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May 19, 2013 - by Michael Riba

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The preshow for Extreme Rules kicks off with a shot of the fans making their way into the arena in St. Louis, Missouri. Renee Young is joined by Wade Barrett, Titus O’Neil, and Mick Foley. Barrett says he is looking forward to the Extreme Rules Match between Randy Orton and The Big Show. O’Neil says he is looking forward to the Strap Match between Mark Henry and Sheamus. Foley says he is looking forward to the Last Man Standing Match between John Cena and Ryback. We then transition into the video hype package for the feud between Cena and Ryback. Foley says the only way Cena loses is with foolishness or over-zealousness. Barrett says you have to be 100% to beat Ryback, and Cena is not 100%, so he thinks Ryback will win. We then get a look at the poll for the night, which is “Which match will be the most extreme?” And then the pre-show freezes. My apologies, folks.

The stream picks up on WWE.com, where Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz is underway.

After the match, we see #1 on the countdown of most extreme moments at Extreme Rules, and then Renee Young, Barrett, O’Neil, and Foley talk about their last thoughts for the pay-per-view tonight.

Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz
When the stream picks up on WWE.com, Rhodes is in control of Miz. Rhodes stomps away on Miz and then knees him in the midsection. The Miz comes back and gets a bit of offense in, but Rhodes quickly regains control. Miz fights out of a submission hold down on the mat, and takes Rhodes down with a running knee lift. Miz rolls Rhodes up for a two count. Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes, but Miz reverses and goes for the Figure Four, but Rhodes kicks him away. Rhodes connects with a knee to Miz’s chin and goes up top. Rhodes dives off, but Miz catches him and locks in the Figure Four and Rhodes taps out.
Winner: The Miz.

Extreme Rules opens up with a video hype package for the show tonight. It starts off with the feud between John Cena and Ryback and transitions into the feud between Brock Lesnar and Triple H.

We go live into the arena in St. Louis, Missouri, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show as Chris Jericho’s music hits.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango
They tie up and Jericho backs Fandango into the corner. Jericho slaps Fandango across the face, and Fandango comes back with a headlock. Jericho sends Fandango off the ropes, but Fandango takes him down with a shoulder block. Fandango rolls to the outside for a breather. Fandango gets back into the ring, but Jericho takes him down with a back elbow. Fandango goes outside again, but Jericho takes him out with a baseball slide. Jericho goes up top and takes Fandango down on the outside. Jericho tosses Fandango back into the ring, but Fandango counters with a knee to the temple. Jericho comes back and kicks Fandango down to the mat and stomps away until Fandango rolls to the outside. Jericho gets Fandango back into the ring and tosses him into the corner. Jericho charges, but Fandango gets a boot up. Fandango goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at two. Fandango takes Jericho down again and applies a headlock. Jericho gets to his feet and goes off the ropes, but Fandango puts a knee in Jericho’s midsection. Fandango goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at two. Fandango goes back to the headlock, but Jericho counters and drops Fandango to the mat. Jericho drops Fandango with a couple of shoulder blocks and then a sledge from the top rope. Jericho connects with the running bulldog, and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Fandango fights out, but Jericho connects with a cross-body from the top. Fandango rolls through and gets a two count. Fandango pounds away on Jericho and goes to the top. He goes for the leg drop, but Jericho rolls out of the way. Jericho connects with the Lionsault and goes for the cover, but Fandango kicks out at two. Jericho chops Fandango in the corner and then goes for the Walls again. He locks it in this time, but Fandango gets to the ropes. Fandango kicks Jericho in the back of the head and goes up top, and dives off, but Jericho catches him with the Codebreaker and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Chris Jericho.

WWE United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dean Ambrose
They tie up and Ambrose takes Kingston down to the mat. Kingston comes back and sends Ambrose off the ropes, but Ambrose holds on. Kingston monkey flips Ambrose into the corner and then connects with ten right hands. Ambrose comes back and takes Kingston down with a clothesline. Ambrose connects with a neck-breaker, but only gets a one count. Ambrose drops an elbow, and dropkicks Kingston against the ropes. Ambrose goes for the cover, but Kingston kicks out at two. Kingston fights back with some rights and lefts, but Ambrose catches him in the cross-face chickenwing and drops down to the mat. Kingston escapes and takes Ambrose down with a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick. Kingston connects with the Boom Drop and sets up for the Trouble in Paradise. Ambrose moves out of the way, but Kingston drops him with the SOS for a two count. Kingston goes up top, but Ambrose catches him with a right hand. Ambrose goes to superplex Kingston, but Kingston fights back. Ambrose takes Kingston down with a superplex and goes for the cover, but Kingston kicks out at two. Ambrose tosses Kingston into the corner and charges, but Kingston kicks him in the head. Kingston comes off the top with a cross-body and goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out at two. Kingston connects with Trouble in Paradise, but Ambrose falls to the floor. Kingston goes out after him and tosses him into the ring. Kingston goes for the cover, but Ambrose grabs the bottom rope at two. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise again, but Ambrose ducks and drops Kingston to the mat with a front-face-lock DDT and gets the pin fall.
Winner and new WWE United States Champion: Dean Ambrose.
After the match, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come to the ring and celebrate with Ambrose.

We get an advertisement for the WWE App.

We see highlights of the feud between Mark Henry and Sheamus.

Strap Match: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus
Henry stands on the strap and yells at Sheamus, and Sheamus jerks the strap and Henry falls to the mat. Sheamus stomps away on Henry and slaps one of the corners. Henry stops him and takes him down to the mat. Henry tries to tie Sheamus’ feet together with the strap, and he succeeds. Henry hits two turnbuckles before Sheamus gets underneath the ropes. Henry clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope and down to the floor. Henry pulls Sheamus up to the apron, but Sheamus drapes him over the top rope. Sheamus hits two turnbuckles from the outside, and gets the third one. He goes for the last turnbuckle, but Henry knocks Sheamus down to the floor. Henry brings Sheamus back into the ring. Henry begins to smack Sheamus on the back with the strap. Henry picks Sheamus up and carries him to each corner. Henry hits three corners, as does Sheamus before Henry realizes it and drops Sheamus. Henry delivers a headbutt, but Sheamus comes back and drops Henry to the mat. Sheamus drops a series of knees onto Henry and begins smacking him with the strap. Sheamus begins hitting the turnbuckles. He gets three before Henry drops him with a spine-buster. They go to the outside and Sheamus uses the strap to pull Henry into the ring post. They get back into the ring and Sheamus begins touching the turnbuckles again. He gets three and then Henry blocks him. Henry grabs him and goes for the World’s Strongest Slam, but Sheamus gets free and delivers a Brogue Kick. Sheamus touches the last turnbuckle and gets the win.
Winner: Sheamus.

We go backstage and we see AJ Lee on the phone. Kaitlyn walks up and says she talked to Vickie Guerrero. She says Vickie told her that AJ is too distraught to face her for the title, and they insult each other for a bit. They begin brawling as other Divas look on before referees break them apart.

We see the video advertisement for the WrestleMania 29 Blu-Ray and DVD sets.

extreme rules 13 - del rio vs. swagger

#1 Contender’s (World Heavyweight Championship) “I Quit” Match: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)

Before the match, Colter cuts a promo. He says Swagger is the light in the darkness that the United States is becoming. Colter talks about the government of the United States using the I.R.S. and the scandal that is brewing from it. He blames it on everyone who is not a real American. He says the baseball team should be called the Caribbean Cardinals, because all the players take the money and run home, just like Alberto Del Rio. He says he and Swagger are going to ship Del Rio back to wherever he came from and will then hunt down Dolph Ziggler. He says Jack Swagger’s America has begun, and Swagger ends it with “We the People.”

Del Rio sends Swagger to the outside and then goes out after him. Del Rio grabs a kendo stick from underneath the ring. He swings it at Swagger, but Swagger moves and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Del Rio refuses to quit and Swagger exposes the steel barricade. He chokes Del Rio over it, but Del Rio refuses to quit. Del Rio comes back and slams Swagger into the steel steps and rams his arm repeatedly into the steps. Swagger refuses to quit, and grabs the kendo stick. Back in the ring, Swagger destroys Del Rio with the kendo stick. Swagger wraps Del Rio around the ring post, but Del Rio doesn’t quit. Swagger hits Del Rio on the leg and ankle with the kendo stick. Del Rio doesn’t quit and Swagger swings the kendo stick again. Del Rio blocks it, but Swagger takes him down with a clothesline. Del Rio’s arms get trapped in the ropes, and Swagger repeatedly bashes Del Rio in the chest with the kendo stick, but Del Rio refuses to quit. Del Rio gets free and catches Swagger in the ropes with the cross arm-breaker, but Swagger doesn’t quit. Swagger grabs a steel chair, but Del Rio catches him with an enzuiguri. Swagger gets back into the ring and powers Del Rio down to the mat, but Del Rio doesn’t give up. Del Rio comes back and delivers the back-breaker to Swagger. Del Rio connects with the enzuiguri again, but Swagger doesn’t give up. Del Rio hits Swagger with the kendo stick nine times and delivers a backstabber, but Swagger still doesn’t quit. Swagger comes back and slams Del Rio down to the mat. Swagger connects with the Swagger Bomb and the gut-wrench powerbomb, but Del Rio doesn’t quit. Swagger delivers another gut-wrench powerbomb, and Del Rio says no to quitting again. Del Rio locks in the cross arm-breaker out of nowhere, but Swagger doesn’t quit and reverses into the Patriot Lock. Del Rio doesn’t quit. Ricardo grabs the towel, but Del Rio tells him not to throw it in. Colter goes after Ricardo, and he drops the towel. Colter throws it in, but the referee doesn’t see it. He calls for the bell and Swagger’s music hits and it appears he wins.

Another referee comes out and says Ricardo didn’t throw in the towel and restarts the match. Swagger goes right after the ankle, but Del Rio fights out of the corner. Del Rio locks in the cross arm-breaker. Swagger almost quits, but Swagger rolls out. Del Rio drops him again with the cross arm-breaker and Swagger quits.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio.

We see the “Don’t Try This at Home” video.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Ryback. Ryback says he tells the truth, and John Cena lies. Ryback says he will not let Cena get up tonight. Ryback says he should have been WWE Champion six months ago, but other people played by different rules and didn’t allow it to happen. He says tonight, Ryback rules.

WWE Tag Team Championship Tag Team Tornado Match: Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) (c) vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins)
Rollins stomps Bryan down into the corner as Reigns does the same to Kane on the opposite side. Bryan and Kane come back and Bryan takes Rollins down to the mat and applies the surfboard submission. Kane drops an elbow on Rollins, but only gets a two count. Rollins and Reigns come back and control Bryan and Kane. Rollins hands Bryan to Reigns on the top rope, but Bryan takes Reigns down with a head-scissors take down. Bryan launches himself onto Reigns on the outside. Kane beats down Reigns in one corner as Bryan kicks Rollins down in the other. Kane and Bryan double-team Reigns and Bryan takes down Rollins with a power slam. Kane and Bryan go up top and Bryan connects with the flying headbutt. Kane goes for the cover on Rollins, but he kicks out at two. Rollins gets sent to the outside as Bryan locks in the No Lock on Reigns. Rollins gets around Kane and breaks the hold, but then Kane chokeslams Rollins. Reigns spears Kane and all four men are down. Reigns gets to his feet first and goes after Bryan. Reigns shoves Kane into Bryan and comes off the ropes, but Kane catches him. Rollins catches Kane with a kick and Reigns spears Kane, but Bryan breaks up the pin attempt. Bryan goes for the kick on Reigns, but Reigns reverses. Bryan goes for the No Lock on Reigns, but Reigns fights out and Rollins kicks Bryan. Reigns and Rollins hit a double-team finisher on Bryan and Reigns gets the pin fall.
Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

We take a look back at the preshow match between The Miz and Cody Rhodes, which was won by The Miz. Michael Cole them tosses things to Renee Young, Wade Barrett, Titus O’Neil, and Mick Foley. They talk about the happenings of the show so far.

Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton vs. The Big Show
Show backs Orton into the corner, but Orton quickly fights out. Orton backs Show into the corner and connects with a few right hands, but Show shoves him off and takes him down with a shoulder block. They go to the outside and Orton grabs a kendo stick. Show knocks him to the floor and then breaks the kendo stick in half. Orton grabs another kendo stick and waylays on Show’s legs. Show comes back and knocks Orton down to the floor. He backs him against the announce table and delivers a big chop. Show tries to ram Orton into the ring post, but Orton reverses and shoves Show into it. Orton grabs a ladder, but Show kicks it right back into his face. Back in the ring, Show drops Orton in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Show drives an elbow into Orton’s shoulder and applies a submission. Show smashes Orton in the corner and goes for a shoulder tackle, but Orton takes out his knee. Orton connects with a dropkick. Orton gets Show in the corner and delivers some right hands, but Show grabs him and delivers a chokeslam. Show goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out at two. Show goes to the outside and tosses a ladder and two chairs into the ring. Show lays the ladder on the two chairs in the corner and then slams Orton down with a side-slam for a two count. Show lays Orton on the ladder and goes to the second rope. Show goes for the splash, but Orton moves and Show crashes through the ladder. Orton goes for the cover, but Show kicks out at two. Orton delivers a top rope DDT and sets up for the RKO. Orton nails the RKO, but Show kicks out at two. Show rolls to the outside, and Orton goes out after him. Orton grabs a chair and smacks Show repeatedly with it. Back in the ring, the onslaught with the chair continues, but Show counters with a Spear and both men are down. Orton RKO’s Show onto a chair and gets to his feet as the crowd chants “Punt, Punt, Punt!” Orton backs away and charges at Show. He delivers the Punt and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Randy Orton.

We see the video hype package for the John Cena/Ryback feud.

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: John Cena (c) vs. Ryback
Cena sends Ryback off the ropes, but Ryback takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Ryback slams Cena again, but he gets up at a count of two. Cena sends Ryback off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Ryback comes back and slams Cena down to the mat. Cena gets to his feet at the count of three. They go back and forth a bit before Ryback slams Cena hard to the mat. Cena stays down until a count of six this time. Ryback slams him again, and the referee begins to count. Ryback picks Cena up and power bombs Cena to the mat. Cena gets up at seven and sends Ryback to the floor. Ryback gets up at six and gets back into the ring. Ryback delivers a spine-buster and Cena is down. Ryback sets up a table in the corner as Cena gets up at eight. Ryback puts Cena through the table with a fall-away slam. Cena gets up, but Ryback slams him to the mat again. Cena fights back and takes Ryback down with a power slam. Ryback gets to his feet and Cena catches him again. Ryback powerbombs Cena and Cena is down again. Cena gets back up at five, but Ryback drops him with the Meat Hook clothesline. Cena gets up, and Ryback goes for it again, but Cena ducks and catches Ryback in the STF. Ryback is out and the referee begins to count. Ryback gets up at nine as Cena sets up a table in the middle of the ring. Ryback goes for Shell Shocked, but Cena counters and delivers the Attitude Adjustment through the table, and both men are down. Cena gets up at seven; Ryback at nine. Ryback catches Cena on the top rope and delivers Shell Shocked and the referee begins the count again. Cena gets up at nine and Ryback goes to the outside to grab a steel chair. Cena drives Ryback right into the timekeeper’s area, and both men fall through the barricade. Both men are up at seven and they fight into the crowd. Ryback slams Cena’s head into a trunk and tears a piece of the wall off. Ryback bounces it off of Cena’s head, and the referee begins to count. Cena gets up at nine and locks in a sleeper hold on Ryback. Ryback collapses and the referee begins to count again. Ryback gets up and Cena puts him on a table. Cena climbs to the next section up and dives, and he and Ryback crash through the table and they are both down as the referee counts. Cena gets up at six; Ryback at eight. Cena sprays Ryback with a fire extinguisher and then bounces it off of his skull twice. Ryback gets up at six, and Cena goes for the AA on the stage. Both men crash through part of the stage and we see sparks fly. We see the referee run towards the ring and then we see a series of replays of what just happened. We see both men backstage and trainers are calling for paramedics. Ryback gets to his feet with the help of a referee and trainer as Cena is loaded onto a stretcher.
Match Result: No Contest.

We see a video preview for Payback, which is on June 16th.

We then see another replay of what just happened between Cena and Ryback. Finally, we see the video hype package for the Brock Lesnar/Triple H feud.

Steel Cage Match: Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H
Triple H attacks Lesnar during his entrance. Triple H tosses Lesnar into the steel cage and the bell rings. Triple H dominates early on and goes for the Pedigree, but Lesnar reverses and tosses Triple H into the cage. Lesnar grabs Triple H and tosses him onto the opposite side of the cage. He does it again, and Triple H crumples to the mat. Lesnar goes to slam Triple H into the cage, but Triple H reverses and slams Lesnar into the cage. Lesnar comes back and German suplexes Triple H. Lesnar stomps away on Triple H and goes for a running knee lift against the cage. Triple H moves and Lesnar goes knee-first into the cage. We hear Lesnar telling Heyman, “My knee, Paul!” as he writhes in pain on the mat. Triple H works over Lesnar’s knee. Lesnar locks in the Kimora Lock, but Triple H targets Lesnar’s knee. Lesnar takes Triple H down with a clothesline and crawls to the door. Triple H drops down on Lesnar’s knee to stop him. Triple H goes to the door, but Heyman slams it in his face. Lesnar hits the F5 on Triple H and goes for the cover, but Triple H kicks out at two. Lesnar tells Heyman to get him a chair. Lesnar smacks Triple H with the chair a couple of times, and goes for the F5 again. Lesnar’s knee buckles and Triple H goes after it. Triple H grabs the chair and nails Lesnar with it. Triple H hits Lesnar on his bad knee with a chair a few times. Triple H drops down on Lesnar’s knee and then tosses him into the corner. Lesnar catches Triple H in the Kimora Lock. Triple H breaks the hold and works over Lesnar’s knee some more. Triple H locks in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring, but Lesnar rolls over and reverses the hold. Lesnar climbs to the top of the cage, but Triple H nails him in his bad knee with the chair. Triple H slams Lesnar into the cage and Lesnar falls to the mat. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer that was hidden on top of the cage. Lesnar counters and grabs the sledgehammer. He swings it, but Triple H ducks. Triple H locks in the Sharpshooter. Heyman gets into the cage, and Triple H drops him with a Pedigree. Triple H drops Lesnar with a Pedigree as well, but Lesnar kicks out at two. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer, but Heyman low-blows Triple H. Lesnar grabs the sledgehammer and nails Triple H in the jaw with it. Lesnar picks Triple H up and nails the F5 for the pin fall.
Winner: Brock Lesnar.
After the match, Lesnar walks up the ramp as trainers check on Triple H in the ring. Extreme Rules comes to a close with Heyman raising Lesnar’s hand on the top of the stage and the trainers helping Triple H to his feet in the ring.

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