10/22/12 WWE Raw Recap

Oct 22, 2012 - by staff

Due to some techinical difficulties I came into tonight’s show midway into the first match, I apologize for the delay.

Match 1: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

Rhodes and Sandow are working to keep Sin Cara deep in their corner and keeping him down, utilizing multiple tag-ins. Sandow drops an unprotected knee to Sin Cara’s chest and then takes a very affected bow. Cody is back in, following a more brute strength/hard punches sort of a tactic, pausing to say some words to Rey Mysterio. Out of nowhere Sin Cara counters with an fantastic enziguiri and Cody flops as we cut to commercial.

Back to the match, with Cody still after Sin Cara. I guess that enziguiri didn’t do that much damage. Sandow comes back in and drops the Elbow of Disdain and tires for a cover, but Rey comes in and breaks it up. Rhodes back in and props Sin Cara on the turnbuckle. He punches Cody down and lands a tornado DDT before tagging in Rey, who cleans up house. It looks like he nails Cody with a split leg moonsault, but Cody gets a leg up. He drops Cody over the middle rope and then does the same to Sandow; he hits them both with the 619.  Mysterio comes off the top rope with a flying headbutt and tries to cover Cody again, but Sandow breaks it up.

Sin Cara comes back and gets Sandow out of the way, but Cody comes out of nowhere with the CrossRhodes and gets Mysterio for three.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, making them #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Daniel Bryan and Kane come on the Titan to instill some fear and create some heat for the title match coming up at Hell in a Cell. Kane makes the ringposts catch on fire somehow from backstage, and the fear of team Hell No does appear to be at least partially instilled.

Match 2: Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

Apparently Kofi won the IC title, I presume on Wednesday’s Main Event. Miz is on ringisde commentary and JR talks to us about Miz’s and Kofi’s Intercontinental Champion match. Miz says he’s going to take the title back at Hell in a Cell.

The match gets underway and McGillicutty has the upperhand right away. Kofi tries to fight back but McGillicutty just drives him back into the corner. Kofi tries to get out but McGillicutty lands a backbreaker. He tries for a cover but Kofi kicks out. McGillicutty slows things down by working Kofi into a headlock. Kofi gets to his feet and fights free but McGillicutty just pummels him back into the corner until the ref backs him up. He charges back at Kofi but Kofi flies up with the Trouble in Paradise and McGillicutty drops like a stone. Easy cover for Kofi.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We take a break from this week’s events to talk about last week’s events regarding CM Punk, Mr. McMahon and the Hell in a Cell WWE title match. Don’t forget; his opponent is Ryback.

Coming up on Raw we’re going to talk to John Cena about why he endorsed Ryback for the contendership as opposed to someone like, you know, himself.

As promised: John Cena.

He takes the mic to mixed cheers and boos. He talks up Hell in a Cell in general and CM Punk in particular. Punk is a man who tells the truth, he says. He’s a visionary and his vision was change. And this Sunday, after 337 days of uninterrupted title change, we will see change. Change looks like, in a nutshell, Ryback. And it says “FEED ME MORE.”

And here comes Punk at the top of the ramp, followed by Heyman. He says Cena’s vision of change is laughable. Punk says he’s done everything he promised and more (except for the ice cream bars, but who’s counting). He says Cena can promise destruction and bodily harm at the hands of Ryback, but he’s not concerned. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. (…except for the ice cream bars, but who’s counting.) He’ll walk out of the ring still champion. Punk likes that Cena is Ryback’s cheerleader; it means Cena realizes that he can’t beat Punk.

Cena says he can’t beat Punk, it’s that he wasn’t allowed. But now he’s medically cleared. He’s not going to mess with his PPV match, but he would like to mess up Punk’s face. He promises a pre-ass-whipping to the real ass-whipping. Punk drops his hoodie and goes for it.

Cena dances around and Punk gets on the apron. Heyman is helpfully reminding him that he fights Ryback on Sunday. Punk hops off the apron and raises the belt over his head as he walks back up the ramp backwards, holding eye contact with Cena.

Before commercial we’re told AJ has been pulled away to an emergency board of director’s meeting. Foreshadowing!

Match 3: Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel 

Cesaro takes his time getting his jacket off and then slides out of the ring to grab a mic. He says something in some language, sounds like Spanish. No idea what he said. He puts the mic down and Gabriel flies out of knowhere with a knee to the face. They get back in the ring and Cesaro drops Gabriel gut-first on the top rope. He proceeds to smack Gabriel all over the ring. And slams him. And jumps on him. And then gets him in a headlock for good measure.

Gabriel fights to his feet and breaks the hold. It doesn’t last long as Cesaro just drops him gut-first on the turnbuckle and then follows it up with a knee. He tries for a cover but Gabriel kicks out. He goes back to the headlock. Gabriel gets up and out, but ends up in the corner. He fights out of it, finally getting some momentum. He drops Cesaro flat with a backbreaker and tries to set up the 450 splash, but Cesaro wiggles the rope and Gabriel drops hard. They’re both up on the middle rope and fighting hard. Gabriel jumps up with a big enziguiri to the head, which drops Cesaro hard to the mat. Gabriel jumps off with a picture-perfect 450 splash and lands it hard. Cesaro is down for the count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Gabriel celebrates his way up the ramp; Cesaro throws a tantrum.

Cut to some backstage camerawork; McMahon gets out of a limo with AJ Lee. More foreshadowing!

McMahon and AJ have made their ways into the ring. McMahon has the microphone. She gives us the results of her many-hour meeting. She is resigning as general manager. She becomes visibly distraught as she talks about some of her poor decisions. The crowd seems a little meh until she goes ‘Well, some people just like a crazy chick!”

She seems to get a little off track, talking about how she lived in cars and motels, how she went from being homeless to being The Boss. She thanks everyone for believing in her and thanks McMahon for giving her the opportunity. They hug.

Suddenly, Paul Heyman.

He says he was unaware of AJ’s life story. He starts berating her. Not very nice. But he says it’s just business and there needs to be a new Raw GM. Heyman appears to be championing for this position. Very hard. McMahon appears to consider this. And then responds with a curt “No.”

We’re being introduced to someone new; not the General Manager, but the Managing Director… Vickie Guerrero. She takes the mic. She thanks the board of directors to a very, very loud chorus of boos. Heyman butts in. He tells Vickie its time to make her very first decision. He suggests altering the Punk/Ryback Hell in a Cell match. She declines. She says she’s going to do things better than Booker T on Smackdown. She makes the main event CM Punk vs. Sheamus. And it will a lumberjack match. Heyman drops his match in disgust and leaves the ring.

Vickie then turns to AJ. She says AJ wasn’t right for the job. Only Vickie has the experience and that’s why they chose her. She can’t even remember the title. Good one. She then decides to announce that AJ had an affair with… someone. She then tells AJ to get her dolls and go home. AJ walks towards the side of the ring but stops and turns around. And attacks Vickie. Awww yeah. Vickie finally manages to get out of the ring. They glare at each other as Vickie walks up the ramp. AJ skips her way up shortly.

Match 4: Ryback vs. The Miz

Miz very reluctantly makes his way to the ring, stopping midway down the ramp and again at ringside. He gets on the apron and gestures to the ref. While they’re discussing, Ryback just pulls him over the ropes and into the ring. The bell rings and they circle. Miz tries to go for it and Ryback throws him out of the ring. Ryback follows, glares at him and they both get back into the ring. Miz cowers in the corner. Miz tries to go for it again but Ryback gets him on his shoulders, drops him and then stomps him. He follows that by slamming him on his back a number of times. Miz again crawls for the corner and then tries to run away. He charges Ryback but gets smacked down for his trouble. Miz tries to jump off the top rope but Ryback catches him and slams him down hard. A “FEED ME MORE” chant starts. He lands a  nasty clothesline and gets Miz on his shoulders again, smashing him with the Shellshock. A winner is Ryback.

Winner: Ryback

We see Eve backstage on a cell phone, discussing AJ’s liasons. Kaitlyn sneaks up and is all “Oh, AJ is unprofessional?” accusing Eve of attacking her backstage some time ago. Eve denies it. Kaitlyn shows her some email she snuck off Eve’s iPad, proof of said attack. Kaitlyn then attacks the heck out of Eve. Layla tries to stop it and then eight refs run out of nowhere to break it up.

Josh Matthews is in the locker room with Sheamus and a stuffed Sheamus (they brought back Brawlin’ Buddies!) He asks Sheamus how he feels about his match with Punk later on. Sheamus isn’t concerned; he enjoys the unpredictability. Then Josh asks if it will effect his match with Big Show. Sheamus isn’t too concerned about that. Show comes out and tells him he better get serious about their match.

Match 5: Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

They lock up and Bryan gets right on Ziggler’s arm, but he manages to turn it around. Bryan counters with a suplex. Crowd starts a “YES!” chant. They lock up again and Bryan is right back on the offensive, but Ziggler manages to get Bryan in a headlock. Bryan gets out quickly and Ziggler tries to slide out of the ring but gets back in. Ziggler starts throwing punches, driving Bryan back into the corner. Pretty solid back and forth. Ziggler comes out with a gorgeous dropkick. Bryan’s on the mat. He gets Bryan up just to drop him with a neckbreaker. Another solid back and forth, and then Ziggler tries to land a flying knee; Bryan grabs him and rolls him into one of his patented submission moves, focusing heavily on Ziggler’s knee.

Ziggler manages to get Bryan in the corner, bad knee and all. He tries to throw Bryan across the ring but Bryan turns it into a figure-four. Ziggler flops his way to the bottom rope and Bryan has to drop it. He follows Ziggler right into the ropes, kicking him and then headbutting him through the ropes. Ziggler comes back with a big suplex over the top rope right to the floor. Bryan lands hard on his knee. Kane comes out and makes his way to the ring.

We come back from commercial to see Ziggler and Bryan back in the ring; Kane is watching at ringside. Ziggler appears to have control. Bryan tries a moonsault and misses, but comes back with a flying knee. He then charges across the ring and nearly dropkicks Ziggler’s head off, if not for the turnbuckle.

So much back and forth. Kicks, pin attempt exchanges, an attempt at the Sleeper hold. They take a breather. Ziggler throws punches at Bryan, propped up in the corner. He tries for a flying elbow, but Bryan dodges and Ziggler like bounces off the ringpost and then to the floor. That looked painful. He’s on the floor holding his knee. Bryan gets to his feet and leaps through the ropes onto Ziggler, driving them both into the barrier. Bryan gets up and throws Ziggler into the ring. Bryan climbs to the top rope but Ziggler flies up and grabs him, jumping off and smashing Bryan’s face into the canvas. A very near fall for Ziggler there.

They both look a little stunned but get up quickly, exchanging hits and shoves. Bryan gets up and lands a giant kick on Ziggler’s face. Kane comes by and starts a “YES” chant. He gets up on the turnbuckle and attempts to defuse the “YES”, which gives Dolph the perfect opportunity to sneak up and drop Bryan with the Zig-Zag. Solid three count. That was quite a good match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Bryan is prone in the ring. Kane climbs in to join him. Kane is all “What the heck just happened? I was helping you!” Bryan gets up and then pushes Kane. Kane pushes back and the argument continues. Matt Striker interrupts them and says Vickie has a surprise. He says they will compete in a therapeutic game show. Like the Newlywed Show, but it’s the… Newly… Tag… Game. Matt Striker is the host. Their opponents are Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Therapeutic game show time. Kane and Bryan are in one set of folding chairs. Striker is in the middle. The other two are empty for the time being. Striker attempts to introduce Kane, but Kane’s all “We’ve met.” Bryan gets on the mic. “I do not have a goat face! I am the world’s toughest vegan!”

Kane is like “My name is Kane. I’m a Scorprio. I enjoy long walks on the beach, rainbows and puppies.”

Striker: “Seriously?”

Kane: “HELL NO.”

Bryan: “No, that’s true, you do love rainbows!”

Dissolves into argument. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow enter.

Sandow “How dare you invite us to participate in such facetious tomfoolery!”

In short, Sandow is offended at this nonsense. He and Rhodes will not participate. Rhodes: “You’ll get to know us when we beat you for the Tag Titles at Hell in a Cell!”

Rhodes drops the mic, they leave. Back to Striker, who announces team Hell No as winners by forfeit. Bryan is very excited. Kane stands up, knocks his chair over, fixes his glove. Goes after Striker. Striker runs away. He finds something amusing and says “I wish I could wish you luck for this Sunday, but I really don’t.”

Big Show comes out and throws Striker halfway across the arena before making his way to the ring.

Match 6: Big Show vs. Kane

I like how we come back from commercial to see this match already in the middle. Kane is in the corner at Big Show’s mercy. Kane dodges a big chop and starts throwing elbows at Show. He bounces off the rope and Show lands a huge spear. Kane goes splat. Daniel Bryan is watching at ringside. Kane gets to his feet and Show starts working on his shoulder before driving him into a corner and headbutting him like eight times. Bryan tries to rally Kane. Kane does land a few punches but Show slams him and then drops an elbow. Show covers but Kane gets a shoulder up.

Kane gets up and totters into the corner. Show follows and lands a big slap and follows with another headbutt. He pulls Kane into the middle of the ring and bearhugs him like a boss. Bryan tries to rally Kane yet again. He tries to break the hold but Big Show just like falls over on him, sort of a halfway bodyslam. Tries to make it a cover but Kane gets his shoulders up again.

Big Show then chokes Kane on the middle rope and Kane starts fighting back some with some big hits. Show doesn’t really take that and lands some even bigger hits. Kane manages to come out with a DDT and drops Show. He tries for a cover but Show gets right out.

Kane climbs to the top rope and knocks Show flat. He hooks the leg but Show gets out of it. Kane fixes his glove and tosses his hair, waiting for Show to get to his feet. Rhodes and Sandow come out and stand at the top of the ramp. Kane gets distracted by them and Show comes from behind with a huge giant fist; Kane drops flat and Show gets an easy cover.

Winner: Big Show

Rhodes and Sandow attack Daniel Bryan. Show wisely vacates the area. They throw Bryan in the ring and also kick Kane, who is already down. Damage done, they make their way back up the ramp.

We go backstage to see Santino talking to AJ. He tells her she did a good job. John Cena comes over and Santino scurries off. Cena says if there’s anything she needs or anything he can do, he’s got her back. She thinks she shouldn’t have been fired for whatever it is she did.  AJ just says… wow. They said AJ had an affair with John Cena. She says she didn’t want to drag his good name into her stuff. She’d rather resign quietly. AJ thinks it was Vickie trying to sabotage her. She’s upset and then John pulls her into a big old hug and tells her he’ll take care of her.

Backstage again with John Cena. Cena gets up to McMahon and wants to know the deal. McMahon says there was incriminating evidence, but he won’t say what. McMahon says it was only a matter of time before AJ was released; she was on probation anyway. McMahon gets in the limo. Cena is not very pleased.

Match 7: Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Rio goes right for Ryder, dropping him with a kick and them a barrage of punches. He backs Ryder into a corner and kicks him flat. Ryder tries to come back with some hits, but gets nowhere. Del Rio tries for two unsuccessful covers and then works Ryder into a headlock. Ryder breaks free and goes up and over with a Sunset Flip. No go. Del Rio tries another cover, no go for him. He works Ryder’s neck and then on his shoulder. Ryder gets to his feet and starts throwing elbows. He gets some momentum, throwing Del Rio and a knee in the face. He sets up for the Broski Boot, but Del Rio gets out of the way and Ryder gets hung up on the ropes. He kicks him a few times then pulls him into the middle of the ring for his crossbody arm breaker, only breaking the hold when the ref gets over on him.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets on the mic and asks Randy if he liked that. He says he’ll cut his head off then goes back for that armbar on Ryder, calling him Randy. His ring announcer starts screaming “ALBERTO DEL RIO” and then he finally drops the armbar. He then climbs onto the ropes and does some Randy Orton arms.

Backstage, Vickie delegating some movers cleaning out AJ’s office, which is now hers. John Cena confronts her. He tells her it was a business dinner. Vickie says perception is reality and that it was actually John himself that cost AJ her job. Vickie looks smug as John walks away.

Josh Mathews talking to Dolph Ziggler, who’s also ringing in about AJ. He likes her, but she attacked Vickie and she’s been fraternizing. He blames John Cena.

For some reason we get a Ryback video package. Yeah, he’s a tank. We get it.

Heyman and Punk consulting. He tells Punk not to let Ryback get into his head. Heyman tells Punk he’ll still be the champion. Nice little peptalk there.

Out come the lumberjacks, or basically the entire Raw roster. Including Big Show, which maybe doesn’t bode overwell for Sheamus.

Match 8: CM Punk vs. Sheamus

They dance around a bit and lockup. Solid back and forth and Sheamus backs Punk into the corner. Ref backs him up and they lockup in the middle again. Punk throws Sheamus right out the ring. The lumberjacks step back and just let him climb back in the ring. Sheamus throws Punk out of the ring, but they all throw him back in. Sheamus starts dropping some knees and tries a cover but can’t even hold Punk down for one.

Sheamus gets Punk in a headlock, keeps it locked tight until Punk gets him backed into a corner and he has to drop it. Punk starts landing some headbutts. Sheamus throws him off the ropes and lands an elbow before slamming him down and dropping another elbow. Tries a cover, but Punk kicks out. Sheamus goes right back for the headlock. Punk breaks free and Sheamus clotheslines him over the top rope; the lumberjacks just throw him back in. Sheamus hits him with a backbreaker, tries for another cover, but no.

Punk takes a flying leap off the top rope, drops Sheamus with a clothesline and tries for a cover. Punk throws Sheamus out of the ring and the lumberjacks start kicking at him instead of throwing him in the ring right away, though they do get him there eventually. Cut to commercial as Punk gets Sheamus in a headlock.

Back from commercial and Sheamus is still/again in a headlock. Sheamus gets out and starts just driving elbows into Punk’s chest. It doesn’t get him down and Punk goes right back for the headlock. Show watches with some enjoyment.

Punk throws Sheamus out of the ring and the lumberjacks just go all out at him and then it turns into like a whole brawl for a second, fighting each other. They eventually throw Sheamus back in. Punk climbs up on the turnbuckle and knocks Sheamus flat. He gets on the next turnbuckle and does it again. Climbs up yet again, tries to knock Sheamus for a third time, but Sheamus punches him in the gut right as he lands. Sheamus gets a little momentum going but Punk kicks him down flat and slams him. Climbs back up to the top rope again, but hops down gently. Gets Sheamus up, drops him with a neckbreaker. Tries for a cover but Sheamus kicks out. Punk goes for the headlock. He likes that headlock.

Sheamus fights out of the headlock and gets a second win, slapping Punk down and landing a rolling senton. Sheamus pulls Punk up and punches his chest. Ouch. Sheamus tries a cover, but Punk kicks out. He spears Punk into the turnbuckle but Punk counters with a flying boot. Tries for a cover, but nope. The two take a second to catch their breath. Punk charges and Sheamus grabs him up. He tries for a figure four, but Punk wiggles free. Punk throws a huge knee into Sheamus’s face and tries for a cover, but again, he kicks out.

Punk climbs to the top rope but Sheamus is ready and punches him in the head. He climbs up and superplex. Bam. Sheamus struggles for a cover but Punk gets a shoulder up in time. Sheamus picks Punk up but Punk fights free. Punk tries for the GTS but Sheamus wiggles loose. Punk lands a big kick to Sheamus’s head, tries for a cover. Still no. Big Show not pleased. He wants Sheamus to lose.

Punk climbs onto the top rope again, tries a big flying elbow but Sheamus dodges it. He gets Punk up and lands a huge backbreaker and follows it with a cover; Punk barely gets up in time. Sheamus is trying for a submission, Texas Cloverleaf, but Punk blocks it and manages to throw Sheamus over. The lumberjacks are on him and throw him back. Sheamus gets in and flattens Punk with the White Noise. He readiest the Brogue Kick, but Cesaro runs in and gets it! Otunga comes in and Sheamus kicks him too. He tries to hit Punk, but Punk dodges and Big Show is right there in the corner. Show choke slams the heck out of Sheamus and Punk sneaks in there, getting the pin.

There is Ryback! Punk tries to run but the lumberjacks throw him back in. Ryback grabs him and powerslams him. He tries to escape byt Ryback gets him again and powerslams him flat. Punk again tries to run but they throw him back in. Ryback throws him right over the top rope and he and all the lumberjacks scatter. Punk manages to scoot near the ramp and Heyman and relative safety.

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