WWE Monday Night Raw Results 4/8/13

Apr 8, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

-WWE Monday Night Raw 4/8/13 Izod Center in New Jersey


The new WWE champion comes out to a thunderous course of boos to begin the show. Cena says it should be every WWE superstars dream to headline and win the main event at WrestleMania. He sarcastically talks about the cheers and respect he is getting from the crowd.

Cena says he and the audience have known each other for ten years and it doesn’t matter how the fans feel about him which brings a loud boring chant. Cena talks about how the Raw after Mania is like the day after Christmas. Mentions his beating from Brock Lesnar and says he might to a championship dance for this year’s Raw. He tries out a few dances and says he will do the hell turn as he turns his the heel of his shoe. He says he beat the man, a champion rose, and THE CHAMP IS HERE! This causes a “same old &%$#@” chant.

Cena says he wouldn’t have his WrestleMania celebration any other way and tonight; he is putting the title on the line in a match. Mark Henry comes to the ring. Henry says trouble has found Cena. There is a loud sexual chocolate chant, Cena mentions it and Henry yells at him to not pay attention to the crowd. He mentions their WrestleMania wins and says they need to fight tonight.

Cena says he is afraid, afraid to tell him he has the breath of a thousand asses. Cena says the match is on but Booker T comes out. Booker says he will not have Cena making WWE title matches. Says The Rock is entitled to a rematch, the fans boo, and Cena says I agree, I beat him last night. Booker says Rock will not be here due to injury which causes a “Bull $%#@” chant.

Booker says Henry will have to earn a title shot and will do so he is beats John Cena in a non-title match. Henry says Cena has jokes, but he is not laughing and that Cena will enter the HALL OF PAIN!



-The Shield sent out a message on Twitter saying their impact on tonight’s Raw will be historic.


-Daniel Bryan w/ Kane vs. Big E Langston w/ Dolph Ziggler & AJ


Bryan charges in with a knee to catch Langston off guard but the big man picks him up with one arm out of the corner and slams Bryan to the mat. Langston drives a shoulder into the mid-section of Bryan. Langston back drops Bryan and hammers away on him in the corner. Bryan gets a one count on a roll up and delivers four kicks to the cheat and one to the head. Bryan goes to the top rope, AJ distracts the referee, and Ziggler crotches Bryan. Kane tries to get his hands on Ziggler but Langston tosses Bryan into Kane outside of the ring, gets him back in the ring and hits THE BIG ENDING for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Big E Langston


Josh Matthews interviews Kurt Warner about his new USA Network reality show “The Moment”




-Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett:


Barrett takes control early with punches and kicks but Miz turns the tables with a snap mare and a running kick to the head. Miz hits a vertical suplex and applies a headlock. The crowd is booing Miz’s every move. Miz rolls up Barrett and Miz goes for the 10 punches in the corner but it’s mostly boos. Miz hits a knee lift for a near fall and applies another headlock.


Fans chant lets go Barrett as the former champs gets to his feet, breaks the hold, and drops Miz with a huge over hand right and follows up with an elbow drop for a two count. Barrett goes for a belly to back suplex but Miz flips out of it and throws Barrett out of the ring and hits a drop kick between the ropes and a double ax handle from the apron. Miz lifts Barrett on the apron; Barrett moves and kicks him in the face. Miz is stunned in the ropes and Barrett lands a neck breaker on the apron that makes the pops the audience.




Both men are fighting to get to their feet and Barrett catches Miz charging in with the  Winds of Change. Barrett hits an elbow drop the apron onto the Miz, throws him back in the ring and applies a chin lock. Miz escapes with a belly to back suplex, a fly forearm, and a high knee to the face. Miz hits back breaker/neck breaker. The neck breaker part was botched and the fans are all over the Miz.


Miz hits a double ax handle from the top rope for a two count. Miz goes for the figure four, Barrett kicks him off but gets caught in Miz’s DDT. Barrett attempts Wasteland but Miz escapes, grabs the leg and applies the figure four leg lock. Barrett fights through the pain and gets to the ropes. Barrett drops Miz with a big boot, climbs the top rope, Miz catches him off guard, Barrett climbs down and slams Miz’s head into the post between the top turnbuckle, delivers the BULL HAMMER, and gets the pin.


Winner and new IC Champion: Wade Barrett


-Brad Maddox and Vickie are in the back talking about how good WrestleMania came off. Sheamus barges in and demands a match with the Big Show. Maddox says if they grant the match, Sheamus owes then one. Sheamus says he doesn’t care; he just wants to kick the Big Show’s head off. Vickie makes the match.




-Booker T walks through the back and Randy Orton comes up to him, congratulates him on the Hall of Fame, and asks for a match with the Big Show. Booker says Vickie already made the match with Sheamus. Orton reminds him that he is a Hall of Famer and an actual GM so he can override Vickie. Booker agrees and makes the match between the Big Show and Orton.


-Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger make their way to the ring. Colter says the country is on the brink of destruction and that is why is will fight beside Swagger. Colter tells the fans to chant “USA, USA, USA” when Del Rio comes out. The fans start chanting “USA” and Lawler says “Did Colter brainwash the entire arena?”




-Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter


A “We want Ziggler” chant breaks out as Swagger hammers away on the champion. Del Rio sends Swagger for a hard buckle and kicks him in the back for good measure. Del Rio sends Swagger to the floor and hits a running dive between the ropes. Back in the ring, Del Rio hits a cross body off the top rope for a two count. Colter attempts a cheap shot and provides the distraction as Swagger takes out Del Rio’s knee.


Swagger works over the knee, throws him into his corner and Colter gets in a few cheap shots behind the referee’s back. Del goes for an enzuigiri kick but misses and Swagger applies the PATRIOT LOCK. Del Rio gets to the ropes and applies the arm bar as Swagger’s arm is draped over the top rope. The referee breaks it up and Swagger knocks Del Rio off the apron and Del Rio crashes hard into the guard rail.




Swagger hits a belly to back suplex for a two count and applies a spinning toe hold while Colter shouts instructions. Del Rio trips him up and escapes. Swagger misses a shoulder shot in the corner and Del Rio hits two clotheslines and a tilt a whirl back breaker on his injured knee. Del Rio gets up slowly and hits Swagger with a side kick to the face. Del Rio goes for the arm bar but Swagger reverses it into a belly to belly suplex and follows up with the PATRIOT LOCK. The fans, once again, chant “We went Ziggler” and Lawler covers it up by saying the fans are chanting “We want Colter.” Del Rio escapes the ankle lock, hits he arm bar and Swagger taps out.


Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Doctors are in the ring checking on the damage to Del Rio’s knee. Del Rio can barely get to his feet and ZIGGLER’S MUSIC HITS. Ziggler cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and the fans go crazy. The bell rings. IT’S OFFICIAL!


-World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler


Ziggler goes to town on Del Rio’s injured knee. Ziggler hits the Rocker dropper for a close near fall and follows up with more stomps to the injured knee. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and Del Rio hits the enzuigiri for a close near fall. Del Rio hits the arm bar but Ziggler wrenches the bad knee while in the arm bar and Del Rio has to let go because of the pain. Ziggler measures him and hits the ZIG ZAG for the 1-2-3!!!!! Let the celebration begin.


Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Dolph Ziggler




-The Undertaker comes to the ring with the usual bells and whistles. The Deadman tries to speak but a large Undertaker chants breaks out. Taker says he dedicated last night’s match to Paul Bearer and before he could continue The Shield’s music hits. The hounds of justice surround the ring and Taker is ready for a fight. They jump on the apron and just as they are about to get in the ring, KANE’S PYRO hits and he and Daniel Bryan run down to the ring and The Shield retreats through the crowd. The Brothers of Destruction and Daniel Bryan stand tall in the ring.




Josh Matthews interviews the new world champion. Ziggler says he knows it’s the night after but this is his WrestleMania moment. Ziggler says he has been far too good for far too long and he is going to show off his new belt.



-Santino, Zack Ryder, R-Truth vs. 3MB:


R-Truth levels Heath Slater with a shoulder tackle, drops him with a punch and tags Santino. Santino does a little dance and gets popped in the mouth. Santino immediately tags Ryder. Ryder hits Jinder Mahal with a face plant and knocks Drew McIntyre off the apron. Mahal knocks Ryder out of the ring and Ryder hits the mat very hard. 3MB make quick tags as they work over Ryder. McIntyre goes for a vertical suplex but Ryder lands on his feet and hits a neckbreaker. Ryder makes the hot tag to Santino and hits a pair of hip toss takeovers and pulls out the cobra to strike Slater.  McIntyre tries to run interference but Santino connects with the Cobra for the pin fall.


Winner: Santino, Zack Ryder, R-Truth


-Backstage: Sheamus is upset that Randy Orton went behind his back and overruled him to get the match with the Big Show. Orton says he needs to make things right since he is the one who vouched for Big Show. Sheamus says Orton has done enough and that he has this, and walks away.




In the ring, Sheamus asks the WWE universe if they want to see him fight Big Show and it gets a mix reaction. Sheamus calls out Vickie to straighten things out and Randy Orton comes out instead. Orton says Big Show is all his and asks the WWE Universe if they want to see him fight Big Show and the crowd is very much in his favor.



#WWESHEAMUS  OR  #WWEORTON on Twitter and the results will be announced after the break.




We are back and the winner of the Twitter poll is………..Randy Orton with 77% of the vote.


Vickie and Booker T come out and say they have a fair and impartial  way to settle this. Orton vs. Sheamus with the winner getting a match with the Big Show.


– Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

-Randy Orton vs. Sheamus


Sheamus drops Orton with a shoulder tackle and Orton comes back and catches Sheamus with an elbow to the mouth. Orton misses a knee drop and Sheamus hits two of his own. A Mike Chioda chants breaks out. Yes, a Mike Chioda chant breaks out as Sheamus clotheslines Orton and applies a rear chinlock. Orton escapes and hits a knee drop for a two count. Orton applies a rear chinlock and a “BORING” chant breaks out. Sheamus escapes with a belly to back suplex for a two count and Sheamus applies a rear chinlock as an “RVD” chant breaks out. Orton escapes with his own belly to back suplex and goes for the Orton stomp. A JBL chant breaks out as Sheamus hits a powerslam and goes for shoulder tackle from the top rope but Orton catches him with a drop kick. A Jerry Lawler breaks out followed by a Michael Cole chant. JBL says the fans are as crazy as AJ to chant for Cole as we go to break.





Orton knee lifts Sheamus in the gut and the fans chant “ECW, ECW, ECW.” Sheamus fights back and hits the Irish Curse back breaker as the fans do the WAVE. Sheamus hits two ax handles, Orton retreats to the apron and Sheamus hits the ten clubbing forearms. Sheamus suplexes Orton back in the ring and a “Randy Savage” chants breaks out. Orton comes back with a back breaker and a power slam. Orton hits the DDT from the apron. Orton signals for the RKO but Sheamus delivers White Noise and a “HBK” chant breaks out. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, misses and falls out of the ring. The Big Show comes out and rams Sheamus face first into the post. The fans chant “THANK YOU BIG SHOW” as Show hits Orton with the WMD punch. Fans chant for an encore as Show drags Orton out and whips him into the ringside barricade. Big Show measures Orton and delivers a thunderous spear to Orton and the fans chant “HOLY %$#@.”  Big Show throws Orton over the announce table and just stalks him until Orton can’t move. Oh, the fans chanted “WE ARE AWSEOME” during the assault.


Result: No Contest




-Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston


After some warm up dancing, the match finally starts and the fans are humming Fandango’s entrance music. WOW. Kingston connects with a right hand and sends Fandango off the ropes but Fandango drops Kofi by pulling his hair and Y2J comes in to break up the party.


Winner via DQ: Fandango


Jericho beats the crap out of Fandango. Throws him everywhere and anywhere around the ring side area. Back in the ring, makes Fandango take a hard buckle and applies the WALLS OF JERICHO. Fandango taps as the referees try to break it up. Finally, the referees break it up but not before Jericho gets in a CODE BREAKER for good measure. The fans call for a lion sault but it is a no go.


Justin Roberts announces Fandango as the winner and even in his beaten up state, he corrects Roberts on how to pronounce his name.




– Josh Matthews interviews Paul Heyman and Matthews says WrestleMania was not a good night for Paul Heyman guys. Heyman says Brock Lesnar was knocked out 90 seconds into his match  but it still took 23 minutes for HHH to beat him. Brock is ready for a fight but Heyman doesn’t let him fight for free. Heyman says he will not talk about the CM Punk vs. Undertaker match and that instead, CM Punk will do so himself…..next week on Raw.


– 8 Person Mixed Tag – Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls vs. Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins:

Naomi hits Brie Bella with the rear view butt splash, Cody Rhodes tags in and Naomi hits him with a hurricanrana. Sweet T tags in and delivers a splash in the corner and misses an elbow drop. Damian Sandow tags in and hits Cubito Aequet. He picks up Sweet T but gets drilled with a belly to back suplex and tags in Brodus Clay.


Clay goes on a clothesline spree and hits a splash in the corner and a T-Bone suplex but the Bellas pull Brodus off of Sandow before the referee can count to three. Yes, you read that right. Cameron and Naomi hit stero Lou Thez presses and the girls fight outside of the ring. Sweet clotheslines Rhodes out of the ring and Tons of Funk hits their double big splash on Sandow for the pin fall. Let the dancing begin.


Winners: Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls






-John Cena vs. Mark Henry


Cena uses his quickness to avoid Henry until he gets caught with a big shot. Henry stands on Cena’s throat and drops him with a headbutt. Henry delivers a clubbing forearm to the chest. Henry sends Cena in for a hard buckle but misses a big splash. Cena hammers away with rights and lefts and Henry retreats to the floor. Cena goes after him but Henry cuts him off and slams his head into the commentary table. Henry clears the table, picks him up for the world’s strongest slam but Cena escapes and shoves Henry into the steel steps and makes it back in the ring as the referee counts to ten.


Winner: John Cena via count out.


Henry hits Cena from behind, delivers the World’s Strongest Slam and holds up the WWE title. “FEED ME MORE” hits the air waves and Ryback comes out and hits Henry with spinebuster. Ryback looks at Cena and helps him up. Cena lifts his arms and Ryback starts a “FEED ME MORE” chant and nails Cena with a meat hook clothesline. Ryback lifts him up, marches around the ring and delivers SHELL SHOCK. Cena is down and out in the ring as Ryback holds up the WWE title and we go off the air with more chants of “FEED ME MORE.”

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