More WWE hall of fame notes

Apr 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– Maria Menounos says Backlund once did the Harvard Step Test for 8 hours straight. The 8 year old me is marking out right now.

– Backlund refused to turn heel in 80s, saying it would hurt his standing with at risk youth. Left lot of money matches on table.

– Backlund respects Bruno because he paved the way for him.

– Vince McMahon: Donald Trump is a WrestleMania Institution.

– Vince: “Second only to me, Donald might make a great president of the United States”

– Vince: “I’m the ugliest bald man ever” Fan: “Hogan?” Vince: “Hogan’s name was mentioned, that’s an unfortunate occurrence”

– Donald Trump is getting booed pretty loudly here tonight.

– Donald Trump challenges Vince McMahon to a fight “next year”. Wants to break PPV records

– The Donald’s speech didnt last long

– Bruno is proud that he headlined at MSG more than anybody else in MSG history, wrestling or otherwise.

– Bruno talking about his childhood, running from Nazis in Italy.

– Bruno married his high school sweetheart and they are still married 54 years later.

– Bruno will turn 78 in a couple of months. He still trains 6 days a week.

– Bruno says its the publicity of headlining MSG that gave him the ability to headline everywhere else

– Bruno just concluded. Not one person is sitting down. Full standing ovation.

(thanks to Arda Ocal)

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