Bobby Roode Conference Call Recap

Aug 1, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Eric Barnes begins the call with a brief overview of the TNA 10 Reunion pay-per-view, which will be this Friday, August 2nd. He welcomes Bobby Roode to the call.

Andy E: “What’s it like seeing TNA evolve over the years and being one of the faces of TNA?”
Bobby Roode: “It’s been quite a ride. I’ve been here since almost the beginning, back in the Nashville days and the Wednesday night pay-per-views, all the way up until now with the international tours. It’s been quite a ride and we’ve still got room to grow.”

Jamie K: “How difficult is it for you and James Storm to consistently put on great matches against each other, or does it come natural?”
BR: “It comes naturally for me, at least. We’ve got good chemistry that results in very, very good matches. We were two of the guys who helped build the company, and our hard work shines in our matches.”

Josh M: “What do you make of the current state of tag team wrestling in both WWE and TNA?”
BR: “I always grew up as a fan of tag team wrestling, and it’s subsided now and is kind of a lost art form. I don’t know the reason, but I’d like for it to make a comeback. We have our teams in TNA like Bad Influence, and then James Storm has a new partner in Gunner and they are on a role, and then we have Robbie E and Jessie Godderz, so I think we’re moving back, and I think the best days were the days of Team 3D, Beer Money, The Motor City Machine Guns, and the British Invasion.”

Brandon S: “Going back to the days of Beer Money versus the Motor City Machine Guns, did you ever think that three of you would eventually be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and who do you think is TNA’s next breakout star?”
BR: “The four of us were focused on performing great tag team wrestling, and that’s what we did and are very proud of that. Those were some of the greatest matches I’ve ever been involved in. I always knew I would be the World Heavyweight Champion one day, and James felt the same way, and I’m sure Chris Sabin had the dream as well. We all felt we were World Champion material, but we were so focused on tag team wrestling at that time that it was our only focus. I’m happy for Chris at the moment. It’s hard to pick one guy for a breakout, but I’ve always been a fan of Robbie E.”

Neil D: “You’ve said in an interview recently that “Things are about to change.” Are you thinking of reshaping Bobby Roode as we know him?”
BR: “I think so. I think it’s come to a crossroads. I was on top of the world last year as the World Champion, and I’ve been slacking in the win department ever since. I was on a great role, and I’m on a downhill slope now. It was great winning the tag titles with Austin, but I need and want to be World Champion. It’s time to get serious and I need to get that World title back. I’ve gotta be more focused and more aggressive.”

Mike S: “What are your reflections on your first night in TNA and some of your milestones working for the company?”
BR: “It was a match for Xplosion against Konnan, I think in late 2003. It felt like TNA wasn’t the place for me. It felt different than it does now and when I came back to be a part of Team Canada. It felt like everything started rolling when we got on Sports Net Television. No regrets for working for TNA. As for the milestones, of course being a multiple time tag champion, being part of a major wrestling organization, and becoming the World Heavyweight Champions was the biggest night of my life.”

Luke H: “Did you ever think TNA would get as big as it has all those years ago?”
BR: “It was everybody’s dream at the time, but we never knew if we were coming back the next week for the weekly pay-per-views, but I always knew. Jeff Jarrett always knew. I knew this company would get big. It’s grown so much in such a short amount of time and the sky is the limit.”

Michael D: “Who would you like to wrestle that you haven’t, and what goals do you have left to accomplish in TNA?”
BR: “There are a couple of guys. I want to work more with Samoa Joe, just because we haven’t had anything concrete. The other guy would be Kurt Angle. The only match I’ve had with him was the Bound for Glory match when he beat me. I feel I could have some entertaining TV with him. I have a lot left. I want to be the guy with multiple World titles. One wasn’t enough. I want to be able to be the guy and to main event everything. I’m still young, I’ve got a lot left to give.”

David D: “What are your thoughts on the format of the Bound for Glory Series?”
BR: “It’s definitely different than any other wrestling tournament that I’ve ever known, but that’s what makes it interesting. It’s almost like a baseball season, or football season, or hockey season, where you try to get to the highest in the standings throughout the season. It keeps people on their toes and keeps it interesting. I don’t have any points right now, and I’m looking forward to getting back on track.”

Adam D: “Has it been a blessing in disguise with no Aces and Eights involvement in your storylines over the last year?”
BR: “I don’t know, really. I haven’t wrestled Mr. Anderson yet and he’s in the Bound for Glory Series. I had some run-ins with Aces and Eights when they first formed, I think everyone has. They are the real deal with Bully Ray at the helm. It’s a tough group, and I’d look forward to the opportunity to wrestle any of those guys. If they happen to get in my way, I’ll do my best to get them out of the way.”

Richard G: “Where do you see TNA going from here? Where do you go from here?”
BR: “Getting on the road was a huge step for our company. We just got the ball rolling and I think we’re going to concentrate on that. Product awareness is the next big step. Making everyone aware of what TNA is and who the guys are. We have a great show every Thursday night and tremendous talent in our locker room. For me, just being a part of that. Being a top star, being a household name. That’s what I crave.”

Wade M: “With the recent roster cuts, has there been any backstage tension? What are your thoughts on the change from twelve to four live pay-per-views? What are your thoughts on the WWE Performance Center?”
BR: “Not really. It hasn’t been too bad at all. Some of the cuts were unexpected, and it makes us want to work harder. When this stuff happens, it makes you want to step up and show that you belong there. We don’t want to make them think we can be replaced. It’s part of the business and people come and go all the time. We’re on the road so much that we become family, and it’s tough when people go.
I think it was a great move. I’m an old-school wrestling fan, and those were some of the great television shows. TNA gave wrestling fans a taste of that with Destination X a couple weeks ago. It gives matches a bigger feel to them and gives stories time to build on television.
I’ve heard about it, but I can’t really comment on it because I haven’t seen pictures or talked to anybody about it.”

Grady H: “Do you prefer to tag with James Storm or compete against him?”
BR: “At this point in my career, compete against him. We had a great run, but there comes a point in time where you have to ask yourself if you will be content being a tag team wrestler or do you want to be World Champion. Our chemistry against each other is probably better than when we teamed.”

Steve W: “What are your thoughts on the August 1 Warning teasers that we’ve been seeing all week? How did you work the match with James Storm to make it as fresh now as when it was taped?”
BR: “I’m looking forward to it. TV is tomorrow morning, and I’m anxious to see who is hanging around. I’m extremely interested.
I think the story itself could live on forever. Him and I became one of the best tag teams in the world at the time. Beer Money is synonymous with tag team wrestling. People will never forget our rivalry and it will live on for a very, very long time. Whether we have a match tonight, tomorrow, or five years from now, it will mean the same.”

Chris S: “Was it frustrating to not have the big title match with James Storm at Bound for Glory last year? Is there a concern that not a lot of fresh faces are coming into TNA?”
BR: “Yes and no. It was in the beginning, because I think the payoff everyone wanted to see was James Storm getting his redemption against me. At the end of the day, we still faced each other and had a hell of a match that night. We worked just as hard in the match we had, but it would have been sweeter if the title was on the line.
No, I don’t think so. Honestly, there are a lot of guys there that can carry this company that can do things with a lot of guys. Like I said, I think Joe and I can do a lot more. The talent is so good that for the next few years it’s not a huge concern. We need to build the guys in our company and make them bigger than they already are.”

Jason P: “How has your evolution over the years affected you as a performer and a person?”
BR: “Behind the scenes, I haven’t changed very much. You have to grow with your company. If you don’t, you’re not going to be employed. I think I’ve been able to do that. With the help of the talent in the locker room, our company has grown and will continue to grow. I’ve become a veteran in the locker room, and I take great pride of the younger guys asking me to watch their matches. I don’t think I’ve changed very much. I want to be the guy who main events pay-per-views and becomes a bigger star than I already am.”

Richard P: “What was going through your mind when you were declared the Heavyweight Champion of the World?”
BR: “It was kind of a relief, and excitement and a culmination of every emotion. Seeing Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, I always wanted to be the top guy. I wanted to get the camera and be in the main event every night. I did it, I accomplished it. I knew that the work was just beginning. I want another chance to do that again.”

Andrew H: “Do you think a manager could get Bobby Roode that title back in the future? What’s your opinion on managers in general?”
BR: “I think Bobby Roode needs to get the title back around Bobby Roode’s waist. This Bound for Glory Series has been dismal, and the game is about to change tomorrow night in my match against Hernandez. I can rely on anybody. The weight falls on my shoulder.
I’m an old-school guy, so I always liked Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Captain Lou Albano, and Jim Cornette, but today’s business is different. If you want to be a top guy today, you’ve got to talk the talk and walk the walk on your own. I think the days of the managers has come and gone.”

Landon D: “What do you need to do to get out of your slump and get back into the title picture? How did it make you feel when the company gave you the World title for the eight-month duration?”
BR: “Just be the Bobby Roode of old. Be aggressive. All I thought about was being the World Heavyweight Champion. I was given the open door this year, so I was too cocky. Maybe that’s where it all started to go wrong. My work ethic has always been a strong point, and I sort of let that go. It’s tiem to change, and I know what I have to do and I am ready to do that.
It felt great. The one emotion I remember was that the work was just getting started. For the company to put me in the position to keep it, it meant a lot to me. Hopefully I can get back on the board and be a contender by October.

Neil D: “Do you have any side-interests outside of wrestling, any second careers that you’re working on? Was wrestling all you ever wanted to do? What would you have been if you weren’t a wrestler? Did the Harts inspire you?”
BR: “Actually, no, I don’t. I kind of live, eat, and breathe wrestling. Other than my family, It’s really the only thing I care about. Down the road, who knows? But right now, all I really concentrate on is family and professional wrestling.
I don’t know. Growing up in Canada, I was a big hockey fan. In Canada, everybody dreams of winning a Stanley Cup, but I would always watch wrestling with my dad. Wrestling was always there for me, especially after it was clear hockey wasn’t going to pan out.
Yeah, definitely. Bret Hart was a big inspiration for me.”

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