1/18/13 Friday Night Smackdown Coverage

Jan 18, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Smackdown opens with a video that says The Rock Concert will roll into Smackdown and then transitions into highlights of the Last Man Standing match between Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show, which took place on last week’s Smackdown.

We go live into the arena, and it is time for Alberto Del Rio’s Championship Fiesta. Del Rio welcomes everyone to his Fiesta. He says he hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with the WWE Universe over the years, but we all have to agree that it’s a good thing that The Big Show isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion anymore. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, along with AJ Lee and Big E Langston. Ziggler says he and AJ love to party and AJ guesses their invitations got lost in the mail. Del Rio asks them what they are doing here and says this is his party. Ziggler says Del Rio is simply holding the World Heavyweight Championship for him. Ziggler introduces Langston to Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio tells them to get out of the ring right now, but Ziggler says how about Langston lays Del Rio out and he cashes in Money in the Bank. Del Rio tells him to try it, and The Big Show’s music hits and he walks out to the ring. Ziggler says Del Rio is a little outnumbered, and then Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says he will help with the numbers situation. Sheamus says everyone knows that he can’t resist a Fiesta Del Rio. Sheamus says he and Del Rio have never been on the same page, but he wants to congratulate him for his win against The Big Show last week. Sheamus says he deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and then he and Del Rio shake hands. Sheamus says he is offering his service as a bouncer for the Fiesta so nobody interrupts. Del Rio says he doesn’t want anyone fighting, and Sheamus asks him “Really?” Del Rio says, “Maybe just a little bit,” and Booker T’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says it’s not going down like this. Booker says is Show ever puts his hands on him again, he will ruin his day. Booker makes a tag team main event tonight consisting of The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Booker sends Ziggler, Langston, Show, and AJ out of the ring and celebrates with Del Rio, Ricardo, and Sheamus. Del Rio tells Booker to do the Spin-a-rooni, and he complies. Sheamus goes to leave, but Del Rio tells him to stay. Del Rio convinces Sheamus to dance to close out the segment.

We see that Team Hell No and Randy Orton will face Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett in a Six-Man Tag Team Match and we are reminded that The Rock Concert will roll into Smackdown later tonight as we head to a commercial break.

Match #1: Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston
They tie up and Cesaro backs Kingston into the corner and delivers a few shots to his midsection. Kingston comes back and sends Cesaro off the ropes, but Cesaro drops him with a shoulder block. Cesaro stomps away on Kingston as we see The Miz looking on from the back. Cesaro picks Kingston up and slams him back down on the mat, but only gets a two count. Cesaro stomps down on Kingston, and gets another two count. Cesaro locks in a chin-lock and then tosses Kingston into the corner. Cesaro charges, but Kingston counters and goes on the offensive. Kingston rolls Cesaro up for a two count. Kingston hits the S.O.S., but only gets a two count. Kingston kicks Cesaro and tries to take him down with a cross body from the top rope, but Cesaro catches him and drops him with the Neutralizer for the pin fall. Winner: Antonio Cesaro.

We go backstage and we see Epico, Primo, and Rosa Mendes making fun of The Miz being Ric Flair’s new sidekick. They picks fun at him, and then he challenges Primo to a match and insults Rosa. The Miz walks away as Epico and Primo talk to Rosa and we head to a commercial break.

Match #2: Tensai vs. The Great Khali (w/Natalya)
They tie up and Khali backs Tensai into the corner. Khali chops Tensai and Tensai goes to another corner. Khali chops him again and goes after him. Tensai comes back and smashes Khali in the corner and then pummels him down to the mat. Tensai goes to charge Khali again, but Khali gets his boot up and then hits the Khali Chop for the pin fall. Winner: The Great Khali.

We see Daniel Bryan and Kane backstage. Bryan says he doesn’t understand why Dr. Shelby brought Team Rhodes Scholars into their anger session last week. Kane makes fun of Rhodes’ mustache and Bryan makes the commert, “Some people don’t know when their facial hair gets out of hand,” and Kane agrees. Bryan takes offense and they argue as Randy Orton walks up. He asks them is they are going to act like they are in third grade or if they are going to inflict pain on Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett. Kane says “BOTH!” and storms off. Bryan says they are working through their problems and says Orton used to be just like he and Kane. Bryan says after their match tonight, they will all group hug. Orton says he’s not a hugger, and Bryan responds with “Not yet your not.” Bryan walks away and Orton stares at him to end the segment and we cut to commercial.

Match #3: Six-Man Tag Team Match: Randy Orton and Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett
Orton and Rhodes start the match and Orton takes him down with a back elbow. Orton tags in Kane, who comes in and drops Rhodes with a drop kick for a two count. Kane wrenches Rhodes’ arm and tags in Bryan, who comes off the top rope and clubs Rhodes’ arm. Bryan works over Rhodes’ arm some more and kicks Rhodes while he is down on the mat. Bryan goes for a kick in the head, but Rhodes ducks and tags in Sandow. Bryan goes after him, but Sandow ducks outside and he, Rhodes, and Barrett regroup as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and Sandow is dominating Kane. Sandow takes Kane down and drops the Elbow of Disdain, but Kane kicks out rather quickly. Sandow tags in Barrett, who pummels Kane in the corner, but Kane comes back with an uppercut for Barrett and some right hands for Rhodes and Sandow. Kane comes out of the corner, but Barrett catches him and slams him down to the mat. Rhodes tags in, but Kane takes him down immediately. Rhodes tags Sandow, who knocks Rhodes down to the floor, and Kane tags Orton. Orton takes care of Sandow and Barrett as Bryan takes care of Barrett on the outside. Rhodes takes Orton down with the Cross Rhodes and Sandow goes for the cover, but Kane breaks it up at two. Kane takes Rhodes out to the floor and Sandow clotheslines Kane over the top rope. Sandow turns right around into an RKO and Orton gets the pin fall.
Winners: Randy Orton and Team Hell No.
After the match, Bryan and Kane set up for the group up. Kane hugs Orton first and Bryan joins in. Orton looks disturbed as Kane and Bryan celebrate in the ring.

We’re back and we take a look back at The Rock Concert from Raw, and the brawl between CM Punk and The Rock that followed.

Match #4: The Miz vs. Primo (w/Epico and Rosa Mendes)
Primo gets The Miz in a headlock, but The Miz shoots him off the ropes and Primo takes him down with a shoulder block. The Miz comes back and drops Primo to the mat with a back drop. The Miz connects with a running knee, but Primo comes back and jumps onto The Miz while he is on the middle rope. Primo pummels The Miz down to the mat and then takes him down for a two count. Primo locks in a submission, but The Miz elbows his way out and beats down Primo. Primo jabs The Miz in the throat and takes him down with a clothesline, but only gets a two count. Primo stomps away on The Miz and connects with a leg drop for a two count. The Miz fights back, but Primo takes him down with a suplex, and gets another two count. Primo locks in the submission, but The Miz fights out. The Miz gets distracted by Epico and Primo takes out his knee. Primo tries to lock in the Figure-Four, but The Miz kicks him into Epico. The Miz locks in the Figure-Four on Primo and he taps out.
Winner: The Miz.

We go backstage and see Layla and Kaitlyn. Layla is admiring the Divas Championship when Booker T and Teddy Long walk up. They congratulate Kaitlyn and she celebrates with them. Kaitlyn leaves for her match, which is up next.

Match #5: Aksana vs. Kaitlyn
Aksana shoves Kaitlyn and they tie up. Kaitlyn goes behind and takes Aksana down to the mat. Kaitlyn takes Aksana down with a suplex, but Aksana kicks out at two. Aksana comes back and takes Kaitlyn down and eventually knocks her down to the floor. Aksana goes after her and tosses her into the ring, but Kaitlyn kicks out at one. Aksana driver her elbow into Kaitlyn’s neck and locks in a headlock. Kaitlyn fights back, but Aksana slams her down to the mat. Aksana works over Kaitlyn’s neck and then her arm and slams her down to the mat. Aksana takes Kaitlyn down with a clothesline and drives some knees into her midsection in the corner. Aksana pummels Kaitlyn down in the corner, but Kaitlyn comes back with a Spear and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kaitlyn.

We see Mick Foley’s Hall of Fame video and Josh Mathews says we will hear from The Shield after the commercial break.

We see a replay of what happened between The Shield, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Ryback this past Monday on Raw. We then see a video of The Shield calling out Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Ryback. They say they spoiled Mick Foley’s celebration in the name of Justice. Reigns says Ryback will never get back what they took from him. Ambrose says they will break the remaining 205 bones in Orton’s body. Rollins says they fight for real and calls out Sheamus. We see Orton watching backstage and Sheamus walks up. Orton says The Shield isn’t funny, especially when they beat him down. Sheamus says he is sorry he wasn’t there on Wednesday, but Orton says he doesn’t need Sheamus’ help. Orton says he needs the win in two weeks at the Royal Rumble. Orton says Sheamus will have no answer for him that night.

Match #6: The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee and Big E Langston) vs. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)
Del Rio and Ziggler start the match and Del Rio takes him down to the mat. Ziggler fights back and pummels Del Rio down in the corner. Ziggler charges at Del Rio, but he moves and Ziggler goes chest-first into the corner and falls to the mat. Del Rio flips off the top rope, but Ziggler moves out of the way. Del Rio kicks Ziggler in the head and gets a two count before tagging in Sheamus. Sheamus beats down Ziggler and sends him off the ropes, but Ziggler comes back with a kick. Sheamus returns the favor with a big clothesline and picks up Ziggler and delivers a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Sheamus tosses Ziggler into the corner and charges, but Ziggler gets a boot up and tags in Show. Show comes in and beats down Sheamus in the corner with some rights and lefts and a couple of headbutts. Show chokes Sheamus over the middle rope and tosses him out of the ring. Langston goes after Sheamus and tries to toss him into the ring post, but Sheamus reverses and the referee ejects Langston from ringside. AJ goes crazy and gets into the ring. He tosses her as well. AJ walks up the ramp as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and Ziggler has Del Rio in a headlock on the mat. Del Rio sends Ziggler off the ropes and takes him down with a German Suplex. Del Rio tags in Sheamus and he comes in and drops Ziggler with a couple of clotheslines and takes him to the corner. Sheamus smashes him in the corner and drops him with a clubbing blow. Show comes across the ring and knocks Sheamus down to the floor. Sheamus crawls back into the ring, but Ziggler kicks him to keep him on the mat. Ziggler tags in Show, who comes in and drops a couple elbows on Sheamus’ knee. Show slams Sheamus down to the mat and then sits down on his back. Show stands on Sheamus’ back and drops another elbow on Sheamus’ knee. Show wrenches Sheamus’ knee, but Sheamus fights out with some clubbing blows. Sheamus goes toward Del Rio, but Show catches him and drops an elbow to knocks Sheamus down. Show delivers a headbutt and some knees, but Sheamus fights back and pulls himself to his feet. Show chops Sheamus across the chest, but Show picks him up and side slams him for a two count. Show goes to the middle rope and splashes Sheamus, but he kicks out at two. Show goes to the middle rope again, but this time Sheamus moves out of the way. Sheamus tags Del Rio and Show tags Ziggler. Del Rio connects with a back-breaker and kicks Ziggler in the face, but only gets a two count. Del Rio locks in the cross arm-breaker, but Show breaks it up. Sheamus gets into the ring and delivers White Noise to Show. Del Rio kicks Show off the apron, but Show lands on his feet. Del Rio grabs a bucket and dumps it onto Show while he is on the outside. Show walks away and is counted out.
Winners via count-out: Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus.
After the match, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus celebrate as balloons fall from the rafters as Smackdown comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Antonio Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston
2. The Great Khali def. Tensai
3. Randy Orton and Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett
4. The Miz def. Primo
5. Kaitlyn def. Aksana
6. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus def. The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler by count out.

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