Sep 20, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers this month’s edition of Open Fight Night on Impact Wrestling, live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

A recap of Tara turning on Miss Tessmacher last week, Al Snow issuing a challenge to Joey Ryan, and James Storm going after Bobby Roode is aired. Aces & Eights and Jeff Hardy is also touched upon as OFN begins. We see Shaquille O’Neal backstage with Hulk Hogan and Shaq tells Hogan that he has Hogan’s back. Shaq then sends a message to Aces & Eights and shows off his muscles.

The pyro goes off as the announce team hype tonight’s edition of OFN and AJ Styles’ music kicks off. Styles makes his way to the ring with Kurt Angle and Angle grabs a microphone. Angle says the two of them were the tag team champions a few months ago before being screwed by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. They were screwed once more at No Surrender, however, Styles won an opportunity at a title shot last week. Angle says Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez also won a shot at the titles before calling them out to see who the real #1 contenders are.

Match 1: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Styles starts off against Guerrero and the two fight to a standstill. Hernandez and Angle are tagged in and Hernandez takes Angle down with a shoulder block and goes for a pin but Angle kicks out at one. Chavo is tagged back in and continues on the attack and wears Angle down with a headlock until Angle breaks free with a back body drop. Angle comes back with a series of strikes and an overhead suplex. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian are seen watching on from the top of the entrance ramp as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the action as Styles has Chavo in a headlock. Guerrero comes back with a back body drop and makes the tag to Hernandez, who comes in and powers both Styles and Angle around. Hernandez looks to go for the Border Toss but Angle stops it with a well placed kick to the midsection. Hernandez follows with a double clothesline to Angle and Styles before tagging in Chavo, who takes them both down with a double missile dropkick. Guerrero then tries for a suplex on Styles but he blocks it and takes Guerrero down with a spin kick.

Styles then makes the hot tag to Angle, who comes in and takes both Guerrero and Hernandez down with German suplexes. Angle then locks Guerrero in an ankle lock but Hernandez breaks it up. THe match then breaks down with all four fighting in the ring until Angle again locks Chavo in an ankle lock. Guerrero breaks free and Styles tags himself in and takes Guerrero down with a flying forearm. The match then breaks down once again until Guerrero hits two suplexes on Angle and the Three Amigos on Styles.

Chavo then heads to the top rope as Hernandez takes Angle out to the floor with a clothesline. Guerrero misses with a frog splash on Styles, who comes back with a Pele kick and sets up for a Styles Clash but Daniels and Kazarian run out and beat up on the two. Hernandez then runs into the ring and chases the Tag Team Champions out as this match has been thrown out.

As Daniels and Kazarian make their way up the ramp they are cut off by Hulk Hogan’s music. Hogan comes out with a baseball bat and said one of his biggest problems is deciding which team would get a shot at the Tag Team Champions. Hogan says they made the decision easy and books a triple threat match against all of the teams at Bound for Glory.

Al Snow is backstage and is sporting a new haircut. Snow puts over tonight’s Gut Check contestant and feels that he didn’t cross the line with Joey Ryan, but is being called in to a meeting to talk about it. Evan Markopoulos is seen getting ready backstage as we head into a commercial break.

Hulk Hogan is backstage talking on the phone and is speaking with Joseph Park. Hogan says he is going to rush him through security as Park tells Hogan that he has the evidence he promised.

A video package on Bound for Glory is aired where Samoa Joe talks about his memories of Bound for Glory IV, which yours truly was at. A video package on Evan Markopoulos is aired in which he talks about wrestling since he was 13. Markopoulos says he will be a small fish in a big ocean in TNA, but he feels that he belongs in Impact Wrestling and hopes to show the judges that as we head into another commercial break.

Dixie Carter is in the office with Bruce Prichard and the two discuss Aces & Eights as there are slight problems with the audio as it isn’t quite matching up with the video. Al Snow walks in as Dixie leaves the two alone.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Evan Markopoulos for TNA Gut Check. His opponent for tonight is Douglas Williams.

Match 2: Evan Markopoulos vs. Douglas Williams (TNA Gut Check)
Evan’s dad is sitting ringside for this match as he tries to get the crowd rallied behind him as the bell rings. Williams quickly takes him down and begins to toy with the 18 year old. Markopoulos tries to roll up Williams but gets a knee to the mouth for his troubles. Markopoulos then takes Williams down with a high standing dropkick but this seems to set off Williams, who begins to pound on the Gut Check competitor. Williams then takes him down with a suplex and locks him in a submission hold as Markopoulous quickly taps out. Taz mentions that the kid has a lot of heart to go through what he just did.

James Storm is seen walking backstage as we head into another commercial break.

We return to see a video package on James Storm and how Bobby Roode cost him a chance at winning the Bound for Glory Series by smashing a beer bottle over his head. Storm’s music then hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Storm grabs a microphone and said Bobby Roode has taken their feud from a personal issue to a “I want to kick the crap out of you” issue. Storm then calls out Roode, who comes out wearing a suit. Roode says he is over dressed and unprepared to fight, but no matter what, Storm will never be as good as he is. Roode says their fight isn’t going to happen as he says it’s over between the two of them. Roode then turns around and heads back up the tunnel.

Hulk Hogan meets with Roode in the backstage area and says he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of Open Fight Night. Hogan says if he doesn’t want to fight, maybe he will give him the rest of the year off and give him no more title shots. Hogan then says Roode has three minutes to decide if he wants to fight Storm as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see Storm waiting in the ring and he tells Roode he doesn’t have all night. Roode’s music hits once again and he comes out still wearing his suit. Roode takes off his jacket, shirt, and tie as he slowly makes his way to the ring. Storm finally has enough as he charges at Roode on the entrance ramp. Storm chokes Roode with his own shirt as they fight up to the stage. Roode begins to fight back and clocks Storm with his shoe before sending him into the side of the entrance ramp. The two fight their way to the ringside area and into the ring where this match officially starts.

Match 3: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
The fight in the ring for a moment before heading back out to the floor as Roode sends Storm over the top rope with a back body drop. Roode heads out to the floor where Storm turns things around and sends him into the steel steps. Roode comes back and sends Storm into the guard railing a few of times before grabbing a beer bottle from under the ring. Roode takes a drink and sprays some on Storm but Storm nails him and takes a drink from the beer before pouring some in the mouth of a fan in the front row. Storm continues on the attack but Roode shoves him into the ring post. Roode then grabs a chair and swings at Storm but Storm ducks out of the way and takes Roode down. Storm then motions for a fan to put his feet up and sends Roode into his feet and gets a loud cheer from the crowd.

The fight continues around the ringside area as Storm sends Roode into the railing. Storm again sends Roode into the shoes of a fan and sets up for a suplex but Roode blocks it and counters with a suplex of his own onto the floor. Storm and Roode make their way back into the ring where Roode drops Storm with a clothesline. Roode then tosses Storm out to the floor and Roode follows as the referee checks on Storm. Storm shoves the referee away and the referee calls for the bell and tosses this match out. The fight continues, though, as they begin to fight their way through the crowd where Storm sends Roode into a wall. Again the referee tries to stop things but Roode tosses him aside as they begin fighting through the backstage area and out a door.

Hulk Hogan is talking with security and tells him to bring Joseph Park to him. Hogan then answers his phone and it is Aces & Eights, who tell Hogan that they have a private lawyer. Hogan says he will play with them and that they will play hard. Hogan then shouts at the security guard and says he knows where Park is at as we head into a commercial break.

Austin Aries meets up Jeff Hardy in the back and Aries says he feels different about Bound for Glory. Hardy may be after the title, but Aries says he wants to have the things Hardy has. Aries wants the bank account and the fans that Hardy has. Aries says he is chasing after what Hardy has accomplished and to go to the places Hardy has gone in his career.

Tara makes her way down to the ring as we are treated to footage of what happened last week between her and Miss Tessmacher. Tara explains her actions on the fans and her new boyfriend opened her eyes. Tara then says Tessmacher used her to get the Knockouts Championship before calling out Christy Hemme for a match. Christy is confused as to why she is being called out as she reluctantly makes her way into the ring. Tara says Christy needs to show some respect and begins pulling her hair as Miss Tessmacher runs out and chases Tara out of the ring. The two stare each other down as Tara begins to yell “Bound for Glory!”

Hulk Hogan is seen walking backstage and making his way to the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Brooke Hogan is backstage with Tara and wants to know what just went on in the ring. Brooke says she is disappointed in Tara and tells her that there is going to be consequences next week. A video package with RVD talking about his Bound for Glory matches and how he is always at his best during the big event. The announce team then hype next week’s Championship Thursday and says the TNA Television Championship is going to be on the line, however, there is no mention if Devon will be stripped of it or if he will appear on the show.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as the Impact Wrestling GM makes his way to the ring with a baseball bat. Hogan says Aces & Eights are holding Joseph Park hostage and says he doesn’t mind playing games. Hogan says he is going to be in their clubhouse next week if they release Park. The spokesman appears on the big screen and says he is glad Hogan accepted their offer and when he comes over they play by the clubhouse rules. As for Park, he says the lawyer is good and smash his laptop with a sledgehammer. Park is there and says he has all of the knowledge in his head but Aces & Eights knock him out with a ball-peen hammer as we head into a commercial break.

A video package on Jeff Hardy is aired where he talks about winning the Bound for Glory Series. Hardy says winning the TNA World Championship would be the final chapter of his redemption and his fans can expect him to steal the show and walk out as champion.

Austin Aries makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Aries says the Hardy video package was nice and plays to his point that everyone is focused on him. Aries says he isn’t the hunted, but he is the hunter and Hardy is the target. Aries continues to say that all Hardy has done as of late was beat a big bully two times. Aries says he defeated Bully Ray once before and it was called luck. Aries wants to prove that it wasn’t and calls Bully Ray out to the ring.

Ray comes out and can’t believe that Aries called his name. Ray stops on the entrance ramp and wants to know if he hearing was off as he thought Aries called him out. Aries confirms that Ray’s hearing is fine. Ray tells Aries that nobody calls him out and gets in to it with a few fans. Ray begins to say his catch phrase as Aries leaps over the ropes and takes Ray down. Aries continues to attack Ray and sends him into the steel steps before finally getting into the ring to get this match started.

Match 4: Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
Aries continues beating down Ray and heads to the top rope. Ray knocks Aries down to the apron and knocks Aries down to the floor with a big boot to the face as we head into a commercial break. We return to the match and see Ray is still in control over the TNA World Champion. Aries retreats to the floor and Bully brings him in the hard way and picks up a near fall after hitting a splash. Ray continues on the attack and goes for a couple more pin attempts but Aries continues to kick out.

Ray begins to talk trash as Aries fights back with a few lefts but Ray knocks Aries own with a shoulder block and a hard elbow drop. Ray begins to focus his attention on referee Earl Hebner, who begins yelling back at Ray. Aries uses this distraction to get in a few blows and chops on Ray, but Ray puts a stop to it by raking Aries’ eyes. Ray then tries to sends Aries out to the floor, but Aries lands on the apron and hangs Ray up on the top rope. Aries follows with a missile dropkick for a near fall before going for a brainbuster but he can’t get Ray up. Ray then counters an Irish whip and sends Aries into the referee.

While the referee is down, Aries drops Ray with a dropkick to Ray’s knee and puts Ray in a last chancery. Ray taps out but the referee is out. Aries releases the hold as Ray grabs his chain and wraps it around his fist and knocks out Aries. The referee recovers as Ray makes the cover and picks up the pin fall. Ray celebrates his victory by grabbing the TNA World Championship and holds it high over his head. Ray then sizes up Aries and sets up to hit him with the title but Jeff Hardy runs out and chases Ray out of the ring. Hardy grabs the title and poses with it as Aries recovers and takes his title from him. The two get into each others face as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– AJ Styles & Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez fought to a no contest.
– Douglas Williams defeated Evan Markopoulos by submission in TNA Gut Check.
– James Storm and Bobby Roode fought to a no contest.
– Bully Ray defeated Austin Aries by pin fall.

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