Booker T talks reconciling with Stevie Ray

Nov 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Scott Fishman posted an interview with Booker T for The Miami Herald.

On reconciling with brother Stevie Ray…

“It was kind of like burying the hatchet and putting that part of our life behind us and moving forward,” Booker T said. “WrestleMania weekend was a chance to do that and the Hall of Fame was a way to mend that bridge. Now we are as close as ever. The Hall of Fame ceremony was a once in a lifetime thing we wish we could do every year. It proved to my fans, my peers, that all of the work I put in was worth it. I always wanted to leave my mark and legacy on the business so that one day 50 years I will be remembered. It’s something I strived for many years to attain.

“…My brother and I had not spoken for about five years, maybe six. Maybe a little bit longer. I thought it was time to get past that. Leaving the business the way I started was really important for me. We just talked about doing stuff together. It definitely filled a void that was there for a very long time, thank God.”

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