WrestleMania stats: Announcers, Ring Announcers, and Referees

Apr 3, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank


28 people have made appearances (which I class as calling at least one full match) at the announce desk. Of those, 15 have called only a single match. The man with the most events under his belt is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who has called 18 Manias in his time. The only other two men to have reached double-figures are Jim Ross (16) and Michael Cole (11). Note that certain foreign-language announcers may also have reached double-figures, but I have yet to find a reliable source of such information

Ring Announcers

Including guest announcers but not including event hosts, there have been 21 different ring announcers at WrestleMania throughout the years. The undeniable king of the ring in this regard is Howard Finkel, who has been centre stage for 27 of the 28 WrestleManias to date, though his role in recent years has been centered on the Hall of Fame inductees rather than the full event. Only two other men have more than 5 Manias under their belt; Justin Roberts (6) and Tony Chimel (7)


Not including special guests, there have been a total of 31 referees in action since WrestleMania began. Of these, six have cracked double-figures, namely Mike Chioda (19), the recently-released Jack Doan (18), Earl Hebner (17), Jimmy Korderas (13), Chad Patton (13) and Charles Robinson (10). Had Joey Marella not perished in a car crash in 1994, he would have been the seventh name in that group, but as it is, he will forever remain on 9 appearances. Other notable names on the list include 4 appearances for Teddy Long and 2 for Shane Stevens, better known by his real name, Shane McMahon.

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