Sep 27, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers Impact Wrestling live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Impact Wrestling opens with the battle between James Storm and Bobby Roode from last week. Aces & Eights attack on Joseph Park is also touched upon where Hulk Hogan agreed to their terms and will show up to their clubhouse. The upcoming Aries/Hardy match is also hit upon as we head into the Impact Zone where we are told it is Championship Thursday and the TNA Television Championship is up for grabs. Also, last week’s Gut Check competitor will learn his fate in front of the judges.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he comes down to the ring with a baseball bat. Hogan gets on a microphone and says he has a date with Aces & Eights as the crowd begins a “Hogan!” chant. Hogan says it’s Championship Thursday and says that Devon was a great champion, however, his negotiations didn’t go well with upper management. Hogan says Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garett Bischoff, Mr. Anderson will all get to plead their case. Next, to straighten the James Storm/Bobby Roode mess out, he is booking them in a street fight at Bound for Glory. There will also be a special enforcer and that will be King Mo.

Hogan turns his attention to Aces & Eights and says he took the hook and he will go to their clubhouse tonight. Hogan says he is going in for a fight, even if he has to do it all alone. Sting’s music then hits as he comes out to join Hogan in the ring. Sting says the whole thing with Aces & Eights started with him and continues to say that he has Hogan’s back and will be going with him. Hogan tells him to get another bat before the two leave the ring and we head into a commercial break.

Mr. Anderson shares his favorite Bound for Glory moment and it was in 2010. The announce team then hype the triple threat tag team match for the TNA Tag Team Championship. This leads us into the first match of the night, which will be a preview of that very match.

Match 1: Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Christopher Daniels (Triple Threat Match)
The tag team partners for each of these guys surround the ring for this match. The bell rings and Angle and Guerrero work together to take Daniels down. The two try to one up each other with uppercuts and stomps in the corner. Daniels is able to counter and sends Angle through the ropes and into the turnbuckle and Kazarian gets involved by tripping up Guerrero. Styles, Angle, Guerrero, and Hernandez begin to trade words in the ringside area and the four enter the ring and chase the tag team champs out to the apron as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see bodies flying everywhere and Angle takes everyone down. Angle tries to put Daniels in an ankle lock but Guerrero breaks it up. Guerrero then hits Daniels with the Three Amigos and heads up to the top rope as Angle goes for another ankle lock but Daniels counters and shoves Angle into the ropes. Guerrero and Angle begin to argue with each other as Daniels shoves Guerrero into Angle and takes Guerrero down with a STO to pick up the pin fall victory.

Hulk Hogan is in the office with Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Magnus, and Garett Bischoff. Hogan talks about needing a new TNA Television Champion and wants to know who wants it the most. The four state their case and Hogan eliminates Magnus as he feels he needs to break up Joe and Magnus.

Brooke Hogan meets up with Tara in the backstage area but Tara blows her off to take a phone call from her Hollywood boyfriend. Brooke doesn’t take to kindly to it and takes her phone away and tells Tara that she will be in a match after the break before walking away with Tara’s phone.

Match 2: Tara vs. ODB (#1 Contenders Match)
Eric Young accompanies ODB to the ring for this contenders match and immediately locks up with Taryn Terrell as he enters the ring. The match starts as the two Knockouts slug it out before ODB tosses Tara around the ring. ODB continues on the attack and delivers a bronco buster to Tara before Tara retreats to the floor. ODB then takes her out with a baseball slide and sends her into the apron before rolling her into the ring. Tara begins to beg but ODB does fall for it and takes Tara down with a few clotheslines and a fallaway slam. ODB then kicks Tara out to the floor and Tara begins to favor her knee as ODB runs out and rolls her back into the ring. Tara then takes her brace off and rolls around in pain. ODB then asks Tara if she is really hurt and Tara rolls her up to pick up the pin fall while using the ropes for leverage.

Footage of the TNA Gut Check judges talking about Evan Markopoulous is aired as we head into a commercial break. We return to the broadcast to see a recap of last week’s Gut Check match. We then see Bruce Prichard talking to Al Snow about overstepping his bounds with Joey Ryan. Prichard wants to know if Snow wants to be a wrestler or an executive and says he doesn’t need an executive hitting a non-contracted wrestler. Taz then walks in and the three begin talking about Evan Markopoulous. Taz and Snow think he has heart and he surprised them while Prichard thinks he has drive and desire. Snow brings up that he’s only 18 and wonder if he will be able to operate at a high level.

Bully Ray is backstage and is asked about his tag team partner tonight but he doesn’t reveal who it is as he walks away. Hulk Hogan is backstage with the remaining three options for the Television Championship match. Hogan says Samoa Joe is in but wonders about Mr. Anderson and Garett Bischoff. Hogan then decides that it’s not Bischoff’s time just yet and puts Joe in a match against Anderson. Hogan says they are up next as we head into a commercial break.

Bobby Roode walks into the locker room and catches up with Austin Aries. Roode says they don’t like each other but Roode says he respects him. Roode says he will be teaming with Bully Ray tonight and wishes him luck in tonight’s match.

Match 3: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA Television Championship)
The match starts and the two go at it with a series of strikes and counter each other’s attempt at a Mic Check and a rear naked choke. Joe then connects with a kick that levels Anderson and goes for a pin attempt but Anderson kicks out. Anderson turns the tide and takes Joe down with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall of his own. Joe comes back with an uppercut but Anderson answers back with a clothesline. Anderson then rolls up Joe but Joe counters with a rear naked choke as Anderson tries to make his way to the ropes but Joe pulls him back to the center of the ring. Anderson refuses to tap out as he begins to fade and the referee calls for the bell as Anderson is out. With the submission victory, Samoa Joe has won the TNA Television Champion and is a grand slam champion.

A video package on Aces & Eights is aired as the voiceover guy wonders if Hulk Hogan is walking into a trap by going to their clubhouse. Hogan is seen backstage with Sting as a woman walks up and asks Hogan to sign some documents for Bruce Prichard. As Hogan is signing the papers, the woman sprays mace in their eyes as Aces & Eights appear and toss them into a back of a van as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the show to see a recap of what just went down with Hulk Hogan and Sting. Mike Tenay tells us that they will keep us updated with any information they receive.

Jeremy Borash is then seen in the ring and it is time to hear from the TNA Gut Check judges. Borash introduces Taz, Bruce Prichard and Al Snow before introducing Evan Markopoulous to the ring. Evan comes down to the ring and says he doesn’t think he put his best foot forward last week as he lost his match. Taz steps in and thinks Evan has a bright future and wants to see him learn more under Impact Wrestling and gives him a yes vote. Prichard is up next and says he agrees with Taz but has to say no as he needs more time to develop. Evan is given a chance to state his case says he will get his ass handed to him but he will always get back up. If given a chance he will take the ball and run with it. Snow gets a chance to speak and says Evan has passion and desire, but he doesn’t think he is ready yet and says his answer is no. Evan then shakes hands with all of the judges before leaving the ring.

Mike Tenay then sets us up for some footage of Sting and Hulk Hogan at the clubhouse of Aces & Eights. One of the guys says their boss is on the way and to show some respect as we head into a commercial break.

Magnus gives his thoughts on his favorite Bound for Glory moment and it is 2009 and winning his first championship.

We then see more footage of Hulk Hogan and Sting and the boss apologizes for the rough ride. The boss is turned around while he speaks and the back of his head and talking cadence sounds similar to that of Bully Ray. The boss says they want to come and go as they please in the Impact Zone as Joseph Park is wheeled out. He then tells Hogan to pick his two toughest guys to go up against two of their guys at Bound for Glory. Hogan and Sting say they want in but the boss says it isn’t about him, but him watching two of his guys being beat down by two of his guys. He then says if they win, they get full access, however, if they lose, they will leave forever. He then promises to let Park go after their match at Bound for Glory and says they have his word.

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy are seen walking backstage and their match is coming up next as we head into a commercial break.

A recap of what we just saw with Hogan/Sting/Aces & Eights is aired. The announce team then hype Bound for Glory and run down the short list of matches already booked for the show. James Storm is backstage and talks about his match against Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory and says the only thing he needs King Mo to do is to raise his hand after he kicks Roode’s teeth down his throat.

Match 4: Bobby Roode & Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries
The match begins as Ray starts off against Hardy and pounds him in the corner until Hardy counters and takes Ray down with a head scissors. Aries and Roode are then tagged in and Aries takes Roode down with arm drags and takes Ray down with a drop toe hold before doing some showboating on the turnbuckle. Hardy then comes in and takes both Roode and Ray down and the two retreat to the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Hardy head to the top rope but Roode runs on the apron to knock him down. Ray begins to wear Hardy down and picks up a near fall before tagging Roode into the match. Roode picks up where Ray left off but Hardy turns the tide with a jawbreaker and follows with a Twist of Fate to take Roode down. Hardy makes the hot tag to Aries as Ray is also tagged in. Roode distracts Aries for a moment and Ray sends him out to the floor, where Roode sends him into the steel steps.

Roode then sends Aries back into the ring where Ray continues to pound on Aries before turning it over to Roode. Roode takes Aries down with a backbreaker and tags Ray back in who hits Aries with a double axe handle from the middle rope. Ray picks up another near fall after a slam and then tries to wear Aries down with a bear hug. Aries fights his way out of the hold and takes Ray down with a dropkick to the knee. Aries then walks over to his corner but just stares at Hardy as Roode is tagged in. Aries takes Roode down before knocking Ray off the apron.

Aries then locks Roode in the Last Chancery but Ray comes in and breaks it up and takes Hardy down with a boot to the face. Ray then sizes up Aries but Ray misses with a clothesline and levels Roode instead. Aries then takes out Roode with a suicide dive through the ropes before heading to the top rope and taking Ray out with a missile dropkick. Ray rolls out to the floor as Roode enters while Aries is distracted with Hardy. Aries takes Roode down with a brainbuster and stumbles to his corner where Hardy tags himself in. Ray pulls Aries out to the floor as Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, an irate Aries enters the ring and gets in Hardy’s face over the end of the match. We then see Aces & Eights drop off Hulk Hogan and Sting at the Impact Zone. Aces & Eights tell them to bring their best as Sting says he’s coming and he’s bringing the best with him as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Christopher Daniels defeated Chavo Guerrero and Kurt Angle by pin fall in a Triple Threat match.
– Tara defeated ODB by pin fall to become the #1 contender to the Knockouts Championship.
– Samoa Joe defeated Mr. Anderson by submission to win the TNA Television Championship.
– Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray & Bobby Roode by pin fall.

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