More on the departures of D-Lo Brown and Bruce Prichard

Jul 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

To say the morale is at all time low in TNA, would be an understatement. The recent firings have added fuel to fire. As we previously reported, TNA road agent D-Lo Brown was let go by the company. TNA gave Brown a certain date to respond to a pay cut proposal, and when he agreed to the cut, the company let him go. Apparently Brown had one power broker that wasn’t on his side, that being Eric Bischoff – but was otherwise liked by most in the company. At one point, Brown suggested that Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco be sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for additional training and developmental, which obviously didn’t set well with Bischoff.

Bruce Prichard was offered a pay cut and a reduced role with TNA, and the company wanted him to move from Houston to Nashville, but he opted against it.

It should be an interesting evening in Louisville, to say the least.

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