Audio: Paul London talks Benoit’s dark side, why Impact is unwatchable, being removed from a WWE video game, and more

Nov 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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paul london interview

In this exclusive hour plus interview with GERWCEK.NET, former WWE superstar Paul London talks about…

* returning to Ring of Honor after almost decade apart from the promotion
* why he was nervous about returning, and how the company has changed
* his relationship with Eddie Guerrero, and working with him in WWE
* his proposed idea for the Cruiserweight division, and McMahon’s reaction
* his thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy and conspiracy theories
* getting a fair shake in WWE?
* being released by WWE, and how that unfolded
* himself and Brian Kendrick being removed from a WWE video game, only to be replaced by a released tag team
* his idea for WWE films
* his honest critique of Triple H and his in ring abilities
* his thoughts on today’s wrestling products, and says which show is unwatchable
* starting his own wrestling school
* and more!

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