Bound for Glory

Oct 14, 2012 - by Michael Riba

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The 2012 edition of TNA Bound for Glory opens up with a video package portraying various wrestlers talking about their favorite moments at Bound for Glory.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show from Phoenix, Arizona and run down a bit of the card.

Match #1: TNA X Division Championship Match: Zema Ion (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
They tie up in the middle of the ring for a few seconds before RVD takes Ion’s down. Ion comes back and takes RVD down and connects with a dropkick. Ion gets a pin attempt on RVD, but he kicks out at one. Ion gets caught on the top rope, and RVD delivers a kick that sends Ion to the floor. RVD goes after him, but Ion drives his shoulder into RVD’s midsecton. Ion hits a beautiful DDT on RVD and gets a two count. Ion tosses RVD into the corner and charges, but RVD gets an elbow up and blocks him. Ion sends RVD into the guardrail on the outside and then flips over the top rope to take RVD down on the outside. Ion tosses RVD back into the ring and gets a two count. Ion stomps on RVD and chokes him over the middle rope. Ion takes RVD to the corner and drives his shoulder into his back. Ion delivers a chop, but then RVD tosses Ion into the corner and goes for the monkey flip, but Ion counters and hits a missile dropkick, and gets a two count. RVD tries to fight back, but Ion keeps the control for himself with an abdominal stretch. RVD fights out and they slug it out and RVD takes Ion down with a dropkick. RVD connects with Rolling Thunder and goes up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash for the pin fall. Winner and new TNA X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam.

We go backstage where Jeremy Borash is interviewing Magnus. JB reads a Twitter question that asks Magnus if tonight is the biggest match in his career. Magnus says tonight is the biggest night for himself and for the company. Magnus says he has broken out of political prison and asks Joe how he will react to the biggest loss of his career tonight.

Match #2: TNA Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus
They tie up and wrench each other’s arms before Magnus takes Joe down with a Fireman’s Carry. Magnus works on Joe’s arm that he attacked with a steel chair on Impact Wrestling before they tie up again. Magnus backs Joe into the corner and backs away. They tie up again before Joe smashes Magnus in the corner and takes him down with a kick. Joe pounds away on Magnus with right hands in the corner before Magnus gets a cheap shot in on Joe that takes him down. Joe chops Magnus, but Magnus comes back and works over Joe in the corner. Magnus keeps control over Joe and takes him down with a brain buster and goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Joe tosses Magnus into the corner, but Magnus gets a boot up and goes up top, but Joe catches him and takes him down for a two count. Joe works over Magnus and comes off the ropes, but Magnus leaps up, but Joe catches him and power bombs him down. Joe goes for the STF, and Magnus goes for the ropes. Joe locks it in deeper, but Magnus gets his foot on the rope. Joe takes Magnus to the corner and sets up for the Muscle Buster, but Magnus counters with a rake of the eyes. Magnus connects with some forearm shivers and a knee to Joe’s jaw. Magnus goes up top and delivers the elbow drop and goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Joe comes back and punches Magnus in the face a few times and locks in the rear-naked choke, but Magnus counters and gets out. Joe finally locks in the Koquina Clutch, but Magnus counters with a jaw breaker. Magnus works on Joe’s knee and goes for the Figure Four, but Joe counters and locks in the Koquina Clutch and Magnus taps. Winner and still TNA Television Champion: Samoa Joe.

We go backstage again and JB is interviewing Bobby Roode. Roode says this match has been building for a year, but the hatred he and James Storm have for each other has been building for longer than that. Roode says King Mo will not stop him from beating Storm again tonight. Roode says Storm has never beaten him and that he will send Storm into retirement tonight. We get a video hype package for the Street Fight, which is next.

Match #3: Street Fight (w/King Mo as Special Outside Enforcer): Bobby Roode vs. James Storm
They slug it out and Storm gains the advantage and tosses Roode into the corner. Storm slams Roode to the mat and chops him across the chest. Storm back drops Roode before they go to the outside. Roode goes on the offense on the outside and Storm and King Mo get face-to-face. Storm slams Roode into a chair, but Roode comes back and tosses Storm into the guardrail. Storm hits a side-Russian leg sweep and takes Roode down to the floor. Storm goes for The Eye of the Storm on the announce table, but Roode fights out and catapults Storm into the ring post and Storm is busted open. Roode gets a steel chair and hits Storm in the back with it. Roode pounds away on Storm. They get back into the ring and Storm hits Roode with a kendo stick. Storm puts a trashcan between Roode’s legs and hits it with the kendo stick. Storm charges at Roode with a trashcan lid, but Roode tosses him out of the ring to the ramp. Storm comes back with a shoulder block on Roode and hits a DDT onto the stage. Storm grabs a crutch from a fan and hits Roode with it. Storm and Roode exchange shots with trashcan lids and Storm gets the upper hand and then delivers a big shot with the actual trashcan. Roode comes back and delivers a spine buster on the stage. Storm hits Roode with a cookie pan and drinks a beer. Storm slams Roode head into the announce table and they climb on top of it. Storm goes to suplex Roode into another table, but Roode fights out and spears Storm through the other table. Roode gets Storm back into the ring and goes for the pin, but Storm kicks out at two. Roode shoves the referee, but King Mo gets into the ring and Roode shoves him. Storm takes Roode down and hits him with the Last Call Superkick and gets a two count. Storm goes for it again, but Roode reverses and tosses Storm into a chair and rolls him up for a two count. Roode takes Storm up top and then grabs a chair and hits Storm in the back with it. Roode grabs a bag and dumps out thumbtacks in the middle of the ring. Roode goes up top and goes to suplex Storm on them, but Storm reverses and headbutts Roode down onto the tacks. Storm goes for the cover, but Roode gets his shoulder up at two. Roode goes to the outside and grabs a case of beer and goes to hit Storm with a bottle, but Storm counters with a low blow. Storm grabs a bottle and breaks it over Roode’s head. Storm picks Roode up and connects with the Last Call Superkick for the pin fall. Winner: James Storm.

We go backstage and JB is interviewing Joey Ryan. JB asks Ryan if he is ready for the match tonight. Ryan says he isn’t going to scream, he is going to tell the truth. Ryan says the truth is that he should have been handed a contract before he even had to compete on Gut Check. Ryan says 87% of the fans wanted him to get a contract, but the judges said no. Ryan says he will defeat Al Snow and become a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. He calls Snow a disgusting man that is best known for carrying around a severed head. Ryan says he is bringing sleazy back. We see the video hype package.

Match #4: Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan
Ryan backs into the corner before going after Snow, who slaps Ryan around down on the mat. Snow gets on the mat again and invites Ryan over. Ryan charges, but Snow catches him and tosses him down on the mat. Ryan backs Snow into the corner, but Snow slaps him across the face. Snow picks Ryan up and bodyslams him down to the mat. Snow takes Ryan down with a headlock takedown and applies the cross-face. Snow grabs Ryan’s hair and the referee tells him to get off, which allows Ryan to take Snow down. Ryan suplexes Snow and goes for the cover, but Snow kicks out at one. Ryan puts his boot in Snow’s throat and tosses him into the opposite corner. Ryan punches Snow in the face and tosses him across the ring, but Snow comes back with two big clotheslines. Snow connects with his headbutts and delivers an elevated DDT for a two count. Snow goes to the outside and grabs Head from under the ring and goes to hit Ryan with it, but the referee stops him and Ryan shoves Snow into the referee. Ryan grabs Head and makes out with it before getting caught up in the apron by Snow. Matt Morgan comes out and lays out Snow and tosses him into the ring. Ryan pins Snow. Winner: Joey Ryan. After the match, Ryan hugs Morgan’s leg, but then they shake hands.

We go backstage and JB is interviewing Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian say they aren’t influenced by Twitter and that everyone is jealous of them and the deck has been stacked against them. They say they will beat both teams tonight just like they have before. We see the video hype package.

Match #5: TNA World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: The World Tag Team Champions of the World (c) vs. A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez
Guerrero and Styles start the match as Daniels and Kazarian hang out on the floor. Guerrero takes Styles down, but Styles shoots him off the ropes and Guerrero comes back with a shoulder block. Styles trips Guerrero and gets him in a headlock and takes him to the corner and tags in Angle. Angle takes Guerrero down and chokes him in the corner. Daniels tags himself in on Angle. The match picks back up with Hernandez and Guerrero double-teaming Styles. Kazarian tags himself in on Hernandez and gets taken down with a beautiful dropkick from Styles. Styles tags in Angle, who hits a back drop suplex on Kazarian. Guerrero tags himself in on Angle and uppercuts and stomps away on Kazarian. Guerrero tags in Hernandez, who takes Kazarian down with a back breaker. Guerrero comes back in and hits a leg drop on Kazarian for a two count. Kazarian rakes Guerrero’s eyes and tags in Daniels, who gets taken down with a dropkick from Guerrero. Styles tags in and takes Daniels down with a head-scissors. Kazarian clotheslines Styles from the outside and Daniels takes control. Kazarian gets in the ring and gets a two count on Styles. Daniels and Kazarian double-team Styles and Kazarian goes for the pin, but Guerrero breaks it up. Kazarian gets Styles in a Full Nelson, but Styles gets out and hits the Pele on Kazarian. Styles tags in Angle and Angle cleans house of everyone. Angle German suplexes Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels sunset flips onto Angle, but Angle rolls through and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Kazarian breaks it up and eats another German suplex. Kazarian goes up top as Daniels holds Angle, but Angle gets free and suplexes Kazarian onto Daniels. Guerrero breaks up the pin attempts and eats a German suplex of his own. Styles hits a flying forearm on Hernandez. Daniels hits the STO on Styles and hits a dropkick on Angle. Daniels dives out to the floor onto Angle. Hernandez flies on the outside and takes Daniels down. Kazarian comes off the top rope and head scissors Hernandez to the floor and takes a nasty fall onto his shoulder. Styles shoulder blocks Guerrero and springboards onto Daniels and Hernandez on the floor. Guerrero suplexes Angle into the ring and goes for the Three Amigos, but Angle counters the third into the Angle Slam. Angle goes up top, but Hernandez catches him and Styles tags himself in. Angle and Styles double-suplex Hernandez. Kazarian takes down Styles and Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Styles kicks out at two. Guerrero goes up top and dives onto Kazarian on the floor. Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings on Styles, but Styles back body drops Daniels over and hits an inverted DDT. Hernandez tags himself in and Border Tosses Daniels and Guerrero hits the frog splash and Hernandez pins Daniels. Winners and new TNA World Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez.

We see the video hype package for Ms. Tessmacher vs. Tara, which is next.

Match #6: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara
They scrap it out for a bit and Tessmacher gains control with a head-scissors take down. Tara goes to the outside and Tessmacher follows, but Tara escapes and hides behind the referee. Tara takes Tessmacher to the floor. She keeps control back in the ring and slams her into the corner. Tessmacher comes back with a roll up, but Tara gets control back and rubs her face in the mat. Tara goes for the cover, but Tessmacher kicks out at two. Tessmacher connects with a desperation move, but Tara slams her head into the mat. Tessmacher comes back and takes Tara down with a clothesline and a side slam. Tessmacher goes up top and comes off and connects with a head-scissors take down. Tara comes back and sets Tessmacher up on the top rope, but Tessmacher shoves her off and goes for an elbow drop, but Tara moves. Tara sets up for the Widow’s Peak for the pin fall. Winner and new TNA Women’s Knockout Champion: Tara. After the match, Tara thanks her Hollywood Boyfriend and then brings him out for his revealing. And it’s Jesse Godderz from Big Brother fame.

We take a look back at last night’s TNA Hall of Fame induction Ceremony, in which Sting became the first man to be inducted.

We see the video hype package for the Aces and 8s vs. Bully Ray and Sting match, which is now no disqualification. Bully Ray enters with Sting, sporting old-school Sting face paint.

Match #7: No Disqualification Tag Team Match: Aces and 8s vs. Bully Ray and Sting
Ray and Sting attack Aces and 8s as they are handcuffing Joseph Park to the guardrail. All four men fight on the outside and exchange control over the match. Ray takes one of the guys down with a flying elbow shot and hits him in the head with a piece of the broken announce table. Aces and 8s take control and double-team Sting in the ring after he missed a Stinger Splash. It’s finally one-on-one in the ring with Sting and one of the guys. Aces and 8s double=team Sting as Ray looks on from the apron and screams at Sting. The guy takes Sting down with a big boot and gets a two count. The other guys comes in and slams Sting down, but Sting comes back and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock, but the other guy gets in the ring and breaks it up. Sting comes back and takes the guy down and tags in Ray. Ray takes care of both of them and hits a neck breaker on the one in the ring. Ray takes him down with a shoulder block and knocks the other down on the apron. Aces and 8s come back with a double-team, but Ray comes back with a double-clothesline. Sting tosses one of the guys out of the ring and goes after him as the other works on Ray in the ring. Sting gets tossed into the rail on the outside and Ray takes the other down with a big boot. A third Aces and 8s guys low blows Ray and then spits on Park. Park breaks the handcuffs and takes the third Aces and 8s guy down. Park takes the third guy down on the stage and they fight up the ramp. The other two guys take advantage of Sting and Ray, but Ray tosses one to the outside and saves Sting. Ray picks the guy up and Sting goes to the top and they connects with L.O.D.’s finisher. Sting hits the Stinger Splash and tells Ray to get the tables. Ray tosses a table into the ring, but the other guys drags Sting to the outside. Another Aces and 8s guy comes in and slams Ray through the table. The Aces and 8s guy pins Ray for the three count. Winners: Aces and 8s. After the match, Aces and 8s troops jump the rail and beat down Ray and Sting. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he lays out Aces and 8s out one by one. Hogan gets one guy in the ring and unmasks him, and it’s Devon. Devon is the leader of Aces and 8s.

We go backstage and JB is interviewing Austin Aries. Aries says he always says something wrong when he opens his mouth. Aries says he is the most dominant wrestler in TNA. Aries said he has done it with skill, but tonight he will do it with anger. Aries says after Bound for Glory, he will still be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. We see the video hype package.

Match #8: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
They tie up and Hardy shoves Aries off of him. The crowd is pretty split as to who they are rooting for. Aries has Hardy in a front headlock, but Hardy gets free and Aries slaps him in the face. They tie up again and Aries shoves Hardy after a clean break. Hardy kicks Aries in the midsection and then rams Aries into the corner. Aries takes Hardy down with a side headlock and then goes into a front face lock. Hardy reverses into a side head-scissors. Hardy stomps away on Aries in the corner and drives a shoulder into his midsection and goes for a roll over, but Aries counters into a dropkick. Aries chokes Hardy with his boot in the ropes and runs around the ring for a victory lap. Aries lounges on the top rope and then gets caught in the ropes by Hardy. Hardy takes Aries down with a vertical suplex for a two count. Hardy mocks Aries and dives over the ropes with a double sledge to Aries’ back. Hardy breaks the count and re-arranges the steel steps. Hardy slams Aries into the steps and dives over the steps onto Aries. Aries gets control back and grounds Hardy. Hardy goes up top and dives, but Aries gets his knees up and goes for the pin, but Hardy kicks out at two. Aries connects with a back breaker and goes for the cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Aries goes for the Brain Buster, but Hardy hits the sit-out front suplex. Hardy comes off the ropes, but Aries gets a knee into his midsection. Aries tries to lock in Last Chancery, but Hardy counters and delivers a beautiful flip suplex. Hardy sends Aries to the outside into the guardrail and slingshots himself over, but Aries gets back into the ring and Hardy crashes and burns. Aries hangs out in the ring as the referee counts Hardy on the outside. Aries dives over the ropes and takes Hardy out again. Aries tosses Hardy into the ring and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Aries is busted open from his most recent dive. Aries locks in Last Chancery in the middle of the ring, but Hardy makes it to the ropes. Aries goes for the Brain Buster on the ramp, but Hardy counters and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Aries pushes him into the ropes and clotheslines Hardy into the ropes. Aries drapes Hardy over the ropes and Hardy’s head connects with the ramp. Aries goes to dropkick Hardy in the corner, but Hardy counters and gets his boots up. Aries goes for the Discus Shot, but Hardy reverses into the Twist of Fate and goes for the cover, but Aries kicks out at two. Hardy goes up top, but Aries gets up there as well and delivers a super hurricanrana from the top. Aries hits the dropkick in the corner and connects with the Brain Buster and goes for the cover, but Hardy kicks out at two. Aries puts Hardy on the top rope and goes for the double foot stomp, but Hardy moves and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top and hits the Swanton and gets the pin fall. Winner and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy.

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