Nov 1, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers this month’s Open Fight Night on Impact Wrestling, live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

This episode of Impact Wrestling has been dedicated to Brad Armstrong, who passed away earlier today. A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap is aired, which shows Hulk Hogan choosing Kurt Angle as an opponent for Jeff Hardy. Austin Aries attacked Hardy after the match and Aces & Eights took out Angle. We then head into the Impact Zone where the pyro goes off for tonight’s Open Fight Night.

Joseph Park is in the ring and says he is not a wrestler, but an attorney. However, after the civil rights violations at the hands of Aces & Eights, the only thing that matters is that he is a man and he will stick up for himself. Park says he asked Hulk Hogan for a match and has yet to give him an answer. Due to his background, though, he has found a loophole, and that loophole is through Open Fight Night. Park then challenges any member of Aces & Eights to a fight.

Four members of Aces & Eights make their way to the ring through their special entrance and surround the ring. They then corner Park as Kurt Angle’s music hits and he runs out to give Park a hand. The numbers game catches up with Angle and Sting’s music hits as he chases the four guys out of the ring with a bat. Sting then grabs the microphone and promises that someone from Aces & Eights will have their mask ripped off their head. The four guys then retreat through their entrance.

We join the first hour announce team as they run over the concept of Open Fight Night and tonight’s upcoming matches with ODB taking on Jesse and Bully Ray calling out Devon. Hype is also given to Gut Check and talk about Christian York and how he wrestled on the very first night of TNA, but hasn’t wrestled in the company since. Magnus is walking backstage and says he isn’t concerned with Aces & Eights and will be making his way to the ring after the commercial break.

Jesse is backstage talking to Tara and says he has an ear infection. Tara says not to worry about his match tonight and that she has his back.

Magnus makes his way out to the ring and grabs a microphone to call out Samoa Joe in a match for the TNA Television Championship. He says they have a long a storied history and has an issue with Joe holding the TV Title. Magnus says Joe doesn’t fit the image of at TV Champion and has a face that is better suited for radio.

Match 1: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (TNA Television Championship)
Joe storm to the ring and begins connecting with a series of strikes and kicks. Joe then hits Magnus with a Senton splash for a near fall, however, Magnus is able to come back and take Joe down with a leaping knee to the face. Joe kicks out of a pin attempt, but Magnus comes back with a headlock to slow the pace down. Joe comes back and hits Magnus with a STO before clotheslining Magnus out to the floor. Magnus begins looking for something under the ring as Joe goes out to the ring and rams Magnus into the ring post. Magnus is seen grabbing a wrench from under the ring and cracks Joe in the head in plain view of the referee, who calls for the bell and disqualifies Magnus. Magnus soaks in the jeers for a moment before leaving the ring.

Sting, Joseph Park and Hulk Hogan is in the office and talking about Aces & Eights. Kurt Angle storms into the office and says he wants Devon tonight. Hogan says Bully Ray has him tonight and if there is anything left of him, Angle can fight Devon at Turning Point. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff follow Angle in the office and Angle says he is still looking for a fight tonight and he has backup. Sting says he will join the three of them and tear off some masks tonight as we head into a commercial break.

Samoa Joe is backstage holding a bag of ice on his head. Joe says the DQ wasn’t sending him a message and he wants to throw everything out the window. Joe then promises to kill Magnus.

We are treated to video of last week’s assault on Jeff Hardy at the hands of Austin Aries. We then see video of putting on his makeup while we hear his voice talk about OFN and how Austin Aries’ over-confidence will be the end of him.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian make their way to the ring with a microphone. Kazarian says the biggest frauds in TNA are not Aces & Eights, but the Tag Team Champions of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Last week they spoke the truth and it offended some amigos in the back. Daniels then steps in and says since it’s OFN, whoever they call out have to come and fight them, and they are calling out Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina, the Spanish announce team as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see Guerrero and Urbina in the ring as Kazarian and Daniels continue to hurl insults at the two. Their words won’t get them to agree to fight as Daniels pushes Urbina down and then the two focus on Guerrero. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez then run out and chase Daniels and Kazarian out of the ring. The two sides exchange a few words as Daniels and Kazarian make their way up the ramp.

A video package on Christian York is aired as we see footage of his match from 10 years ago in TNA. York says he isn’t getting any younger and how his whole adult life comes down to this one night. York is seen walking backstage and Gut Check will be coming up after the commercial break.

ODB is leaving Eric Young a message and tells him that she needs him here as see is going to take on Tara’s boyfriend, Jesse, later on tonight.

Match 2: Christian York vs. Zema Ion (TNA Gut Check)
York’s Gut Check opponent is the former X Division Champion, Zema Ion. Jeremy Borash pulls double duty and introduces York to the ring before running back to the announce table to do commentary. The match starts and York starts off strong against Ion and hits him with a series of moves, showing off his agility, even at his age. Ion then rolls out to the floor and hangs York up on the ropes before taking him down with a swinging DDT. Ion then showboats for a bit before going for a moonsault but York is able to block it with his knees. York then hits Ion with a hard clothesline and hits the Mood Swing for a close near fall. Ion then rolls out to the floor and York takes him down with a hurricanrana out on the floor. Ion is able to take control of the match as York comes back into the ring and locks York in the Submission Impossible and makes York tap out.

Austin Aries is backstage and says he took the TNA World Championship last week because Jeff Hardy didn’t seem to care and in his mind he is still the champion. Aries then knocks on the door of Robbie E. and Robbie T. and wants to talk with the two. The announce team then hype the upcoming matches of Devon against Bully Ray and ODB against Jesse as we head into a commercial break.

Garett Bischoff meets up with Bully Ray in the backstage area and says he is on his side and he will be there if he needs anything. Ray says he appreciates it as a stagehand comes in and tells the two that Aces & Eights are right outside. Angle and Sting are also outside as the two sides begin to brawl in the parking lot. Devon then shows up and Ray chases after him and the rest of Aces & Eights run off as Sting says they are just getting started and promises that someone is losing a mask tonight.

ODB comes out to the ring with her flask and a microphone. She says it’s no surprise on who she is calling out and begins to taunt the “Big Brother Reject,” Jesse, and to come out and meet his big sister.

Match 3: ODB vs. Jesse
Jesse comes out to the ring with Tara and she gives him a few words of encouragement before getting into the ring with ODB. The match starts as ODB hits Jesse with a series of chops until he heads out to the floor. Jesse then heads back into the ring and misses wildly with punches as ODB hits him with a series of chops and kicks. Jesse then shoves ODB down to the canvas but misses with an elbow drop. Jesse again runs out to the floor and ODB chases him back into the ring and she rams his head into the turnbuckle a few times, but misses with a dive from the middle rope. Jesse then slams ODB down to the mat but decides to flirt with Tara as ODB recovers and takes Jesse down with a slam. ODB is then distracted with Tara as Jesse rolls up ODB for the pin fall.

Mike Tenay joins the announce team and Jeremy Borash is sticking with the booth as Taz is unable to make it due to Hurricane Sandy. Tenay talks about the upcoming match between Bully Ray and Devon as Robbie E’s music cuts them off. Robbie E. and Robbie T. make their way to the ring as Robbie E. grabs a microphone. Robbie talks about beating Jeff Hardy during the Bound for Glory Series and says lightning will strike twice and calls out Hardy for another match.

Match 4: Robbie E. vs. Jeff Hardy
Robbie charges at Hardy as he makes his way into the ring but Hardy quickly takes Robbie down and picks up a quick near fall. Hardy then hits a splash from the middle rope for another near fall and Robbie retreats to the floor. Robbie trips up Hardy and drags him out to the floor and Hardy sends him into the steel steps. Hardy then springs off the steps and hits Poetry in Motion before rolling Robbie back into the ring. Robbie T. then nails Hardy from behind as he is making his way back into the ring and we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match and see Robbie is in control of Hardy. Robbie begins to get a little cocky with the TNA World Champion and finds himself being taken down with a series of strikes from Hardy. Hardy then hits Robbie T. through the ropes with a dropkick, however, Robbie E. is able to then take down Hardy with a DDT for a near fall. Hardy comes back and hits Robbie with a front suplex and a Twist of Fate. Hardy then heads to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb for the pin fall.

Austin Aries comes out and interrupts Hardy’s victory celebration. Aries says he is still the greatest wrestler in the universe and aside from three seconds at Bound for Glory, he has been the been unstoppable. Aries says Hardy knocked him off his pedestal, however, he will go back on top at Turning Point. Hardy the grabs a ladder from under the ring, climbs up it, and says they better do it right and have a ladder match. Aries rejects and says he is a wrestler and that he won’t do it before leaving.

Video of the opening of Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop is aired. Matt Morgan made his presence known and crashes the grand opening. Morgan grabs one of Hogan’s classic robes and Hogan says that is part of his history. Morgan tells Hogan to watch what kind of history he makes with it. We then see Hogan backstage with James Storm and Storm says he has proved himself over the last six months and wants to be given a chance. Hogan asks Storm if he is a betting man and that he may have an idea for him as we head into a commercial break.

Bobby Roode’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring and says he is getting screwed once again. Roode says he was passed over by Hulk Hogan to be in the running last week for a shot at the TNA World Champion and reminds him that Austin Aries isn’t the champion anymore. Roode says if Hogan picked him he would have kicked Jeff Hardy’s ass all over the building and he’d be the new TNA World Champion.

AJ Styles’ music hits and can’t believe Roode is out here complaining and Styles thinks he should be the TNA World Champion. Styles then reminds Roode that he has held the TNA World Championship longer than anyone else and to stop crying about it. Styles talks about his recent issues with Claire Lynch and how there was video taken of him getting into an elevator with a person of the opposite sex which “seems to be the new fad if your name is AJ.” Nice little dig at WWE. Styles says nobody cares about the past and they only want to know about the present.

Styles then challenges Roode to a match and Roode says he isn’t there to fight and says the answer is no before beginning to leave. Roode then charges at Styles and attacks him from behind, but Styles quickly comes back and clotheslines Roode over the top rope. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way out with James Storm. Hogan says he hears what Styles is talking about and what Storm is talking about and they both deserve a title shot. Hogan says it’s in their hands and books a match at Turning Point between Styles, Roode and Storm, with the winner earning a shot at the TNA World Championship. However, the loser will not get another shot until after Bound for Glory next year.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan come out to the ring and Morgan is wearing Hulk Hogan’s old robe. Morgan says he has been disrespected and ignored by TNA management. Instead of waiting for the ball to be given to him, he went ahead and stole it. Morgan says he is going to make history with Hogan’s robe and will eat through the entire TNA roster until he owns the TNA World Championship. Joey Ryan then gets on the microphone and says he tries to stay away from VD, but tonight he is calling one out in the form of RVD.

Match 5: Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD takes Ryan down with a few kicks and hits Ryan with Rolling Thunder. RVD then heads to the top rope and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash but Morgan pulls Ryan out of the way. Ryan then rolls up RVD and picks up the pin fall while grabbing a fistful of RVD’s tights. RVD goes after Ryan after the match is over but Morgan enters the ring and takes RVD out with the Carbon Footprint.

Aces & Eights are seen conversing in the parking lot and the match between Devon and Bully Ray is coming up after the commercial break.

We return to see the announce team hype a match between AJ Styles and Bobby Roode that will take place next week. Bully Ray’s music then hits as he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Ray gives a shout out to the fans in the northeast and hopes everyone is doing well. Ray then calls Devon out to the ring as Ray wants to kick his ass. Devon makes his entrance through the side and comes out alone.

Ray charges at Devon as he enters the ring, but Devon runs out to the floor. Ray then goes out and slides a table into the ring and tells Devon to get in the ring and fight him. Eight members of Aces & Eights then make their way to the ringside area and begin to enter the ring but Ray holds them off by swinging his chain around. Sting, Kurt Angle, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, and a few other members of the Impact roster come out to join Ray in the ring and the two sides brawl. The ring is cleared of everyone but Devon and Ray and Ray takes him down with a punch as the two sides brawl in the ringside area. Ray is about to set up Devon to send him through the table, but a big man from Aces & Eights grabs Ray and send him out to the floor.

Joseph Park then sizes up the big man and the big man quickly takes him down. Park tries to defend himself and ends up ripping the mask off the big man and it is revealed to be Luke Gallows. The announce team don’t mention him by name but he picks up Park and sends him through the table before being chased out of the ring by Angle and Sting and Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Samoa Joe defeated Magnus by disqualification.
– Zema Ion defeated Christian York by submission in TNA Gut Check.
– Jesse defeated ODB by pin fall.
– Jeff Hardy defeated Robbie E. by pin fall.
– Joey Ryan defeated Rob Van Dam by pin fall.

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