Dec 27, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers this week’s pre-taped Open Fight Night edition of Impact Wrestling.

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap opens the show and highlights of Aces & Eights discussing backup is aired. The AJ Styles saga and Hardy/Aries III is also touched upon as the the voiceover guy wonders how Austin Aries will react to Bobby Roode’s interference in the final Impact of 2012.

We head into the Impact Zone and the announce team hype Open Fight Night as Bully Ray’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Ray grabs a microphone and says there is no doubt that he and Hulk Hogan cannot get along. Ray says he doesn’t know what he has to do to prove to Hogan that he is trustworthy and since it’s OFN, he wants to call him out. He doesn’t want to fight, though, he just wants to talk.

Hogan’s music hits but Hogan doesn’t appear. Brooke Hogan finally comes out and joins Ray in the ring and she tells Ray that he isn’t here and that he knows about their relationship. Ray says there is nothing to know but Brooke says they need to meet with him so she can show him the man he really is. The two then leave the ring as the two continue to question how Hogan knows.

We join the announce team that talk about what just went down with Bully Ray and Brooke before hyping OFN some more. Austin Aries’ music then hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Aries grabs a microphone says he isn’t getting paid by the hour so he is going to make this short and sweet. Aries says everyone knows he should have won the TNA World Championship last week but he was screwed over by Bobby Roode.

Aries says they both screwed each other over and know they are even. Now they are going to settle things right in the ring to see who truly deserves to be the World Champion and challenges Roode to a match. Aries says the two belong in the main event, though, and the two greatest professional wrestlers will face off in the ring. The announce team talk about the huge main event that will bring an end to 2012 as we head into a commercial break.

Samoa Joe comes out to the ring and says he has come to pick a fight. Joe talks about Aces & Eights using hammers to hit people from behind. Joe then wonders how they can do face to face and calls out a masked man so he can tear off his mask.

Match 1: Samoa Joe vs. Masked Member of Aces & Eights
The bigger masked man makes his way to the ring and Joe goes right on the attack as he enters. Joe hits him with a flurry of strikes and takes him down with an enziguri. Joe goes after the mask but the masked man rakes Joe’s eyes and takes him down with a clothesline. The masked man continues on the attack and picks up a near fall over Joe before continuing to wear Joe down. Joe finally counters the attack and catches the masked man with a knee and takes him down with a boot to the face and a senton splash. Joe then goes for the rear naked choke and the masked man tries to fight out of it but passes out as Joe gains the submission victory. After the match, Joe plays to the crowd for a bit and goes for the mask but the rest of Aces & Eights come out and chase him out of the ring.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. are backstage talking as Jesse walks by. The two sides trade insults and Robbie E. challenges Jesse to a bro-off as we head into a commercial break.

Kenny King and Christian York are backstage as King talks about being impressed on how York came in and he knows RVD will be calling him out tonight. King tells York to watch how he handles RVD again and when he’s the X Division Champion he may give York a shot. King walks off as York asks himself where TNA finds these guys.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. come out to the ring and Robbie E. says tonight is Open Bro Night and calls out the “fake Robbie E.,” Jesse Godderz. Robbie E. tells him to come out so he can show him how to be a real bro. Jesse comes down to the ring with Tara and informs Robbie that his name is “Mr. Pectacular.” Robbie E. then runs down the rules of the Bro Off, and that is it’s every bro for himself and everything they do has to end with the word “Bro.”

Music hits as Robbie E. begins to dance in the ring like a fool. Robbie then tells Jesse to top that as the music hits once again and does a Chris Masters type pose down. Jesse then presses Tara over his head a few times and tells Robbie E. that’s how you have a bro off. Robbie E. says it wasn’t at bad as he thought it would be, however, and says the Bro Off is about bro’s, not ho’s. Furthermore, he ended his bro off by saying “dude,” not “bro.”

Robbie E. is about to declare himself the winner, but Robbie T. says there is one more entrant, and it’s him. Robbie T. begins to do his pose down and even presses Robbie E. over his head. The music then changes as he begins to dance around the ring and does one handed pushups. Robbie T. then ends and says “Bro” at Robbie E. before tossing the microphone aside and leaves the ring.

Rob Van Dam is seen walking backstage and is making his way to the ring as we head into a commercial break. RVD then comes out after the break and says his efforts has raised the X Division and wants to raise the bar some more before calling out Christian York.

Match 2: Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York
The match starts as the two trade blows and counter each other until York takes RVD down with a suplex. York then sends RVD to the floor with a head scissors takedown over the top rope. York follows up with a missile dropkick and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. York then takes RVD down with a knee to the face for another near fall. York picks up another near fall after stomping on RVD’s back from the top rope. RVD finally counters York’s attack and hits him with a side slam and a split legged moonsault for a near fall. RVD then connects with a kick to the face and hits Rolling Thunder before hitting a Five Star Frog Splash for the pin fall.

The announce team hypes tonight’s main event before we head into a commercial break.

We are in the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Devon is trying to put over the help he was talking about last week. DOC then walks out with a couple of girls and says their plan is going to work out just fine. We then check in on Joseph Park’s progress at OVW and see footage of him training and he thinks he set the bar at the school. Danny Davis, though, says he isn’t doing anything correctly but saw some potential after he snapped once he saw his own blood. Davis wants Park to run with it because he like what he saw. Christopher Daniels catches up with Kazarian at the merchandise stand and they say Christmas has come and gone but they have one more present for everyone before walking away as the cameraman sees some AJ Styles shirts in the garbage.

A recap from last week where Hulk Hogan talked about voting for Impact Wrestler of the Year. Bobby Roode is backstage and says he knew Austin Aries was going to call him out tonight and he is going to defeat Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship at Genesis. A 1.3.13 promo airs where Sting says he is coming to get Aces & Eights, which takes place live next week.

Christopher Daniels comes down to the ring and talks about his great 2012, and to give back to all of his fans he is going to call out AJ Styles one more last time. Styles’ music hits but Kazarian comes out wearing Styles’ ring gear. Kazarian cuts a funny promo using Styles’ southern accent and says he knows he can’t beat Daniels and says he instead going to go find Claire Lynch.

Daniels then says the fans won’t get to see the two fight one last time again, but they will get the opportunity to worship them. Chavo Guerrero’s music hits as the Tag Team Champions come out. Chavo says their year was better and the are going to end 2012 for Daniels and Kazarian with their foot in their rear. The team then charge the ring as the bell rings.

Match 3: Bad Influence vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Hernandez and Chavo start out strong against Kazarian until he is able to tag Daniels into the match. Daniels also gets worked over by the champs with quick tags and double team moves. Daniels finally begs for mercy as we head into a commercial break. We return to see Hernandez is still in control and takes Daniels down with a standing vertical suplex. Kazarian tries to get involved but Daniels accidentally knocks him off the apron and Hernandez levels Daniels with a clothesline.

Kazarian finally is able to pull Daniels out of the way and is tagged into the match. Kazarian and Daniels works over Hernandez with double team moves and quick tags to pick up a couple of near falls. Hernandez finally gets back into the match after taking Daniels down with a hard shoulder block and makes the needed tag to his partner. Chavo comes in and hits Kazarian with a series of strikes before wearing Kazarian down with the Three Amigos for a near fall but Daniels breaks it up.

Daniels and Kazarian hits Chavo with a double team move but Chavo comes back and tosses them both out to the floor and both Chavo and Hernandez take them out with dives over the top rope. Back in the ring, Kazarian misses with a AJ Styles-like flying forearm and Chavo comes back with a Frog Splash to pick up the pin fall.

Jeff Hardy is backstage and puts over both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries for their talent in the ring, however, outside the ring he doesn’t care for them at all. Hardy says he is going to enjoy watching the two beat the hell out of each other and revenge is on its way as we head into a commercial break.

Taz runs down the Keys to Victory for both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in tonight’s match. We then see a video package on Aces & Eights and how they have taken out several people over the past few months. We then head back to the clubhouse as a we see Mr. Anderson is with them and he says he is all ears. Devon tells Anderson that they have a certain agenda that is physical as the two girls start groping Anderson. Anderson says he isn’t sure if this is something that he wants to do but wants them to give him time to think about it as he leaves with the girls.

Gail Kim makes her way to the ring and says 2012 was her year as she was the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in the history of the company. However, Miss Tessmacher defeated her with a fluke victory and calls her out to erase the bad memories.

Match 4: Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher
The bell rings and the two go back and forth in the opening moments until Tessmacher takes Gail down and and knocks her out to the floor with a clothesline. Tessmacher rolls Gail into the ring and Gail uses that to take advantage of the match and picks up a near fall after hitting a back suplex. Tessmacher then counters an attempt from a top rope hurricanrana and takes Gail down with a clothesline from the middle rope for a near fall. Tessmacher continues on the attack and heads to the top rope but misses with an elbow drop. Gail then hits Eat Defeat and picks up the pin fall.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are seen walking backstage and are heading to the ring as we head into a commercial break.

The announce team hype the first Impact Wrestling of 2013 where we will find out the winner of the 2012 Impact Wrestler of the Year. Plus, Sting returns and Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe will take on Aces & Eights in a steel cage match.

Match 5: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
The match starts and both Roode and Aries go back and forth with a series of counters and reversals as Mike Tenay says this is not an official #1 contenders match but should determine who’s next in line for a title shot. Aries goes down during an attempt at a leap frog and hops around like he is injured, however, Roode doesn’t buy it and kicks Aries in the leg. Roode and Aries then goes head to head and stares each other down. We then see Hardy watching on and hear his thoughts as he thinks neither of them deserve to be champion and something needs to be done as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see the two continue to go back and forth with neither getting the upper hand for long. The two then box each others ears and rake each others eyes on the turnbuckle for a few moments. Aries then misses with a elbow drop from the top rope but counters Roode’s attempt at a spear and puts Roode in the Last Chancery. Roode breaks free and puts Aries in a crossface but Aries breaks free by raking the eyes. The two exchange blows until Roode begs for a timeout before tripping up Aries and using the ropes for leverage during a pin attempt but the referee catches it.

As Roode is occupied with the referee, Aries rolls up Roode as pulls the tights but the referee catches that as well. As Aries is arguing with the referee, Roode turns Aries around and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode then heads out and grabs a steel chair but the referee pulls it away. Aries then nails Roode with a left but Roode kicks out of the pin attempt. Aries then grabs the chair but the referee pulls it away from here as Earl Hebner begins to yell at both Aries and Roode as he gets red in the face. Aries and Roode then work together and kick Hebner in the midsection before tossing him out to the floor.

The two the race to the chair and try to pull it away from each other as Jeff Hardy’s music hits. Roode and Aries turn their attention to the entrance ramp but Hardy sneaks in from behind and takes out both of them with clotheslines. Hardy clotheslines Aries over the top rope and out to the floor before hitting Roode with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then stares them both down as the final Impact Wrestling of 2012 comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Samoa Joe defeated Masked Member of Aces & Eights by submission.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Christian York by pin fall.
– Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez defeated Bad Influence by pin fall.
– Gail Kim defeated Miss Tessmacher by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode and Austin Aries fought to a no contest.

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