9/20/13 WWE Smackdown Recap

Sep 20, 2013 - by staff


by Brian Leeman

The show kicks off with a Daniel Bryan and Vickie Guerrero promo. Vickie tells Bryan to fess up about the match at NOC and the fast count. Bryan denies it and says he’d rather be champ only for a day than a sellout. Vickie announces that The Shield will compete in a gauntlet against multiple superstars, including Bryan.

Match #1
Naomi vs AJ

Natalya is on commentary. AJ starts off in control and works over the neck of Naomi. Naomi starts the comeback phase but AJ catches her in a sleeper. Naomi goes to reverse and gets caught in the Black Widow for the AJ Lee victory.

Winner: AJ

Match #2
Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Swagger puts a beating down on Santino until Santino starts to muster up some offense. Swagger with some knees in the corner before Santino gets back into it. Santino goes for a hip toss but Swagger reverses. Santino reverses a clothesline into a backslide roll up for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

Ryback, Axel and Heyman come down to the ring. There’s a no-namer in the ring and Heyman cuts a promo on Punk. Ryback then cuts a promo on bullies.

Match #3
Ryback vs Local

Ryback destroys the guy for around a minute and hits the Shellshocked for the W.

Winner: Ryback

Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo about his image being tucked away and the Viper coming back out. He says he made an example of Miz and that he will be WWE Champion again.

Match #4
The Shield vs Multiple Superstars

Up first is Darren Young and The Shield take care of him fairly quickly. A spear from Reigns puts him down. Up next is Titus. Titus gets a few shots off before the numbers game catches up. Triple powerbomb puts him away. Dolph is up next. Ziggler is on fire only to be put out. The Shield take turns getting shots in before Ziggler breaks free again. He is eventually defeated via countout from a spear. Now here’s Kofi’s turn. Kofi hits Reigns with the Trouble In Paradise but the pin is broken up. Ambrose hits Kofi with his finisher. Now it’s RVD. RVD fights off all three guys and is about to go for the frog splash when Triple H comes out and yells at Vickie, also stopping the match.

No Contest

Triple H yells at Vickie and makes Usos/Bryan vs The Shield for later in the evening. He also sends Gabriel and Ryder out to the ring.

Match #5
Zack Ryder & Justin Gabriel vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatts lay the beatdown on Gabriel & Ryder while Bray watches. They get the win here in fairly quick fashion, with a creepy Bray promo after.

Winner: Wyatt Family

Triple H allows RVD a rematch against Del Rio at Battleground. Del Rio then attacks RVD.

Match #6
Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

Another fairly short match with Del Rio getting the win via armbar.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Main Event
Daniel Bryan & The Usos vs The Shield

The Usos and Bryan manage to get some work in on Ambrose before The Shield take over, beating down The Usos. Jimmy gets the tag and does a little work before The Shield get the upperhand. The hot tag comes when Bryan gets in and starts cleaning house, dropkicking Reigns/Rollins off the apron and hitting a running dropkick in the corner to Ambrose. Frakensteiner from Bryan for two when Reigns breaks the pin. One of the Usos dives out of the ring onto Reigns, followed by Rollins diving on them, which is then followed by the other Usos brother taking all four down. In the ring Bryan locks in the Yes Lock but Ambrose gets the ropes. Bryan hits the flying knee for the win!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & The Usos

The show ends with Bryan and the Usos celebrating.

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