Ventura comments on the episode of “Conspiracy Theory” that will not air

Sep 16, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

During our interview on Friday, former Minnesota Governor talked about the episode of “Conspiracy Theory” that won’t be airing this fall on TruTV. Starting November 7th (10 PM ET/9PM CT), TruTV will begin airing seven of the eight episodes produced for the show’s third season last winter. Ventura said the episode on the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) expansion will not to be shown. Ventura’s research discovered that in the future, TSA will require travelers to wear wrist bands that will give them all the information they need on you, allowing you to bypass check points, however, “While wearing that wrist band, they will be able to disable you like a taser.”

Last year, the episode exposing the government’s FEMMA camps for U.S. citizens only aired once and was quickly pulled from the rotation. The episode was also erased from people’s DVRs that happened to record it.

Here is the episode…

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