Apr 4, 2013 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers tonight’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling that was taped last week in Jonesboro, AR.

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap shows Bully Ray revealing himself as the leader of Aces & Eights and Hulk Hogan brushing off Sting’s apology that led to Sting being tossed out of the building. The AJ Styles saga is also touched upon as is Jeff Hardy making his title match against Bully Ray a Full Metal Mayhem match.

We head into the arena and are welcomed to the show that will feature the return of Gut Check and a huge 10-man tag team main event. Aces & Eights music hits as the group makes their way through the crowd and to the ring. Mr. Anderson, Devon, and D’Lo enter the ring as Anderson holds up a vest and makes a call out to AJ Styles. Anderson offers the vest to Styles and says he hopes Styles makes the right decision.

Devon then takes over and holds up an envelope and says that it belongs to Brooke Hogan. Devon says he guarantees that it will bring new meaning to a changing relationship. D’Lo Brown steps in and says he received a letter of termination last week from TNA headquarters. However, he thinks he deserves a little more than that after all of his years of service. D’Lo says he wants an official to come and tell him face to face as to why he was fired.

Kurt Angle’s music cuts him off and says he is going to step into the ring, look him in the eye, and tell him what he real feels. Angle then goes into the ring and takes D’Lo down as the rest of Aces & Eights swarm the ring. Samoa Joe, Joseph Park, Eric Young, and Magnus then run out to help Angle as the five of them clear the ring. The announce team then say these five will be in tonight’s main event.

Joey Ryan is backstage with Brooke Hogan and says he is there to make her an offer. Ryan says she needs a new Knockouts referee and Brooke says it would take a lot off her shoulders but makes him promise not to touch the Knockouts. He agrees as we head into a commercial break.

An Impact Insta-fact is aired that thanks Germany for making their show the top rated show for two weeks in a row.

Match 1: Gail Kim & Tara vs. Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky
Joey Ryan is the referee for this Knockouts tag team match, who takes his time checking for foreign objects on the women. Tara starts off against Velvet and Ryan distracts Velvet by rubbing her shoulders as she has Gail in a headlock. Gail is then tagged in but tags Tara back in as Taryn is tagged in. Taryn tries a few quick pins on Tara but Ryan is too distracted to make a count. Velvet is tagged back in and the two do some double team moves on Tara but Ryan again refuses to make a count on a pin attempt.

Gail is tagged in and she slams Velvet down to the mat and goes for a pin but Ryan doesn’t count. Tara is tagged in and puts his hands on Tara, which gets Jessie worked up and begins shouting at Ryan from the apron. Tara then misses with a standing moonsault as both Taryn and Gail are tagged in. Taryn hits Gail with a series of moves and begins slamming Gail’s head into the mat. Tara and Velvet then get involved as this match breaks down. Gail then begins distracting Ryan as he takes his shit off for her. Gail then rolls up Taryn and holds the tights as Ryan makes a quick count to end this match.

After the match, Ryan begins flirting with Velvet as Taryn nails Ryan with a low blow from behind. We then see Bobby Roode and Austin Aries walking backstage and they are on their way to the ring for a contract signing as we head into a commercial break.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the Tag Team Championship contract signing that will take place next week. Roode tells Chavo and Hernandez that they don’t stack up to the two of them but Chavo says he is a Guerrero and Hernandez is as strong as a son of a gun. Aries steps in and says they should make things a little more interesting by adding some perks to the winner. Aries writes in the contract that they want more money, a fruit basket and green M&M’s. Chavo adds a note and Aries adds one more unmentioned thing and the two sides agree to it. Borash then announces that the it will be a Best 2 of 3 match and if Chavo & Hernandez lose, they can never team together in TNA ever again. The two teams then sign the match to make it official.

A video package on Adam Pearce is aired where he talks about making a name for himself on his own. Pearce talks about getting older and says now is the right place and the right time. Pearce talks about being in the ring with some of the stars of TNA and he knows what type of competition is out there. He then says the door has been left open a crack and he will kick it in.

After a commercial break we see a video package on Magno as we are treated to a subtitled interview in where he talks about the history of luchadore masks and the meaning of them. He then says he needs to be watched because he will do something different. Half of the interview was lost for those who can’t speak Spanish as a huge Bellatore graphic covered most of the words. We then head into the ring where Jeremy Borash introduces both of tonight’s Gut Check contestants.

Match 2: Adam Pearce vs. Magno (TNA Gut Check)
The match starts and Magno shows off his acrobatics by countering a pin attempt into a head scissors takedown. Pearce then takes Magno down with a high back drop and picks up a near fall in the process. Magno then does a sloppy counter and hits another sloppy elbow drop for a near fall. Magno then tries for a cross body block but Pearce catches him and lays him out with a spinebuster for another near fall. Magno comes back with a couple of clotheslines before sending Pearce out to the floor. Magno then heads to the top rope a hits Pearce with a moonsault on the floor. Magno rolls Pearce into the ring where he trips up Magno and picks up the pin fall while using the ropes for leverage.

A recap of the confrontation between Sting and Hulk Hogan is aired. We are told that we will have an update on Sting after the commercial break.

Mr. Anderson catches up with AJ Styles in the backstage area and tells him that they like his new outlook. Anderson then tells Styles to try on the vest and tell him how it feels before walking away. A video package on the Hulk Hogan/Sting saga is then aired. Hogan is backstage and says Sting isn’t in the building tonight as he needs warriors, not politicians. Hogan then says he is going to call out a warrior because he wants to find out where he stands as he is in a grey area.

Joseph Park walks into the locker room to talk to Kurt Angle and tells him that he is one of the most inspirational people he knows and he is going to stand toe to toe with him to take out Aces & Eights. Angle tells Park that he is green but if he sees an opportunity to take it. Park thanks Angle and then leaves.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Hogan says he won’t be making any more mistakes as he is going to make his decisions with his gut. There is one man who his gut is telling him to call out and that man is AJ Styles. Styles’ music hits as he makes his way to join Hogan in the ring. Styles is carrying the Aces & Eights vest and Hogan says he understands what Styles has been going through but then Styles started to drift off. Hogan says TNA is his family and he hopes he doesn’t go down the wrong path. Hogan then tells Styles that TNA is in a bad spot and begs Styles for his help.

Styles looks at the vest as the crowd starts an “AJ!” chant. Styles then begins to talk but he is cut off by James Storm’s music as he makes his way down to the ring. Storm tells Hogan that he remembers the title match stipulation that Hogan made and he was the guy who pinned Styles at Bound for Glory. Storm says he and Styles helped build TNA, but Styles just sat back and watched as he was beat down last week by Aces & Eights. Storm says they traveled together for years, but he is no longer the same guy. Storm tells Styles to join Aces & Eights and that he should clock out of TNA before he gets knocked out. Styles then drops the microphone and leaves the ring while staring down at the vest as we head into a commercial break.

During the break, a camera man catches up with Hulk Hogan who says he is done sucking up to AJ Styles and he has until next week to decide if he is with TNA or against them. A video preview of the X Division Xtravaganza is aired and the PPV will air tomorrow night.

Match 3: Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams (X Division Qualifying Match)
Petey Williams gets a decent reaction from the crowd and is wearing a modified version of his Little Petey Pump ring gear. The match starts and all three try to go for quick roll ups for near falls but they are all broken up. Petey then takes control and takes out both Dutt and Andrews. As Williams and Andrews go at it on the floor, Dutt tries to dive on top of them but they both move out of the way and Dutt lands on the floor. Williams and Andrews then go at in the ring with Andrews taking control and picks up a near fall.

Dutt comes in and takes both Andrews and Williams out with a springboard dropkick. Dutt then hits a splash on Andrews for a near fall. Williams comes in and hits Dutt with a series of quick moves for a near fall. Williams then sets up for a Canadian Destroyer but Dutt counters and Andrews takes Williams down with a head scissors. Dutt then takes Andrews out with an inverted DDT but Andrews counters an attempt at a moonstomp and levels Dutt with a knee to the face. Williams then runs in and hits Andrews with a Canadian Destroyer to pick up the pin fall and qualify for the next X Division Championship match.

Bully Ray is backstage with Aces & Eights and says he is not in the best of moods due to Kurt Angle and his friends. Ray says he knows they will get the job done tonight and tells them to take their souls. Devon then asks Ray if he is ready to deal with Brooke as Ray smiles and says he misses his wife. Ray says he is going to look his wife in the eyes and hand her the envelope, after that they will all be able to move forward.

A video package hyping next weeks live show from Corpus Christi is aired, that focuses on the Full Metal Mayhem match between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship. The announce team talk about the match and also hype the Best 2 of 3 tag team match with Aries & Roode taking on Chavo & Hernandez. Plus, Taryn Terrell will get her hands on Gail Kim and AJ Styles will make his decision on where he stands.

Match 4: Aces & Eights (Devon/DOC/Knux/Wes Brisco/Garett Bischoff) vs. Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/Magnus/Eric Young/Joseph Park
The bell rings as Angle is ready to go but all five members of Aces & Eights are on the ring apron. Angle then pulls Brisco into the ring and hits a snap suplex to pick up a near fall. Bischoff is tagged in and Angle takes him down with a few punches before beating him down in the corner. Magnus is tagged in and takes Bischoff down with a suplex before turning it over to Joe. Magnus and Joe work together and hit Bischoff with a series of moves, however, Bischoff rakes Joe’s eyes and tags Devon into the match.

Joe quickly recovers and hits Devon with a series of quick strikes and picks up a near fall. Devon then rakes Joe in the eyes and tags Knux into the match. Joe comes back and takes Knux down with a knee and tags EY into the match. Knux is able to take EY down with a series of blows but EY is able to sidestep Knux and toss him out to the floor before diving over the ropes and taking Knux out with a cross body block. The two begin to fight on the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Knux regain control of the match and tosses EY out to the floor. Knux rolls EY back into the ring and tags DOC into the match. DOC continues to dish out punishment to EY and hits a splash for a near fall. Devon is tagged in and he connects with a series of blows before putting a nerve pinch on Young. EY fits his way out but Devon hits a back elbow before getting up from the canvas with a Spinarooni. DOC is then tagged in and EY takes him down with an enziguri as he makes it to the corner to tag Joseph Park.

Park comes in and takes out all five members of Aces & Eights and hits Brisco with a splash and goes for a pin attempt but the match breaks down with everybody getting into it both in and out of the ring. The ring is then cleared of everyone but Devon and Park and Devon takes him down with a spinebuster. Devon then heads to the top rope but Park rolls out of the way of a diving headbutt. Park sets up for the Closing Argument, but he is distracted by other members of Aces & Eights. DOC then runs in and hits Park with a low blow and he covers Park to pick up the pin fall.

Hulk Hogan is backstage talking to Brooke who says things don’t feel right with him. Brooke says she doesn’t want any more drama and she will bring a few guys out to protect her. Brooke tells Hogan that she will be okay as the announce team tell us that Bully Ray and Brooke will meet face to face in the ring after the commercial break.

A video package focusing on the history between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan is aired. Bully Ray then makes his way to the ring with the envelope and grabs a microphone. Ray begins talking about next week’s match and says Jeff Hardy must be the dumbest guy in the world for making the match a Full Metal Mayhem match. Ray then turns his attention to his wife, Brooke, and asks her to come down to the ring.

Brooke’s music hits as she comes down to the ring with a pair of security guards as Ray asks her why she isn’t wearing her wedding ring like he is. Ray says he will give her a pass this week, but from now on she better listen and wear it. Ray then asks her if the guards are for him as she went crazy after Lockdown instead of being happy for her husband on becoming the TNA World Champion. Ray then asks if she knows what is in the envelope and it isn’t divorce papers. Ray says she makes him great and asks her to open the envelope.

Brooke opens it and it is a front row ticket to next week’s show at Corpus Christi. Ray says he wanted to give her a front row seat to watch him beat Jeff Hardy a second time. Ray says he wants her by his side and wants her to look as pretty as she can as she has been letting herself go the past few weeks. Brooke then slaps Ray in the face as he laughs it off. Ray calls Brooke pathetic and says he has been in her head since day one. Ray begins to back her into a corner as Hardy’s music hits. Hardy runs out to the ring and the two begin the brawl in the ring as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Gail Kim & Tara defeated Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky by pin fall.
– Adam Pearce defeated Magno by pin fall in TNA Gut Check.
– Petey Williams defeated Mason Andrews and Sonjay Dutt by pin fall to earn a spot in the next X Division Championship match.
– Aces & Eights (Devon/DOC/Knux/Wes Brisco/Garett Bischoff) defeated Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/Magnus/Eric Young/Joseph Park by pin fall.

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