Jan 24, 2013 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he recaps tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast that was pre-taped at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

A recap kicks off tonight’s show that highlights the wedding between Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray, which was interrupted by Taz showing that he is a member of Aces & Eights and the group storming the ring and beating the wedding party down. We are then treated too footage of what happened after the show, where Bully Ray got up and held Hulk Hogan’s hand before both of them are carried off to the back.

Mike Tenay and Tom Keneley are by themselves at the announce table and Tenay says he has never been more shocked than he was last week when Taz joined Aces & Eights. Tenay continues to say that we will get an explanation for his actions tonight and he can’t wait to hear what he has to say. We then see Aces & Eights ride into the parking lot and celebrate before the Impact Wrestling intro hits.

The Aces & Eights music hits as the group is led out to the ring by Taz. Taz grabs a microphone and says he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to join Aces & Eights and join their cause on getting revenge and redemption and get direction from a higher power. As for the wedding, they were all just another victim. Furthermore, as far as his contract is concerned, it is ironclad and if anyone puts a finger on him, he will own TNA. Taz then drop the microphone as Mike Tenay says he didn’t give out all the answers and hopes that Taz will join them on commentary to get more out of him.

Jesse and Tara are backstage as Jessie tries to motivate her before her match against Velvet Sky. The two then head towards the ring and the Knockouts Championship will be on the line after the commercial break.

A video package highlighting Christopher Daniels is aired, which shows some of his greatest moments in TNA and tonight he will be challenging for the TNA World Championship against Jeff Hardy. Daniels and Kazarian are in the locker room and Kazarian says he is officially a manager tonight, while Daniels says tonight is a monumental night as TNA needs a feature, not a creature. We then head to the announce team where Taz has joined and talks down to Keneley before giving Tenay a nice hello.

Match 1: Velvet Sky vs. Tara (TNA Knockouts Championship)
During the match, Mike Tenay tries to get more answers out of Taz about the higher power but Taz refuses to talk about it. The bell rings and Velvet quickly rolls up Tara but she is able to kick out. Velvet then connects with a series of clotheslines and a Russian leg sweep as Tara rolls out to the floor to regroup. Velvet brings Tara in the hard way and kicks her through the ropes as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match and see Velvet is still in control as Taz says he likes what Aces & Eights said when he was recruited before saying he is an announcer and not a person to be interviewed right now. Back to the match, Tara has taken control and hits Velvet with a moonsault before putting Velvet in a headlock. Tara then heads to the top rope but Velvet counter by slamming her down to the mat. The two then trade blows before Velvet takes Tara down and goes for the pin, however, Jessie distracts Taryn Terrell. Tara then inadvertently knocks Jessie off the apron as Velvet tries for a suplex but Jessie trips her up and holds her leg down as Tara picks up the pin fall to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

A promo for next week’s Open Fight Night which takes place in the UK, and for the first time, anyone can call out anyone. Sting is then seen walking backstage and is asked a barrage of questions but says what he has to say he will say in the Impact Zone shortly. The announce team then hype tonight’s TNA World Championship match as we head into a commercial break.

Kenny King and Zema Ion are in the locker room talking about their tag team match tonight. King says tonight’s about looking good and he knows how to do that and tells Ion to stand on the apron while he does the heavy lifting.

Joseph Park comes to the ring and says over the past year he has realized that his place is not inside a courtroom, but right here in the ring as a member of the TNA roster. Park says his first match didn’t go as he hoped, but he fought hard but it made him realize that he is here to be the best that he can be. Next week is Open Fight Night in the UK and he is ready with his passport and he will be competing. Park says he is going to deliberate for a week to watch video and carefully select his opponent, but the world will witness the television debut of Joseph Park and he will hold his court in the ring.

Match 2: Zema Ion & Kenny King vs. Christian York & Rob Van Dam
Ion starts out against RVD, who hits Ion with an elevation dropkick before tagging York into the match. York hits Ion with a flurry of offense before tagging RVD, who sends Ion flying across the ring with a monkey flip. King finally takes RVD down with a handful of hair, which gives Ion an opening to tag King into the match. King and Ion isolate RVD and use quick tags to wear the X Division Champion down. Ion finally misses with a 450 splash as York and King are tagged in. York hits King with a series of clotheslines and kicks to pick up a near fall but it is broken up by Ion. All four end up in the ring until King hits the Blockbuster on York as Ion picks up the pin fall to win the match.

Taz then says he is getting a phone call and leaves the booth as we see footage of Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray arriving to the Impact Zone. The cameraman asks about the wedding but Ray says he will do his talking in the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, and Kurt Angle are together in the locker room. Angle says he’s not 100%, but he can still kick ass as Joe tells Angle that he will talk to him later before walking off.

A video package of the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan saga is aired that recaps the events of the past several weeks which led up to their wedding. Ray’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with Brooke. Ray says last week should have been the greatest night of their lives, but it turned into a nightmare. Ray says he expected it from Devon, but not from Taz. Ray says Taz is nothing more than a coward and he isn’t mad that he was hurt, but that those who around him were hurt. Ray says the only man who trusted him, Sting, and the one man he was trying to get to trust him, Hulk Hogan, were both hurt. The one who was hurt most, though, was Brooke, and Ray promises to pay every single one of them back. Ray tells them to sleep with one eye open as he won’t sleep until he kicks every one of their asses. However, he can’t do any of this until Hogan lifts his suspension and pleads for him to do so.

Sting’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring to join Bully Ray and Brooke. Sting joins in the plead and says Hogan walked her daughter down the aisle last week, but now it’s time to go all the way. Sting says he wants to believe that Hogan will go to the UK next week and reinstate Bully Ray and do the right thing.

A recap of last weeks confrontation between Bobby Roode & Austin Aries against Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez is aired. Aries and Roode are backstage and discuss their plan on how to go up against them. Roode says Aries going up against Hernandez is a good way to start. Aries tries to tell Roode that his wrestling skill matches well against Hernandez and wants him to start and if there is anything left, Aries says he will clean it up before walking away.

A video package focusing on Jeff Hardy is aired, which focuses on his return to TNA and winning the TNA World Championship from Austin Aries and his successful title defenses. Jeff Hardy is then seen walking backstage and he tells Christopher Daniels to make the best of his opportunity. Hardy says he knows who Daniels is and he will show everyone who he is not.

Match 3: Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez
Taz has rejoined the announce team and asks Tenay and Keneley what he missed. The match starts and Roode starts off strong but Hernandez quickly takes control and takes Roode down with a long standing suplex. Roode rolls out to the apron to regroup and hangs Hernandez on the top rope to turn the tide of the match. Roode begins to methodically pick Hernandez apart and picks up a few near falls in the process. Hernandez comes back and takes Roode down with a hard shoulder block and follows with a backbreaker.

Hernandez then takes Roode down with another shoulder block and Roode rolls out to the floor and Hernandez is about to fly over the ropes, but Aries pushes Roode out of the way. The two begin to argue with Roode telling Aries that he doesn’t need his help as Chavo comes over and begins battling with Aries. With Hernandez’s attention diverted, Roode hits Hernandez with a bulldog to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Roode again tells Aries that he didn’t need his help and he could have beat Hernandez on his own.

Kurt Angle is seen walking backstage and is will make his way to the ring after the commercial break. A video package focuses on Aces & Eights beat down of Angle after he called out Mr. Anderson to get some answers on where he stands with Aces & Eights. Angle’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring and says he thought Aces & Eights was going to be temporary and he is sick of the attacks they have done on the roster. Angle says he will get his revenge next week on Mr. Anderson during Open Fight Night and calls him out to tell him something personally.

Anderson’s music hits and he comes through the Aces & Eights entrance wearing a leather vest. Anderson gets in the ring and says he doesn’t want fight Angle next week, but he wants to right now. Anderson takes Angle down with a punch to the face but Angle comes back and takes him down with a clothesline. Angle tries to put on the ankle lock but Anderson slips out to the floor. Angle says he will fight Anderson next week on his own as they will be locked inside a steel cage. This announcement makes Taz irate as Angle just booked his own steel cage match.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are seen talking backstage and Jeff Hardy is walking with his titles as the main event is up after the commercial break.

We are in the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Mr. Anderson yells at the ladies. Devon tries to calm him down and says he won’t let Anderson go into a steel cage against Kurt Angle without a battle plan. Devon tells Anderson to relax and have a beer. The announce team then hype next week’s Open Fight Night and the steel cage match.

Match 4: Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
Jeremy Borash handles the formal introduction for this title match main event. The bell rings and the two feel each other out in the opening moments with Hardy getting the early advantage but Daniels is able to counter Hardy’s attack and sends him out to the floor. Kazarian then enters the ring and raises Daniels arm as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Daniels take Hardy down with a clothesline and picks up a near fall. We see footage of what took place during the break with Kazarian attacking Hardy on the floor and sending him into the steel steps. Back to the action, Daniels continues on the attack and is relentless with a series of kicks and stomps. Daniels picks up another near fall after hitting a neckbreaker before getting in the face of the referee. Hardy then counters Daniels and hits a clothesline before trading blows and taking Daniels down with a series of kicks for a near fall.

Hardy then hits a splash from the middle rope for another near fall but Daniels is able to counter Hardy’s offense and picks up a near fall of his own after hitting a Death Valley Driver. Daniels then locks Hardy in a submission hold but Hardy manages to put his foot on the bottom rope. Daniels then places Hardy on the top turnbuckle and looks to send Hardy down to the mat but Hardy counters and takes Daniels down with a front suplex. Hardy goes for the cover but Daniels makes it to the rope.

Hardy tries to put the match away with a Twist of Fate, but Daniels counters and hits the Angels Wings but Hardy quicks out. Daniels can’t believe what happened as he heads to the top rope for a BME but Hardy rolls out of the way and Daniels lands on his feet. Hardy tries to counter with a springboard off the middle rope but Daniels dodges and picks up another near fall. Daniels goes for another Angels Wings but Hardy connects with a pair of Twist of Fates before hitting Kazarian through the ropes with a dropkick. Hardy then heads to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb to pick up the pin fall and retain the TNA World Championship.

After the match, Taz grabs a microphone to get an interview with Jeff Hardy. Taz asks Hardy what he is going to do when Aces & Eights destroys everything around TNA and what he is going to do when his World Championship is gone. A member of Aces & Eights then runs in the ring behind Hardy and takes him out with a hammer behind the knee. Hardy is seen in the ring in pain and Tenay says Aces & Eights just took out his leg as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Tara defeated Velvet Sky by pin fall to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.
– Kenny King & Zema Ion defeated Christian York & Rob Van Dam by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode defeated Hernandez by pin fall.
– Jeff Hardy defeated Christopher Daniels by pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

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