11/23/19 WWE Smackdown Recap

Nov 24, 2012 - by staff

By Brian Leeman

We start off with MizTV, a staple on Friday nights now. Miz rambles on before bringing out John Cena! Cena comes down, selling the leg injury from Monday. Miz shows the footage of Cena and AJ locking lips and asks how it was before quickly moving onto the leg injury. Cena tells Miz to ask the hard questions and Miz jumps back to Cena/AJ. He asks if Cena is hiding anything. Cena says it’s the first time that AJ and him and had kissed but admitted to liking it. Cena says they did it to give the world something to talk about. AJ makes her way to the ring and confirms Cena’s reasoning. Ziggler comes out and berates AJ a bit more. Vickie comes out to talk about Dolph as a kisser and Cena cracks some jokes. Dolph calls Cena and AJ weak losers. Cena says that one of them enjoys eating a lot of nuts and the other is still trying to find his. Commercial break!

Match #1
Ryback vs Darren Young
Ryback absolutely dominates this one with his big boots and slams into the mat. Titus blows the whistle on the outside. Shellshocked ends it!
Winner: Ryback

After the match Titus gets into the ring and talks trash to Ryback only to get Shellshocked himself!

Match #2
Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth – Non-title
Cesaro starts off with some wrestling holds and immediately tosses Truth with the gutwrench suplex. Bodyslam from Cesaro into a foot stomp. Truth manages to get back into it with a flurry of offense. Cesaro goes for his finisher but Truth flips him over and hits the Little Jimmy for the win in a fairly short match.
Winner: R-Truth

Backstage Booker tells Sheamus that he’s not letting him compete tonight after the brawl last week. However, he gives Sheamus one more shot at TLC in a chairs match to face Big Show. Also, Show will go 1 vs 2 against Bryan & Kane.

Match #3
Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
Sin Cara with a fast paced offense in the beginning as he suicide dives to Del Rio on the outside. Del Rio dodges a shining wizard into a backbreaker. Del Rio starts to take some control but Sin Cara bounces off the ropes into an arm drag. Del Rio tosses Cara into the ring post.
We return to Del Rio putting Cara in a headlock. Sin Cara with a rollup. Del Rio keeps Cara grounded with strikes and many kicks to the back. Del Rio digs his arm into the back. A chinlock with the knee into the back of Sin Cara from Del Rio. Sin Cara with a huracanrana for two, only for Del Rio to hit a kick to the head. Alberto with a spinebuster-like slam to Sin Cara. Another chinlock from Del Rio. Sin Cara with some springboard elbows to get back in the match. Cara goes to the top but Del Rio hits a flying arm drag and locks in the Cross Armbreaker! Sin Cara taps.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Kane and Bryan argue backstage at each other and make fun of Big Show. Kane suggest Bryan team with Big Show and be Team No Show!

Match #4
Big Show vs Team Hell No!
Sheamus and William Regal are watching from the skybox. Big Show reall works over Bryan to start the match. Big Show picks up Bryan by the beard. Big Show with an onslaught of an attack on the arm of Bryan. Bryan fights back with some kicks to the legs of Show. Show comes back with a headbutt. Big Show goes to the 2nd rope and tries an elbow drop, but Bryan gets out of the way. Kane calls for the tag but Bryan refuses and starts kicking the hell out of Show. Headkick from Bryan for a near fall. Big Show tries a chokeslam but Bryan catches him in a guillotine choke. Show fights out.

Bryan heads to the top but gets caught. Bryan fights out into a rear naked choke. Big Show is fading from the choke. Show manages to slam Bryan to the ground. Bryan makes the tag to Kane. Kane with a flying clothesline. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Show fights out. DDT from Kane. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Bryan tags himself in and locks in the No Lock! Kane walks off. Show fights out and chokeslams Bryan for the win.
Winner: Big Show

Big Show grabs a mic and talks to Sheamus. Show says that this time it’s his turn to use the chair.

Match #5 Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston – Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett on commentary for this. Kofi with a clothesline out of the ring early on. Kingston goes to jump out but catches himself on the apron after Sandow crawls back in. Sandow throws Kofi into the ring post. We return and Sandow is still working over Kofi. Knees to the stomach from Sandow, followed by a Russian leg sweep and the elbow of disdain. Sandow beats down Kofi some more and puts on a chinlock . Sandow with an elbow to the chest. Kofi starts fighting back and gets to the top rope for a flying crossbody. Sandow flips up the rope a bit and hits Kofi, Sandow with a roll up for two. SOS by Kofi for a two count. Boom Drop from Kofi, followed by the Trouble In Paradise for the win!
Winner & Still IC Champion: Kofi Kingston

Main Event
Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler tries to escape early on as Orton starts off intense. Back and forth flurries to start the match as it takes a bit to pick up. Orton with a suplex from the apron into a slingshot into the ring. Neckbreaker from Dolph. Dolph gets chucked out of the ring and tries to escape, only for Orton to grab him. In the ring Orton looks dominant as he stomps all over Dolph. Back outside the ring Dolph hits a huge dropkick to Randy. Dolph takes control and hits his elbow drop for two. Dolph locks in the sleeper hold. Orton fights out and gets a rollup on Dolph. Ziggler with a big clothesline and they both go down. Ziggler with the sleeper hold to Orton again but Orton gets out. Big neckbreaker from Orton. On the top rope now, Orton hits a superplex after a brief battle. Orton with the clotheslines followed by the powerslam. Orton sets up Ziggler and hits the elevated snap DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but Ziggler rolls him up for the win!
Winner: Ziggler

As Ziggler leaves, Ricardo runs in and Orton RKOs him. Del Rio looks on without moving off the apron. As ZIggler is celebrating on the ramp, Cena takes him down and locks in the STF to end the show!

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