1/25.13 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jan 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brian Leeman

We kick off Smackdown with a recap of The Shield attacking The Rock.

Daniel Bryan & Kane come out and they grab a mic. They discard the rumor of them being soft. Big Show interrupts and says he’d squash both of them. Bryan brings up defeating Big Show. Rhodes Scholars interrupt and insult Hell No and the crowd. Sandow proposes an alliance to Big Show. Alberto Del Rio comes out to even the odds. Booker comes out and announces a six man elimination tag match with Bryan/Del Rio/Kane vs Rhodes/Show/Sandow.

Match #1
Sheamus vs Wade Barrett

Sheamus attacks Barrett into the corner before Wade comes back with a strong dropkick. Barrett gets kicked in the head and knee from Sheamus. Sheamus fights Barrett back off and Barrett leaves the ring. Brawl on the outside. Barrett big boots Sheamus off the apron as we go to the break. Barrett clotheslines Sheamus over the ropes upon return. Sheamus with a shoulder block over the ropes and the clubs to the chest of Barrett. Sheamus with the Irish Curse. Barrett throws Sheamus off the top rope. Superkick from Barrett for two. Barrett climbs to the second rope and jumps but Sheamus catches him and goes for the cloverleaf, Barrett turns it into a roll up but Sheamus gets up and hits the White Noise! Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the victory!

Winner: Sheamus

Match #2
Natalya vs Rosa Mendes

Natalya fools around to start the match. Chokehold from Rosa. Natalya with a lariat clothesline, followed by Rosa going for a rollup, only to get caught in the sharpshooter before getting the rope. Clothesline from Rosa. Rosa dances over Natalya and Hornswoggle distracts her. Natalya with the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya

Punk and Heyman come out and Punk says he can’t sleep at night. He says one thing jeopardizes his title reign and it’s not The Rock…Punk says it’s The Shield. Punk makes mention that The Shield can’t get involved in the title match at Royal Rumble. Punk says that Vince wants to steal the title away from him. Punk calls out The Shield down to the ring to clear the air. The Shield hit the ring but do not attack Punk. Punk promises that he’ll beat The Rock and he’s going to do it by himself. The Shield walk away after Punk finishes speaking. Punk says he’s the greatest of all time, to which The Rock comes out. The Rock says that he knows Punk is working with The Shield. Rock cuts the usual promo on Punk throwing in some catchphrases and declaring victory.

Match #3
Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Orton looking dominant here. Clotheslines, powerslam and backbreaker. DQ as Mahal interferes, Orton with a snap hanging DDT to McIntyre and an RKO to Slater.

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

Match #4
The Miz vs Darren Young (Cesaro on commentary)

Young starts off in control after a distraction from Titus O’Neil. Miz starts the comeback and hits O’neil before hitting an ax handle smash. Young avoids the Skull Crushing Finale but Miz comes back and locks on the figure 4 leg lock and Young taps.

Winner: The Miz

Promo for the Royal Rumble match.

Main Event
Team Hell No/Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show/Rhodes Scholars

Del Rio and Rhodes start off. First elimination comes when Kane chokeslams Damien Sandow shortly into the match. Big Show hits the KO punch to Kane on the outside and Kane is eliminated via countout. Rhodes and Show work over Bryan until Bryan manages t fight back against Big Show. Bryan gets socked in the face with KO punch and falls out of the ring, also eliminated via countout.

Down to Del Rio against Show & Rhodes. Del Rio gets chokeslammed and falls out of the ring but manages to get back in. Superkick to Big Show over the ropes and Big Show is eliminated via countout! Del Rio with a big tilt a whirl slam to Rhodes. Superkick from Del Rio for the cover and no! Rhodes kicks out. Enziguri in the corner and Del Rio gets the win!

Winners: Del Rio & Hell No!

Post match Big Show beats down Del Rio and drops the announce table on him.

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