5/23/13 Impact Wrestling Coverage

May 23, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a “Previously on Impact Wrestling” video package that highlights the return of Abyss two weeks ago, and the confrontation between Joseph Park and Devon last week. It then transitions into the contract negotiation between Bully Ray and Sting and Mr. Anderson announcing that A.J. Styles will be patched into Aces and Eights tonight. We go live into the USF Sundome in Tampa, Florida. Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and the General Manager makes his way to the ring.

He says it’s great to be home in Tampa. He said he knew it was going to be special because he threw back a couple of drinks with Shark Boy down my the beach. He says this is him home and the fans are his family. He brings up A.J. Styles and his decision to join Aces and Eights. He says that is fine, because there is someone on his side who always has been through thick and thin, and he brings out Sting. Hogan tells Sting that he appreciates what he does for TNA, but the stipulation for his match at Slammiversary doesn’t have to happen. Sting says he appreciates what Hogan is saying, but he doesn’t want him to change anything. He says he needs to show up at Slammiversary to take away the title and the power away from Bully Ray. He says if he can’t, he doesn’t deserve to be the champion ever again. Hogan says Sting has nothing to prove and doesn’t have to put the stipulation in place. Brooke Hogan’s music hits, and Bully Ray’s wife makes her way to the ring. She says Sting shouldn’t have to fight Ray because she was dumb and fell in love with him. She says she drove a wedge in between Sting and Hogan. She says it’s her fault that the company went up in smoke. She says she loves being in TNA, but she has ruined it and is going to resign. Hogan says she hasn’t ruined anything and Aces and Eights’ music hits. Bully Ray makes his way to the ringside area. He asks all of them why they are taking the blame for everything. He says it’s not Hogan or Sting’s fault that thing are the way they are. Ray says everything is his fault. He says it’s his fault that Hogan doesn’t know how to run a company. Ray says he blames Brooke for making him fall for her. Ray says he still loves Brooke and always will. He says he will never take his wedding ring off and leaves through the Aces and Eights entryway.

We see a vignette for Suicide. He will return after the commercial break.

Kenny King had joined the guys on commentary for the following match.

Match #1: #1 Contender’s (TNA X Divsision Championship) Three-Way Match – Joey Ryan vs. Petey Williams vs. Suicide
Ryan gets dumped to the outside and Williams and Suicide square off in the ring. Williams trips Suicide against the ropes and then delivers a dropkick. Suicide goes to the floor and Ryan gets back into the ring. Ryan grabs Williams and tosses Williams across the ring. Ryan puts on more oil and Suicide takes him down with a head-scissors take down. Suicide gets Ryan in a submission, but Williams takes Suicide down with a neck-breaker, doing some damage to Ryan as well. Suicide takes Williams out with a spin kick and goes after Ryan. Suicide dives to the outside and takes out both Ryan and Williams. Back in the ring, Suicide rolls up Ryan for a two count before Williams breaks it up. Williams tosses Suicide into the corner and charges, but Suicide counters. Williams gets control back and goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Suicide, but Ryan stops it. Suicide and Ryan battle it out and he drops Ryan with a vicious-looking finisher and gets the pin fall to advance to the Ultimate X Match against Kenny King and Chris Sabin at Slammiversary.
Winner: Suicide.

We see Chris Sabin backstage and he walks up to James Storm. Sabin says he knows Storm is looking for a tag team partner, and how about they combine two of the greatest tag teams in TNA history at Slammiversary. Storm says he appreciates it, but Sabin should keep his sights on the X Division Championship.

We are reminded that Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle will go one-on-one later tonight, and that A.J. Styles decision is still to come as we head to a commercial.

We see Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan backstage and she asks him what he means when he says he still loves her. He says he means that he still loves her and walks away. We then see Mickie James and Velvet Sky backstage. Mickie says that Velvet is her friend and she loves her and asks her if she really wants to have the match with Gail Kim lurking around. Velvet says yes and they hug it out.

It was supposed to be Shaw vs. Alex Silva in a TNA Gut Check Tournament Match, but Brisco, D.O.C. and Garett Bischoff interrupt. Brisco says he left Silva a bloody mess in the parking lot and proceed to beat down Shaw. Magnus’ music hits and he charges the ring as D.O.C., Bischoff, and Brisco flee the ring. Magnus says Aces and Eights always likes using gang warfare, and they deserve to get their teeth kicked down their throat. Magnus says Wes Brisco gets him right now.

Match #2: Magnus vs. Wes Brisco (w/D.O.C. and Garett Bischoff)
Magnus pounds away on Brisco before Brisco rolls out of the ring as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and Brisco slams Magnus into the corner. Brisco chokes Magnus over the middle rope and then applies a headlock down on the mat. Brisco drops an elbow and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Brisco goes back to the headlock, but Magnus fights out. Brisco clubs Magnus on the back and tosses him into the corner, but Magnus comes back and drops Brisco with a flying clothesline. Magnus tosses Brisco into the corner and charges, but Brisco gets his boot up. Magnus comes back and catches Brisco and delivers a suplex. Magnus climbs the top rope, but D.O.C. and Bischoff interfere and begin beating down Magnus, causing the disqualification.
Winner via disqualification: Magnus.
After the match, Samoa Joe’s music hits and he rushes the ring to save Magnus from a further beat down and clears the ring.

We see that Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle will go one-on-one after the commercial break.

We take a look back at Dixie Carter’s announcement that Sting will be inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame during last year’s Slammiversary and that a new inductee will be announced at this year’s Slammiversary.

We see Aces and Eights backstage and Bully Ray says Magnus will never forget the name of Wes Brisco. Mr. Anderson asks when A.J. Styles will arrive and Ray says it will be soon. We then see a video package of Kurt Angle’s mission to save Olympic Wrestling.

We see A.J. Styles riding into the arena on a motorcycle as the bell rings for the match.

Match #3: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
Angle powers Anderson down to the mat. Anderson comes back and delivers a few right hands to Angle and back him into the corner. Angle fights back and takes Anderson down with a clothesline. Angle backs Anderson into the corner and stomps Anderson down to the mat. Angle delivers a suplex and gets a two count. Angle delivers an uppercut and drives his shoulder into Anderson’s midsection, but Anderson comes back and tosses Angle into the corner, causing Angle to crumple to the mat. Anderson works over Angle’s arm and stomps away on him while he is down on the mat. Anderson takes Angle down to the mat again and gets a two count. Anderson continues to work over Angle’s arm, but Angle fights back. Anderson tosses Angle into the corner, but Angle counters with a missile dropkick. Angle takes Anderson down with a clothesline and then a belly-to-belly suplex and gets a two count. Anderson comes back and takes Angle down with a fireman’s carry slam, but only gets a two count. Angle comes back and delivers a series of German suplexes. Anderson counters the final suplex and delivers the Mic Check, but Angle kicks out at two. Anderson goes up top, but Angle catches him and tosses him to the mat. Angle drops the straps, but A.J. Styles walks to the ringside area. He shares a hug with Taz as Anderson low-blows Angle and rolls him up for the pin fall.
Winner: Mr. Anderson.
After the match, Styles leaves through the Aces and Eights entryway as Anderson looks on at Angle, who is still down in the ring.

We see James Storm walking backstage. He will announce his tag team partner for Slammiversary after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see Gail Kim backstage. She is asked about her match with Taryn Terrell at Slammiversary, and she says she took out Taryn, Velvet Sky, and even Tara a few weeks ago. She said she should be getting the title match tonight, and then Taryn attacks her before Gail escapes. We see a video package of the buildup for the big Four-Way tag team match at Slammiversary. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez have joined the guys on commentary for James Storm’s announcement.

Storm comes to the ring and says he sees there is a lot of beer drinkers in Tampa tonight. He says he was granted the opportunity challenge for the World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary with a partner of his choosing. He says he has been a part of two of the best tag teams in TNA history, America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money. He is interrupted by Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Roode says he is the king of tag team wrestling and the four years he teamed with Storm was the worst four years of his life. Roode tells Storm to go ahead and inform everyone who his joke of a partner is. Bad Influence interrupts now. Christopher Daniels runs down Aries and Roode, Chavo and Hernandez, and Storm. Kazarian calls Storm a “dumb dummy” for turning down a spot in Bad Influence. Kazarian says it doesn’t matter who Storm picks, because they won’t measure up to Bad Influence. Storm says he wants to introduce his partner, but Shark Boy’s music hits. Shark Boy says a little fish told him that Storm is looking for a tag team partner. He says he and Storm have a lot in common; they love fishing, they love drinking beer, and they love kicking bass. Robbie E’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring now. Robbie says Storm doesn’t want to team with a loser, he wants to team with someone who is going to make him a champion. Someone like Robbie E. Robbie says he carried Rob Terry for two years, so he can carry Storm. He proposes the team names Beer Bro and America’s Most Bro. Gunner rushes the ring and clotheslines Robbie and Shark Boy. He stares at Storm and Storm says “See you at Slammiversary,” as he and Gunner shake hands.

We are reminded that A.J. Styles decision is still to come, and see that Velvet Sky will defend the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship against Mickie James after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see Joseph Park and Sting backstage. Park says he going for his first title at Slammiversary, but is worried about getting the strap. Sting says getting the strap is a good thing, because it means he gets the title. Sting says Hulk Hogan has set up a tag team match for next week: Devon and Bully Ray vs. Sting and a partner of his choosing, and he wants Abyss. Park says he doesn’t know where Abyss is, so Sting says he wants Park to be his partner. Park agrees and they shake hands.

Match #4: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Mickie James
The ladies shake hands before the match. Velvet works over Mickie’s arm, but Mickie cartwheels out and arm-drags Velvet down. Velvet comes back and takes Mickie down for a two count. Velvet sends Mickie off the ropes, but Mickie comes back and takes Velvet back down to the mat. Mickie comes off the ropes, but Velvet counters with a dropkick. The ladies exchange right hands until Mickie takes Velvet down with a full Nelson slam as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Mickie is still in control. Mickie continues to work over Velvet’s arm and neck and then slams her down to the mat. Velvet comes back off the ropes and drops Mickie with a few clotheslines. Velet chops Mickie and drops her with a side-Russian leg sweep. Velvet charges Mickie in the corner, but Mickie gets her boot up. Mickie drives her shoulder into Velvet’s midsection and delivers a right hand. Mickie charges, but Velvet counters and kicks Mickie across the ring. Velvet takes Mickie down with a head-scissors take down, but then grabs her injured knee. Mickie snaps and takes out Velvet’s knee. Mickie delivers a DDT and gets the pin fall.
Winner and new TNA Women’s Knockout Championship: Mickie James.

We take a look at the ongoing feud between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle since Styles returned to Impact Wrestling. We see Aces and Eights backstage. Ray proposes a toast to Mr. Anderson for beating Kurt Angle. He proposes another toast for A.J. Styles. The patching in happens after the commercial break.

Aces and Eights come to the ring. Bully Ray asks if we know who they are. He says they are the Aces and Eights. He says they do what they want, when they want. He says they are an equal unit that runs TNA. He says when someone screws up, they pay for it, just like D’Lo Brown. He says as much as D’Lo is a disappointment, one guy stood up and proved himself. And that guy is Ken Anderson. Ray says he is proud to call Ken his brother, but tonight isn’t about Anderson, Aces or Eight, or Ray himself. He calls out A.J. Styles. Ray says everyone Styles. He says Hogan wanted him and Fortune wanted to reform and get him back. Ray hands Styles a beer and says he wants Styles to drink with him. Ray says Styles can give his heart to Jesus, but his soul belongs to the club. Ray and Styles chug their beers. Ray tells Anderson to give Styles the colors. Anderson hands Styles a vest and Ray tells him to put it on. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes to the stage. Angle says he knew this day would come, and that Styles’ TNA legacy just went right down the toilet. Angle tells him to go ahead and put the vest on and join the group of scumbags. Angle asks him if it’s what he wants. Ray says it is what he wants, and Angle says he was talking to Styles. Styles puts on the vest and hugs Ray, Anderson, and Devon. D.O.C. brings Angle into the ring and Aces and Eights begins to beat him down. Ray hands Styles the hammer, and he nails Angle in the leg with it. Aces and Eights celebrates, but Styles nails a few members with the hammer and escapes the ring. Anderson and Ray stare at Syles as he exits the stage as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Suicide def. Joey Ryan and Petey Williams in a #1 Contender’s Three-Way Match to earn a spot in the Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship at Slammiversary
2. Magnus def. Wes Brisco via disqualification
3. Mr. Anderson def. Kurt Angle
4. Mickie James def. Velvet Sky to become the new TNA Women’s Knockout Champion

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