Monday Night Raw Results 9/24/12

Sep 24, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

Monday Night Raw 9/24/12 – Times Union Center in Albany, New York


CM Punk is sitting in a chair placed in the middle of the ring and Paul Heyman is standing right behind him. Heyman says he is honored to be sharing the ring with the WWE champion. He says Raw will not be presented this evening until justice is served and shows footage of last week’s main event where Punk got hit foot on the rope before he was pinned by Cena. He freezes the footage to prove that Punk’s foot as was on the rope long before the three count was made.


Heyman says we are all witnesses to an injustice to the best in the world CM Punk and summons out the referee form last week, Brad Maddox. Heyman demands he apologize to Punk, admit his mistake and tender his resignation live on Raw. Maddox doesn’t come out at first and Heyman says he has all night because he is hanging out with the champ.


Maddox comes out refers to the company in the ring as Mr. Heyman and Mr. Punk and says he made a mistake. Says it was his first main event match he was nervous and should have checked the ropes before he made the count. Heyman thanks him and tells him to resign. Maddox says he doesn’t feel that is appropriate and enraged CM Punk kicks his chair and says he doesn’t care how Maddox feels unless what he feels is ashamed. Punk says he embarrassed the WWE Champion on his show.


Punk asks how he got employed and how can he look himself in the mirror and pretend to be a man. Maddox says AJ Lee hired him when Raw expanded to three hours. Heyman jumps right in and accused him of not being a real referee and goes on to call him a scab, novice and rookie. He gives Maddox a sleep mask with the WWE and NFL logos on it and tells him it will help him sleep at night.

Punk says Maddox being hired by AJ explains everything. Punk says if AJ was good at making decisions she would fire him and AJ comes skipping down to the ring. AJ thanks Maddox and says he can go to the back and Heyman assumes she is going to reverse the decision. AJ says she is not going to let them hold her hostage and berate an official. Punk says he is the reason why she has a job when she walks to her mail box and collects her pay check and he is the reason why all of the people are in the arena.


Punk shows footage of AJ proposing to him two months ago on the tron and says that is why she has it out for him. Punk says if AJ forgets last week’s match ever happened, he will forget about the text and voice massages that are not fit to air on the USA Network. Punk says he will let everyone know how intimate they were behind closed doors and why she has a skip in her step.


Heyman pulls Punk aside and warns him about the board of directors getting mad and mentions his DVD and tells Punk to let him navigate the political waters. Heyman says judging by what he’s seen; he knows how to handle this. He gets on one knee and asks AJ to marry him. He says they would trump every power couple including HHH and Stephanie. Heyman also says he can come up with all the ideas and she can take credit for them because he likes them young and dumb. She slaps him in the face and storms out of the ring without a skip in sight and we go to break.


AJ and Brian Maddox are backstage and Maddox thanks her for standing by him. Maddox says he will never make that mistake again. She says it won’t happen again because if it does, she will make sure he never works in this business again. She turns her head in this weird trance and asks if he thinks she likes cleaning up his messes? She says he made her look like an idiot. Maddox apologizes once again and leaves while AJ smiles and tries to regain her composure.


– Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston


R-Truth is sitting at ringside next to an empty chair. Sorry, sitting next to Little Jimmy with popcorn and soda in hand. Vickie comes out and starts making faces at Little Jimmy and R-Truth throws his soda in her face. She tries to attack Truth but the referee holds her back and sends them both back to the locker room. R-Truth picks up Little Jimmy and runs back to the locker room as Vickie chases them both.


Kofi opens up with a drop kick on Ziggler and clotheslines him out of the ring. He follows it up with a summersault plancha over the top rope and on to Ziggler and we go to break.

We are back and Ziggler hits Kofi with a beautiful exploder suplex for a two count. Ziggler applies a rear chin lock. Kofi gets up but  Ziggler cuts him off with a neck breaker and taunts the crowd. Ziggler lands a pin point standing drop kick to the face and covered him for only a two count.


Ziggler missed a dive in the corner and Kofi lands two back elbows, a flying clothesline and hits the Boom Drop for a two count. Ziggler blocks the Trouble in Paradise and the SOS but receives a stiff kick in the face out of the corner. Kofi delivers a spring board clothesline for a two count. Kofi lands a cross body a two count and Ziggler kicks him in the gut and lands the rocker dropper for a close two count.


Kofi shakes off a Zig Zag attempt and lands the SOS but only gets a two count. Kofi sling shots Ziggler into the corner but Ziggler catches himself on the second rope and attempts a cross body but misses. Kofi jumps to the top rope and lands a high cross body for only two.


Kofi attempts Trouble in Paradise again but Ziggler moves out of the way and throws Kofi upside down into the turnbuckles. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag and it’s over. Awesome back and forth action in this match!


Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Michael Cole and Jim Ross talk about John Cena’s elbow surgery and how they though it would be a simple procedure until the doctors opened him up and his elbow looked like a junk yard.


We go to a video with Dr. Shelby and Daniel Bryan having a therapy session at a diner in Albany. Dr. Shelby says Bryan is close to a break through and he is proud of him being one half of the tag team champions. Bryan corrects him and says “I ‘am the tag team champions.” Dr. Shelby says that is not even grammatically correct and he found a way for Bryan and Kane to coexist peacefully outside of the ring. Bryan asks how and Kane arrives at the table wearing a white apron and waiters note pad and asks if he can take Bryan’s order. Bryan is laughing his ass off and Kane tells Dr. Shelby this is stupid.


Bryan stops laughing and places his order. He request’s a steamed vegetable platter along a tag team partner who isn’t a seven foot psycho. Dr. Shelby tells Bryan that he needs to remember this is not Kane and his name is Gerald.


Kane says they have a new cook because he took the old one by his goat beard, dumped his face in the deep fryer, chopped up the goat beard into little pieces and spread it in every meal he served today as all of the customers start looking at Kane and there is an old lady is trying not to throw up. Dr. Shelby tells Kane to calm down but Kane says “Who’s Kane? My name is Gerald” and leaves.


RawActive Twitter Poll: Decide the Official Name of Kane & Daniel Bryan’s Tag Team later on tonight.


-Santino & Zack Ryder vs. The Prime Time Players


Ryder and Young start things off and Ryder hits a flap jack for a two count and goes for a cross body but lands in the ropes as Young ducks out of the way. Young attempts a belly to back suplex but Ryder flips over and tags Santino.


Santino lands some punches, a suplex and followed by a diving headbutt  for the cover but Titus O’Neil breaks up the pin. Ryder jumps in to help but Young throws Ryder, shoulder first, into the post. Young tags O’Neil but Santino doesn’t see it as he breaks out the Cobra. O’Neil lands a sky high spine buster for the win.


Winner via pinfall: The Prime Time Players


Backstage there is a door labeled “Raw Special Guest” and Jim Ross says will find out who it is, next as we go to break.

We are back and the special guest is….MICK FOLEY

Foley Chants break out and he says he is not here as the hardcore legend but as a member of the WWE Universe. He says he sees things on Raw that inspire him and last years emergence of CM Punk inspired him but a year later, what kind of change did he really make? He says the CM Punk he knew taught people to stand up for themselves and Punk’s music cuts off Foley and the WWE Champion is on his way to the ring.

CM Punk tells Foley not to grand stand and try to remain relevant. Foley says he struggled with his relevance until he heard Punk’s pipe bomb promo last year. He sent Punk a congrats text message like he is sure lots of people did. Foley’s message said “How does it feel to be the biggest star in the business?” and two minuets later, Punk replied saying that meant a lot coming from Foley.

Foley says he is deeply disturbed by Punk’s actions and his associations with Paul Heyman. Punk insults the fans in the arena and says Foley has no idea what he is talking about. Foley says he use to be a Paul Heyman guy and didn’t become a big success until he stopped listening to Paul Heyman. Foley says judging by what he has seen, Punk has been listening to Heyman for a lot longer than a month. Foley says he was told 20 years ago that Heyman would rather climb a tree and lie instead of stand on the ground and tell the truth.

Foley asks why would Punk, who is one of the best talkers in the business, need a mouth piece? Foley asks if he is going to be an inspiration or a Kool-Aid drinker? Punk says he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Foley says lets talking about something he knows about and that is Hell in a Cell.

Foley says Hell in a Cell made his career and he earned everyone’s respect that night and never asked anyone for it.  Foley says he wants the old CM Punk, the voice of the voiceless. Punk says he heard the same speech from John Cena and Bret Hart but he is still WWE Champion. He says he tried to put his hands on Bret Hart but he won’t to it to Mick Foley because Foley, just like the people, are beneath him. Punk says he has only ever told the truth but the people turned on him.

Punk said Foley jumped off the roof of his house like an idiot, lit himself on fire and put himself through barbwire for the people’s respect and mentioned that today his the 309th days as champion. Foley says he held the WWE title for 29 days between his three title reigns. Foley asks Punk if he wants to be a statistic or a legend? Foley asks if he wants a moment of greatness or does he want to settle? Foley informs Punk that AJ told him that out of respect for the WWE Championship, CM Punk gets to choose if he wants to wrestle John Cena at the pay-per-view or not and ends with saying “Have a nice Day.” 


– The Miz vs. Ryback (Non-Title):


Miz unloads a series of punches but Ryback shakes them off and drops Miz with one punch. Ryback hip tosses Miz out of the corner and lands a running power slam out. He slams the back of Miz’s head into the mat and Miz escapes underneath the bottom rope. Ryback chases but Miz kicks him into the barricade. They get back in the ring and Miz kicks him in the head and connects with a DDT but Ryback kicks out. Ryback comes back with a spinebuster and lands the meat hook clothesline and follows up with Shell Shock for the win.


Winner: Ryback

Back at the Diner, Kane and Daniel Bryan are sharing a meal in a booth. They talk about how they can never be friends and Bryan says it’s too bad considering how they beat up eight people on Smackdown. They start to celebrate and begin making noises which is clearly a parody of “When Harry Met Sally” and it ended with Mae Young telling the waiter “I’ll have one of those.”

All of the referees are in AJ’s office and she says they are the back bone of the WWE. Mentions how all other sports have instant replay but they don’t and tells them to have a great rest of the night as she pats Brian Maddox on the back.


Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez enter AJ’s office. She tells them that since they are all victims of the Brogue Kick, she made a six man tag with the three of them against Sheamus, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio. Otunga and Del Rio are upset about this because Ricardo is not a wrestler but Ricardo seems to be all for it and yells “Ariba” and runs out of the office.

-Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd opens up with kicks and drop kicks but Barrett cuts him off with a side kick to the stomach. Barrett lands several knees to the back of the head and delivers a big boot that sends Kidd out of the ring. Barrett drops Kidd’s lower back across the apron and throws him in the ring. Barrett follows up with a Tilt-a-world side walk slam and follows up with a his spinning elbow finisher now called the Souvenir for the pin.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Michael Cole is in the ring and recaps the incident with Jerry Lawler two weeks ago. Cole says the doctor told him it is amazing how far along Lawler is in his recovery. Lawler appears on the titan tron for the interview and Cole says he looks great and Lawler says he doesn’t sound good because of the tube that was in his throat over the last couple of days.

Lawler says the last thing he remembers on that episode of Raw is the Punk/Hart confrontation and does not remember the tag team match he had with Randy Orton. He said he was in Aruba during that weekend and when he woke up in the hospital, he saw his girlfriend and thought they were still in Aruba.

Cole asks when he is coming back and Lawler jokes about how sitting next to Cole for three hours would give anyone a heart attack. Lawler says he will leave that decision to his doctor but once he gets the ok, he will be on the first thing smoking back to Monday Night Raw.


– Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez  vs. Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio & Sheamus

The match opens with Sheamus throwing Otunga out of the ring. Del Rio and Ricardo check on him and Sheamus goes out on to the apron and hits Otunga with a shoulder tackle while Del Rio and Ricardo run away. This causes Sin Cara and Rey hit the duo with a pair of dives between the ropes.


Sin Cara hits Otunga with some kicks but Otunga cuts him off with a shoulder tackle and tags Ricardo. Sin Cara lands a deep arm drag and Del Rio kicks Sin Cara in the back when the referee was not looking. Ricardo hits Sin Cara in the back of the head and covers him for a one count. Del Rio tags in and lands a suplex and follows it up with some punches and stomps until Ricardo begs to be tagged back in.


Ricardo tags in and Sin Cara lands another arm drag and he tags Rey while Ricardo tags Del Rio back in. Rey ducks two clotheslines and drop kicks Del Rio in the knee and kicks him in the head for a two count. Rey climbs to the top but Del Rio scales the ropes and kicks Rey in the back of the head for a two count.


Otunga tags in and delivers a big body slam to Rey and tags in Ricardo. Rey kicks Ricardo a couple of times and rushes to tag Del Rio in. Del Rio lands an enzuigiri kick on to Rey and goes for a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and drop kicks Del Rio in the face.


Rey makes the hot tag to Sheamus while Del Rio tags in Otunga. The World Champion nails Otunga with a couple of double ax handles and Otunga tags in Ricardo. Ricardo doesn’t want any part of Sheamus but the champ sends him in the hardway and delivers the ten forearms to Ricardo’s chest.


Ricardo falls to the middle rope and Rey delivers the 6-1-9 and Sin Cara follows up with a spring board swanton bomb for the win. Sheamus hits David Otunga with the Brogue Kick after the match for good measure.


Winner: Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio & Sheamus




We once again go to the diner with Dr. Shelby sitting in the booth with Kane and Daniel Bryan. There is a K-Mart conveniently located in the window, across the street. The waitress brings Kane a salad and Daniel Bryan a plate of spaghetti and meat balls. Kane lets out a big burp after eating the salad while Bryan pukes in Dr. Shelby’s lap after making the funniest face while trying to fight it. Dr. Shelby chanted “No, No, No” while this happened. The point of this was to see how the other feels.


Twitter Poll: Decide the Official Name of Kane & Daniel Bryan’s Tag Team and the choices are


  1. Team Team Work
  2. Team Hell No
  3. Team Friendship


We are back and Daniel Bryan come to the ring and the name of their new tag team is……TEAM HELL NO


Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow attack them from behind and leave them laying in the middle of the ring. They walk up the ramp and Cody takes the microphone and says if people want to talk about tag team names, how about this one. Rhodes Scholars. Sandow says your welcome and proclaims that now Kane and Daniel Bryan have something to be truly angry about.

Eve & Beth Phoenix vs. Layla & Alicia Fox


Layla hits Beth with a cross body off the 2nd rope for a two count and tags in Alicia. Alicia hits Beth with two drop kicks and sunset roll up out of the corner for a two count. Beth regains control with a power slam and follows up with a suplex as Eve tags in and cheap shots Layla and hits Alicia with a neck breaker for the pin.


Winner: -Eve & Beth Phoenix


Kaitlin comes out on crutches and says she scored the security footage from the TD Garden at Night of Champions. She could not seethe face of the person who attacked her but she knows her attacker is a blond. Eve accuses Beth of attacking Kaitlin but Beth denies it. Eve takes her out with her finisher and yells at her saying “You’re not going to take advantage of people, Beth”


We see John Cena in a sling talking to someone backstage as we go to break.


-Brodus Clay vs. Tensai


Tensai uppercuts Brodus in the throat and follows up with several headbutts and a big splash in the corner. Brodus hits Tensai with a T-Bone suplex and a charging headbutt. Brodus misses the big splash and Tensai tries to follow up with a running Senton but Brodus moves out of the way.

The Big Show comes out and knocks out Tensai with the WMD which prompts the referee to call for the bell. Show sets his sights on Brodus and also hits him with the WMD punch and leaves and we go to commercial.


Winner via DQ: Tensai

John Cena comes out to the usual mixed reaction and says he is not supposed to be here but with his future in question he wanted to come personally and say thank you for the fans support of the Rise Above Cancer Campaign. He says it doesn’t matter what people think of him but tells people to never doubt what the WWE Universe can do.


Cena also apologizes to the referee and apologizes for CM Punk. Says Punk misquoted him and said Punk’s actions at Night of Champions would define who he is. He throws out some weird insult at CM Punk and said it was hard to keep it PG.


Cena says he guarantees he will walk into Hell in a Cell for a fight and CM Punk’s music hits and makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman holding up the WWE Championship behind him.


CM Punk claps for Cena’s speech and says it reminded him of the lies he hears every four years from politicians. He says he doesn’t buy the stuff that Cena shovels. He mentions how he beat Cena in Chicago last year, Summerslam the last two years and at Night of Champions in Boston. Cena tells him to shut up and face him at Hell in a Cell.


Punk says he is not taking the match because Cena gets too many title shots and that he had his chance. The fans boo and Punk says he will put them in their place after he is done putting Cena in his place.


Punk says Cena talking trash to the most dangerous man in the WWE is dumb and his advice for Cena is to run because he knows his legs still work. Punk says Cena will have go through intense physical therapy when he is done with him. He tells Cena he has until the count five to get out of the ring. Punk and Heyman turn their back and count slowly as Cena pulls out a pipe. They count to five, turn around and Heyman sees the pipe bails while Cena hits Punk in the stomach with the pipe. Punk falls out of the ring while holding his stomach in pain. Cena says real men wear pink and he hopes to see Punk at Hell in a Cell. He also says “Now that’s a pipe bomb” while holding up the pipe he hit Punk with and that’s our show.


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