5/16/13 Impact Wrestling Coverage

May 16, 2013 - by Michael Riba

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” highlight package airs, focusing on A.J. Styles turning his back on TNA, while being recruited by Sting. We see Aces and Eights attacking Magnus, and the return of “The Monster” Abyss.

We go into the arena in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan says he is shocked that Hulkamania is as crazy as it is in Tupelo, and is just as shocked at A.J. Styles walking away from Sting and Kurt Angle. Hogan tells Styles to join Aces and Eights if he wants to, and books A.J. Styles vs. Kurt Angle for Slammiversary. Hogan also announces the contract signing between Bully Ray and Sting for later tonight. Hogan calls Abyss out to the ring. Abyss’ music hits, but he doesn’t appear. His music hits again, but Joseph Park comes to the ring. Park says he was excited when he saw his brother, Abyss, return last week. Hogan says we need Abyss here now more than ever as Aces and Eights’ music hits. D’Lo Brown and Devon make their way to the ring. Devon says they want the same thing as Hogan; they want Abyss. Devon tells Hogan to get Abyss out here right now. Park interjects and asks Devon who in the hell he thinks he is. Park says if it wasn’t for Devon and his group of punks, he would have never had to look for Abyss, and tells Devon and D’Lo that they are starting to piss him off. Park challenges Devon to a match. Devon tells him to shut up and reminds us that he is the Television Champion. (Seriously, how many of us remembered that?) Hogan makes a match between Park and D’Lo for later tonight. Devon tells them to tell Abyss that he will take a chunk out of his ass. Hogan says after Park beats D’Lo, he will have the green light to take on Devon anytime he wants. The segment comes to a close with more trash talk from the two sides.

We go backstage and we see James Storm. Someone asks him what he is going to do about last week, and he responds with “Watch. Just Watch,” as we head to a commercial.

We see a highlight package for Christian York, and he talks about wanting to win the Bound for Glory Series.

Match #1: Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero
They tie up and Guerrero sends Roode down to the mat. Roode gets Guerrero in a headlock, but Guerrero fights out and sends him off the ropes. Roode takes Guerrero down with a shoulder block, but Guerrero comes back with a hip toss and applies a headlock of his own. Guerrero sends Roode to the floor with a head-scissors take down. Guerrero goes out after Roode, but Roode takes control of the match. Roode delivers an elbow and tosses Guerrero back into the ring. Roode slams Guerrero to the mat and drops a knee for a two count. Roode chokes Guerrero over the middle rope and backs him into the corner. Roode rakes Guerrero’s eyes and takes him down to the mat again. Guerrero and Roode exchange right hands, and Guerrero takes control. Guerrero drops Roode with another head-scissors take down and goes for the Tornado DDT, but Roode reverses. Guerrero comes back and delivers the Three Amigos and goes up top, but Roode knocks Guerrero down to the floor. James Storm is shown walking to the ring. He spits beer in Roode’s face, causing the disqualification.
Winner via Disqualification: Bobby Roode.
After the match, Storm sets up to smash the bottle over Roode’s head, but Roode ducks out of the ring.

We see Kurt Angle walking backstage. He plans to call out A.J. Styles after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see the confrontations of recent weeks between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Angle says we’re at the point where nobody in the locker room can be trusted, especially Styles. Angle says he doesn’t want to wait for Styles, and calls him to the ring. Aces and Eights’ music hits and Mr. Anderson comes to the ring. Anderson tells Angle that he sounds like a woman. Anderson says we will witness the “patching in” of Styles into Aces and Eights next week. Anderson dares Angle to show up. Angle says he doesn’t want to wait until next week to fight, and begins to beat down Anderson. Styles runs from the Aces and Eights entrance and stares at Angle. Styles takes Angle down with a kick to the back of the head as Anderson applauds. Styles leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as we head to commercial.

We see a highlight video for Jay Bradley, who talks about his time in OVW and says he will make an impact.

Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match: Christian York vs. Jay Bradley
Bradley backs York into the corner, but York gets out with a quick roll up. York sends Bradley into the ropes, but Bradley holds on and takes York down with a big boot. Bradley beats down York and delivers a couple of elbow shots. Bradley applies a headlock, but York fights out. York takes Bradley down with a springboard elbow, but Bradley comes back and drops York. Bradley sets up for the Boom Stick Clotesline, but York reverses and sends Bradley into the corner. York cannonballs Bradley and goes for the Mood Swing, but Bradley counters. York is up top and jumps off, but Bradley moves and connects with the Boom Stick Clothesline for the pin fall.
Winner: Jay Bradley.
After the match, Bradley says he is one step closer to being the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

We are reminded that Sting and Bully Ray will sign the contract later tonight. We see Gail Kim and Velvet Sky walking backstage. They will go one-on-one after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see Aces and Eights backstage talking about A.J. Styles and Anderson says he can’t wait to patch him in next week. Anderson tells D’Lo he knows what to do, and D’Lo says he does.

We see Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan backstage. He tells her to tell Hulk that tonight, there’s going to be more of a contract negotiation than a contract signing. She tells him to get a divorce, and he says “‘Til Death Do Us Part.”

Match #3: Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky (w/ODB as Special Guest Referee)
Velvet stomps Gail down in the corner and takes her down with a head-scissors take down. Velvet sends Gail into the corner, but Gail reverses and sends Velvet into the opposite corner. Gail goes to work on Velvet’s knee. Gail slams Velvet’s knee over the ring apron. Gail continues to work over Velvet’s knee and begins to stomp away on the knee. Gail locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, but Velvet gets to the ropes to break the hold. Gail goes right back to the knee and applies another submission. Velvet gets to the ropes again to break the hold. Gail chokes Velvet in the corner, but Velvet comes back and tosses Gail into the corner. Gail goes up top, but Velvet sends her down to the mat and both women are down. They get to their feet and Velvet takes Gail down with a couple of clotheslines, but collapses from the pressure on her knee. Velvet gets up and goes for the In Yo’ Face, but Gail reverses and takes out Velvet’s knee. Velvet sends Gail into the corner and rolls her up for the three count.
Winner: Velvet Sky.
After the match, Gail attacks Velvet and locks in a Figure Four Leglock around the ring post as ODB finally gets Gail to break the hold.

We see Chris Sabin backstage. He says Kenny King is not the king of anything, and that he is certainly not the best wrestler, because he is. King says he is loyalty in TNA. Petey Williams says King lets everyone else do all the work and then steals the pin, and everyone has to figure out how to stop him as we go to a commercial.

We see a vignette for Suicide, who will be returning next week.

Match #4: TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Match: Kenny King (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams
King ducks out of the ring and Sabin and Williams tie up. Sabin takes Williams down with a few arm drags, and then Williams takes Sabin to the middle rope with a drop-toe hold. King takes Williams to the floor and gets into the ring with Sabin. King takes Sabin down with a kick to the head, and Williams gets back into the ring and takes King down with a jaw-breaker. Williams goes after Sabin and sends him to the floor, but King gets back to his feet and beats down Williams. King slams Williams to the mat and springboards into a leg drop, but only gets a two count. King applies a headlock, but Williams escapes. King comes off the top rope, but Williams ducks down and Sabin goes after King. Williams knocks Sabin to the outside and connects with a suicide dive to take him down. Williams gets back into the ring and takes King down with a side-Russian leg sweep, but only gets a two count. Williams sets up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin takes him down. King kicks Sabin in the chest and takes Williams down and goes for the cover. Williams kicks out at two, but King takes him down with a big back-breaker. Sabin kicks King in the midsection and connects with an enzuiguri and sets him up in the corner. Williams grabs Sabin and goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin reverses and slams Williams into King in the corner. Sabin dropkicks Williams, and King connects with a flying knee to Sabin. King delivers the Royal Flush to Williams for the pin fall.
Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Kenny King.

We go backstage and we see Bad Influence. Christopher Daniels says he has to worry about Hernandez and James Storm tonight. Kazarian says Storm is afraid of him and says they got this tonight. We are reminded of the contract signing between Bully Ray and Sting later tonight as we go to a commercial.

We see D’Lo Brown and Mr. Anderson talking backstage. D’Lo thanks Anderson for stopping Bully Ray from hitting him with the hammer last week, but Anderson says he did if for the group. D’Lo says things started falling apart when he buried Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Anderson says he is pulling for D’Lo as he waalks away.

Match #5: Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian) vs. Hernandez
Daniels stomps away on Hernandez in the corner and then delivers a club shot to the back. Hernandez comes back and delivers a big suplex followed by a back-breaker. Hernandez goes to the stage and takes off on a sprint. He launches himself into the ring and delivers a big shoulder block, which takes Daniels down to the mat. He goes for another in the ring, but Kazarian trips him up. Daniels takes control of the match and drops Hernandez with a reverse neck-breaker. Daniels tosses Hernandez to the outside and Kazarian stomps away on Hernandez as Daniels distracts the referee. Hernandez gets back up and launches himself into the ring again and takes Daniels down with another soulder block. Hernandez sends Daniels to the corner and goes for the splash, but Kazarian pulls Daniels out of the way. Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings, but he spots James Storm walking down the ramp. Hernandez takes Daniels down with a big shoulder block and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Hernandez.
After the match, James Storm says he just left Hulk Hogan’s office. Storm says at Slammiversary, there will be a TNA World Tag Team Championship Match. He says it will be Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defending against Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, Bad Influence, and James Storm and a partner of his choice. He says, “Sorry, about your damn luck,” as Daniels and Kazarian complain and Hernandez looks on approvingly.

We see that D’Lo Brown and Joseph Park will go one-on-one after the commercial break.

Match #6: D’Lo Brown vs. Joseph Park
Brown takes Park down to the mat and then delivers a right hand. Brown grabs Park and slams him down to the mat. Brown goes for another right hand, but Park comes back with rights and lefts of his own. Brown slams Park’s head on the apron and then tosses him back into the ring. Park comes back and delivers a few right hands and comes off the ropes, but Brown takes him down with a dropkick to the knee. Brown hits a running knee and keeps control of the match. Brown sends Park into the corner and charges, but Park moves and rolls him up for a two count. Brown clotheslines Park in the corner, and then pummels him with right hands and Park is busted open. Park sees his blood and snaps. Park levels Brown with a couple of clotheslines and smashes him in the corner. Park takes Brown down with the Black Hole Slam for the pin fall.
Winner: Joseph Park.

We see Bully Ray and Sting walking backstage. The contract signing is next.

We’re back and Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He introduces the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray, first. Ray gets Borash out of the ring. He says he is Bully Ray, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He says he is the guy that took Jeff Hardy out in Full Metal Mayhem and he is the guy that will take Sting out at Slammiversary. Ray tells Sting that he is all ears to listen to whatever Sting has to say, and calls him out. Sting’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Ray stops him before he gets into the ring. Ray says he wants this to be official, and tells Hulk Hogan to come to the ring. Ray says this is the time he is face-to-face with Sting since he screwed Sting and Hogan over. Ray says they are not getting an apology. Sting says he doesn’t care about an apology. Sting tells Ray he should make him bleed and cause all sorts of bodily harm to him at Slammiversary. Ray asks him what the hell is wrong with him. Sting says if Ray doesn’t do it to him, he will do it to Ray. Sting says he is going to make Ray bleed in Boston. Sting says he didn’t have any demands, but since Ray is asking, he wants a No Holds Barred Match at Slammiversary. Ray says he bets the people want to see him bleed at Sting’s hands. Ray says Sting has his match, on one condition. Ray makes Sting sign that when Ray beats him, he will never wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship again. Hogan tries to interject, but Ray tells him to shut up. Ray says he isn’t telling Sting he has to retire, he is telling him that he can never wear the title ever again. Ray tells Sting to man up. Sting agrees to the stipulation and he and Ray slug it out as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Bobby Roode def. Chavo Guerrero via disqualification
2. Jay Bradley def. Christian York in a Bound for Glory Series Qualifying Match
3. Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim
4. Kenny King def. Petey Williams and Chris Sabin in a Three-Way Match to retain the TNA X Division Championship
5. Hernandez def. Christopher Daniels
6. Joseph Park def. D’Lo Brown

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