Detailed WWE Smackdown Results 12/14/12

Dec 14, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Smackdown Results 12/14/12 Bridgeport, Connecticut

The show opens with Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus joining Josh Matthews, JBL and Michael Cole on commentary.


-World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show vs. R-Truth (non-title)


The champion opens up with forearms to the back and chops in the corner. Show drops R-Truth with a head butt and chops him in the corner for a second time. Show picks up R-Truth by the seat of his pants, perches him on the top turnbuckle and lands a giant size uppercut to the ribs. Truth takes advantage of Show while he is jawing with Sheamus but it does him no good as Show sends Truth flying into the ropes and  crashes into the mat. Cesaro tries to take a cheap shot a down and out Truth but Shemus shoves him to the floor.


Back in the ring, Truth gets some measure of control and applies a sleeper hold but Show shakes him off and misses an elbow drop. Truth lands a scissors kick but Show kicks out. Show sends Truth in midair and crashes down, face first, on the canvas. Show lands the WMD and that’s all she wrote.


Post Match: Big Show tries to goad Sheamus into hitting him and just as Sheamus stand up, Antonio Cesaro hits him from behind and Sheamus touches Big Show. The champion laughs as he walks up the ramp.


Winner: Big Show


Backstage: Big Show tries to convince Booker T that his match with Sheamus at TLC should be called off since Sheamus made contact. Booker T tells him to get out of here with that weak stuff and that the match is still on.


Damien Sandow is in the ring and he says his quest for an apprentice has been like finding a needle in a haystack. He tells the audience to remain silent for his tag partner and best friend, the mustachioed Cody Rhodes.


Rhodes says it’s an honor to be standing back in the ring and says Damien can stop his search for an apprentice because he is Sandow’s equal. Rhodes starts to insult the Miz but the Usos’ music cuts him off as the duo make their way to the ring.


-Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes vs. The Usos


The Usos work over Rhodes with double team head butts and other maneuvers until Rhodes back body drops Jimmy Uso out of the ring and Sandow nails him with a clothesline. Sandow tags in and hits Jimmy with a jumping knee drop, Russian leg sweep and the “Cubito Aequet” elbow drop but Jimmy kicks out at one. Rhodes tags back in and lands a vertical suplex and knocks Jey off the apron for good measure. Rhodes applies a seated full nelson but Jimmy gets out of it and nails Rhodes with a side kick in the stomach and makes the tag to Jey.

Jey drops Rhodes and Sandow with a couple of clotheslines and hits Sandow with a Samoan Drop. The Usos go for the frog splash but they stop as Sandow crawls over to tag Rhodes. All four men fight in the ring as Jey clotheslines Rhodes as they both fall over the top rope and outside to the floor while Sandow rolls up Jimmy from behind, with a handful of tights and gets the pin.


Winners: Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes


Backstage: David Otunga is looking over the no contact agreement with Big Show and Sheamus. Otunga says it’s all here in black and white and Big Show is correct. Otunga says they need to make their case out in public, in the ring.


Big Show and David Otunga are in the ring and Show reiterates that the match should be called off and if Booker T won’t listen to him, he will listen to his legal counsel. Otunga says Booker is not following his own rules, which shows bias. They are going to bring their complaint to the WWE board of directors and demand that the PPV match is canceled and Booker is removed as Smackdown GM.


Booker T comes out and says Otunga’s Harvard degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Booker says contracts and not enforced by the letter of the law but the spirit of intent. Otunga objects to this but Booker T says the chairs match at TLC is still on. Otunga says Booker should not consider himself a legal expert just because he went to prison and says he will see to it that the board of directors fires him and Sheamus.


Sheamus comes charging down to the ring with a chair in hand as Booker yells on the mic “DON’T DO IT SHEAMUS.” Sheamus says if the match is canceled then there is nothing stopping him from kicking the Big Show’s ass, right now. In a scared voice, Big Show says the contract is still valid and quickly leaves the ring as Otunga receives a Brogue Kick for his troubles. On commentary, JBL says “I always wanted to do that do a guy from Harvard.”


Backstage: Matt Striker is conversing with a PA as he waits to conduct an interview with Randy Orton.


Backstage: Randy Orton appears to have been put through a table as The Shield stomp him into oblivion and leave him lying on the ground.


-Kaitlyn vs. Aksana


They lock up for a bit and Aksana kicks Kaitlyn in the stomach and applies a headlock. Kaitlyn tries to roll her up for a pin but Aksana will not let go of the headlock. Aksana switches it up to a rear chin lock for a few and switches it back to a headlock. Aksana is still holding on to the headlock….she goes for the pin but Kaitlyn kicks out and Aksana goes back to the headlock, again. Kaitlyn is finally able to push her into the ropes and Kaitlyn drops her with two clotheslines. Kaitlyn hits a flap jack and picks her up and drops Aksana on her knee for the pin.


Winner: Kaitlyn


Backstage: Matt Striker says Randy Orton separated his shoulder in the attack from the Shield and may have suffered a concussion. Striker says the doctors had to pop Orton’s shoulder back in the socket and are moving him to a local medical facility.


MIZ-TV: The Miz says Team Hell will right the wrongs of the Shield and calls them out as his guests. Daniel Bryan says the time for talking is over and all of the anger people say he has will be unleashed, this Sunday with Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Kane says The Shield made the biggest mistake of their life because their actions put Team Hell No on the same page. Bryan keeps chanting “YES, YES, YES” as Kane mentions Tables, Ladders and Chairs.


The Shield interrupts them with on the titan tron. Dean Ambrose calls them out on their empty threats and says ask Randy Orton what happens when you threaten them. Seth Rollins says “Justice is what happens” and Bryan/Kane and Ryback and the three biggest perpetrators of injustice and the sword of justice will be served in 48 hours.


Kane asks why wait until Sunday? Roman Reigns replies with “Finally, something that we agree on.” And they drop the camera as Bryan and Kane watch out for The Shield. The threesome appears in a luxury box and stare at Bryan and Kane before they head to the ring. “FEED ME MORE” hits the airwaves which stops The Shield in their tracks. Ryback enters the ring and The Shield retreats.


-Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Hornswoggle & The Great Khali w/ Natalya vs.The Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes


O’Neil is met with a big a big chop to the head from Khali to begins things and receives a big chop in the corner. Darren Young runs in and receives a chop to the head for his troubles. Hornswoogle tags in and chops O’Neil but gets clotheslined out of his boots. Young tags in and gets a head butt below the belt and gets hit with a springboard drop kick from Tyson Kidd. Kidd gets cut off by Young and is worked over by all four men with quick tags. Rosa even gets slap in but Natalya makes pay for it though. Kidd hits Primo with a reverse sunset flip roll up for the pin. The action continues after the match and ends with Kidd and Gabriel hitting a pair of suicide dives and Primo and Epico.


Winners: Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Hornswoggle & The Great Khali



-Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriquez (non-title)


Del Rio is very aggressive to start things off but Kofi is not backing down. Kofi connects with a drop kick and covers him for only a one count. Del Rio gets a single leg pick and repeatedly stomps Kofi. Kofi regains control and jumps on Del Rio in the corner and delivers the ten punches with the crowd counting along. Kofi comes back with a springboard forearm and clotheslines Del Rio over the top rope and follows up with a dive on to the floor. Kofi throws Del Rio back in the ring but is sent flying outside himself due to Del Rio grabbing a handful of tights. Kofi is in pain as we go to break.


We are back and Del has a rear chin lock applied. Kofi fights out of it and gets a tilt-whirl back breaker for his troubles. Del Rio measures Kofi in the corner and misses a big splash. Kofi comes back for a brief moment but Del Rio sends whips him into the corner for a hard buckle and follows up with an Enziguri for a close near fall. Del Rio hits Kofi with a Michinoku Driver and follows up with a belly to back suplex for a two count. Del Rio attempts a vertical suplex and Kofi reverses it into a roll up for the pin. Del Rio is shocked. Wade Barrett tries to sneak attack Kofi but is met with Trouble in Paradise and Barrett is down and out.


Winner: Kofi Kingston



Backstage: Sheamus chats with William Regal and Regal reminds him of his temper and he only has to wait two more days to get his hands on Big Show. He also tells Sheamus not to take Cesaro lightly. Sheamus says he is going to wear out Big Show with chair shot after chair shot after chair shot at TLC.



-Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro


Cesaro levels Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and poses for the crowd but Sheamus returns the favor. Sheamus hits a running knee lift and lands a flying clothesline for a one count. Sheamus hits the fireman’s carry roll through before getting knocked off the apron with a hard European uppercut from Cesaro.


Cesaro applies a modified Cobra Clutch and forces Sheamus to the mat whenever he tries to fight out of it. Sheamus finally escapes and land some clubbing forearms before getting caught with another European uppercut. Cesaro dead lifts Sheamus like a child and slams him down for a two count. Sheamus comes back with a pair of double ax handles and a shoulder block from the top rope.


Sheamus lands the ten forearms to the chest and suplexs him back in the ring, from the apron. Big Show comes out to the ramp and Sheamus chases after him. William Regal stands in front of Sheamus and pleads with him to wait until Sunday. Big Show hits Regal from behind with a chair as the bell rings and Sheamus has been counted out. Sheamus is livid and can barely keep himself from attacking Big Show as we fade to black.


Winner via count out: Antonio Cesaro


Final Thoughts: Besides the headlock clinic from Aksana, which had to be a rib, this was an enjoyable episode of Smackdown. The MIZ-TV segment got me a more excited for the TLC main event than I was a week ago. Cesaro is a superstar in the making and it would be interesting to see what kind of match he and Sheamus could have if they were given more time and a proper build.

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