“Canadian Giant” Garry Robbins 58 Passed Away

Dec 13, 2013 - by staff

Slam Wrestling is reporting that former Canadian wrestler Garry Robbins has died at the age of 58 years old.

At 7 feet 5 inches, & 380 pounds (according to his website), He was a true giant. He appeared in numorous movies, including as Saw Tooth in the 2004 film “Wrong Turn.”

Beyond the filmreel, Robbins wrestled under the names Canadian Giant and Paul Bunyan of the North, stomping around wrestling rings in Canada, the U.S., Japan and elsewhere.

Barry Robbins said Garry worked in Calgary alongside the celebrated Hart wrestling family. He said wrestlers there would occasionally argue over who would win, but Garry had a trump card.

“The rule was, you could never pin the giant. You could never beat the giant clean,” he said.

Back home, though, “everyone in St. Catharines knew him as Garry on his motorbike, riding around.”

He twice unsuccessfully ran for public office since leaving the ring. His brother Barry states he was eying another possible run in 2014.

Robbins apparently died in his sleep, Barry said, and was found by a neighbor Wednesday 12/11 with his dog curled up at his side.

We hear at Gerweck.net would like to pass along our deepest sympathy to the Robbins family at this time.


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