Hardcore Justice

Aug 15, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

– TNA Hardcore Justice 2013 Results   Constant Center in Norfolk, Virginia


Taz and Mike Tenay waste no time getting things started off with a bang as the ladder match will open things up this evening.


-BFG Series Ladder Match for 20 Points: Jeff Hardy vs. A.J. Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian grabs the ladder but Aries won’t let him bring it in the ring as he drops him with a forearm shot. Aries follows up with an ax handle off the top rope while Styles clotheslines Hardy out of the ring and hits a slingshot dive over the top rope. Kazarian hits Styles with the ladder and finally gets it in the ring but gets cut off by Hardy. Hardy and Aries go toe-to-toe in the corner until Aries gains control and whips Hardy in the opposite corner but Hardy goes up and over and leg scissors Aries out of the ring. Styles gets back in the ring and they exchange punches until Styles throws him under the bottom rope and out of the ring as Hardy bounces off the announcers table.

Kazarian hits Styles with a slingshot DDT from the apron into the ring and Aries clubs Kazarian with a forearm and hangs him out to dry on the top rope. Styles hits him in the back of the head for good measure with the ladder and Kazarian tumbles out of the ring to the floor. Styles charges in but Aries back body drops him out of the ring and makes the first climb of the match but Hardy cuts him off. Aries hits a jumping knee drop into the corner on Hardy as Kazarian sends Styles head first into the steel post which makes a sickening thud. Aries blocks a suplex attempt from Hardy and drops him with a forearm to the back. Aries makes another climb while Hardy climbs on the other side. They exchange punches at the top of the ladder while trying to reach for the 20 point contract until they lose their balance. The ladder goes timber and takes out Styles and Kazarian on the apron.




Aries makes another climb on the ladder, pulls him down and slams his head into the rungs. The ladder is all bent up. Aries regains his composure and baseball slide drop kicks a second ladder into Kazarian. Styles knocks Aries out of the ring with a springboard forearm and makes a climb for the points. Aries rolls back in and grabs on to Styles’ leg. Styles tries to break away but Kazarian gets back in the ring and hits Styles, Aries and Hardy with a second ladder. Both ladders are set up, next to each other, in the center of the ring. Aries and Hardy are on one and Styles and Kazarian on the other. They race to the top and battle it out and Aries hits a sunset flip power bomb on Hardy. Kazarian tries to suplex Styles off the top of the ladder but it gets blocked and they both fall off the ladder.

Styles sets up a ladder in the corner but Aries drop kicks him into the ladder. Aries makes another climb for the points. Aries thwarts Hardy’s attempt to stop him but Styles pulls him off the ladder, goes for the Styles Clash but Kazarian flies in and hits Styles with and downward spiral in a two for one deal. Kazarian makes the climb but Hardy also climbs in pursuit but Aries breaks it up and they fall off the ladder. Bobby Roode and Chris Daniels makes their way to the ring as Styles and Aries make another climb for the points and battle it out but Hardy pushes the ladder and both men crash to the canvas. Hardy sends Kazarian into the ladder in the corner and follows up with a Twist of Fate. Hardy makes the climb but Roode pulls him down and gets kicked in the face as a result. Hardy climbs again and Kazarian races up and throws an Appletini in Hardy’s face courtesy of Daniels. Hardy falls off the ladder while blinded from the liquor as Kazarian climbs and grabs the 20 points.


Winner: Kazarian




Backstage: Chris Sabin is asked how one prepares for a cage match with Bully Ray. Sabin says one of his favorite moments in wrestling was watching Bully and Devon throwing people through burning table laced with thumbtacks. He goes on to say that no one thought he could beat Bully the first time and he is going to do it again tonight and walk out World Heavyweight Champion.


Dixie Carter is in the ring with the Main Event Mafia minus Kurt Angle. Carter mentions that Angle has entered a rehabilitation center but doesn’t mention why. She says his return date is unknown and that Angle has the support of herself and the entire company.


Aces & Eights come out as the Mafia rushes Dixie out of the ring. Mr. Anderson has the microphone and mocks MEM because they only have one week to find a replacement. Anderson says he is looking to ending Rampage’s Pro Wrestling career before it even starts. Anderson also mentions ending the careers of the other MEM members and ends with poking fun at Magnus’s career and sarcastically calls him the future of Impact Wrestling


Magnus takes the mic and says Anderson needs to worry about his immediate future because involves him walking up and punching him in the mouth. Magnus says it will be difficult to find a replacement in the locker room but since Norfolk is Mafia country, they might find someone in the audience. Magnus ends his rant saying that one of them is going home with the “PINK SLIP, BABY.”


Anderson says tonight begins a new chapter in Aces & Eights since Bully will get the belt back and they will eliminate a MEM member next week. Anderson does a head count and the brawl begins as Aces & Eights exploit their numbers advantage. MEM gets laid out and Aces & Eights celebrate in the ring. Tenay mentions that it will be difficult for the Mafia to get someone to volunteer and put their career on the line.


Backstage: Tito Ortiz is shown entering the building while ODB, Gail Kim and Mickie James are on their way to the ring.




-Hardcore Knockouts Triple Threat Match: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB


James and Kim are already in the ring as ODB makes her entrance. ODB takes control early with chest first splashes in the corner to Kim and James. ODB goes for a tornado DDT on James but Kim breaks it up. Kim pounds away on ODB as James grabs a chair from outside the ring. Kim grabs the chair from James but ODB kicks it into Kim’s midsection. James hits ODB with a neckbreaker.


James wedges the chair in the corner and her and Kim whip ODB into the chair. Kim and James try to pin her at the same time, they both get mad at each other and exchange lefts and rights. James gets the upper hand with a spin kick to the gut and throws Kim out of the ring. ODB gets to her feet but Kim grabs her legs, pulls her out of the ring and plants her face first on the floor.


Kim is looking for something under the ring but James kicks her in the back to cut her off. James grabs a kendo stick, gets back in the ring and cracks ODB in the back. James climbs to the second rope and chokes ODB with the kendo stick. ODB eventually breaks free, throws Mickie off the ropes, hits James with the kendo stick and catches Kim with a kendo stick shot on her way back in the ring.


ODB takes her bra off, wraps it around James’ head and hip tosses her with it. ODB takes off another bra and does he same thing to Kim but hangs her out to dry over the middle rope until James breaks it up with a kick to the back of the head. James throws ODB into the post shoulder first and Kim uses the post on the outside of the ring and applies the figure four leg lock while James pulls on her arms.


Kim and James go face to face in the middle of the ring and talk trash to each other while ODB gets right back up, drinks some liquid courage and spits it in James face and drills Kim with a clothesline. ODB places James on her shoulders but Kim hits her with the kendo stick. ODB ducks another kendo stick shot and kicks Kim in the gut. ODB sets up and chair and plants Kim with a TKO on the chair for the 1-2-3.


Winner: ODB


Backstage: Sting tells the Mafia that they are vulnerable without Kurt Angle and tonight proved it. Sting says he is going to talk to him about being their partner for the match. Samoa Joe cuts in and says he knows who Sting is thinking off and that he needs to be careful. Sting says he knows that everyone hates him but they need AUSTIN ARIES and he is going to talk to him.




Backstage: Sting confronts Austin Aries and says his plate has been full, all year, because of Aces & Eights and asks him to be their partner for the match. Aries says that is a lot to think about. Sting says they don’t have to be friends to take out Aces & Eights and asks him to join the family because they need Austin Aries. Aries replies “Hmmm, you need Austin Aries???”


Backstage: Bobby Roode is asked if his plan is coming together? Roode says with his new attitude, he has changed the landscape of the BFG series because Frankie Kazarian earned 20 points and he will also earn more points this evening because it pays to be Roode.


Backstage: Rampage asks Magnus what he thinks about Sting wanting to pick Aries as their partner. Magnus says he doesn’t know him and Samoa Joe says he knows him and that is the problem. Magnus says it doesn’t matter because they have to wait until Sting comes back. Sting comes in and confirms that Aries said no.

Sting asks if anyone has any other ideas. Rampage says he has a solution but he needs to address it in ring. Rampage grabs his chain as he and Joe head to the ring. Sting is not sure what Rampage has planned but Magnus tells Sting to have a seat and he will tell him all about it.




Backstage: Bully Ray is talking to someone on the phone and says “Honey, this has not been a normal relationship but tonight is about him and next week is about us.” Bully says he will destroy the boy and gets the World Heavyweight title back and that next week, they tell the truth and ends it with “I love you too, Brooke.”


Rampage and Samoa Joe enter the ring. Rampage says he knows he is new and says that MMA fans called him a sellout when he came to Impact Wrestling. He said he didn’t lose sleep over it but it made him sad that his own MMA fans don’t know him. He says he loves TNA and now that he is a part of MEM, he feels he belongs to a family. He said he didn’t come here to get his ass kicked by some punks on a moped. He says he has no choice but needs to call out his old training partner and the man he has to throw down with; Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz enters the ring and Rampage says he knows they have to fight on November 2nd but lets put that aside because this is about TNA. Rampage says he helped Tito train for a lot of fights and never asked him for anything in return. Rampage says Tito owes him this one favor to help MEM take out Aces & Eights.

Ortiz clarifies the request and Rampage says they can make history by being the first MMA fighters to take over TNA like they did MMA. Ortiz says he came to TNA to make headlines and that he has accomplished that. Bully Ray comes out on the ramp and says he would beat the piss out of Rampage and Ortiz if he didn’t have to win his world title and then there would be no Bellator PPV on November 2nd. Bully says he has Rampage’s number and will make Ortiz his “Huntington Bad Boy Bitch.” Ortiz tries to go after him but Rampage holds him back as Anderson comes out for his match.




-20 points in the Bound for Glory series Tables Match: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Ken Anderson vs. Bobby Roode

Magnus cuts off Roode on the entrance ramp, gets him in the ring, and punches him in the corner while Samoa Joe works over Anderson outside the ring. Roode gets his foot up in the corner that stops Magnus in his tracks. Roode knocks down Samoa Joe and throws a table in the ring. Roode whips Magnus into the corner where a table is set up but Joe pounces Magnus before he hits the table. Roode charges at Joe but it met with a snap slam. Anderson knocks down Joe from behind, picks up, puts him on his shoulders and tries to put him through the table but Magnus makes the save with a kick to the gut. Anderson gets back up, goes for a clothesline but Magnus is one step ahead and drops him with a clothesline.

Roode clubs Magnus from behind and chokes him in the corner. Roode sets up a table but Magus cuts him off but Roode regains control until Joe hits a atomic drop and Magnus follows up with a running kick off the ropes. Anderson blindsides Magnus and Roode works over Joe in the corner. All four man brawl outside of the ring and Anderson blocks Magnus’ attempt to put him through a table. Joe puts the ring bell on Roode’s lower extremities and hammers on the bell as Anderson blocks a piledriver attempt with a shot below the belt on Magnus. Coincidentally, Joe rang the bell, again, on Roode’s extremities  as Anderson hit Magnus below the belt. Joe headbutts Anderson, places him on a chair and hits the Otani Kick as Roode hits Magnus with a spinebuster in the ring.

Roode and Anderson place the Joe and Magnus in opposite corners and agree to work together. Joe and Magnus fire back as Joe throws Roode out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive. Magnus plants Anderson with an inverted slam. Magnus sets up the table but Anderson delivers the Mic Check. Samoa Joe gets back in the ring, chops Anderson and picks him up for the Muscle Buster. Joe tries to put him into the table but Roode moves the table out of the way before Joe could deliver the move. Roode places Magnus on the table and goes for a frog splash but Samoa Joe trips him up. Kazarian comes out and attacks Joe but to no avail. Joe pumbles Kazarian as Daniels hands Roode an Appletini and throws it into Magnus’ eyes. Roode follows up with a powerbomb through the table and we have a winner as the dreaded Appletini strikes again.


Winner: Bobby Roode earns 20 points and has now jumped to second place in the BFG Series.




The steel cage is being set up in the ring as we go backstage and Sting is asked about his thoughts on Tito Ortiz. Sting says his gut tells him that Tito will come to the MEM and be their partner but he also knows to be careful what he wishes for.

Sabin is shown getting ready for his world title match and then we cut to Anderson and Bully backstage. Anderson asks if Bully can do any better. Bully is confused by the question and gets upset because it sounds like Anderson is doubting him. Bully says Sabin only beat him because of the hammer that Anderson brought to the ring. Anderson says he brought it to the ring because Bully told him to do so. Anderson asks if Bully thinks he can beat Sabin and Bully yells “I DON’T KNOW” and mentions that Sabin pinned him twice. Anderson tells Bully to calm down and tries an ensure him that Aces & Eights are not the enemy. Bully says that they don’t feel like allies, either.




-Steel Cage TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray

They lock up in the middle of the ring and Bully body slams Sabin. They lock up again and Bully delivers another hard body slam. Bully misses a chop in the corner and Sabin follows up with two armdrags and a drop kick that sends Bully into the corner. Sabin delivers two charging forearms and connects with a hang time dropkick. Sabin hits a cross body off the top rope for a one count. Sabin goes for a fireman’s carry but he is not strong enough but dropkicks Bully’s knees. Sabin tries to climb out of the ring but gets cut off and Bully kicks Sabin’s head into the cage. Bully military presses Sabin and throws him into the cage. Bully admires his work and poses to a course of boos.




Bully measures Sabin and delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Bully hits Sabin with repeated cross faces. Sabin tries to fight back, goes for another fireman’s carry but can’t lift him. Bully picks him up for a power bomb but Sabin breaks it and goes for a backslide and gets a two count. Bully regains control with a clothesline and spits on Mike Tenay. Bully lands repeated strikes to Sabin’s head and applies a bear hug. Sabin elbows his way out of it, bounces off the ropes and runs into a high back body drop from Bully Ray. Bully toys with Sabin but it cost him as Sabin applies a sleeper hold. Bully backs him up, corner first but Sabin kicks Bully in face and delivers a Tornado DDT.

They exchange forearms and chops in the middle of the ring until Sabin rocks Bully with an enzuigiri. Third time is the charm as Sabin lifts up Bully with a fireman’s carry and delivers a Death Valley Driver. Sabin takes off Bully’s Aces & Eights vest and whips him with it. Sabin holds up the cut in celebration but Bully delivers a running big boot to the face. Bully tries to climb out of the cage but Sabin follows and they exchange punches up top. Sabin gains control. Sabin goes for a top rope hurricanrana but Bully blocks it, attempts a power bomb but Sabin gets him over. Bully holds his shoulder and screams in pain. Sabin goes for his finish but Bully blocks it and delivers a suplex. Bully tries to walk out the door but Sabin beats him to it and has 3/4 of his body out the door as Bully grabs his legs pulls him back in.

Bully lifts up Sabin and his legs knock down referee Brian Hebner. Sabin escapes, Bully charges in and Sabin moves and Bully squashes the referee into the cage. Sabin drop kicks Bully in the back of the head which causes Bully to ram his head into the cage. Sabin hits a missile drop kick and covers Bully but there is no referee to make the count. Sabin goes for the door but Mr. Anderson comes out and slams the door on Sabin. Rampage and Tito Ortiz come out and Rampage throws Anderson off the ramp. Ortiz pulls out a hammer and knocks Rampage in the back of the head with it. Sabin looks on in shock as Bully throws Sabin, head first, into the cage and follows up with a Bully Bomb and the 1-2-3.


Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray


Tito Ortiz gets in the ring and stands over Bully in a protective stance with the hammer. Taz enters the ring and the three of them hug it out in celebration as Bully holds the belt up high.












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