WrestleMania stats: Managers and Musical Acts

Apr 2, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank


121 people have made manager or valet appearances across the years. Of those, Jimmy Hart leads the way, having led his charges in 21 matches. Bobby Heenan follows with 15, then Mr Fuji (12) and Paul Bearer (10).

With so few managers having worked a significant number of matches, the win/loss statistics are almost meaningless (Jimmy Hart’s 10-11 holds the records for most wins and most losses). If we exclude those with few appearances, only one manager/valet is undefeated; Virgil has 2 wins and 2 draws from his 4 matches at ringside. At the other end of the scale, Bob Orton, Harvey Wippleman and Hornswoggle have lost all of their 3 matches as official managers. The best win/loss percentages belong to Paul Bearer (8-1-1) and Miss Elizabeth (7-1 and one neutral appearance). Other notable manager records include those of Bobby Heenan (4-2-9), Mr Fuji (5-1-6) and Slick (4-5)

Musical Acts

Of the 29 musical acts who have appeared at WrestleMania (not counting WWE’s own talent) only 2 have performed on more than one occasion. Aretha Franklin performed ‘America The Beautiful’ at both WrestleMania 3 and 23, whilst Motorhead performed Triple H’s entrance theme ‘The Game’ live at Wrestlemanias 17 and 21.

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