4/22/13 Raw Recap from London

Apr 22, 2013 - by Alicia Fleming

Via tape delay from London, England

We start off the Show in London,England with a Video Package of the
John Cena/Ryback and Shield Segment that ended the show this past week.

We go to the Ring and Paul Heyman is in the ring with a mic. He is here
for Brock Lesnar. He talks about attacking 3MB and the Challenge to
Triple H for Extreme Rules as the fans chant ECW. After that, a Video
Package Shows exactly that. After the Video package we come back to
Paul, as he states Triple H isn’t there and wants to read a email about
Triple H saying next week he will give an answer. Then his music hits,
Time to play the Game! Triple H Comes out to confront Paul Heyman.
Triple H tells Paul “See there I lied, and tell Brock Lesnar – I
ACCEPT! Pedigree to Paul Heyman to end the segment as the fans applaud.
So its official at the Extreme Rules PPV – Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar in
a Steel Cage

They advertise Chris Jericho Vs Newly Won World Heavyweight Champion
Dolph Ziggler later tonight. We go to the first Commercial

We come back from Commercial with a Did you know Segment. R-Truth comes
out and sings his entrance for the Crowd. His opponent is Antonio
Cesaro, Antonio comes out saying this is how it is done. He does some
yodeling for the crowd with the displeasure of the fans. Antonio starts
with the offense with the upper hand. Some good offense too until
R-Truth gets the reversal. Cesaro kicks out of a near fall. Truth gets
his finisher out of no where in a very quick match up. Winner- R-Truth

We go outside to see a Helicopter landing. The Shield comes out and the
Shield is now in London. They will face Undertaker and Team Hell no
later tonight.

We go back to the ring with Tons of Funk coming down to the ring for
the entrance for a Match that is Up Next. Commercial Break

As we come back from the break, Hallelujah blares threw the arena. Team
Rhode Scholars are on their way to the ring. We have Damien Sandow Vs
Brodus Clay

Damien gets Brodus in headlock to start the match off. Brodus fights
back with a good clothesline. Then a huge Bodyslam to Damien but a kick
out. The fans then start chanting different things including Fandangos
Music and Cody’s Mustache. The match itself is pretty back and forth.
Damien is trying to get the upper hand with some kicks. He gets Brodus
on the mat and gets a Headlock again. Brodus gets him up and backs him
up to the Ring post. Brodus gets the advantage back with some strong
moves. Cody Tries to distract Brodus and Sandow rolls up Brodus for the
Pinfall. Brodus is in shock in the ring as Team Rhode Scholars
celebrate the win. Winner – Damien Sandow

They Show a video Package from two weeks ago with Alberto Del Rio
facing Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler Cashes in. as well as One of the
Main events at Extreme Rules – Dolph Ziggler Vs Del Rio Vs Swagger in a
Triple Threat Match.

We go to a segment backstage with Dolph Ziggler and AJ. Dolph Tells AJ
she should have a championship too. As they kiss they point to Big E
standing there starring into space. Vickie Guerrero with Brad Maddox
interrupts Dolph and AJ Kissing lol They let Dolph know that if Chris
Jericho wins tonight in their match, his match will turn from a Triple
Threat Match to a Fatal 4 way.

We come back with a Nice Make a Wish Video Package to get people to
donate to help. Jerry, JBL and Cole are at the Announce table talking
about the next Video package. CM PUNK! They do a recap of Punk’s promo
from last week on Raw. They talk about where they have tried to Contact
Punk and no answers yet from Punk.

We then go to the Shield talking. They talk about how for 20 years
Undertaker has been the Judge, Jury and Executioner of the WWE. No one
has been able to defeat the Undertaker and they Will. For the first
time in 3 years, Undertaker Returns to Raw and that for the first time
The Undertaker will know what Justice Tastes like. Believe in the

We are back to the Ring with Chris Jericho! He faces Dolph Ziggler Up
Next – Commercial Break

Commercial Break 3

We come back with a Package of a video of Jericho making Dolph Ziggler
tap out about a month ago. “Im here to show the world!” hit’s and here
comes the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler with AJ and Big E Vs Chris Jericho

Jericho starts the match with a couple good moves including a a
headlock and quick roll up but of course a kick out. The fans start
chanting for Ziggler and Y2J. Ziggler gets out of the headlock but
before he can do anything he is back on the mat. Ziggler gets a
headsissors and gets out of it. Its pretty one sided with Jericho as
Ziggler gets out of the ring to get a kiss from AJ. Jericho doesn’t
like it and slides out and hits Ziggler. Commercial break as Jericho is
posing with Ziggler down on the outside.

We come back with Ziggler with the upper hand. Jericho laying down on
the apron and Big E Gets in a cheap shot. Ziggler hit’s a neck breaker
and a cover…Kick out. He then starts stomping on Chris’s head and some
elbow drops as well. Quick cover again and once again a kickout.
Ziggler stays in Control as he has Jericho in a sleeper hold. And he
gets out with a side slam. Jericho goes to the top and its good.
Ziggler is down, but Jericho misses the bulldog but he gets him with a
clothesline instead. Walls of Jericho attempt but he doesn’t get it.
Jericho finally gets the running bulldog and goes for the Springboard
Lionsault but Big E punches him and he is down….Cover 1 – 2 Kick out!
Ziggler is back on Jericho and gets some good punches and backs him up
to the corner. Throws him into the turrnbuckle and covers but another
kickout. Once again Ziggler goes to the sleeper hold as Jericho starts
fading but Jericho finally breaks the sleeper. As Chris goes back on
the offence, Dolph cuts him off with a DDT. The Fans start doing the
Wave while the guys are both down. Chris Jericho goes for the lionsault
and Ziggler reverses with his knees up. Dolph hits him with his version
of the Famasser. Chris kicks out yet again and a big superplex off the
top rop. Chris gets the cover but Dolph kicks out. And out of no where
the CODEBREAKER! Cover 1-2- No Dolph gets his foot on the rope. AJ and
Big E starts distracting but it doesn’t work. Walls of Jericho on Dolph
Ziggler but as u think dolph might tap Fandango’s music hits. The fans
go wild and starts singing. Jericho is waiting on Fandango but Ziggler
catches Chris in the ZigZag and gets the 1-2-3! Dolph Ziggler WINS!

As Dolph leaves the ring in victory with AJ And Big E, we go to another
Video Package of Ryback/Cena from Last weeks Raw.

They Announce At Extreme Rules John Cena Vs Ryback for the WWE

Josh Matthews is backstage with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley! Foley
talks about his DVD and Ryback.

We go to the next Commercial Break

We come back from the break with Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow in the
Ring to Face Tensai of Tuns of Funk.

Cody goes on the offense with a headlock and some punches to start it
off. Tensai gets a quick reverse and holds Cody upside down for a long
time before Slamming him down to the Mat. He goes for the Cover but
only gets a 2 count. Cody tries to get back on the offense with some
kicks and a neck breaker. Quick Cover but only a 1 count. Cody grabs
him into a headlock on the mat. Cody goes for another quick cover but
once again only gets a 1 count. Some big kicks and another quick cover.
Not even a 1 count. Tensai starts to get back into it but receives a
dropkick for his efforts. Cody runs into the Post shoulder first as
Tensai gets back on the prowl. Damien Gets on the Apron to distract
Tensai but Brodus attacked him. Tensai gets a big Slam and lands right
on Cody for a 1-2-3! Winner: Sweet T Tensai / Tuns of Funk Celebrate
the Victory in the ring.

We then see Team Hell no in the back. They talk about if Undertaker is
here or not. Kane tells Daniel he doesn’t have to worry about The
Brothers of Destruction. Its not The Brothers of Destruction , its Team
Hell No with the Undertaker. Daniel Bryan has Diagrams to help them win
tonight. IF kane can get the Undertaker he has to promise him he cant
show him the Diagrams and not to give Undertaker a hug. Out of no where
Kane and Daniel Bryan are attacked as we go to Commercial

We come back with a Did you know about Wrestlemania Axxess. They
Replay the Daniel Bryan and Kane segment getting attacked.

Later tonight Shield Vs Team Hell No and Undertaker is Advertised and
then a Package of Smackdown from this past Friday.

Josh Matthews is back again with Ryback. He asks him to explain his
actions from last week and the shield.

We are back to the Ring with Big E coming to the Ring. Only his second
match on Raw and we will see who he faces NEXT!

We come back and Big E’s opponent was none other than Zack Ryder. It
ended with the Big Ending in a Squash match. Winner: Big E Langston

The Shield is ready and wondering if Team Hell No will be ready after
the attack? Is Undertaker here? We will find out next on Raw.

And we are back with the WWE Slam of the Week of Undertaker in the ring
talking the night after Wrestlemania about his Match against CM Punk
when The Shield interrupts.

We go to the ring and the first thing we hear is…DONG! Here comes the
UNDERTAKER….and now the Shield. Announcers are wondering if Undertaker
will be in a handicap match. Undertaker tries to fight off the shield
as Kane’s Music hits. Here comes Team HELL NO! Its all in the ring too,
all hell as broke loose. The Shield get taken out as The good guys are
left in the ring as the shield regroup. The official Match is up next.

We are back and the 6 man tag match is now official as the bell rings.
Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose starts it off first. A lot of yes Chants
as Daniel has the upper hand. Undertaker is tagged in pretty early and
he is all over Dean. He goes for the shoulder and goes straight for Old
School. But Dean gets out of it. Taker goes back up and this time he
hits it! Undertaker then tags in kane as he takes on Dean but Dean tags
out pretty fast to Roman reigns. And here comes Daniel Bryan again.
Good sequence of tagging in and out for Kane and Daniel Bryan. Kane is
really taking it to Roman Reigns as he gets a quick cover but only gets
a 1 count. Roman gets the pace on their side now, he tags in Dean
Ambrose and now Seth Rollins. Kane is taking a beating now and being
isolated. Dean Ambrose tags back in as they keep Kane in the their
corner. Kane tries to fight out of the corner but it doesn’t work.
Roman Reigns back in as he starts really giving it to Kane. He finally
gets the separation from the Shield and tags in Daniel Bryan. Its now
Daniel and Seth Rollins in the ring and its very fast paced. As Daniel
Bryan even successfully gets a suicide dive to seth to the outside. The
fans start chanting “This is awesome” as the pace changes back to the
Shield as we go to Commercial.

We are back and Roman reigns is in the ring with Daniel. But he quickly
tags out to Seth rollins as they keep tagging in and out. Its very one
sided now as the Shield is in complete control. The Undertaker and Kane
are really wanting to get tagged back in as Daniel is being beat up
bad. He finally gets a opening and starts making his way to the
brothers of Destruction. And…. He tags in the Undertaker and its picked
up again. Undertaker attacks all of the Shied. He is schooling Dean
Ambrose and he is now in complete control…Cover 1 – 2 Kick out! Signal
for choke slam but Seth Rollins jumps in, but Reigns spears Taker
before he can do it. He covers Taker 1 -2 Kick out! Seth Rollins is all
over Taker but he is isn’t letting it happen. Cover after a flying
clothesline but once again Kickout. He now Tags in his brother Kane and
Kane is now taking it to Rollins. Kane goes to the top and gets the
clothesline. Now he is signaling for the chokes lame. He has him up but
Rollins reverses. Ambrose to the top but he comes into the choke slam!
Kane tags out to daniel Bryan and he goes to the top. Reigns makes him
fall on the top as Undertaker takes care of him. Daniel bryan is now
met with Dean but he gets out of it. But Daniel Bryan misses the Flying
Headbutt. Cover by Ambrose…1-2-3! The Shield Wins! …. Undertaker and
Team Hell No is left in the ring as the Shield leave after this win.
They are very disappointed as they go to the next screen and we see
Mick Foley confronts Ryback tonight on Raw. Commercial Break

We are back and they show a still photo of the Rock Tweeting about his

We go to Mick Foley in the locker room. He is talking to the WWE
Champion John Cena. Cena is telling Foley there is a difference in
being Smart and being Brave. Mick Foley wants to talk to Ryback face to
face but cena is trying to talk him out of it. Cena asks if you insist
on going, please take this Steel Chair with you.

And Now….Fandango and the crowd Erupts! They are now humming along with
his music…..and he Is in a match NEXT!

Fandango is in the Ring and they play a package of the Fananago Vs
Jericho history. Here comes William Regal! The fans enjoy that too of
course since he is from England.
Regal starts it off by attacking Fandango. Its back and forth to start
it off until he gets a big move on regal and out of no where he gets
the pin. 1-2-3! Fandango wins.

As Fandango goes up the ramp Chris Jericho comes out and attacks him.
He throws him off the stage as Jericho looks on and gets a Y2J Chant.
Chris then goes up to the Dancing girl and starts dancing with her.

They show the Mick Foley Confronts Ryback Picture Tonight. Next is a
Divas Championship #1 Cont. Battle Royal …commercial Break

We are back and they announce Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger in a No DQ Match
this week on Smackdown.

Kaitlyn is at ringside talking with the announcers. As the #1
Contenders match is now.

AJ Lee, Aksana, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, and Layla are all in this match.
The Bellas did the twin magic last week so they are Disqualified from
this Match. This is a pretty basic Battle Royal and pretty quick.
Tamina is eliminated by Layla and now AJ is left with her. AJ Teases to
be knocked out and Layla gets kicked out…literally. AJ Lee Wins and is
now the #1 Contender to the Divas Championship.

Now a Preview of the new movie with Brodus Clay – No One lives.

Here comes Mick Foley to the ring with his Chair….He is Up Next!

And we are BACK! Once again another Did you know segment. And here
comes Mick Foley! They show a video of Foley being inducted into the
Hall of Fame. Foley is in the ring and talking about how he didn’t
intend to get in a confrontation right here in London England. Ryback
said if he had something to say, he should say it face to face. He is
standing right here and he sure as hell has something to say…only thing
missing from this equation is Ryback. Feed me More hit’s the Speakers
and here comes Ryback. Ryback says how does John cena giving you a
chair help you out? Then the Goldberg Chants start. Foley said when
Cena gave him this chair, he felt offended. Doesn’t Cena know who I am?
Im Mick Foley! The Hardcore legend and a Hall of Famer. He talks about
his career a little bit as Ryback is listening closely. He is asking
Ryback to look at some Footage. The Footage is Cena talking to Ryback
from last week. Ryback says he knows what he did and he liked it..hell
he loved it! Ryback says I have a simple question…What happened to that
guy that entered WWE last year by storm.? Ryback said you better be
careful of what you wish for! Foley is cutting a good promo on Ryback
and says We havnt seen the best of what Ryback has to offer? But you
will be WWE Champion one day…its inevitable. Wither you realize it or
not Extreme Rules is coming soon and you need to WAKE UP! Shut up Foley
says Ryback. I wanted to Send a message to “SuperCena” I did! I want to
be WWE Champion and at Extreme Rules I will be. He says I will ask you
one more time you fat pathetic Bastard. How does john Cena giving you
that steal chair help you in the ring with Ryback? Foley replies You
tell me! As they act like they might brawl, Here comes John Cena. Cena
and Ryback are now in the ring and Cena is ready for a fight….but
first…Here comes the Shield! Cena steps out of the ring and leaves
Ryback in the ring to face the Shield. They attack Ryback but Cena
comes in and attacks the Shield with the Chair that Foley Brought. So
now its down to Ryback and Cena again…. And now Lets go cena/Cena sucks
chants…As Cena out of nowhere picks up Ryback and gives him the AA!
Ryback is back up watching Cena leave the Arena as Raw goes off the

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