Audio: The Savage Truth with Liz Savage

Jan 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Former wrestler and manager and truth crusader Liz Savage joined us for an exclusive interview discussing her background in wrestling, independent wrestling, WWE’s wrestlers working as independent contractors, her WWE experience as a Raw extra, what is wrong with wrestling today, WWE’s PG rating, the over saturation of wrestling, the deceptions of the the mainstream media, global warming, the Sandy Hook shootings, smart meters, drones, and much more in this eighty five minute podcast.

Savage will be joining us on occasion with more of “The Savage Truth,” discussing not only wrestling topics, but real world issues the media doesn’t give you truth about.

Be sure to follow Savage on Twitter @lizsavage and Steve Gerweck @SteveGerweck – feel free to submit topics or issues you would like us to discuss.

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