6/21/13 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jun 21, 2013 - by staff

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by Brian Leeman

Daniel Bryan starts off the show cutting a promo about his match with Orton from Monday. Bryan says it was stopped because he was the weak link. Bryan wants to prove he’s not the weak link and that he’ll beat Orton tonight. Orton comes out and says he respected Bryan monday, but won’t be as nice tonight.

Match #1
Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes

Sheamus stats off in control early with some clubbing blows and a top rope snapmare. Cody manages to take control and knees Sheamus in the head. Armlock from Cody. Sheamus goes for the White Noise and Rhodes rolls him up. Sheamus reverses that into the Cloverleaf and Rhodes taps.

Winner: Sheamus

Right after the bell, Sandow attacks Sheamus and beats him down.

Match #2
Wade Barrett vs Curtis Axel – IC Title

These two brawl it out in the early going. Barrett kicks Axel out of the ring. Big boot from Barrett. Swinging neckbreaker from Axel to win in a short match.

Winner: Curtis Axel

After the match Miz goes face to face with Axel, who walks away.

Match #3
AJ vs Natalya

Natalya locks in Pin Up Strong early but AJ doesn’t tap. AJ manages to take control and lock in a headlock. Natalya eventually thinks she has AJ out but AJ locks in the Black Widow and Natalya taps.

Winner: AJ

Backstage Aksana calls Kaitlyn trash, initiating a brawl between them where Kaitlyn dumps a trash barrel over Aksana.

Match #4
Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio

Dropkick from Jericho as he dominates and they take it to the outside. Del Rio kicks Jericho in the head as he goes to get back in the ring. Del Rio works over Jericho for a bit until he runs into the ring post. Double ax handle smash from Y2J. Flying crossbody from Jericho to Del Rio. Del Rio sets up and locks in the armbar. Jericho reverses and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Ricardo comes in to interfere and Jericho attacks him. Meanwhile, Ziggler runs in and beats down Del Rio.

Winner via DQ: Alberto Del Rio

Jericho Codebreakers Ziggler after Del Rio escaped. After Jericho leaves, Alberto and Ricardo come back and Del Rio superkicks Ziggler.

Match #5
Drew McIntyre vs Christian

Christian with a mean uppercut over the ropes to McIntyre. Christian goes for a crossbody off the ropes but McIntyre catches him and hits a spinning sideslam. Flying spinning elbow from Christian. Christian knocks Slater off the apron. After a distraction from Jinder, Drew goes for a back suplex but Christian reverses and hits the Killswitch for the win.

Winner: Christian

Christian celebrates and cuts a quick promo before The Shield come out and triple powerbomb him.

Main Event
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

The intensity picks up here as these two go back and forth. Suplex over the ropes to the outside from Orton. Orton sends Bryan to the top. Bryan fights him off and hits the front dropkick. Running dropkick into the corner, followed by multiple kicks to the stomach. Superplex from Orton after a strong comeback. Elevated DDT from Orton as he sets up for the RKO. Outside the ring Bryan fights off Orton and runs back in and manages to suicide dive out onto him. Both guys go down and Bryan gets back into the ring right before the ten count.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match Bryan grabs the mic and demands the match to continue as the show ends.

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