WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 5/20/13

May 20, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 5/20/13

The Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri


An ambulance enters the arena to begin things and when the door opens, Ryback pops out with microphone in hand and climbs to the top of the ambulance. Ryback contests last nights no decisions and the record book shows there was no winner. Says Cena walked away with his WWE title but he didn’t walk away claims the next time they meet, Cena won’t be able to refuse medical attention and challenges Cena to an ambulance match at Payback.


Ryback calls the WWE Universe the weak, pathetic, and fat people of society and it is fitting that they worship John Cena. He says he will take Cena and all the fans to the morgue at Payback because RYBACK RULES!


Paul Heyman is going to announce his newest client, tonight.


– The Miz & Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett & Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Wade Barrett has new entrance music with the opening lyrics “God Save The Queen.” Barrett and Jericho start things off as Barrett grabs a side headlock but Jericho escapes and catches him with a drop kick. Jericho lands a couple of chops but gets caught with an elbow coming in. Fandango tags in and drops Jericho with a clothesline and follows up with a hard buckle into the corner. Fandango keeps punching Jericho in the corner and the referee keeps breaking it up before the count of five. Barrett tags in and have words on the apron as Fandango poses for the crowd.


Barrett has Miz in a rear chin lock while Fandango on the floor and checking in with Summer Rae. Miz elbows his way out of the chin lock and delivers a knee to the gut and a kick to the face. Miz goes for the figure four leg lock and just before he applies it, Fandango takes the microphone and says “IT’S FAAANDAAANGOO.” The music hits and he and Summer go into a dance routine on the floor which distracts Miz long enough for Barrett to knock him down to the canvas. Barrett is yelling at Fandango to stop dancing but Jericho tags in and lands two flying forearms, double ax handle off the top rope, lionsault, and The Code Breaker. Fandango is still dancing while Miz tags in and applies the figure four to make Barrett submit.


Winners: The Miz & Chris Jericho


Miz and Jericho confront a dancing Fandango on the floor. Fandango leaves Summer Rae and retreats through the crowd. A “Y2J” chant breaks out as Jericho asks for Summer’s hand. They do a little dance and then waves his hand in her face, laughs and walks away. Summer is embarrassed as Jericho walks up the ramp with a smile.




Vickie Guerrero comes out with her “EXCUSE ME” shtick and says she is putting Jack Swagger in a match and the fans can vote on the WWE App for one of three opponents. The options are


  1. The Great Khali
  2. R-Truth
  3. Randy Orton


Daniel Bryan is throwing things around in the locker room and is mad that they are no longer the tag team champions. Bryan says he feels naked without the titles. Kane mentions that Bryan says he has no shirt on and Bryan gets on him for making jokes. Kane talks about The Shield finding weaknesses. Bryan takes it the wrong way and thinks Kane is calling him the weak link. Kofi Kingston comes in to prevent an altercation and Bryan leaves saying “I’ll see you out there.”


-Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil w/ Darren Young

Sheamus levels O’Neil with a shoulder tackle but O’Neil comes back with a shoulder tackle of his own. Sheamus throws O’Neil over the top rope and on to the floor. Sheamus lands the ten forearms on the apron, kicks his knee out and O’Neil hits his head on the apron. Young checks on O’Neil and Sheamus throws him into the ringside barricade. This gives O’Neil the opening he needs to attack Sheamus from behind. Back in the ring, O’Neil hits Sheamus with a modified fall away slam. O’Neil hammers away on Sheamus with elbows in the corner.

O’Neil continues to power away at Sheamus with clubbing blows and slams. Sheamus gets his foot up in the corner that drops O’Neil and the Celtic warrior comes back with two clotheslines and a running knee lift. Sheamus goes for a shoulder tackle off the apron but Young trips him up and O’Neil catches him with a shot to the back of the head for a close near fall. Sheamus comes back with another clothesline, hits White Noise, and connects with the BROGUE KICK for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Sheamus




Paul Heyman comes out to announce his new client. Heyman says he catches the wrath of the audience when a Paul Heyman guy exposes their heroes. He asks the audience  what does it feel like to be powerless because they can’t change history that states Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H. He says his client is enjoying the spoils of way and Triple H tucked his sledge hammer between his legs and ran home to mommy.


Heyman says he wonder what he is going to talk about now since Brock Lesnar has fulfilled his obligations to WWE. Heyman says it is time for something new and different and plans to give the WWE Universe a moment they set their DVR’s for and that people will talk about for the next ten years. The newest Paul Heyman guy is….CURTIS AXEL, the former Michael McGillicutty. Axel yells that he has arrived and came to the ring with a modified version of his father’s entrance music. Axel and Heyman shake hands and hug in the middle of the ring.


Heyman says the fans proved him right because Axel is getting the same Brock got during his debut in 2002 and CM Punk got when he introduced him in the new ECW back in 2006. Heyman questions why Axel isn’t a WWE main eventer already and blames it on the upside down mentality of the company. Heyman says Legacies are an albatross in WWE and says the name Curt Axel is a tribute to his father and his grandfather, Larry The Axe Henning.


Heyman introduces Curtis Axel one more time and Triple H’s music hits and the Game heads to the ring. Triple H calls on Paul Heyman on whipping up a batch of Kool-Aid. Axel cuts him off and Triple H says “Hey Junior, the adults are talking.” Triple H says Lesnar limped away from their match last night and that beating the crap out of him would make him happy. Axel grabs the mic and says the game has changed around here and that Triple H has go to through him if he wants to talk to Paul Heyman. Triple H slaps Axel, who falls to the ground, and Triple H says he is going to wrestling Axel in a match, tonight. Once he is done kicking Axel’s ass, he is kicking Heyman’s ass.




-Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriquez vs. Big E Langston w/ AJ Lee

Del Rio opens up with some kicks to the mid-section, Langston powers Del Rio in the corner, and Del Rio comes back with a takedown and applies the arm bar. Langston powers out of it, slams down Del Rio who holds on to the arm bar and Langston gets to the ropes. Langston goes outside the ring and Del Rio snatches him with the arm bar under the bottom rope and Langston counters it by slamming him into the steel post while still trapped in the submission.

Langston hits two punches to the stomach, delivers a backbreaker and holds it for a submission. Langston gets caught with a boot charging into the corner and Del Rio hits a Tornado DDT. Del Rio hits two clotheslines and finally drops him with a running clothesline. Del Rio hits the backstabber and a sidekick to the head for a close near fall. Del Rio goes for the arm bar again but Langston out powers him and throws him out of the ring. Del Rio gets helped back in the ring by Ricardo drops Langston to his knees with an enziguri. AJ throws Ricardo’s bucket in the ring which distracts Del Rio and the referee. Langston pokes Del Rio in the eyes and hits THE BIG ENDING for the pinfall.


Winner: Big E Langston




-AJ Lee vs. Layla

AJ attacks Layla from behind and delivers two neck breakers. Layla fights back with some forearms but AJ drops her with an elbow and skips around the ring. Layla delivers a spin kick to the face and mocks AJ with her own skip around the ring. Layla delivers a drop kick and stomps AJ in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Layla picks her up but AJ counters and applies her new Black Widow submission for the tap out. Afterwards, AJ blows Layla a kiss and shoves her head into the canvas.


Winner: AJ Lee




-Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder jumps off the second rope, over Rhodes, lands on his feet and delivers a drop kick and follows up with a flap jack. Rhodes regains control and throws him into the corner and hits a face plant vertical suplex. Ryder comes back with a face plant and a drop kick off the second rope. Ryder hits the Broski Boot for a two count. Rhodes misses a roll up attempt and hits the DISASTER KICK for the win.


Winner: Cody Rhodes


Ryback comes out, Rhodes leaves but Ryder is still out in the ring. Ryback stalks his prey, delivers a meat hook clothesline. Ryback hits a power bomb and says “Ryback Rules.” Ryback hits SHELL SHOCK tosses Ryder to the floor, carries him on his shoulder and throws him in the ambulance. The sirens go off as the ambulance leaves the arena and Ryback holds his arms up in celebration.




The Shield comes out with their new championship hardware and claims they brought power back to the Tag Team and US Titles. They claim responsibility for The Rock losing the WWE title, Ryback snapping and turning on John Cena and taking out the Undertaker. Ambrose says all of your heroes will go down to the swift arm of justice. Rollins brags about them being a cohesive unit and that they are the future. Reigns says the ending stays the same and the hounds of justice runs this yard. Ambrose ends it with “Believe in the Shield.”


-The Shield vs. Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, and Kane

Ambrose and Kingston start things off and exchange snap mares, drop downs and quick pin attempts. Kingston hits a deep arm drag and tags in Daniel Bryan. Bryan hits some European uppercuts and hits a running knee to the gut for a two count. Ambrose elbows Bryan and tags in Rollins. Bryan cuts him off and applies a surf board and stomps on his knees. Bryan hits a bunch of kicks to the chest and tags in Kane who lands a running drop kick to the face. Kane shoots Rollins into the ropes and hits an elbow to the jaw. Kofi tags in and applies a hammer lock that grounds Rollins. Rollins fights to his feet and drops Kingston with a forearm shot between the eyes but gets caught with a flying back elbow for a two count. Reigns tags in and hammers away on Kofi in the corner. Reigns slams Kofi’s head into the canvas and hits him with a running shoulder tackle.


Reigns applies a rear chin lock but Kofi fights out of it, baseball slides between Reigns’ legs but the big man catches him and squashes him with a vicious waist lock takedown. Ambrose tags in and applies a modified Indian death lock. Ambrose ties up Kofi in the ropes and hits a running drop kick to Kofi’s mid-section. Rollins tags back in and throws Kofi in the corner. Kofi tries to fight back but Rollins delivers a downward spiral into the second turnbuckle. Rollins hits a body slam and mocks Kofi. Kofi comes back with a hurricanrana and tags in Daniel Bryan. Bryan hits some more kicks, and a running clothesline and a running drop kick into the corner. Bryan delivers some more kicks to the chest of Rollins and drops him with a head kick for a close near fall.


Bryan climbs to the top rope but gets crotched by Rollins. Ambrose tags in and goes for a super plex but Bryan drops him off the ropes face first and hits a missile drop kick from the top rope. Bryan applies the NO LOCK but Ambrose gets to the ropes and retreats to the floor as Kofi, Bryan, and Kane stand tall in the ring.




Kane brings Reigns into his corner and Kofi tags in but gets caught with a right hand that turns the tide. Ambrose chokes Kofi across the top rope. Kofi comes back and hits the ten punches in the corner and follows up with a vicious European uppercut. Bryan tags in, hangs Ambrose upside down in the corner, delivers some kicks to the chest and delivers a baseball slide drop kick to the face for a one count. Ambrose reverses Bryan into the ropes and Rollins hits him with a knee in the back, tags in, and power bombs Bryan spins first into the top turnbuckle. Reigns tags in and hits Bryan with a clothesline that turns Bryan inside out. Reigns stands on Bryan’s hand to prevent him from making the tags and applies a rear chin lock that Bryan quickly escapes only to gets caught an elbow and a knee that floors him.


Ambrose hits repeated stomps to the abdomen and delivers a belly to back suplex. Ambrose coves Bryan with a forearm to the face for a two count. Ambrose wrenches on Bryan’s fingers and knees him in the gut. Rollins and Ambrose exchange quick tags and punch away at Bryan while calling him a weakling. Bryan stuns Ambrose with a head kick and tags Kane who cleans house with clotheslines and sidewalk slams. Kofi and Bryan hits a pair of dives on opposite sides of the ring on Ambrose and Rollins as Kane hits Reigns with a jumping DDT for  a two count. Rollins sends Kofi face first into the steel post while Ambrose suplexes Bryan on the floor. Kane goes for the choke slam but Ambrose cuts him off but gets hit with an uppercut for his trouble. Rollins hits Kane with a knee off the top rope and Reigns hits the spear for the pinfall.


Winners: The Shield


Triple H is getting ready backstage and is told the doctor won’t clear him to wrestle tonight. H asks if the doctor likes having a job and says if he is not cleared, the doctor can find employment elsewhere.


Kaitlyn tells Natalya that she got the phone number of her secret admirer. She gets another text message as Cody Rhodes walks by texting. Natalya holds him as Kaitlyn grabs his phone and he is not the secret admirer. Instead, he is posting pics of himself on the internet


Let’s find out who the WWE Universe voted for to face Jack Swagger. The winner is….Randy Orton by 72%. Kahli got 19% of the vote and R-Truth got 9%.



-Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

The bell rings and we are underway as they exchange side headlocks and top wrist locks until Orton headbuts Swagger and hits a standing drop kick that sends him out of the ring. Orton follows and delivers a belly to back suplex on the ringside barricade. Orton gets back in the ring to stop the count and levels Swagger with a clothesline outside the ring. Orton hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Swagger comes back with a clothesline and a hard shoulder tackle. Orton comes back with a Thez Press and applies the Orton stomp. Orton is favoring the knee a little bit. Swagger sees it and chop blocks it to regain control. Orton buys himself some time with a back body drop out of the ring but it wasn’t enough as Swagger slams Orton into the barricade. Orton gets sent into the corner, gets his feet up, goes to the top rope and gets knocked to the floor by Swagger.




Swagger wrenches on Orton’s injured knee and misses a charge in the corner. Orton hits a super plex from the top rope. Orton hammers away with lefts and rights until Swagger comes back with a belly to belly suplex. Orton ducks a clothesline and hits the power slam and goes for the hanging DDT but Swagger counters with a cradle slam. Orton comes back with the hanging DDT and goes for the RKO but Swagger ducks down and applies the PATRIOT LOCK. Orton gets to the ropes, kicks off Swagger, ducks a clothesline and hits the RKO for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Randy Orton




-Triple H vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

They mention this is Triple H’s first Raw match in three years. Axel throws a few faints with a big smile on his face until Triple H forces him into the corner and drops him with an over hand right. Triple H follows up with two short arm clotheslines for a one count. Triple H throws Axel out of the ring and runs after Heyman but fails to catch him. Axel attacks Triple H coming back in the ring and unloads with punches and stomps until Triple H reverses him in the corner lands a plethora of lefts and rights. Triple H whips Axel into the ropes, gets reversed and is nail with a beautiful standing drop kick. Axel whips Triple H into the corner, Triple H reverses it but gets caught with a boot to the face while charging in.

Axel follows up with some forearm blows to the jaw and hits an elbow drop from the second rope for a two count. Axel applies a rear chin lock, Triple H gets to his feet, picks up Axel and slams him into the corner. Triple H hits the knee lift and follows up with a spinebuster. Triple H stops for a few seconds to clear the cobwebs and clotheslines Axel out of the ring. Triple H goes to the floor and clotheslines Axel and stops again to gain his composure. The trainer checks on Triple H and he asks for water to pour over his head. That doesn’t work as the trainer puts a flashlight to check Triple H’s pupils. Triple H gets out of the chair and collapses. The trainers and referee call off the match and Triple H can’t stand on his own two feet. The show ends as the ringside team calls for a doctor.




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