12/14/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Dec 14, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brian Leeman

Here we are with Sheamus & Cesaro at ringside!

Match #1
Big Show vs R-Truth

Show starts off in control with chops. Big Show steps on Truth and walks over him. Truth gets the upperhand as they go to the outside. Show throws Truth into the ropes and chucks him into the ring. Cesaro taunts Truth before Sheamus pushes him. Truth with a scissors kick! Big Show throws Sheamus and hits the KO punch!

Winner: Big Show

Sheamus gets shoved into Big Show by Cesaro and Show claims that Sheamus hit him.

Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and announces the return of Cody Rhodes. Rhodes’ mustache got it’s own chant. Looks like it’s time to face The Usos!

Match #2
Rhodes Scholars vs The Usos

Still chants for the mustache. Jimmy and Jey tag back and forth and work over Rhodes. Cody takes control as he wrenches the arm of Jimmy. Sandow comes in and hits the elbow of disdain. Tag back to Rhodes. Front suplex from Rhodes. Full nelson lock from Rhodes as we get MORE mustache chants. Superkick to the gut by Jimmy, Jimmy tags in jey. Jey hits a few clotheslines before taging in Sandow. Jey dominates Sandow and hits a samoan drop. Samoan hip attack in the corner. Jimmy goes for the splash but Sandow rolls. Jimmy flips Rhodes over and Jey tosses Rhodes over the ropes while Sandow rolls up Jimmy!

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

David Otunga and Big Show in the ring and Otunga is trying to get Big Show out of the Chairs Match. Otunga says that he’s going to WWE HQ and demanding to cancel the match and fire Booker T. Booker comes out and says his stance hasn’t changed. Sheamus makes his way out and he has a chair. Show backs down and says the contract is valid. Show leaves and Sheamus Brogue Kicks Otunga.

We return with The Shield beating the hell out of Randy Orton.

Match #3
Kaitlyn vs Aksana

Aksana puts Kaitlyn a headlock for nearly two minutes. Kaitlyn fights out kinda but Aksana catches her. This headlock goes on another three minutes. Kaitlyn gets some offense in with clotheslines and flapjack. Ribbreaker for the win!

Winner: Kaitlyn

MizTV with Team Hell No!

Bryan says that he’s gonna leave The Shield begging for mercy and his response will be NO! NO! NO! Kane says they’re on the same page now and unstoppable. The Shield interrupt with a video backstage. Kane asks why don’t they fight now. The Shield show up in the crowd and make their way down to the ring until Ryback comes out. They retreat into the crowd.

Match #4
Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel/Khali/Hornswoggle vs Primo/Epico/Prime Time Players

Khali with some chops to O’Neil. Chop to Darren Young. Horswoggle tagged in and clotheslined by O’Neil. Young tags in. Tag to tyson Kidd. Primo tags in and stomps Kidd. Epico tags in and locks in a headlock. Rosa Mendes slaps Kidd. Natalya grabs Rosa by the hair and throws her down. Primo comes in. Roll up from Kidd for the three!

Winners: Team Kidd

The good guys clear the ring after.

Match #5
Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Match goes back and forth to start until Del Rio takes advantage. Kofi gains a head of steam and dives out of the ring onto Del Rio as we go to the break. Del Rio locks in a chinlock as we return. Backbreaker from Del Rio. Del Rio dives at Kingston and misses. Del Rio gains control again and puts Kofi into a submission hold. Roll up from Kofi for the win!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett runs out and misses Kofi. Kofi with a trouble in paradise to Barrett!

Main Event
Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro

Lock up early in the match. Cesaro with a shoulder block before Sheamus takes control. Cesaro works over Sheamus’ arm. Cesaro slams Sheamus to the ground and hits some uppercuts. Sheamus with some polish hammers. Diving shoulder block from Sheamus. Sheamus clubs Cesaro and suplexes him into the ring. Big Show makes his way down the ramp, beating down Regal. Sheamus goes down to help but can’t help Regal. Cesaro wins via countout as Sheamus stares down Show.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro (via countout)

And that’s the show!

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