Jeff Hardy/TNA Lockdown conference call notes

Mar 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Notes from today’s conference call…

– Hardy said he was disappointed he couldn’t do the recent UK tour, and spent the time attending to his father who had been experiencing health issues.

– Jeff said he is more afraid of trying big things now due to having a two year old daughter, but said he is still the same Jeff Hardy.

– Jeff said he and his band Peroxwhy?gen finished a ten song album in Nashville and should be release in the Summer.

– Jeff said that he and Bully Ray have reinvented themselves, and he can’t wait to see what happens on Sunday.

– “It’s time to get out on the road,” said Hardy about leaving the Impact Zone with this week’s show being final show at the venue.

– Jeff said he sees a chiropractor three times a week and gets massages regularly. He said he works out more than he has ever have.

– Jeff said his body will tell him when its time to wrap up his career. He hopes to still have an occasional match when his 45.

– Jeff feels he has the advantage over Bully Ray being that they will face off in a cage match.

– Jeff said that Bully Ray is in the best shape of his career.

– Hardy said it would be awesome for TNA to tour in Australia.

– Hardy talked about the support the UK has shown TNA.

– Jeff talked about the talent he worked with during his Omega days.

– Jeff said he had a great 2012, and expects 2013 to be more exciting.

– Hardy talked about his love for motocross.

– Jeff said he has always been inspired by music, and his dad has always been his hero.

– As far as Matt Hardy returning to TNA, Jeff said that is up to Matt and TNA.

– Jeff said TNA has been helping him with his music, and that was a factor in staying with TNA.

– Jeff said he has accomplished most of everything he wanted to in wrestling. He said his focus is to stay creative.

– Hardy said he would love to have a match with Jushin Liger.

– Hardy said Paul Bearer was a great man.

– Hardy said he does miss the job enhancement matches in wrestling.

– Jeff said he is always painting and his face become his canvas.

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