WrestleMania 29 Coverage: Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Apr 7, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

They get face-to-face to start the match. They run into each other a few times, but neither man budges. They exchange right hands, and Ryback gains the advantage. Henry comes back and takes Ryback down. Henry connects with a running powerslam for a one count. Ryback comes back and kicks Henry in the midsection. Ryback tries to lift Henry, but Henry reverses and sets Ryback on the apron. Henry quickly knocks Ryback down to the floor. Henry delivers some forearm shots to Ryback’s kidney area and applies a bear hug. Henry backs Ryback into the corner, and then clotheslines him over the top rope. Ryback gets back into the ring, but Henry kicks him in the head. Henry goes back to the bear hug. Ryback tries to escape, but Henry slams him down to the mat. Ryback fights back and backs Henry into the corner. Ryback takes Henry down with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback picks Henry up for Shell Shocked, but Henry grabs the ropes and collapses on top of Ryback. Henry crawls onto Ryback for the cover, and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Mark Henry.
After the match, Henry goes after Ryback, but Ryback takes him down with a spinebuster. Ryback lifts Henry up and delivers Shell Shocked.

WWE announces a new partnership with the Special Olympics. Members of the Foundation, Stephanie McMahon, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appear on stage after a video package.

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