velvet if he listens to what he says, he will leave with the X Division Championship. However, if she doesn’t, he will leave the building without her as we head into a commercial break.

The announce team hype tonight’s tag team match between Angle and Roode. Angle is backstage with Gunner and tries to get him as a partner and Gunner agrees to it. James Storm walks in and says that is interesting before walking away.

A video recap of Austin Aries defeating Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship a few weeks ago is aired. This brings us into the next match of the night, and it is for the X Division Championship.

Match 2: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (X Division Championship)
The match starts and Aries connects with a corner dropkick for a near fall. Aries then goes for a brainbuster, but Sabin is able to escape. Aries then puts Sabin in the Last Chancery and Sabin calls out for Velvet, but she refuses to help. Sabin is able to escape and begins to yell at Velvet as Aries takes Sabin down again and picks up another near fall. Aries continues on the attack and picks up a couple of more near falls before going for a brainbuster, but Sabin blocks it and takes Aries down.

Sabin hangs up Aries in the corner but Aries is able to counter and takes Sabin down with a neckbreaker from the corner. Aries then connects with a punch that knocks Sabin out to the floor as Aries heads to the top rope and nails Sabin with a double axe handle. Sabin is rolled back into the ring as Aries heads to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Sabin then orders Velvet to cause a distraction and Sabin connects with a low blow as the referee’s back is turned. Sabin then rolls up Aries and picks up the pin fall to become the new X Division Champion.

Jeremy Borash catches up with Chris Sabin after the match as he thanks himself for winning the match on his own. Velvet then follows Sabin with a pouty look on her face. The announce team then hype the coronation of Magnus and the debut of Samuel Shaw, which is up after the break.

Rockstar Spud is backstage practicing for his coronation introduction when he gets a phone call. Spud doesn’t get anyone on the other line, but says it came from a 678 area code, which is from the Atlanta, GA, area.

Samuel Shaw makes his way to the ring and takes a few glances at Christy Hemme, before making her leave the ring. Shaw then puts on a pair of gloves to get ready for his match against Norv Fernum.

Match 3: Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum
Shaw is wrestling in a pair of white jeans and a business casual shirt. Shaw tosses Fernum around the ring for a bit before landing a power slam. Shaw constantly looks over at Christy as he continues on the attack and puts Fernum in a choke hold until the referee calls for the bell and awards Shaw that submission victory. After the match, he walks over to Christy and looks at her before walking up the ramp.

James Storm is backstage and says Gunner teaming with Kurt Angle tonight doesn’t surprise him. Storm says he is going to show Angle that he picked the wrong partner tonight as we head into a commercial break.

Booby Roode is backstage and wants to know why this person would want to be his partner. It’s James Storm and says they can’t trust each other, but he needs to send a message. Storm says he will be there tonight either as his partner or kicking everyone’s ass, including Roode. A video package on Magnus winning the TNA World Championship is aired.

We then head into the next match of the night and during the introductions, Jeremy Borash asks Gunner what he will think if James Storm is going to be Roode’s partner. Gunner says things are going to get real interesting as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Kurt Angle & Gunner vs. Bobby Roode & James Storm
Storm and Angle start things off with Angle gaining the early advantage before tagging Gunner into the match. Storm takes Gunner down with a knee to the face and Roode tags himself in to the match. Roode sends Gunner into the turnbuckle and Gunner sends his own head into the turnbuckle a few times before taking Roode down with a suplex and a near fall. Gunner then gets in Storm’s face and turns around and gets a spinebuster by Roode.

Storm then tags himself in and begins to nail Gunner with a series of rights before tagging Roode back into the match. The two former partners then work together as the fans start a small “Beer! Money!” chant. Roode and Storm begin to use quick tags in and out to wear Gunner down, but Gunner is able to get back to his corner and tag Angle, however, Roode has the referee distracted and doesn’t allow the tag.

Storm and Roode begin working together and take Gunner down with a double suplex as another “Beer! Money!” chant begins. Gunner and Storm then take each other down with shoulder blocks and Gunner tags Angle, however, the referee is distracted by Roode once more. Angle snaps and takes Roode down with a series of German suplexes before taking Storm down with an overhead suplex. Angle then puts Storm in an ankle lock but Roode nails Angle from behind. Gunner then puts Roode in the Gun Rack, however, Storm hits Gunner with the Last Call and Roode takes Gunner down to pick up the pin fall victory.

After the match, Angle goes for the Angle Slam on Roode, but Roode escapes and rolls out to the floor and runs up the ramp. Storm then yells at Gunner while holding the Feast or Fired case before throwing it down on Gunner’s chest and leaving the ring.

Sting is backstage as Rockstar Spud accuses Sting of sending the message. Sting tells Spud that he is there to talk to Dixie Carter and not her lap dog as he keeps on walking and we head into a commercial break.

A video package on last week’s handicap tag team match is aired, where Jeff Hardy decided his heart was no longer in the business and left TNA. Ethan Carter III comes to the ring and says he changed the face of wrestling in 2013. Some people have said his level of competition has been inferior, however, he pinned Sting last week and challenges Jeff Hardy to a match tonight. Christy Hemme announces Jeff Hardy and his music plays, but he doesn’t come out, obviously. EC3 says apparently he isn’t in the building tonight, however, he will call for the bell, begin the count himself, and keep his undefeated streak in tact.

By the time EC3 gets to nine, he is cut off by Sting’s music, who makes his way to the ring without his signature makeup. Sting says Hardy is a man and he doesn’t know what he is. Sting begins to talk trash to EC3 and calls him Dixie’s lap dog and tells EC3 to get off the leash and prove that he is man. EC3 says he isn’t going to let Sting manipulate him and leaves the ring but decides to challenge Sting one on one, in two weeks at Genesis.

Joseph Park is backstage with Eric Young and says he doesn’t remember doing any of the Abyss things in the ring. Park then asks EY why he put him in a match against Bully Ray. EY says they need to go back to the beginning, where it all started. EY leaves as Bully Ray walks up and says he is going to be all alone in the ring tonight and that he doesn’t want to be the one who burns for the sins of Ken Anderson. Park asks what he means and Ray says he is going to set him on fire as we head to a commercial break.

Match 5: Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
The bell sounds and Bully Ray just stands in the corner and looks at the ground as Park looks on confused. Park walks up to Ray and Ray kicks Park between the legs as the referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Ray. Ray then pulls out some lighter fluid and sprays it all over Park and into his eyes. Ray then pulls out a lighter but Mr. Anderson runs out to the ring as Ray sprays Anderson with it. Ray then holds the lighter out at Anderson before slowly walking away and leaving the ring.

Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud and EC3 are walking backstage together as the coronation of Magnus will take place after the commercial break.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 are standing in the ring, which is decked out in a red carpet, and a throne between two ferns. Spud puts over the Queen and the new TNA World Champion, Magnus, before turning things over to the Master of Ceremonies, EC3. EC3 puts over Magnus and Dixie Carter some more before Dixie Carter comes out to the ring.

Dixie tells the story on how she read a six page feature in a magazine about Magnus. Dixie says he took her breath away with his look and his body and knew she was going to sign him to her roster. In five years, Magnus overcame all of his challenges on his own and became the new TNA World Champion. Dixie then instructs the fans to get on their feet so they can greet true royalty and the new TNA World Champion, Magnus.

Magnus comes down to the ring wearing a suit and with the TNA World Championship slung over his shoulder. Magnus grabs a microphone and says it’s time for everyone to listen to him. Magnus thanks Rockstar Spud and EC3 for the kind words, before thanking Dixie Carter for being the wind beneath his wings. Magnus continues to say that he has mixed emotions by being the champion as he feels the fans doubted him. Magnus says he turned his back on the fans as the fans turned their backs on him. Magnus says he intends on being the TNA World Champion for a very long time. Magnus is then interrupted by Gunner’s music, who comes out with the Feast or Fired case and we head into a commercial break.

Gunner enters the ring and says he is ready to fight right now and is going to cash in on his brief case. Dixie says the match will not happen as Gunner takes down both EC3 and Spud. Gunner then picks up Magnus, but Spud kicks Gunner in the midsection as he and EC3 begin beating him down. Magnus then holds the title and looks to hit him, but AJ Styles runs into the ring with his own TNA World Championship.

Styles clears the ring as the two champions hold their titles up in the air. Dixie tells Styles to get out of her ring as Styles lays his belt down and taunts Magnus to come at him. Magnus leaves the ring as Styles tells Dixie to stop having her lawyers chase him all around the world. Styles says he didn’t come to the Impact Zone because she made him, he decided to come since she screwed over the fans and made a farce of the championship. The fans start a “You’re a farce!” chant as Styles tells Magnus that he isn’t a World Champion until he beats THE World Champion.

Magnus asks Styles if he is challenging him as Styles says there are two belts, but there can only be one World Champion. Magnus begins making his way towards the ring and Styles says Magnus needs to accept the challenge if he wants to prove himself, or else all of the fans will doubt him as the champion and he will even doubt himself. Styles says the deal is on the table, but if Styles walks out the doors, the deal is going with him.

Magnus stands in the ring and thinks about it and says Styles is not better than him and he will prove it next week – two belts, one champion. Dixie says that match won’t happen but Magnus says if the match doesn’t happen, he is leaving too, as nobody will doubt him or his championship reign ever. Dixie says Styles doesn’t even have a contract anymore and won’t risk the liability. Magnus says Dixie will give Styles a one night only contract for a winner takes all match. Dixie doesn’t want to gamble if Magnus loses, but Magnus wants to do it as Styles offers his hand and Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim by pin fall in an open challenge.
– Chris Sabin defeated Austin Aries by pin fall to become the new X Division Champion.
– Samuel Shaw defeated Norv Fernum by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode and James Storm defeated Kurt Angle and Gunner by pin fall.
– Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray by disqualification.

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