TNA Destination X 2013 Detailed Results

Jul 19, 2013 - by Atlee Greene


– TNA Destination X 2013 Detailed Results

Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky


The show opens with the great video package of Chris Sabin’s triumphs, trials and tribulations throughout his career. The theme of the video was “Can you seize the moment” as it ends with Sabin saying he only needs one shot to become the world heavyweight champion.


TNA World Champion Bully Ray makes his way to the ring as he holds the gold up high. Bully claims the fans are happy to see him tonight and says all he has heard about, all week is the little boy named Chris Sabin. “Let’s go Sabin” chant breaks out and Bully says that kid has no chance of beating him. Bully says the fans sound like they are planning a parade but they should be planning a funeral. Bully says tonight going to be a perfect night since he will beat Sabin and Aces & Eights will destroy the Main Event Mafia.


Bully says he has had enough of that business and calls out his wife, Brooke Hogan. Brooke says she doesn’t know what else he wants from her, she is moving on and he should as well. Bully tells Brooke she moves on when he says to move on. This prompts Hulk Hogan to come out, proclaims enough is enough and says Bully raped and pillaged the company and his family. Hogan takes Brooke by the hand and leaves until Bully goads him by saying he will never give Brooke a divorce. Hogan charges back to the ring, Brooke tries to stop him.


Kurt Angle appears on the tron with the Main Event Mafia and states that tonight’s world heavyweight title match will be a fair fight and there is nothing he can do about it. Sting finishes by saying we will find out if a brotherhood is stronger than his family.


Bobby Roode is backstage and is asked if Destination X brings up any bad memories. Roode responds “Yes, FLUKE.” Roode says he is not focused on that because he has no points in the BFG series and that will change that tonight and go on to become the world heavyweight champion.




-Bound for Glory Series Match: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries


Roode sent into the ropes off a side headlock and gets taken over with a deep arm drag. Aries goes for a drop kick but Roode moves and Aries hits the canvas while slightly holding his shoulder. Roode connects with a tilt a whirl back breaker and goes for a suplex off the apron but Aries lands some knees that sends Roode to the floor. Aries follows up with forearm smash off the top rope.


Aries throws Roode back in the ring and goes for a cross body off the top rope but Roode connects with a drop kick to the mid-section. Aries goes to the floor to catch his breath and Roode hits him with a flying clothesline from the apron.




Roode delivers a spine buster for a two count. Roode sets up Aries for a superplex but Aries knocks him off the top rope and delivers a 450 splash for a near fall. Aries unloads some chops that sends Roode to the floor and hits Roode with a dive through the ropes. Aries hits a beautiful missile drop kick from the top rope and goes for the brain buster suplex but Roode reverse and Aries counters the reversal with a roll up but Roode rolls through and applies the cross face.


Aries reverses the cross face into a pinning attempt and they exchange roll ups until Aries drops Roode on his head with a DDT. Roode gets his foot up in the corner as Aries charges in. Roode goes for a spear but Aries moves and attempts another brain buster but Roode counters with a clothesline. Aries comes back with a discus elbow, goes for a brain buster again but Roode reverses and gets Aries on his shoulders. Aries elbows his way out and hits the BRAIN BUSTER for the 1-2-3


Winner: Austin Aries


Bobby Roode snaps and destroys the ringside commentary table as Tenay and Borash run for cover. Roode is disgusted that he has lost to Aries, at this event, two years in a row.


Backstage: Hernandez and Homicide gives each other dap in the locker room until Chavo Guerrero comes in and says he has much respect for Homicide. As Homicide leaves, Chavo says Hernandez will win the BFG series and he will win the X-Division title which means they will headline next year’s Destination X against each other.




Backstage: Mr. Anderson addresses Aces & Eights and says Knux’s no vote put DOC over the edge and turned in his cut. Anderson says they have bigger fish to fry since Bully has a big night. He asks if they all know what they are doing tonight and Devon yells “TESTIFY.”



-Three Way X-Division Tournament Match: Homicide vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams


Homicide sends Williams and Dutt to the floor connects with a summersault dive to the floor. Homicide goes to the floor but Williams cuts him off and throws him back in the ring, ties him up in the ropes and dropkicks him in the back. Dutt goes to hit Williams with a move off the top rope but lands on his feet and connects with a running hurricanrana and gives a hurricanrana to Homicide that sends him out of the ring.


Dutt goes for a dive but Williams cuts him off on the apron and hits a slingshot code breaker for a two count. Williams applies a submission hold but Homicide breaks it up with a head butt from the top rope. Homicide gets the upper hand and hits Williams with an overhead belly to belly suplex and drops Dutt on his head for a near fall. Homicide sets up Dutt on the top rope but gets cut off as Williams sweeps out Dutt’s leg which ties him up in the corner.


Homicide hits Williams from behind and goes for the Gringo Killer, Williams escapes and goes for the Canadian Destroyer but gets sent into the corner where Dutt is tied up and scales the turnbuckles as Dutt gives him a German suplex off the second rope. Homicide takes advantage and hits the Gringo Killer but Dutt breaks it up at two. Dutt drops Homicide and delivers the Double Stomp Moonsault for the victory.


Winner: Sonjay Dutt




-Three Way X-Division Tournament Match: Kenny King vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Manik


Chavo sends King into the ropes but Manik back drops him over the top rope and King lands on the apron only to pull down the rope as Chavo is thrown out of the ring. King hits Manik with an atomic drop and follows up with a spinning kick to the back of the head. King cuts off Chavo with a drop kick and hits Manik with a float over suplex and lands several shots to the head.


Manik reverses King off the ropes and applies a submission hold, drop toe holds King to the mat and locks up King’s leg until Chavo gets back in the ring and tries to break up things but Manik hits a northern lights suplex while having King’s leg still locked up, causing it to bend back. Chavo regains control by throwing Manik into the ropes and gets caught up between them as Chavo drop kicks him to the floor.


King hits Chavo from behind, sends him into the ropes but Chavo counters with a spinning head scissors take over and hits King with a dropkick from the second rope. Manik hits a cross body block on King, Chavo holds him but Manik breaks free and pushes Chavo into King and hits a crucifix roll up on Chavo for a two count. Manik gets knocked down by King and Chavo hits King with the three amigos. Chavo goes to the top rope but Manik cuts him off. King cuts off Manik and hits a side kick that sends Chavo to the floor. King celebrates too long as Manik hits double under hook knee drop for the win.


Winner: Manik


Backstage: Sting address the Mafia and says tonight is why they were brought back together. He asks if they are ready and Rampage says “I want to knock somebody out” which riles up the rest of the Mafia as they head to the ring.




Backstage: Hulk Hogan gives Chris Sabin a pep talk and says his setbacks are a set up for greatness. He tells Sabin to make sure the people remember him as they shake hands.


The Main Event Mafia hits the ring and Sting says they are looking for Aces & Eights because they are custom made for tonight. Kurt Angle says this fight will be more brutal and more vicious than anything they can imagine. Angle says the Mafia is the greatest assembly of champions, wrestlers and fighters of all time and they are going to prove it. Magnus says the Mafia is ready and asks Louisville if they are ready to a resounding applause.


Mr. Anderson appears on the tron and says they will not run out on the Mafia’s order and says they need to save their energy because they have a big celebration planned. Anderson asks them to come backstage and Samoa Joe says they are going to drink their beer and fight them…right now.


Backstage: Anderson baits the Mafia as Bully Ray hits Angle from behind, slams his head into the wall and puts in the bed of a pickup truck. The truck drives off with Angle as Devon locks the Mafia in the room they were baited in.





Three Way X-Division Tournament Match: Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo  


Spud points to the X-Division title hanging over the ring and says it’s his and Rubix and Marasciulo drop him with a pair of chops. Marasciulo drops Rubix with an elbow off the ropes and delivers several chops. Spud grabs Marasciulo leg and Rubix hits him from behind, grabs a waist lock, gets shoved off, goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Marasciulo and hits s dive onto Supd.


Marasciulo gains control and throws Spud into the ring and covers him for a one count. Spud delivers some punches and works Marasciulo over with stomps. Marasciulo comes back with a chop, puts him on his shoulders but Spud drops down for a roll up and gets a two count. Rubix gets back in the ring and drops Spud face first into the canvas and follows up with a running drop kick for a two count.


Spud rolls to the apron and Rubix slams his head into the turnbuckle. Rubix hits Marasciulo with a hurricanrana from the top rope that sends him to the floor. Spud comes back in the ring but Rubix sees him coming and delivers a German Suplex for a near fall. Rubix misses a dive in the corner and Spud stomps on his hands and knocks him down with a kick to the head for a two count.


Spud goes his own German Suplex but Marasciulo hits him with a missile drop kick from the top rope that sends him to the floor and follows up with a dive between the ropes. Marasciulo goes to the top rope but Rubix kicks him in the mid-section that sends him crashing to the mat and follows up with a coast to coast drop kick. Spud tries to steal the pin but Marasciulo kicks out at two. Rubix is still down from the coast to coast as Spud spits in Marasciulo’s face and goes a power bomb but Marasciulo reverses and hits an inverted white noise for the three count.


Winner: Greg Marasciulo


Backstage: Bully is on the phone and says they should have seen the look on Angle’s face when he drove off and tells him to take Angle to the spot they talked about. Bully says “better yet, let’s do this Mafia style and make Angle an offer he can’t refuse.”




Backstage: The Aces & Eights pickup truck that Kurt Angle was taken in pulls up in the parking lot but it is Angle who emerges from the behind the wheel. He looks hurt but charges back into the building.


Mickie James is in the ring says there was a moment last week that will be glorified in knockouts history, forever. She decides to share the moment with the fans and video from her concert plays on the tron. She compares the moment to the moon landing and the invention of the Twinkie. James calls herself the knockouts champion of the century which brings out Gail Kim.


Kim calls her delusional and says the only thing people were talking about was her ladder match with Taryn Terrell. Kim says the only thing that will make things sweeter is when she wins the title next week. James rates Kim’s ladder match a two and rates her concert a ten. James tries to slap Kim but Kim ducks, slaps James and takes her down and the brawl is on. The referees come in to break it up. James escapes to the floor and holds up the belt with a smile.


Backstage: Austin Aries approaches Chris Sabin. Sabin is on guard but Aries tells him to relax and that he is not going to start anything. Aries says he doesn’t want to diminish anything Sabin has done but the only reason Sabin has this match is because of him. Aries calls himself the litmus test of Impact Wrestling and that Sabin proved he is great by beating him last week. Aries says he is pulling for Sabin to win and walks off as Sabin takes it all in.




Backstage: A.J. Styles says he put the X-Division on the map but he’s been there, done that. Calls Jeff Hardy a hero but says this is no place for a hero. A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy is announced for next week.


-TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin

Bully tries to intimidate Sabin into walking out of the match but Sabin won’t back down and looks determined. Sabin gets into Bully’s face and tells him he will be the new world champion. Bully shoves him down and the bell is rung.


Bully grabs Sabin’s leg but gets kicked off. Bully chops Sabin but no affect.  Sabin goes for a kick to the body but Bully blocks it, chops him and Sabin feels that one. Bully delivers three more stinging chops and Sabin comes back with some of his own chops and transitions into elbows that backs Bully in the corner. Bully comes out quickly to grab the leg and delivers an elbow drop onto the knee. Sabin rolls outside to the ramp and holds his knee. Aces & Eights come out and laugh at Sabin. Main Event Mafia comes out and Aces & Eights scatter as Sabin is still holding his knee.




Bully slams Sabin’s knee into the entrance ramp, picks him up and beals him over top rope and back in the ring. Bully tells Rampage he is going to punch him right in the mouth as Sabin is down in the ring. Bully kicks Sabin’s in the back of the knee and it sends the challenger down to the canvas. Bully taunts the Mafia and proceeds to jack up Sabin knee a little more. Bully holds Sabin’s in a knee bar position and loosens Sabin’s boot while using his other leg to kick Sabin in the ribs. Sabin fights back with forearms to the jaw but Bully drops him with a huge clothesline.


Bully takes off the right knee pad and Sabin’s knee is now fully exposed. Bully stomps on the knee some more. Bully grabs the knee and DDT’s it down to the mat. Bully taunts Rampage some more. Sabin gets to his feet and gets a couple of strikes in until Bully kicks his other knee and sends him to the canvas. Bully mocks Hulk Hogan with the hand wave to the ear and delivers a single punch to the exposed knee of Sabin. “Bully Sucks” chant breaks out as Bully continues to work over the knee.


Bully yells “Come on Sabin” and chops him in the chest. Bully jaws with Magnus and tries to take off Sabin’s right boot. Bully pushes Sabin into the corner and unloads with punches to the mid-section. Bully whips Sabin into the opposite corner; Sabin hits the turnbuckle and crumbles in pain. Bully laughs, charges into the corner but Sabin gets the left foot up. Sabin limps to the top rope but Bully shakes the rope and Sabin crotches himself. Bully hits a superplex for a two count. Bully Bomb goes for the Bully Bomb but Sabin blocks it and kicks Bully in the head.


Sabin hits Bully a missile drop kick from the top rope and Bully gets knocked into referee Brian Hebner. Mr. Anderson hands Bully the hammer and Magnus breaks up the exchange which leads to an all-out brawl between Aces & Eights and The Mafia. The brawl goes al over the place before heading up the ramp out of the arena.


Bully picks up the hammer and Sabin kicks him in the midsection which causes Bully drops the hammer. Sabin picks it up, Bully kicks him in the midsection. Bully lifts up Sabin for the power bomb but Sabin held on to the hammer, cracks him with it and falls into the pinning position for the 1-2-3. Sabin celebrates with his new championship belt as we fade to black.




-TNA Destination X 2013  Quick Results

Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode

Sonjay Dutt defeated Homicide and Petey Williams

Manik defeated Kenny King and Chavo Guerrero

Greg Marasciulo  Rubix and Rockstar Spud

Chris Sabin defeated Bully Ray to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion










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