9/28 WWE house show results from Huntsville, AL

Sep 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Gabriel def Sandow via 450; pre and post match promos by Sandow…you can imagine the kind of promo Sandow cuts in Alabama.
They messed up their interactive poll. It was originally asking us to vote for either a 2/3 falls match or street fight for Van Dam and Del Rio but they changed it to Ziggler and Langston.
Khali b Jinder
Divas Championship: AJ (w/ Tamina) b Alicia Fox
Del Rio promo from “backstage”
Fan Choice (two out of three or street fight)
Zigglet v Big E
Vicki promo, announcing the street fight
Ziggler won. Kendo stick, chair. Good match.
Intermission. Unbelievably, the guy sitting behind us came to Huntsville all the way from Israel to see this show. We saw Arn Anderson in the tech booth and ran him off. We just wanted him to hold up the four fingers.
Prime Time Players b Slater and McIntyre
Wyatts def Usos and R-Truth
Bray started the match from his rocking chair
Rvd vs del Rio for the world title
Del Rio hit RVD with the belt to draw a DQ. Van Dam came back after to kick and Frog Splash ADR. Sandow tried to cash in but Van Dam kicked him and hit another Frog Splash to end the show.
Much better show than I anticipated. The VBC was nowhere near sold out but there was good heat. AJ and Wyatt in particular got superstar reactions.

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