6/6/13 Impact Wrestling Coverage

Jun 6, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Impact Wrestling opens with a video recap of the main matches from this past Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. We go live into the arena in Atlanta, Georgia, where Mike Tenay mentions that we will see the Impact debut of Quentin “Rampage” Jackson later tonight. Aces and Eights’ music hits, and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray comes to the ring.

Ray grabs a mic and demands that his music get shut off. He says he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion from “God’s Country,” Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and is the guy who defeated Sting at Slammiversary. Ray says Slammiversary hasn’t been kind to Sting. He mentioned how Aces and Eights jumped Sting last year, and how he single-handedly beat Sting this past Sunday. Ray says TNA has no more heroes, and that he has destroyed everybody. He says no one can do anything about it, and there’s only one thing left to do. He says he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He tells Dixie Carter to come to the ring, but Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way to the stage. Hogan says this sounds like straight up Hulkamania country. He gives Ray credit, but he says Aces and Eights were really the ones to beat Sting. Hogan asks Ray if he really said there is no more competition in Impact Wrestling. Hogan says he begs to differ. Hogan says all summer, Impact is going to be hot with the Bound for Glory Series going down. Hogan says Ray will get to see the twelve potential challengers in the BFG Series Selection Show next week. Hogan makes a match for later tonight; Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy. Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Ray says Hogan can’t do that. Hogan says he can do whatever the hell he wants. Hogan says he wants Hardy to feel really welcomed back in Impact Wrestling, so there will be a monster ladder in the middle of the ring. Hogan says Aces and Eights’ hammer will be hanging above the ring.

We see Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez talking backstage. Chavo brings up the Bound for Glory Series, and Hernandez thanks him for teaching him the “Guerrero Way.” Chavo says he taught Hernandez a lot, but didn’t teach him everything as we go to a commercial.

Match #1: Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match – Hernandez vs. Chavo Guerrero
Chavo tries to take Hernandez down, but Hernandez sends him off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Chavo comes back and takes Hernandez down with an arm drag. Hernandez backs Chavo into the corner, but Chavo counters with an uppercut. Chavo takes Hernandez down with a dropkick and goes for the cover, but Hernandez kicks out at two. Chavo flips out of Hernandez’s grasp and flips over into a cover attempt, but Hernandez kicks out at two again. Hernandez grabs Chavo and sets him on the top rope and then slams him on the mat. Hernandez connects with a double-axe sledge and delivers a back-breaker to Chavo for a two count. Hernandez is on the apron and laucnhes himself into the ring for the flying shoulder block, but Chavo ducks out of the way. Chavo goes for the Three Amigos, but Hernandez tosses him into the corner. Chavo counters with a kick to the head and then goes for the Frog Splash. Hernandez gets his knee up and goes for the Border Toss, but Chavo rolls through and goes for he pin fall, but Hernandez rolls Chavo up for the pin fall.
Winner: Hernandez.

We see Rampage Jackson walking backstage. He runs into Gunner and James Storm and they wish him luck as he walks away and we head to a commercial break.

Aces and Eights’ music hits and Devon makes his way to the ring. He tells everyone to sit down and shut the hell up. He says he is going to make this nice, short, and simple. He says Abyss has something that he stole from him at Slammiversary. He calls Abyss out and tells him to give him the Television Championship. Joseph Park’s music hits and Park comes to the ring. Park says Devon robbed him of his chance for gold. Park says he is done being bullied and he is going to do something. He takes Devon down with a few shoulder tackles, but Devon comes back and pummels Park. Devon tosses Park into the ring post and grabs a chair, but Abyss’ music hits and Devon gets back into the ring. Devon says he is going to find Abyss and leaves through the crowd. Park notices that he is bleeding, and he snaps as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and we see Devon and Knux looking for Abyss.

Robbie E’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Robbie says he was the MVP of the 2012 Bound for Glory Series because he beat Jeff Hardy, who won the entire thing. He says he is going to win his Qualifying Match tonight.

Match #2: Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match – Robbie E vs. Samoa Joe
Joe takes Robbie down with a big boot and beats him down in the corner. Joe smashes Robbie in the corner and delivers a kick to the head. Joe sets Robbie up in the corner, but Robbie rakes Joe’s eyes. Robbie jumps off the ropes, but Joe moves and Robbie hits the mat. Joe delivers a knee lift and a knee to Robbie’s back. Joe hits Robbie with the Muscle Buster and then locks in the rear-naked choke and Robbie taps out.
Winner: Samoa Joe.

We see that we will revisit the announcement of Kurt Angle going into the TNA Hall of Fame after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see Mickie James and Velvet Sky backstage. James gives Velvet a scratch-off ticket and explains why she didn’t help Velvet when Gail Kim attacked her last week. Velvet says it is what it is. Velvet says how about they have their rematch tonight, but Mickie says she already has a match tonight.

We take a look back at the announcement from Slammiversary where Kurt Angle will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. We then see a video tribute for Angle.

Rampage Jackson will be introduced to the fans after the commercial break.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and he brings Rampage Jackson to the ring. Borash welcomes Jackson to Impact Wrestling. Jackson says he is glad to be here and wants to be the best. He says he knows he has to beat the best. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Angle tells Jackson if he wants to beat the best, he’s looking right at him. Angle says Jackson may be the best in the cage, but the ring is his world. Angle says when Jackson is ready, he’s going to have to go through him. Angle and Jackson shake hands and then get face-to-face. Angle leaves the ring as Jackson waves to the fans.

We take a look back at Hulk Hogan’s announcement earlier that Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy will battle in a Ladder Match with a hammer hanging above the ring. Hardy is backstage and says he and the creatures will be highly satisfied.

We see Gunner, James Storm, and Chris Sabin walking backstage. They will be in action after the commercial break.

We see Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson backstage. Ray asks Anderson if he’s seen D’Lo Brown. Anderson says no and Ray says getting rid of D’Lo is the best thing the group has ever done. Anderson brings up the Vice President opening in the group. Ray talks about his match with Jeff Hardy later and asks why Aces and Eights are represented in the Bound for Glory Series. Anderson asks if Ray needs the group to do any politicking tonight. Ray says a good VP knows how to make that call.

Match #3: Six-Man Tag Team Match – Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin, Gunner, and James Storm
Sabin and King start the match. Sabin takes King into the corner with an arm-drag, and then continues the onslaught with more arm-drags in the middle of the ring. Sabin chops King down to the mat, but Aries and Roode get involved. Gunner and Storm take out Aries and Roode, and then Sabin takes out Aries, Roode, and King on the outside. Back in the ring, King shoves Sabin into the ropes. Aries drapes Sabin over the top rope and King tags in Roode. Roode chops Sabin in the corner and slams him down for a two count. Sabin tags in Storm, who takes Roode down with an inverted atomic drop. Storm knocks King and Aries off the apron, but Aries comes back with a rake of the eyes and Roode takes Storm down in the ring. Roode tags in Aries, who gets a two count on Storm. Aries holds Storm as he tags in Roode, who kicks Storm. Roode gets a few moves in on Storm, and then tags in King. King connects with a leg drop and tags in Aries. Roode and Aries try to double-team Storm, but Storm tosses Aries into Roode. Storm tags in Gunner, who steamrolls through Roode, Aries, and King. Gunner suplexes King down to the mat and goes for a cover, but Roode breaks it up. Gunner sends Aries to the floor and delivers a big boot to Roode, but Roode comes back and hits the Double R spine-buster on Gunner. Aries gets cut off by Sabin and Sabin connects with Hail Sabin on King for the pin fall.
Winners: Chris Sabin, Gunner, and James Storm.

We see Mickie James walking backstage. She will be in action after the commercial break.

We see Devon and Knux still looking for Abyss backstage. They rush through a door and then we transition into a video replay of the Last Knockout Standing Match between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell from Slammiversary.

We see Brooke Hogan and Taryn Terrell backstage. Taryn says she has a goal to be the Knockouts Champion, and Gail was in her way. Taryn asks Brooke is she is still in love with Bully Ray, and Brooke tells her to stay focused on wrestling.

Match #4: Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix
Mickie backs Taeler into the corner. They tie up and Taeler wrenches Mickie’s arm and wrist and takes her to the mat. Taeler takes Mickie down with a fireman’s carry. Mickie gets Taeler in a headlock and takes her down to one knee. Taeler sends Mickie off the ropes, but Mickie takes her down with a shoulder block. Mickie goes for a clothesline, but Taeler counters with a dropkick and goes for the cover, but Mickie kicks out. Taeler kicks Mickie in the midsection and goes up top as Mickie tells ODB that her knee is injured. Taeler gets off the ropes and Mickie connects with the Mick Kick to the head and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Mickie James.

We see Devon and Knux backstage again and Devon tells Knux to stay put. We see Abyss grab Knux and beat him down as Devon comes back. Abyss beats down Devon and tells him that he is taking the Television title into the abyss.

We see that the main event Ladder Match between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy is after the commercial break.

We are informed that Sting will return next week to address his future in Impact Wrestling. We see that A.J. Styles will face Kurt Angle in a BFG Series qualifier, and Bad Influence will face Gunner and James Storm in a tag team BFG Series qualifier next week.

Match #5: Ladder Match: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardy dives onto Ray on the outside. Hardy slams Ray into the steps and tosses him into the ring. Hardy splashes onto Ray in the corner and then takes him down with a head-scissors. Hardy dropkicks Ray into the announce table and then nails Ray with a flying clothesline from the apron. Hardy slams Ray into the steps again and then grabs a ladder. Hardy tosses the ladder into the ring. Ray cuts Hardy off and slams his knee into the ring apron as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Ray has Hardy in the corner and smashes him. Ray slams Hardy’s knee into the mat and then delivers a back-body drop. Ray picks up the ladder and slams it down onto Hardy. Ray delivers an elbow drop and works over Hardy’s knee some more. Ray comes off the ropes and delivers a big boot that takes Hardy down to the mat. Ray mocks Hulk Hogan and picks Hardy up for the Full Nelson Slam, but Hardy counters with a DDT. Ray and Hardy exchange right hands and Hardy takes Ray down with an inverted atomic drop and then a dropkick and Ray rolls to the corner. Hardy grabs the ladder and sets it up. Hardy begins to climb, but Ray catches him. Hardy dropkicks the ladder into Ray’s “yambag” as Taz calls it. Hardy sets the ladder up again and climbs, but Ray knocks the ladder over again. Hardy connects with a jaw-breaker and comes off the ropes to take Ray down. Hardy sets the ladder up a third time and climbs, but Ray knocks Hardy down into the corner. Hardy takes Ray down with the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy begins to climb the ladder again, but Ray jerks the ladder from underneath him and Hardy lands hard on his back. Ray drags Hardy to the corner and climbs the ladder and grabs the hammer. Ray tosses the ladder out of the way and swings the ladder, but Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate and grabs the hammer. Hardy swings the hammer, but Ray escapes the ring and runs to the back.
Match Result: No Contest.

We see Ray backstage asking where his belt is. Ray kneels down and Hulk Hogan walks up behind him with a hammer, but Brooke runs in and stops him as Ray runs again and Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match: Hernandez def. Chavo Guerrero
2. Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match: Samoa Joe def. Robbie E
3. Six-Man Tag Team Match: Chris Sabin, Gunner, and James Storm def. Kenny King, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode
4. Mickie James def. Taeler Hendrix
5. Ladder Match: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy ends in a No Contest

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