Mar 7, 2013 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast that takes place for the final time from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Tonight’s episode is dedicated to Paul Bearer. A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap airs and focuses on Hulk Hogan naming Bully Ray as the #1 contender for the TNA World Championship and being taken out by Aces & Eights. Team Sting being announced and Kurt Angle breaking into the Aces & Eights clubhouse and unmasking an unknown member is also focused upon. Kurt Angle is seen backstage and says he will reveal who was under the mask later on tonight and it will have a ripple effect throughout TNA.

The pyro goes off as we are welcomed to tonight’s show, which is the final stop before Lockdown on Sunday night. Austin Aries’ music hits as he comes to the ring and grabs a microphone. Aries says he can’t get ahold of his partner, Bobby Roode, but he was able to do things on his own last week by beating Hernandez by himself. Aries then talks about giving Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy advice, however, he just got disrespected in return. Aries then calls out Jeff Hardy and challenges him to a match tonight. Hardy’s music hits as a referee comes out as we head into the first match of the night.

Match 1: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy
Aries jumps Hardy as he is greeting all of the creatures. Aries then rolls Hardy into the ring and the bell sounds to get this match officially started. Aries hits Hardy with a series of moves and picks up a few near falls in the process. Aries continues on the assault and counters a move by Hardy and tosses Hardy over the top rope and onto the floor. Hardy is slow to get to his feet as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Aries counter Hardy’s attempt at a sunset flip with a dropkick. Aries picks up a couple more near falls and starts getting after the referee for making slow counts. Aries then gets on the middle rope and mocks Hardy before hitting a frog splash for another near fall. Aries again isn’t happy with the count as Hardy rolls Aries up for a near fall. Hardy then hits a jawbreaker and hits a frog splash for another near fall.

Aries counters an attempt at a Twist of Fate, but Hardy is able to send Aries out to the floor and hits Aries after diving off the ring apron. Hardy rolls Aries into the ring and heads to the top rope but Aries knocks him down before trying for a brainbuster but Hardy counters and hits Aries with a Twist of Fate. Hardy looks to head to the top rope, but Matt Morgan runs out and levels Hardy with a Carbon Footprint as the referee calls for the bell. Morgan sends Hardy out to the floor and sets him up for another Carbon Footprint, however, Bully Ray runs out and chases him off with a chain.

Sting is in the back with Team Sting and talks them all up and gets them pumped up for their Lethal Lockdown match. Sting says Eric Young is the wildcard but people will find out why he chose him later on. Sting says he is going to get things started tonight and will take out anyone who gets in his face.

We then see a recap of Kurt Angle unmasking a member of Aces & Eights last week. Kurt Angle is seen walking backstage with the mask in his hands and we will hear from him after the break.

A camera catches up with Matt Morgan backstage and explains that he made a promise that he would cut through the entire TNA until he gets what he wants. Morgan says he is just getting started before laughing and walking off.

A video package on the ongoing angle with Kurt Angle and Aces & Eights, primarily on Wes Brisco turning on Angle to join the group. The music for Aces & Eights hits as Wes Brisco makes his way to the ring. Brisco says he has to get something off his chest before Angle comes out here to reveal who the VP of Aces & Eights is. Brisco talks about how his father and uncle said Angle was the greatest wrestler in the business and he wanted to believe it. That all changed, though, when he met Angle in person.

Angle’s music hits and he comes out to the stage and says he remembers things differently. Angle talks about Brisco being a kid and calling him week after week to get him in the door of TNA. Angle promises to beat Brisco down to within an inch of his life at Lockdown. Before he reveals who he unmasked last week, he is going to beat Brisco down right now.

Angle runs into the ring and begins to attack him until agents come out and try to separate the two. D’Lo Brown holds Brisco back as Pat Kinney and Al Snow hold Angle back. Angle begins pointing at Brown until Brown walks over and kicks Angle between the legs. Brown and Brisco then take out Kinney and Snow as Taz says TNA is always one step behind them. Brown grabs a microphone and says he came down to reclaim his property and spoil Angle’s big surprise by revealing that it is him that is the VP of Aces & Eights. Brown then drops the microphone as we head into a commercial break.

D’Lo Brown is with the rest of Aces & Eights and says he trust all of his brothers with his life. D’Lo wonders if Sting can say the same thing about his team and tells Devon to go out and win the man advantage for Lethal Lockdown.

Match 2: Devon vs. Sting (Best of Three for Lethal Lockdown Advantage)
Devon starts out strong against Sting and picks up a couple of near falls in the process. Devon misses with a diving headbutt as Sting comes back with a couple of clotheslines and a Stinger Splash before clotheslining Devon over the top rope. Sting then sends Devon into the steel steps and the railing before a fan grabs Sting’s shirt and tosses a drink into Sting’s face. As the referee is dealing with the fan, Devon then sends Sting into the ring post before rolling him into the ring. Devon then levels Sting with a big boot and picks up the pin fall to win the first match.

Lei’d Tapa and Ivelise Felez are seen backstage and they will learn their fate later on tonight as we head into a commercial break.

Velvet Sky is backstage and talks about winning the TNA Knockouts Championship before being interrupted by Gail Kim. Gail warns Velvet and says she has beaten Velvet before and she is undefeated at Lockdown. Gail gets in Velvet’s face as Velvet slaps her and walks away.

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are backstage and Prichard tells Snow that Taz will no longer be a Gut Check judge. Danny Davis walks in and he is going to be the new third judge. The three then talk about the pros and cons of Ivelise Felez and Lei’d Tapa while we see footage of their match last week. We then see the three judges backstage with the two contestants as they are going to give the results right now. Prichard says they came to a decision and Lei’d will be going through and Ivelise is eliminated. The judges wish Ivelise good luck as Lei’d thanks them, however, Prichard tells her that she doesn’t have a TNA contract yet.

Velvet Sky, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez make their way to the ring for the next match as we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Velvet Sky/Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs. Gail Kim & Bad Influence
The match starts as Hernandez and Chavo team together to wear down Christopher Daniels. Gail Kim trips up Chavo as Daniels uses that as an opening but is tripped up by Velvet Sky. Kazarian the levels Chavo with a clothesline from the apron before being tagged in. Kazarian works over Chavo for a bit before cutting of the ring and keeping the fresh man in with quick tags. Chavo finally hits a dropkick and makes the tag to Velvet as Gail enters the ring. Velvet takes Gail down with a head scissors as Daniels gets involved. Hernandez comes in and levels Daniels with a shoulder block and soon all four guys are out on the floor. Back in the ring, Gail hits Velvet with Eat Defeat and picks up the pin fall for her team.

A replay of D’Lo Brown being revealed as the VP of Aces & Eights is aired. A fan costing Sting his match against Devon is also shown as wehead to the back and see Sting smashing a chair with a bat in the back. Sting is busted open and wonders who on his team he can trust. Magnus says sometimes he can’t trust himself but tonight he is in a war. The announce team then hype a face-to-face meeting between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy and another update on AJ Styles as we head into a commercial break.

The TNA camera crew tracked down AJ Styles but Styles pushes them and tells them to leave.

Match 4: Garett Bischoff & DOC vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe (Best of Three for Lethal Lockdown Advantage)
The match starts as Joe begins working over Bischoff before Joe slaps Magnus across the chest to tag him in. Magnus and Joe exchange a few words as Bischoff lures Magnus out to the floor where DOC takes him down with a blow to the back. Bischoff begins work Magnus over as the fans in the Impact Zone give Bischoff a good “you can’t wrestle!” chant. DOC is tagged in and begins powering Magnus around until they bother take each other down with a clothesline. Joe is tagged in as the match breaks down with Joe and Magnus work together. Joe then hits DOC with a series of moves before hitting their tag team finisher to pick up the pin fall and the victory for Team TNA.

Lei’d Tapa is walking backstage and she will learn her fate after the commercial break.

Kenny King is backstage and is putting himself over. King says he is a rising star and defeated a top name last week in Rob Van Dam. King then says he will do whatever it takes to keep the X Division Championship. We then see Eric Young, James Storm and ODB in the back as Sting walks up to them. EY says he may be a funny man, but he is serious about Aces & Eights after what they did to him. EY wants Sting to put him in the final match against Aces & Eights tonight but Sting decides to go with Storm instead.

It’s time to learn the results of Gut Check as Jeremy Borash introduces the judges and Lei’d Tapa. Lei’d is given a chance to speak and says she showed everyone last week what she is capable of doing with just two years of training. Danny Davis is given a chance to speak as the crowd starts a loud “No!” chant. Davis goes against the fans objections and says he sees a future in her and gives a yes vote. Before Bruce Prichard starts, he gives a final farewell to William Moody, which calms the fans down. As for his vote, he is going to go with the fans and says his vote is no. Lei’d is given 30 seconds to make her final case and says even though she lost last week, she knows she can dominate the Knockout division and make it great. Snow is the microphone to make the final vote and says she invokes a reaction from the crowd and gives her a yes vote. Lei’d Tapa has been awarded a TNA contract.

The announce team hypes the upcoming match between Mr. Anderson and James Storm which will decide who will have the man advantage at Lethal Lockdown. That match is coming up after the commercial break.

Robbie E. is backstage and says he had to break his VIP sign over Rob Terry’s head last week since he broke the bro code. Robbie E. said that is just a taste of what’s to come at Lockdown and he will make sure Terry never makes the list again.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm
Anderson starts out strong against Storm as he works over his arm. Storm comes back and takes Anderson down with a bulldog and a neckbreaker before hitting the Closing Time. Aces & Eights begin making their way out to the ring as Storm sets up for the Last Call superkick. Team TNA also comes out and Anderson hits the Mic Check on a distracted Storm to pick up the pin fall and win the man advantage for Lethal Lockdown on Sunday.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are seen walking backstage. Jeff Hardy is also seen walking backstage and we will see a face-to-face meeting between Hardy and Ray after a commercial break.

The announce team hype Lockdown and run down the card. This brings us into the face-to-face meeting between the two competitors in the main event for Lockdown. Bully Ray, with Brooke Hogan, and Jeff Hardy make their way to the ring. Ray says the word on the street is saying that Lockdown will be the biggest pay-per-view of all time as the two of them do what they do best, make professional wrestling history. Ray says Hardy holding the TNA World Championship is a big deal, but how Hardy has battled back through all of his demons is a bigger deal. Ray then tells Hardy that he is proud of him as the fans start a “Hardy!” chant.

Hardy takes the microphone and says he has been beaten down by many guys but he remains the TNA World Champion. He knows Ray will do the same, but wonders if it will be enough. Hardy says whoever wins a Lockdown, he wants to know that he is also proud of Ray. Ray says he has been proud of his accomplishments and the history they have made, however, he has never been proud of himself. Ray says he expected greatness from himself and the only way he can be truly proud of himself, is if he beats Hardy on Sunday. Ray says he won’t walk through the door or climb over the cage to win, but he will beat Hardy with his best move, pin Hardy in the ring, and raise his arm as the TNA World Champion.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as Hogan comes out on crutches with a microphone. Hogan says this is as big as is gets as Ray and Hardy are the best of the best. Hogan says TNA is ready for a change and it will go on to greatness. Hogan says he is searching for a leader to carry the company and puts over both Hardy for what he has done and Ray for being a brother to all the guys in the back. Hogan then wishes them both luck.

Aces & Eights then make their way to the ring as Team TNA also runs out and both sides brawl as Impact Wrestling comes to a close for the final time at the Impact Zone.

Quick Results
– Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy fought to a no contest.
– Devon defeated Sting by pin fall.
– Gail Kim & Bad Influence defeated Velvet Sky/Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez by pin fall.
– Magnus & Samoa Joe defeated Garett Bischoff & DOC by pin fall.
– Mr. Anderson defeated James Storm by pin fall to win the advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

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