8/19/13 WWE Raw Recap

Aug 19, 2013 - by staff

We start out with a Summerslam highlight of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk, including Heyman’s interference and Lesnar’s resulting win.

Next we get the same treatment for Cena and Daniel Bryan, focusing heavily on Orton’s surprise entrance and cashing in of the Money In The Bank case. Poor Daniel Bryan.

The show proper starts right out with John Cena on the mic. The crowd appears not particularly favorable to him. He takes it in stride. He thanks Daniel Bryan for last night’s match and generally puts him over. Cena then treats us to a LOVELY shot of his swollen elbow and tells us he’s leaving the WWE to go have some surgery to correct this ailment. The crowd responds with a “YES!” chant. He tells us he’ll be out for the next four to six months.

He calls out Daniel Bryan. Bryan looks sad and I can’t say I blame him. Crowd is very over for him though. The two men shake hands in the middle of the ring and Cena hands over the mic before leaving the ring (for the next four to six months). Raucous “Yes!” chant and cheers of his name. As he’s about to speak Stephanie McMahon steps out.

She has her own mic and apologizes. Crowd boos. She says Triple H was just doing what was best for business. More boos from the crowd and a “NO” chant.

Bryan says he expects “What’s best for business” from Stephanie and Vince, but not Triple H because he’s a rebel and former leader of DX. He also says “When you lay down with trash, you start to stink.”


He says if she does fire him, he’s going to give her a reason to. She says no one is going to fire him and he has anger management plans. She tells him he’s a valuable member of the WWE, but he needs to manage his expectations. Not everybody can be world champion. She says he might not be an A but he’s a SOLID B+. Well.

He tells her she’s reminding him of a word that starts with a B.

He says he refuses to be a B+ and he CAN be the WWE champion. She tells him to calm down and he smacks the mic out of her hands. She just walks over and gets one handed to her from outside of the ring. She refuses to be intimidated by him, and won’t stand for his behavior. She then calls security. A number of large dudes stride out and she tells him she doesn’t want to do this, but he’s forcing her hand. She tells the security guys to escort Daniel Bryan out of the building.

Crowd chants his name. He leaves the ring and is flanked by security guys. Crowd is very displeased by this turn of events. Bryan stops halfway up the ramp, glares at Stephanie and starts chanting “NO” before heading backstage. Stephanie exits the ring to loud boos and we get our first commercial break.

Match 1: Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes, Summerslam Rematch

The bell rings and Sandow is right out the gate, backing Cody into the turnbuckle. Cody tries to fight back but ends up back in the corner. He gets some space and lands a flying elbow, tries for a cover but no dice. He works Sandow’s elbow for a bit and them slams him down. Cody lands some punches and rushes Sandow, who tosses him over the ropes but lands on the apron. Cody uses that to get a flying leap onto Sandow before clotheslining him to the floor. He drops Sandow back-first on the ground before throwing him back into the ring and trying another unsuccessful pin. He works Sandow’s elbow some more. Sandow gets free and manages to throw Cody out of the ring.

The ref tries to back him up and calm him down before starting the count. Sandow gets out of the ring, hits him and throws him back in. Lands a number of hits and tries a pin. He headbutts Cody, who gets away and tries to jump from the top rope. Sandow catches him, tries a pin, but he kicks out.

We come back from a commercial break to see Cody kicking out of another pin attempt. He fights to his feet and runs at Sandow, who slaps him down. Sandow sets up for the Elbow of Disdain, which Cody kicks out of. Sandow props Cody on the top rope and Cody fights him off. He lands a particularly nice moonsault, and can’t quite get over to cover Sandow. They get to their feet at roughly the same time and trade punches. Cody’s back in full-force, tries a bridge pin, but not quite. He tries a Cross Rhodes but Sandow sneaks out. Cody jumps off the ropes with a Disaster Kick and Sandow is down, tries to roll out of the ring. Cody follows and the ref tries to get him to back off. Sandow comes back with a hit and Cody stumbles away. Sandow drags him up and tries to get him into the corner. Cody comes out of nowhere with a cover and gets the three.

Sandow is not pleased. Cody celebrates.

We cut to backstage to see Brad Maddox in an ugly purple shirt talking about SummerSlam and “certain remarks” made by Dolph Ziggler about Triple H. and thus makes a handicap match for later on, Dolph vs. Shield. We’re treated to a brief glimpse of Paul Heyman in a sling before cutting to commercial.

Paul Heyman is in the ring.

He talks about last night’s match and CM Punk. He says it’s time to end this family feud and a time for forgiveness. He kindly forgives CM Punk. Crowd expresses some displeasure. Heyman says that when Punk apologizes to him, he’ll take him back and they will do great things together. And then he says he still loves Punk. D’aww. He says he’s willing to put it behind him, and take Punk to the main event at Wrestlemania. He puts the mic down and exits the ring.

Next we have a Diva confrontation in the back and a “Total Divas” plug.

We are shown a graphic/commercial for Randy Orton’s Championship Coronation which is… apparently a thing?

Match 2: The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, vs. Layla and AJ Lee. 

Layla and AJ attack Naomi and Cameron before the bell even rings. The ref checks on the Dactyls and rings the bell quickly. AJ and Naomi start it off. AJ hits a kick right before the bell rings and takes her down. Naomi fights back and gets free and AJ hits a spinning kick right to the face before trying for a pin, which Naomi kick out of.

AJ clings onto Naomi’s back, gets her down to her knees and chokes her on the ropes before backing her into the corner. She koalas onto Naomi’s back again. Naomi tries to get to her corner to make the tag but AJ holds her back. Naomi drops AJ to the ground and AJ crawls to her corner to tag Layla. Naomi surprises Layla with a pin out of freaking nowhere and makes the three count. Layla freaks out in the middle of the ring. AJ glares.

We get a brief shot of Dolph Ziggler walking somewhere looking serious before we cut to commercial.

Brief recap of Cena’s elbow and surgery announcement and the Bryan and McMahon confrontation.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield 

The Shield makes their entrance through the crowd. Dolph looks worried. The ref rings the bell.

Dean Ambrose starts off. Ambrose tries to grab ZIggler and pull him over but he shakes free. They lock up again and Ambrose gets close to his corner before Ziggler shakes free. He drops Ambrose and tries to keep him down but Ambrose fights up and gets to his corner, where Rollins tags himself in. Ziggler goes right after Rollins, to the point where the ref pulls him away. Ziggler ends up in the bad corner and now Roman tags in. He gets Ziggler to the ground and chokes him on the ropes. He throws Ziggler into the Shield corner again and Ambrose tags in. They both kick him for a bit before Ambrose takes over and drops some elbows on Ziggler.

Ambrose tags in Rollins. Rollins encourages Ziggler to get up; Ziggler replies by writhing around on the mat. Rollins kicks him and tags Ambrose back in. Ambrose hits Ziggler’s face and stomps his stomach. He pulls Ziggler into a submission hold and Ziggler wiggles free. He gets Ambrose in the sleeper hold! Ambrose shakes him off and tries a sleeper hold of his own but Ziggler gets free again. Ambrose rolls out and Roman comes in. Ziggler gets a huge dropkick followed by a neckbreaker. He knocks Ambrose to the floor, who tries to get behind him and he throws Ambrose off. He drops Roman and gets him in a pin but it’s broken by Rollins. He throws Rollins out of the ring and he lands hard on his knee. Roman flies out of the corner and hits a super wicked spear which drops Ziggler like a stone, and he’s done for.

The three taunt Ziggler, then freaking triple powerbomb the defenseless guy. They fistbump and then exit back through the crowd.

 Match 4: Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

The bell rings and Del Rio goes right after him, knocking him down with a sweeping kick and hitting him in the face. He tries to throw Sin Cara off the ropes but Sin Cara counters and Del Rio lands outside of the ring. Sin Cara suicides through the ropes onto Del Rio. Del Rio throws him back into the ring but the refs are in the ring making sure Sin Cara is okay, which he apparently isn’t because they just ended the match and gave the win to Del Rio.

Yeah I guess that was kind of an awkward hit/fall. Sin Cara is helped backstage.

Del Rio gets the mic and says he proved to everyone that he’s a great champion and Latinos finally have someone to cheer for.

Suddenly Rodriguez comes out with a mic and says Del Rio is NOT a hero to ANYONE, ESPECIALLY the Latino community. He says he’s happy he doesn’t have to represent Del Rio anymore, and he is proud to represent somebody new.

Rob Van Dam.

Suddenly, RVD, who heads to the ring.

He slides into the ring and Del Rio goes right after him. RVD throws some punches and gets Del Rio right in the face with a kick and then gets on the top rope, but Del Rio slides out of the ring, depriving everyone of the Five Star Frog Splash.

RVD and Ricardo chill in the ring while Del Rio watches from the top of the ramp.

Match 5(?) Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) vs. Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil)

The ref struggles to keep the teams apart. He rings the bell and Cesaro is on Young before he even gets his shirt off. Young gets an excellent hiptoss. He crawls over and tags in Swagger. They end up in the opposite corner and now it’s Titus. He gets Swagger in the corner and lands some big kicks. He charges Swagger but he gets his legs up and Titus drops. Swagger tags in Cesaro who gets some big kicks of his own and drops Titus like a stone. He tries for a cover but he gets out. Cesaro tags in Swagger who keeps Titus in their corner with big knees. The ref is distracted and this lets Cesaro hold Titus with a chokehold. He fights out and pushes Cesaro off the corner. Swagger pulls Titus into the middle of the ring and works on his knee. Titus kicks away and Swagger hits him down. He suplexes Titus and hits his splash. Cesaro tags himself in and jumps on Titus’s stomach, though it’s not enough to keep him down for three.

Swagger tags back in and keeps Titus in the corner with some headbutts. He throws Titus off the ropes who comes back with a heck of a hit and Swagger drops. They tag in their respective partners and Young comes out swinging. He throws Cesaro right overhead, knocks Swagger off the apron and kicks the heck out of Cesaro. He gets a pin but Swagger breaks it up. Titus goes after Swagger and here is Young with a huge suplex and there’s Young with the win!

Primetime Players celebrate in the ring.

Backstage interview time with Big Show. He addresses some rumors about him and Mark Henry tagging up. He says they are true. Here is Brad “ugly shirt” Maddox taking over from Renee. He asks Big Show about some remarks he made about Triple H, which Show says are also true, and then looms over Maddox for a moment.

Zack Ryder backstage holding a pair of bright orange sneakers, talking to this ref when Fandango dances out of nowhere.

This is apparently a commercial for Foot Locker. Fandango gets sneakers too.

Another CM Punk/Brock Lesnar recap from Summerslam, in case you missed the first one.

And another one of Daniel Bryan/John Cena/Randy Orton! Just in case!

Backstage moment with Ryback intimidating the younger talent by throwing this kid’s bag around and making him go get it. He makes the kid open it up and slaps him hard across the face, then makes him turn the water on, soaking his clothes.  Ryback laughs.

Match 6: Big Show vs. The Shield

They try to attack Show but he bats them around the ring like moths. Show focuses on Rollins at present, throwing him around. He throws Ambrose out of the ring before going back to Rollins. He lands hard on his knee again. Roman tries to sneak up behind him but Show spears him flat. All three members of Shield are outside of the ring. Ambrose tries to sneak up on one side, Rollins on the other. Ambrose gets on Show’s back while he’s distracted but he drops Ambrose. Rollins tries to fight back but Show headbuttrs him and them stomps on his back. He throws Rollins outside. Ambrose tries to fight back but Show is on him with shoulders and elbows. Show grabs Ambrose by the neck but Rollins comes out of nowhere. Ambrose gets Show in the guts and Rollins jumps on him and Show is down. Ambrose tries for a pin but Show kicks out. The pair of them try to suplex him but he double-suplexes them!

Roman comes out of nowhere with a spear and Show is down again. Shield slowly gets to their collective feet. They plot and pull Show to his feet. They’re going for the triple powerbomb which they actually pull off. All three of them get on Show and manage to keep him down for three.

They celebrate somewhat half-heartedly and limp away. Show gets out of the ring very slowly.

We will be hearing from CM Punk just after this commercial break.

And here he is. The man himself limps out to cheers and chanting.

He addresses Heyman before pausing to berate a fan for booing. Wow. He goes off on this random fan, saying he doesn’t have the balls to get in the ring and fight him. He says he will make this random fan cry.

And now we’re back to Paul Heyman. That was an interesting digression.

He says he an apology is what Heyman wants, and will get Punk those things Heyman promised him, then he should come out and maybe he’ll get what he wants.

So Heyman comes out, with Curtis Axel.

Punk says the doctor told him he isn’t fit to compete, but he’s in his gear and he’s ready.

He says he’s sorry. He’s sorry that he took his eyes off of Lesnar for a second just to exact his revenge, and that he didn’t take Heyman’s arm off and take it home with him. And if he gets his hands on Heyman again he’ll choke him out, wake him up, spit in his face and take his arm home with him.

He wants Heyman to come into the ring and fight him right now, like a man.

Heyman stays right the heck put and says he’s… sorry to CM Punk. Oh, he’s sorry for what’s about to happen to Punk. He sends Curtis Axel to prepare for a fight.

Heyman says he will be CM Punk’s worst enemy, and if Punk is still in the ring when we come back from the commercial, that Curtis Axel is going to finish the job Lesnar started last night.

Welp, CM Punk is still in the ring, sitting in a chair.

Here comes Heyman and Axel.

This is apparently not a sanctioned match and there is no official to cover it. Axel approaches the ring and Punk smiles.

He slides into the ring and Punk is ON HIM. He throws him INTO the chair, then HITS him with the chair, then throws him out of the ring. Axel manages to get a few hits, enough to knock Punk off guard and then gets a few more. He throws Punk into the edge of the apron, and then into the barrier. He stays on Punk, hitting him, and Punk throws him over the barricade. Heyman approaches and Punk ends up next to Axel, but not out. He hits Axel with what might have been a camera and then some other random thing before throwing Axel into the ring.

Heyman watches with some uncertainty.

Punk threatens the GTS but Axel slips down and hits Punk’s bad leg. He’s down, and Axel keeps on him, working that leg.

Heyman is much happier now.

Axel gets the chair and stabs Punk’s leg with it. He stomps Punk’s face. Axel takes a moment to walk around the ring with the chair still in hand. He pulls Punk to his feet and slams him down with a neckbreaker. Heyman is right next to the ring now.

Axel gets the chair again. He yells at Punk “You wanna fight me?” and puts Punk’s leg IN the chair. I don’t like where this is going.

He jumps off the middle rope but Punk rolls out of the way and throws the chair at him, hitting him in the gut. He hits Axel again, and again. Limping around on one leg, I may add. He slides out of the ropes and throws Axel into the steps. Twice. Three times. Axel is down, Punk is against the barrier and Heyman is looking displeased again. They stare at each other from some distance, and then Punk’s music hits. Heyman backs away slowly.

R-Truth comes out rappin’ but is interrupted by Bray Wyatt and/or the entire Wyatt clan. As they make their (very, very slow) way to the ring we talk about Bray’s victory over Kane at Summerslam.

Match 7: R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt

The bell rings and Bray charges. Truth tries to fight and they have a bit of back and forth until Bray comes off the ropes and drops Truth like a stone. He hangs around on the ropes waiting for Truth to get up. Upside down. Truth charges him and Wyatt crushes him into the turnbuckle and then dances around the ring with him as he’s dazed. He plops Truth down and covers him.

The other two Wyatts come into the ring and they celebrate… sort of, if standing there and looking creepy is celebratory.

So here’s a video package about matadors and bull-fighting and it appears we’re getting a new tag team.

Match 8: The Usos vs. 3MB

Bell rings and it starts out with Jey and Heath Slater. slater fakes a lockup and ducks under Jey’s arms before taunting him with a vicious air guitar. A bit of back and forth and then Jey gets Slater down, tags in Jimmy. A double team elbow drop and a quick pin, but nothing. Jimmy flies off the ropes and keeps Slater down. Slater tries to wiggle out of the ring but Jimmy grabs him by the hair. Drew Mac comes around and kicks Jimmy’s face. Jinder Mahal tags in and keeps Jimmy down, landing a number of dropped knees. He tries for another pin but Jimmy kicks out. He goes for a headlock. Jimmy gets to his feet and tries to fight out but Mahal throws him back down and Slater tags in.

Slater drops Jimmy with a big kick and tries another pin, but no go. He kicks him a few more times. Several more times. Jimmy tries to get up but Slater has control. Yet another pin attempt that Jimmy kicks out of. Slater tries a new strategy and goes for a headlock. Jimmy gets up and fights free, but Slater comes back with a kick. Jimmy comes out of nowhere and drops Slater with a kick to the head. They’re both down and get up fairly quickly, tagging in Jey and Mahal.

Mahal and Jey go at it, with Jey now dominating the match. He slams his butt into Mahal’s face and tries for a cover, which Slater breaks up. Slater and Drew Mac are thrown to the floor. Jey flies out of the ring and tags Jimmy. Jey lands on Slater and Drew Mac while Jimmy flies off the top rope, hits Mahal, and gets the pin.

Match 9: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

The bell rings and they circle around the ring. Barrett gets right on Miz and gets him in a headlock, dropping them to his knees. Miz fights out of it but Wade drops him with a shoulder. Miz gets right back and faceplants him, then gets a running clothesline. He tries to jump on him from the top rope but misses. Barrett capitalizes and tries to get a pin but Miz kicks out.

He gets Miz on the ropes and chokes him out, then drives some knees into his face. Miz drops right out of the ring. Barrett follows after a moment and throws him back in. He tries for another cover but Miz kicks out again. He keeps Miz down with a headlock. Miz fights to his feet and gets out of the lock. Barrett throws him over the rope but he hangs on, sliding under the lower rope and getting a surprise pin although Barrett wiggles out.

Barrett knocks Miz back with an elbow and then gets him in the corner, hitting him a few more times before trying another pin. He goes back to the headlock. Miz gets up and works free. He lashes out with some kicks and a good flying forearm. Miz drops him with a running clothesline. Barrett gets into the corner and Miz focuses on Barrett’s leg. He tries the figure four but Barrett gets loose before he locks it in. Barrett tries to get Miz on the top rope but Miz jumps off and knocks him down. He gets Barrett into the figure four and locks it. Barrett looks stuck and then suddenly Fandango out of nowhere knocks Miz out.

Brad “Purple Shirt” Maddox is backstage with Stephanie. He informs her Daniel Bryan is back in the building. She thanks him and then walks into Mr. McMahon’s office.

We come back from commercial to see both Stephanie and Vince in the ring. Triple H is at the top of the ramp with most of the WWE roster. Shield is guarding the ring. Triple H joins everyone in the ring.

Vince on the mic saying he’s proud of everyone but most proud of his son-in-law. He says Triple H did the right thing. They hug.

H has the mic now. He’s talking about why he screwed Daniel Bryan. He says it’s for the future of the WWE, and all of us. Crowd boos.

He says he considers Daniel Bryan a friend, and a good wrestler. He says Bryan deserved to win, but he is not a WWE champion/face of the WWE. Crowd says “YES.”

H says we deserve better than that. We deserve the complete package, which is apparently Randy Orton. He says it hurt him personally to do that to Daniel Bryan.

In closing he says Bryan having a personal problem with that match is selfish. And he’s going to bring out the future of the WWE.

Which happens to be Randy Orton. He walks out and makes his leisurely way to the ring. He shakes the hands of all the McMahons in the ring. Stephanie hugs him.

Orton has the mic now. He said he was going to do this. He says he owes all of this, gesturing to the belt, to Triple H. Shakes his hand. He says everyone should stand up and show H the respect he deserves.

He hands the mic back to Triple H. He invites Bryan to come to the ring and do what he needs to do to get past this and get on with his “little career”. He asks the Shield guys to move to the side because they’re intimidating Bryan. He says no one is allowed to touch Daniel Bryan. He starts a “YES” chant and starts his music.

There’s a moment but there’s Daniel Bryan. He walks to the ring. As he goes to get in, Shield comes at him and ambushes him. He tries to fight back, tries to get into the ring. He manages to put down all three of them and heads back towards the ring. Roman spears him before he gets there. Shield kicks the crap out of him. After a long moment Triple H makes them stop. They back up and he pulls himself up as H taunts him.

The second Bryan gets into the ring, Orton RKOs him. Triple H raises his arms, along with Vince, and we fade out.

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