Bully Ray conference call notes – financial woes, Hulk Hogan, retirement, BFG

Oct 8, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

bully ray

Highlights from today’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV conference call:

– Bully Ray says the key to his versatility is that he is just being himself. Bully Ray said he knows how to get a reaction from the crowd. Bully Ray said he is proud of his abilities.

– Bully Ray said he doesn’t feel he was ever held back. He said he was apart of the most successful tag team for fifteen years. He said he has taken every advantage of every opportunity throw his way.

– His game plan at Bound for Glory, go to the show and tear the house down and retain the TNA title. “It’s going to be a great match,” said Bully Ray of his upcoming match against AJ Styles.

– Bully Ray said he enjoyed the transition to a singles competitor. He said his goal getting into wrestling was be a successful tag team wrestler.

– In terms of babyfaces vs. heels, there has been good guys vs. heels since the days of Jesus vs. Satan. He said there is plenty of room in pro wrestling for good and evil.

– On TNA’s financial situation, he said he doesn’t have access to the books. He said he continues to draw a nice paycheck from the company, and has for the past seven years.

– On possibly losing Hulk Hogan, Bully said he is the Babe Ruth of pro wrestling. He feels there is a place for Hulk Hogan in TNA, and he brings creditability to the company. Bully Ray said he hopes he stays so he can kick his ass.

– “I have no plans to retire,” said Bully Ray. “You can’t stop rock and rock and you can’t stop me,” Bully Ray said.

– He said there was nothing left for him and Devon to do together.

– Bully Ray said he recently had a reunion with Sign Guy Dudley.

– Bully Ray said when TNA gave him the ball, he wasn’t surprised. TNA gave him an opportunity to go out there and shine.

– Bully Ray put over the TNA locker room.

– When he retires from the ring, he would like to be involved in the creative process, and continue to train the stars of tomorrow at his wrestling school.

– Bully Ray said managing is a lost art form in wrestling.

– He said he learned a lot of from Paul Heyman. He said Heyman and Vince McMahon are masters at what they do.

– Bully Ray teases an Aces and Eights reunion. He keeps the fans guessing.

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