9/28/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Sep 28, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brian Leeman

WWE Smackdown – September 28 2012

Show kicks off with Big Show in the ring, talking about his last title reign of only 45 seconds. He then goes on to say that he had to watch Bryan lose the belt in just 18 seconds. As Big Show claims that he’s going to beat Sheamus, Randy Orton comes out. Orton says that he’s the most sadistic guy on the roster. Big Show vs Randy Orton is our main event for the night. Del Rio makes his way to the ring now saying that he deserves yet another shot. Del Rio claims he was cheated by Booker T. As Del Rio goes to get in the ring, Orton RKOs him and leaves.

Match #1
United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella
Santino with the usual start to his matches before Cesaro reverses the hip toss into a clothesline. Cesaro with punches in the corner and a suplex. Double foot stomp from Cesaro and then a necklock. Santino gets out of it with a back suplex. Body slam from Santino and he pulls out the Cobra but Cesaro strikes him in the stomach. Santino reverses a throw into a roll up but Cesaro comes back with an uppercut. Big throw by Cesaro but Santino kicks out. Santino with a super kick for a near fall. Cesaro gets to the top rope but Santino follows him up. The two exchange strikes. Cesaro sets up for the Neutrilizer off the ropes but Santino flips him off the ropes. Santino goes to the top rope and goes for the headbutt and misses. Neutrilizer from Cesaro for the win.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Match #2
Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
Phoenix wins in a back and forth match with her home crowd on her side. Beth got the victory through a roll up. After the match, Eve declares that it was Beth who attacked Kaitlyn backstage.
Winner: Beth Phoenix
Backstage, Booker T overruled Eve’s claim that Beth was the one who attacked Kaitlyn.

Match #3
Wade Barrett vs Zack Ryder
Short match where Barrett got the victory with his new elbow finisher.

Miz TV featuring Sheamus
Sheamus comes out early and says Miz has memory loss because Ryback destroyed him last week. Sheamus said that no one wants to hear Miz talk for an hour and a half. Miz plugs his movie and Foley’s book based on him, saying that you have to pay to see him. Miz said that everyone has paid for the show to see him on MizTV. Miz asks Sheamus why he’s not worried about Big Show or Orton at HIAC. Sheamus talks about how he’s well aware that one mistake causes him to lose his title but that he works his arse off and takes it seriously. Sheamus looks as if he’s about to fight Miz before Ziggler and Vickie interrupt and come down to the ring. Ziggler says it doesn’t matter which wrestler Sheamus faces at HIAC, because after the match the briefcase is all that matters. Ziggler says that just like tonight’s main event, Sheamus’ title reign is irrelevant. Ziggler guarantees he’ll be world champion. Ziggler and Sheamus stare down and before Sheamus pushes Miz out of his chair and a huge brawl ensues and Sheamus takes out both Dolph and Miz.

#1 Contender Tag Team Tournament
Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow vs The Usos
Sandow and Jimmy trade shots before Sandow starts stomping away at Jimmy. Jimmy with a samoan drop and makes the tag to Jey who starts cleaning house. Big superkick to the chest from Jey to Rhodes. Jey with the samoan hip attack in the corner. Cover for 2. Sandow rolls out of the ring after breaking up the pin and Jey hits a superick. Jimmy gets tagged in and goes for the splash off the ropes but Cody gets his knees up. CrossRhodes from Cody for the win.
Winners: The Rhodes Scholars

Match #5
Tensai vs Ryback
Ryback wins very quickly with his finisher, followed by plenty of Feed Me More chants.
Winner: Ryback

Orton is on his way to the ring when Del Rio strikes. He throws around Orton and slams a big metal box into Orton’s ribs.

Big Show comes out to the ring but instead of Orton coming out, Del Rio does. Del Rio says that he’s taking Orton’s place until Orton attacks from behind and throws Del Rio into the stage.

Main Event
Randy Orton vs Big Show
Big Show dominates most of this match but Orton manages to reverse a chokeslam into a DDT. Orton stomps the limbs in an attempt to keep the Big Show down. Knee to the head from Orton. Body blows from Big Show. Big Show yells for Orton to give up. Big Show with a claw hold on Orton’s ribs. Show hits another rib shot to Orton and sends him out of the ring. Show follows and tries to throw him into the ring post but Orton slips out and tosses Big Show into it. Show gets back into the ring, only for Orton to kick him in the head and tries to hit the Spike DDT but Big Show hits a body blow. Show signals for the chokeslam.

Big Show picks up Orton but Orton reverses into an RKO. But Big Show kicks out! Orton sets up for the punt kick. Big Show catches him by the throat and hits a chokeslam but Orton kicks out! Big Show hits another chokeslam, this time, for the victory.

Winner & New #1 Contender: The Big Show

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