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slammiversary 2013

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TNA Slammiversary PPV Results
June 2, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
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A video package runs focusing on the history of TNA with Slammiversary when an Aces and Eights graphic interrupts. TNA Champion Bully Ray talks about turning the company upside down and how he plans to end an era by beating Sting tonight in Boston.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Slammiversary. We go live to Boston as we are welcomed by Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz.

Chris Sabin is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide

Kenny King bails when the bell rings. Sabin and Suicide chase him down around the ring and then back inside the ring. Mike Tenay notes this is the 30th ever Ultimate X match in TNA history and the first time the match has ever taken place at a Slammiversary PPV event. Suicide with a big head scissors takedown on both King and Sabin sending them to the outside. King with a big overhead cradle suplex on Sabin sending him with force into the corner. Suicide with a quick back suplex on Sabin. Sabin responds with a quick suplex on Suicide. Tenay adds that Sabin competed in the first ever Ultimate X match. Sabin with his tornado DDT kicking Suicide in the head and executing the DDT on King on the way down. Sabin is now climbing up to the cable, but Suicide trips him up and Sabin crashes in the ring. King cuts off Suicide up on the top turnbuckle, flips back and then dropkicks Suicide off the turnbuckle. Sabin misses a kick when King counters into a single leg Boston Crab. Suicide then walks up and gets a headlock applied on King and then sends him to the corner.

Suicide with an atomic drop on King. King is standing over the back of Sabin. Suicide kicks King. King falls back. Sabin's arms are locked up in the legs of King and Suicide kicks Sabin in the face. Suicide jumps up on the cables and King pulls him down. Sabin plants King from the turnbuckle to the mat. Suicide cuts off Sabin near the corner putting him on his shoulders and dropping him back in an electric chair. King follows with a leg drop over Sabin. King is on the cable. Suicide pulls him down. King counters Suicide, Sabin with a kick to the head of Suicide and King with a kick to Sabin. Lots of quick offense between all three with King hitting a springboard blockbuster on Sabin as Suicide goes down. Loud “TNA” chant breaks out in Boston. Suicide holds himself in the ropes and avoids a charge from Sabin. Suicide with a missile dropkick taking out both Sabin and King. King holds on when Suicide attempts a sunset flip off the top turnbuckle. Sabin gets Suicide in the tree of woe over King in the corner. Tower of Doom spot from the corner with Suicide in control of Sabin and King.

King and Suicide are on the cables. They both get near the middle where the title is. King knocks Suicide off the cable. Sabin is now crawling over near King. Both exchange shots in the middle. King falls down. Sabin locks his legs in the cable and unhooks the TNA X Division Championship belt to get the win.

Winner and new TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

After the match, Chris Sabin jumps down and celebrates with the title. Sabin is busted open. We then see a series of highlights from the match leading to the finish.

Hulk Hogan's music hits. Hogan grabs the arm of Chris Sabin and raises it. He gets on the mic and says, “I want Mr. Sabin to hear what my Boston-maniacs sound like brother.” Hogan says Boston loves a champion and says Sabin is the future of the business. He reminds us that the X Division Champion will be earning a shot at the TNA Championship this summer like last year at Destination X. Hogan continues down the ramp and says it is time to get down to business when the Aces and Eights music hits. Mr. Anderson walks out with a mic along with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. He says Aces and Eights are going to steal the show. Hogan says Boston isn't scared of ghosts, terrorists or “three pussies wearing leather.” He flips off Anderson with the last line. Hogan says tonight Devon will lose the TNA Television Championship and threatens to “bitch slap” Garett Bischoff. He adds, “You're a bitch and your old man is a bitch.” Hogan says Sting will “punk out Bully Ray and bring the power back to TNA, brother.” He said it is time to get things going tonight for a six man tag team match. Hogan introduces Magnus, Samoa Joe and the returning Jeff Hardy.

Aces and Eights (Mr. Anderson, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff) vs. Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus

The bell rings and Mr. Anderson attacks Jeff Hardy right away. Anderson works over Hardy in the corner. Hardy responds with a series of quick offense and Anderson bails to the corner. Tag to Wes Brisco who takes a big hip toss from Hardy. Quick tag to Garett Bischoff who takes a big high back body drop from Hardy. Tag to Samoa Joe who unloads with jabs on Bischoff as a loud “JOE, JOE, JOE” chant breaks out. Joe unleashes with stomps in the corner on Bischoff. Bischoff launches from the corner and Joe casually walks away to avoid it. Joe with chops to the back, kick to the chest and dropping knee combo on Bischoff. Tag to Anderson who takes a big elbow from Joe near the corner. Tag to Magnus. Joe with an atomic drop, Magnus with a big boot, Joe with a body splash and Magnus gets a two count off a pin attempt. Magnus catches Anderson and plants him with a big powerslam. Magnus with a shot to Brisco, but takes a big clothesline from Anderson. Magnus takes an elbow from Anderson. Anderson drops the arm of Magnus off the top rope and connects with a shoulder block.

Tag to Brisco who works over Magnus focusing on his left arm. Taz is arguing on commentary that this match was “sprung” on Aces and Eights. Tenay argues the match was already announced and Taz responds saying it wasn't planned to take place right now. Tag to Anderson who drops knees to the arm of Magnus. Anderson with a shot to Joe on the ring apron. Tag to Bischoff who hits a big right hand to Magnus. Quick tag to Brisco who continues to work over the left arm of Magnus. Tag to Hardy who drops Brisco with clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Hardy with a big flying clothesline and then shots to Anderson and Bischoff when they try to jump in. Twist of Fate to Bischoff. Brisco cuts off Hardy. Hardy with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind to Brisco. Cover and Anderson breaks it up. Joe and Magnus jump in. Anderson and Bischoff are tossed out. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Brisco. Hardy connects with a second Twist of Fate getting more on the second. Hardy goes up top and Bischoff crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Joe with a charge and kick to Bischoff.

Joe with a snapmare to Bischoff and Magnus connects off the top turnbuckle with a flying elbow. Joe with a rear naked choke on the outside to Anderson. In the ring, Hardy connects with a Swanton Bomb over Brisco with Magnus holding Brisco down. Hardy hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus

After the match, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Magnus celebrate in the corners of the ring. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

We look back at TNA Bound for Glory 2006 with Sting defeating Jeff Jarrett to become the TNA Champion for the first time.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Joseph Park. Park talks about tonight being the 11 year anniversary of TNA and how tonight is also his one year anniversary with the company. Devon and Knux of Aces and Eights attack Park.

Gutcheck Tournament Final Match
Winner moves on to Bound for Glory Series
Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

It is noted that the winner of this match will be the first entrant in the Bound for Glory Series. Sam Shaw with a headlock early on Jay Bradley trying to slow things down. Shaw sends Bradley to the corner and then goes back to the headlock on the mat. Bradley misses a quick elbow drop. Shaw with a quick monkey flip to Bradley. Bradley pulls Shaw down to his back when he attempts another shot in the corner. Bradley with a big headbutt that drops Shaw. Bradley with a twisting backbreaker to Shaw, hooks the leg and gets a two count. Shaw with a big tackle and right hands to Bradley. Shaw with a dropkick, chest chop and dropkick to the chest in the corner on Bradley. Shaw drops Bradley over his back, Bradley counters with a rake of the eyes and connects with his Boom Stick lariat finisher. Bradley hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jay Bradley

After the match, Jay Bradley says he will be getting the title shot at Bound for Glory.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Roode reminds everyone he was the longest reigning TNA Champion and Aries reminds everyone he cashed in his X Division Title to beat Roode for that title. Roode tells Storm that Gunner might be his tag team partner tonight, but “he is no Bobby Roode.”

A video package runs hyping Devon vs. Joseph Park.

TNA Television Championship Match
Devon (c) w/ Knux vs. Joseph Park

Devon is out first along with Knux. Joseph Park's music hits and he doesn't come out. Devon insults the Boston crowd and demands the referee to ring the bell. He says the referee needs to start counting. The referee calls for the bell and begins the count to 10. The referee gets to 10 and calls for the bell.

Winner and still TNA Television Champion via count out: Devon

After the match, Devon gets on the mic and said Joseph Park didn't have what it takes – just like Joseph's brother Abyss. Devon said it is time for them to head to the back, drink some beer and celebrate with strippers. Abyss' music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. Abyss with a double clothesline to both Devon and Knux in the ring. Abyss with more clotheslines. Abyss clotheslines Knux over the top rope and the referee calls for the bell.

TNA Television Championship Match
Devon (c) w/ Knux vs. Abyss

The match is underway when Knux trips up Abyss from the outside. Devon levels Abyss with a quick charge and follows with some kicks. Devon with kicks to Abyss in the corner. Abyss gets to one knee and fights back with big right hands to Devon. Devon gets the better of Abyss, keeps him grounded, drops a knee and then cups his ear to the fans in Boston doing the Hulk Hogan pose. Devon goes up to the second rope and misses a headbutt drop over Abyss. Abyss with more clotheslines and screams getting fired up. Abyss with a splash in the corner to Devon, takes out Knux on the ring apron and connects with a chokeslam to Devon. Devon responds with a kick to the face, hits the ropes and Abyss catches him with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss gets the pinfall.

Winner and new TNA Television Champion: Abyss

After the match, Abyss is handed the TNA Television Championship belt and celebrates. Taz refuses to believe this match was even official to begin with. Taz adds, “I'm getting a headache out here.”

We see highlights from Bound for Glory in 2007 of Sting defeating Kurt Angle to become the new TNA Champion.

Second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame revealed

TNA President Dixie Carter makes her way out to the ring. Carter talks about TNA celebrating 11 years tonight and thanks the fans for the support. Tonight she will be announcing the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. “Last year it was Sting and tonight I would love to ask all the men and women of TNA to come to the stage for tonight's announcement,” said Carter. TNA wrestlers and officials walk out to the entrance area. Carter announces that the second inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame is…Kurt Angle. Angle walks down the ramp and hugs Carter. A video package runs focusing on the career of Kurt Angle. Angle is shown watching the video package crying in the ring. We return live to Angle who is crying as the crowd in Boston gives him a huge reaction. A shot of Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley clapping at ringside is shown. Carter talks about the night they announced Angle would be coming to TNA. She said when they signed him “we knew we were going to make it.” Angle takes the mic saying he had no idea and is so proud. He mentions his family and thanks Dixie for bringing him to TNA. “You made me love it again,” added Angle. He talks about being very humbled tonight. Angle said others are just as deserving on the TNA roster with guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode. He thanks Jeff Jarrett, the co-founder of TNA. “This company changed my life, I love TNA and I know all of you do too,” Angle said to end his comments in the ring.

We see highlights from Bound for Glory in 2008 of Sting defeating Samoa Joe to become the new TNA Champion.

Footage is shown of Sting arriving to the arena earlier today.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian). Daniels talked about making the TNA Tag Team Championships mean something again in TNA.

TNA Tag Team Championships – Four Team Elimination Match
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c's) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm and Gunner

We start with Chavo Guerrero and Daniels. Daniels works over the back of Chavo. Daniels with a quick shoulder block. Chavo responds with a clothesline. Hernandez chops Daniels from the ring apron and Chavo tags in Hernandez. Hernandez with a quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Tag to Austin Aries. Hernandez catches Aries and drops him down near Chavo. Chavo gets the tag and springboards over dropping on Aries. Aries with a big elbow and tags in Bobby Roode. Chavo with a drop toe hold on Roode into a headlock. Tag to James Storm. Taz and Tenay talk about the history between Roode and Storm. Both exchange right hands. Storm with a series of clotheslines connecting. Tag to Gunner and Roode tags in Hernandez. Gunner attempts a shoulder tackle. Hernandez remains on his feet. Hernandez attempts one of his own and Gunner stays on his feet. Both hit the ropes and take some cheap shots. Gunner tosses in Aries and Hernandez tosses in Kazarian. Hernandez has Kazarian up on his shoulder. Chavo suplexes Daniels to the other shoulder of Hernandez.

Hernandez with a double backbreaker to Bad Influence. Storm and Gunner send Roode and Aries into each other. Bad Influence cuts off Storm and Gunner. Hernandez gets some air and takes out Bad Influence over the top rope. Chavo drops over Daniels who is over the knee of Hernandez. Hernandez gets Daniels up in a vertical suplex and Kazarian breaks it up. Hernandez lands with a thud on the outside. Kazarian works over Hernandez back inside the ring. Tag to Roode who drops elbows to Hernandez. Roode sends Hernandez face first into the boot of Aries. Roode with a snapmare to Hernandez and tag to Aries who jumps in applying a front face lock. Roode tags himself in, Hernandez busts through a double clothesline attempt and gives a double suplex to Roode and Aries. Kazarian and Chavo are the legal men now. Chavo trips up Kazarian and connects with a twisting dive. Chavo with a big backbreaker to Kazarian and then a big rolling dive in the corner. Daniels takes out Kazarian by accident and Chavo follows with a dropkick to Daniels. Chavo with Three Amigos on Kazarian.

Daniels with Angel's Wings on Chavo. Gunner is in to take out Daniels. Roode with a neckbreaker to Gunner. Storm with a backcracker to Roode. Daniels hits Storm in the knee with one of the TNA Tag Team Championship belts in the corner. Storm is down. Hernandez lifts up Aries, Aries counters, hits the ropes and takes a huge clothesline from Hernandez. Kazarian levels Hernandez with a quick dropkick. Hernandez gets Kazarian up and connects with a huge Border Toss. Chavo goes up top and connects with a Frog Splash. Daniels grabs a belt and cracks it over the back of Chavo in front of the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have been eliminated.

Aries then quickly covers Chavo and gets the pinfall.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are eliminated.

Roode with a quick pinfall attempt on Gunner. So much is happening on the outside and the cameras aren't catching it. Roode catapults Gunner into Aries who gets in a right hand and then springboards in with a quick splash that results in a two count off a pinfall attempt. Aries with big chops to Gunner. Gunner responds with a huge backbreaker on Aries. Roode trips up Storm on the ring apron to prevent a hot tag. Roode gets the tag and works over Gunner in the corner. Gunner avoids a dropkick from Aries and clotheslines Roode. Storm with a big kick to the back of Roode and follows with a reverse neckbreaker. Storm with a DDT on Aries from the ropes. Tag to Gunner. Aries kicks Storm in the face. Gunner drops Aries, catapults him into Storm who then gives Aries a big spike DDT. Roode breaks up a pinfall attempt by Gunner. Roode tosses Storm out. Gunner has Roode up in a Torture Rack. Aries breaks it up and suplexes Gunner back. Aries with a dropkick, Roode with a spinebuster and Aries with a 450 off the top turnbuckle. Aries hooks the leg and Gunner kicks out with authority.

Aries can't believe it. Roode grabs one of the tag title belts. Storm with a Codebreaker to Aries. Storm is calling for his superkick. Storm starts slapping the corner turnbuckle. Storm with the Last Call on Aries. Gunner has Aries up in his Torture Rack. Aries taps.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions: James Storm and Gunner

After the match, James Storm and Gunner celebrate with the TNA Tag Team Championship belts in hand. Storm grabs some beer and celebrates up on the corner.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Brooke Hogan. She talks about the growth of the TNA Knockouts Division and how Taryn Terrell has grown from a referee into a wrestler. Borash asks if she still loves Bully Ray. Brooke ends the interview.

A video package runs focusing on Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell tonight.

Last Knockout Standing – #1 Contenders Match
Special Guest Referee: ODB
Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Taryn goes after Kim right away with big elbows. Kim responds with elbows of her own and a big shot in the corner. Taryn grabs the hair of Kim. Kim tosses Taryn to the other corner face first. Kim with a big jumping clothesline in the corner. Taryn with a big flipping neckbreaker and suplex combo on Kim. Kim catches Taryn with an elbow in the corner and then gets an octopus style submission applied. Kim with a big missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Referee ODB starts the count as Kim grabs a steel chair. Taryn is up, kicks it away and gets in a few elbows. Taryn with a snapmare on Kim using the hair of Kim. Taryn with a big cross body on Kim as Kim was holding the steel chair. Both girls are down. ODB starts the count. Kim props up the chair in the corner. Taryn blocks taking the shot. Kim pulls out the legs of Taryn and applies a Figure Four around the steel ring post. Taryn screams out in pain. Taryn is up at 8 when Kim charges. Taryn moves and Kim hits the steel chair in the corner face first. Kim falls out and is down. ODB starts the count. Kim is up at 9 and slides back in.

Taryn then grabs Kim by the legs and applies a Figure Four of her own around the steel ring post. Kim screams out in pain as Taryn breaks the submission and returns to the ring. Kim is up at 8 in the ring. Taryn charges, Kim moves and Taryn crashes through the ropes hitting the entrance ramp with force. ODB starts the count. Taryn is up at 9. Taryn with big elbows to Kim. Kim trips up Taryn on the entrance ramp and Taryn lands with a thud on her back. ODB starts the count. Taryn is up at 8. Kim grabs Taryn, attempts a piledriver, Taryn counters twice, hooks the head of Kim and pulls her off the entrance ramp with a bulldog to the floor below! Both women are down on the floor as the crowd in Boston starts a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. ODB starts the count. Taryn is up at the last second before ODB reaches the 10 count. ODB calls for the bell.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Taryn Terrell

We see highlights from July 2010 of Sting defeating Mr. Anderson to become the new TNA Champion beating Mr. Anderson.

A video package runs focusing on Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

AJ came out to new, darker entrance music tonight.

The bell rings and Kurt Angle attempts a few takedowns that AJ Styles avoids. Styles attempts some kicks. Angle grabs the leg of Styles and Styles bails to the outside. Styles with big right hands to Angle on the outside. Styles connects with a huge dropkick through the ropes to Angle. Back in the ring, Styles connects with a quick flying forearm to Angle in the corner. Angle quickly responds with a quick tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Angle with boots to Styles in the corner. Styles comes back with some big leg kicks. Styles with a springboard dropkick to the leg/knee of Angle. Styles with more kicks to the body of Angle. Styles applies pressure to the calf of Angle and Angle gets to the ropes for the break. Styles with a big dropkick that stops Angle. Angle counters and gets the Ankle Lock applied. Styles gets to the ropes to break that up. Styles with big right hands and kicks. Angle fires back with a quick uppercut that sends Styles back to the corner. Angle with clotheslines and a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Styles. Angle with a T-Bone Suplex on Styles and Styles lands with a thud.

Styles plants Angle with a quick spinebuster and then quickly follows with a springboard moonsault. Angle connects with a german suplex on Styles hanging on. Angle with a second german suplex. Angle connects with a third and a release. Cover by Angle and Styles kicks out. Styles drops the jaw of Angle off the top rope standing on the entrance ramp. Styles with a springboard elbow drop over the top rope on Angle. Angle with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Styles with a release to the corner! Styles with a series of back fists and then a big clothesline that levels Angle. Angle with a kick to Styles as he springboards back in. Angle Slam. Angle hooks the leg and Styles kicks out. Angle is up and drops the straps. Angle stands over Styles first grabbing the ankle, turns over and Styles rolls through. Styles rolls through with Angle in the corner and gets his Calf Killer submission applied. Angle rolls through and gets the Ankle Lock applied. Angle drops down to keep it applied with even more pressure. Styles is teasing he will tap. Styles turns Angle over and drops some axe kicks.

Styles breaks free. Angle hits the corner with force when he charges and Styles moves. Styles props Angle up in the corner. Angle falls back in the tree of woe. Styles with a big dropkick to the chest of Angle. Styles misses a springboard attempt and lands on his face. Angle with a close rollup resulting in a two count. Styles counters an Angle Slam. Angle with a big takedown and holds Styles down to get the pinfall.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, we see a replay of the finish of Angle's big takedown on Styles leading to the pinfall. We see a shot of Angle celebrating at the top of the ramp saluting the crowd in Boston.

Backstage, we see TNA Champion Bully Ray. He said he isn't sure if Sting really understand what he got himself into with a No Holds Barred stipulation. Ray talks about how he wants to finish Sting tonight with the most feared move in pro wrestling today or in the past – the piledriver.

A video package runs focusing on Bully Ray vs. Sting tonight.

TNA Championship – No Holds Barred Match
If Sting loses, he can't challenge for the TNA Title again
Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting

Huge reaction for Sting in Boston tonight. Jeremy Borash handled the ring introductions for the challenger Sting and the champion Bully Ray.

The bell rings and Sting goes after Bully Ray immediately. Sting grabs the TNA Championship belt and starts cracking it over the back of Ray on the outside. Ray crawls in the ring. Sting with big body shots followed by right hands. Ray and Sting start exchanging right hands. Sting drops Ray with a series of clotheslines. Ray bounces off the corner with force when Sting launches him toward it. A loud “YOU STILL GOT IT” chant starts up directed at Sting. Sting asks for the title belt, So Cal Val hands it to Sting at ringside and Sting again starts hitting Ray over the back with it in the ring. Ray drops Sting with a huge clothesline on the outside when Sting appeared to be attempting a Stinger Splash over the ring barricade. Ray with a big chop to Sting. Ray with a second huge chop to the chest of Sting. Ray then launches Sting shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Ray with repeated forearms to the back of Sting. Ray again levels Sting with a big clothesline on the floor. Ray bails to the back and grabs a steel chair. Ray swings and hits the ring post instead when Sting moves.

Sting grabs the steel chair and starts cracking it over the back of Ray. Ray crawls up to the entrance ramp and Sting continues his attack on Ray using the steel chair. Sting continues with shots to Ray on the ramp when Brooke Hogan walks out. Sting tells the referee to get Brooke out of here. Sting again drops a chair over the back of Ray. Sting grabs Brooke and says she needs to head to the back. Sting escorts her to the entrance opening and then heads back towards Ray who is still down. Ray with a low blow to Sting. Ray grabs the steel chair and cracks it over the back of Sting repeatedly. Ray keeps this up when Sting returns to the ring. Ray throws the chair at Sting, Sting catches it and Ray kicks it back in the face of Sting. Ray grabs Sting, lifts him up and brings him down in a huge spike piledriver! Ray covers Sting and Sting somehow kicks out. Ray can't believe it. Ray bails out of the ring and grabs a table. Ray slides the table in the ring and sets it up near the corner where Sting is just recovering. Sting with a clothesline on Ray and then mounts Ray nearby.

Sting is dropping big right hands to Ray in the corner. Sting gets to 8, Ray puts Sting on his shoulders, walks over and powerbombs Sting through the table! Ray covers Sting and again Sting kicks out. Ray is in shock. Taz then hands Ray a small knife at ringside. Ray starts cutting away at the ring padding to expose the boards. Ray stomps over the boards loudly. Sting attempts a Stinger Splash. Ray moves, kicks Sting in the gut and gives Sting a huge piledriver over the exposed boards on the ring floor! Ray hooks the leg…and Sting still kicks out. Ray remains in shock. Ray attempts another piledriver and Sting counters with a back body drop. Sting grabs Ray and attempts a piledriver of his own. Ray counters with a back body drop. Ray jumps off the second rope and misses a senton splash. Sting with a Scorpion Deathdrop on Ray over the exposed boards. Sting covers Ray and all of the Aces and Eights members hit the ring. Sting with low blows trying to fight back. Sting with kicking low blows and is able to take out all of the members of Aces and Eights. Ray is still down in the corner.

Sting grabs Garett Bischoff and launches him over the top rope to the entrance ramp. Devon throws a chain in the ring. Sting catches it instead and hits Ray with it. Sting covers Ray and Devon pulls the referee out. Sting hits Devon on the outside with the chain. We see Mr. Anderson now at ringside. Sting is up on the top turnbuckle. Ray is standing up with a hammer in hand. It appears Anderson tossed it in. Sting jumps and Ray hits Sting in the head with the hammer on the way down. Ray covers Sting and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Bully Ray

We see a shot of Bully Ray and the rest of the members of Aces and Eights standing over Sting celebrating. They show a replay of Mr. Anderson handing the hammer to Ray leading to the finish. The PPV goes off the air showing Bully Ray celebrating his win with the Aces and Eights. With this loss, Sting can't challenge for the TNA Championship ever again.

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