2/14/13 Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 14, 2013 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he recaps tonight’s Valentine’s Day edition of Impact Wrestling that was pre-taped in London, England.

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap kicks off tonight’s show and focuses on Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff joining Aces & Eights. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries winning the TNA Tag Team Championship and Hulk Hogan reinstating Bully Ray is also focused on before we head into the Wembley Arena in London, England.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring as Taz admits that Hogan has gotten a “decent” reaction from the fans in London. Hogan feeds off the loud crowd and says that the crowd sounds pretty damn sweet. Since they are in fire in London, he says there are many hungry wolves in the back and they are going to have four matches to see who will challenge for the TNA World Championship at Lockdown. RVD will take on James Storm, Christopher Daniels will face off against Magnus, Kurt Angle will go up against Samoa Joe, and finally Bobby Roode will face Austin Aries. At the end of the night, he will select a #1 contender to take on Jeff Hardy at Lockdown.

Hogan then turns his attention to Aces & Eights and since they want a war at Lockdown, he made a phone call to Sting to captain his team. Sting’s music hits as he comes down to the ring and puts over the London fans before saying that he has accepted the challenge of Aces & Eights and will be looking up and down for three pillars to join his team at Lockdown. Sting says he will be putting an end to Aces & Eights and asks them what they’re gonna do when the Stinger runs wild on you. The announce team wonders who Sting will select as Taz says Aces & Eights will circle the wagons and take out whoever Sting picks.

The announce team then hype tonight’s four matches that Hogan booked and wonder who Hogan will pick to take on Jeff Hardy as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus
The bell sounds Magnus and Daniels goes back and forth in the early going. Magnus then takes Daniels down with a nice looking suplex before Kazarian distracts Magnus and hangs him up on the top rope. Daniels takes over control and picks up a near fall before trying to wear Magnus down with a headlock. Kazarian continues to get involved in the match to give Daniels an advantage but misses with a BME as Magnus comes back with a big boot to the face. Kazarian again tries to get involved as Magnus lays him out and the referee tosses Kazarian out. Magnus then fires off a few clotheslines before hitting a elbow drop from the top rope to pick up the pin fall.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are backstage as Ray says he is disappointed in himself on how he got himself injured. Ray says he prides himself of being a warrior of the ring just like her father, but things weren’t supposed to go down this way. Ray then says it’s Valentine’s day and he isn’t going to let that ruin it as he plans on taking her out on the town. Brooke tells her to be careful on his leg and reminds him to wear his wedding ring, which he left on the sink earlier in the day. The announce team then hype Samoa Joe taking on Kurt Angle, which will take place after the commercial break.

Shots of Big Ben are shown as we head to the backstage area where Magnus says he has been a wrestler since he was 19 years old and that was taken away from him for three months by Aces & Eights. Magnus says he has taken that to fuel him and he has more fuel in his tank than anyone else. Magnus then says he just proved that he has what it takes to be the TNA World Championship.

Match 2: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle
As Angle makes his way to the ring, we are treated to a recording of his thoughts of the IOC taking amateur wrestling out of the Olympics. Taz also sides with Angle and says it was an outrageous decision. The match starts and the two trade blows with Joe getting the early advantage after connecting with a series of kicks. Angle then counters with a belly-to-belly suplex to stall Joe’s momentum and gain the advantage. Angle tries to wear Joe down with a headlock until we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match the see Angle still in control until Joe is able to counter and sends Angle out to the floor. Joe then takes Angle out with a dive out to the floor before going back into the ring and taking him down with a few kicks and picks up a near fall after hitting a senton back splash. Angle then counters Joe’s attack and hits a series of German suplexes but Joe counters an attempt at an Angle Slam and slams Angle down to the mat.

Joe then sets Angle up for the muscle buster but Angle counters and takes Joe down with a missile dropkick. Angle then hits Joe with an Angle Slam but Joe pops right up and puts Angle in the rear naked choke. Angle fights his way out of it and locks Joe in an ankle lock but Joe rolls through and escape the hold. The two take each other out with a double clothesline as Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff run out and jump both of them as the referee calls for the bell and tosses this match out. Angle and Joe then fight back and clear the ring as Taz applauds their efforts.

Footage of Dixie Carter with the British Boot Camp contestants that didn’t win is aired. Dixie tells them that they she is proud of what they did but tells them to take it to another level when they get a chance to perform in front of their home crowd as we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Party Marty & the Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim/Tara/Jessie
The match starts as Marty takes on Jessie and Marty gets the advantage as Jessie tries to play to the crowd. Marty then hits a sloppy moonsault for a near fall as we head into a commercial break. We return to the match to see Jesse tag in Tara as one of the Blossom Twins enters the ring and takes Tara down. The other twin is tagged in as the announcers are also confused as to which one is in the match.

Gail is tagged in as on of the twins picks up a near fall after hitting a back elbow from the middle rope. Tara then kicks the twin from behind as Gail takes her down with a clothesline. Gail and Tara then isolate the twin to their corner and work her over as the crowd in London try to rally behind the locals. Gail picks up a couple of near falls before turning things over to Tara as the announce team figure out it is Holly Blossom in the ring. Holly then counters a moonsault from Tara and tags in Hannah, who takes out both Gail and Tara.

The match begins to break down with all four women in the match and the Blossom Twins hit a double team splash on Gail to pick up a near fall. Jessie then gets involved as Marty takes him out with a missile dropkick, which sends Jessie out to the floor. Marty then dives through the ropes and overshoots a bit and takes a nasty hit on the guard railing. Back in the ring, Gail hits the Eat Defeat on one of the twins to pick up the pin fall victory.

After the match, Gail gets on the microphone says she has once again proved that she is the most dominate Knockout in the division. Tara doesn’t take those words to kindly as Gail tells Tara that she wants the TNA Knockouts Championship back. Gail then tells Brooke Hogan to come out and give her a title shot next week. Brooke’s music hits and agrees to give Gail a shot at the Knockouts Championship, but Miss Tessmacher will also be a part of the match next week. Tessmacher comes out a plays to the crowd as Brooke says she isn’t done yet and puts Velvet Sky into the match to make it a four way elimination match, and to make sure nothing goes wrong, Brooke will be watching the match from ringside.

Footage of Dixie Carter’s announcement from last week on Bellator MMA, where she announced that Impact Wrestling will be taken on the road and how Jeff Hardy signed a long term deal with TNA. Dixie then gave her thoughts on King Mo and how he has been training to come back to Impact Wrestling. We then see footage of Aces & Eights taking out Jeff Hardy last month with a hammer and Mike Tenay says he will return to Impact Wrestling two weeks from tonight. Footage of tonight’s matches are recapped as the announce team wonders who will earn a shot to take on Jeff Hardy.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage and Austin tells Roode that they need to stick to the plan and get all of the gold. The two begin to argue what titles will go to who before trying to get on the same page and do what’s right for business as we head into a commercial break.

Match 4: Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm
The match starts and the two go back and forth with a flurry of offense. RVD is able to gain control with a monkey flip and a few kicks before connecting with Rolling Thunder for a near fall. RVD then hits a split legged moonsault for another near fall but Storm is able to comeback with a DDT for a near fall of his own. Storm then hits a Tennessee (Alabama) Slam for another near fall before hitting the Closing Time. RVD is able to counter an attempt at the Last Call but misses an attempt at the Van Terminator (minus the chair) and Storm comes back with a Last Call superkick to pick up the pin fall.

Joseph Park is walking backstage and knocks on Hulk Hogan’s office door. Park wants to politic a bit to get a shot against Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. Park says he is going to get buttons and signs made to help politic as Hogan tells Park to ask the boys in the locker room what a rib is. Park says he will and asks Hogan if he will get his vote. Hogan says he will as Park walks off.

We return from a commercial break as Brooke says Bully Ray has the ‘it’ factor that he looks for and that he will work even though he is hurt. Hogan says many people work hurt and how there are eight other guys he needs to consider. Brooke says Ray got into wrestling because of him and has never been World Champion but Hogan tells her that he will take it under advisement.

The current events surrounding Bobby Roode and Austin Aries is aired as we head into tonight’s main event as the Tag Team Champions face off against each other.

Match 5: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
Before the match, Roode gets on the microphone and says it has only taken one week for Hulk Hogan to try to screw with their plans. Roode says their plan is still intact as Aries steps in and says the two of them are still on the same page. Aries says Hogan’s plan isn’t going to work as they know what needs to be done.

The bell rings as the two poke each other but neither falls to the mat. The two begin to argue on who is going to lay down as Aries grabs a microphone and says he will be the bigger man and lay down for him. Aries then lays down and reverses Roode pin attempt for a near fall. The two begin to argue as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see the two partners locking up and shoving each other around. The two try to pick up pin falls while using the ropes for leverage but the referee catches it both times. The two then trade blows with Aries getting the best of the exchange but Roode quickly comes back with a spinebuster for a near fall. Aries then blocks an attempt at a superplex but Roode is able roll out of the way of a 450 splash. Roode tries to go for a spear but Aries counters and puts Roode in the Last Chancery but Roode gets out of it by raking the eyes. Roode then locks Aries in a crossface but Aries reverses it into a near fall.

The two begin to counter each others moves until Aries shoves Roode into the referee. With the referee down, Roode catches Aries with a back elbow before rolling out to the floor to grab a chair. Roode then slams the chair on the mat and goes down and Aries does the same as the referee comes to his feet. Both Roode and Aries blame each other for hitting each other with the chair and both begin arguing with the referee. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez begin walking on the ramp as Roode and Aries turn their attention to them. Hernandez and Guerrero are wearing Aries and Roode shirts as the referee begins making a 10 count. Aries tries to make it back to the ring in time but Roode trips him up as both are counted out. Aries and Roode are upset over the outcome and begin arguing with each other.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Sting and the two talk about having to decide who will face Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. Sting says he’s glad he doesn’t have to make the decision and tells him to do the ring thing as Hogan leaves to head for the ring.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits after a commercial break as he makes his way to the ring. Hogan says it’s decision time and each of the eight competitor wants to be the man. However, he has to pick one of them as Aces & Eights come out and surround the ring. Bully Ray comes out and limps his way to the ring as the gang backs off. Aces & Eights tease rushing the ring as Sting’s music hits and goes out with a pair of baseball bats and a cricket bat. Aces & Eights back off and the two side trade words as Impact Wrestling comes to a close without Hogan giving his decision.

Quick Results
– Magnus defeated Christopher Daniels by pin fall.
– Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle fought to a no contest.
– Gail Kim/Tara/Jessie defeated Party Marty & the Blossom Twins by pin fall.
– James Storm defeated Rob Van Dam by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode and Austin Aries fought to a double count out.

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