9/10/12 WWE Raw Recap

Sep 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Montreal

by Achal Mohindra

Raw kicks of with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart, Bret thanks the crowd, for 15 years its taken a long time to get here back to this arena and to come back to Montreal, bit speechless, dont
know what to say, so much has happened, last time I was here was one of the darkest days of my life, I appreciate the fans that have supported me and been in my heart for 15 years, I remember
those fans helped me through those dark days, stand proud of what I did that day, God Bless everyone here in Montreal.

WWE Champion CM Punk music hits and walks around Bret in the ring and says with all due respect Bret what has happened to you in 15 years has been written in your book, don’t have such an ego
but if I wrote a book it will be called What If, What if I faced you at 1997 WrestleMania, Bret says it doesn’t matter because I would knock you down and wrap you like a pretzel till you tap to the
Sharpshooter, CM Punk says I am the best in the world and don’t need Vince McMahon’s help, if Vince didn’t screw you then the WWE Attitude Era wouldn’t happened and I would have left it and WWE
would be dead, Bret says you are the best in the world or claim to be but I am the Best There Is, Best There Was and Best there Ever will be. CM Punk says you can call yourself King of England and
King of Memphis, (isn’t that right Jerry), Bret says don’t know what your gripe with Jerry Lawler, one thing Jerry Lawler always showed up, last week you walked out of your match with Sheamus
but returned and ambushed John Cena with your car and we saw Paul Heyman driving the car. (Titantron shows it) Punk says what can I say was in my hometown where champions are treated respectfully
and was enjoying my day off, I see John Cena in front of me and talking where is John Cena right now, is John Cena at the back watching whats happening, is John Cena going to walk out when John Cena
sees things happen, Bret says I came talk to the crowd and had no respect from you, CM Punk says you need to respect me because I am the WWE Champion, I will beat John Cena this Sunday to retain,
these people are like you over stated, over rated and over hyped, Brett says your putting this audience to sleep right now. Punk says at Night of Champions will turn John Cena into an empty shell of a man
exactly like you are, Punk drops the microphone and leaves the ring, (Asshole Chant fills arena).

Later tonight John Cena is interviewed by Bret “Hitman” Hart on Raw.

– Commercial Break –

When we return a Raw Active Segment on who is the opponent for CM Punk tonight between Jerry Lawler, Brodus Clay or Randy Orton.

Match 1: Non-Title Tag Team Match: Unified Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston Vs WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro & WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz.
Before the match Antonio Cesaro says prestige in 5 different languages.
Michael Cole says the Pre-Show for Night of Champions is a Battle Royal for #1 Contender for WWE US Championship
Unified Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth def WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz & WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro when Kofi Kingston nails Trouble in Paradise on Antonio Cesaro.

We see highlights from SmackDown when General Manager Booker T comes out towards the end of match between Sheamus & David Otunga and says the Brogue Kick is now banned.

Backstage Bret Hitman Hart & Sheamus are talking and we find out the latest in the story about the Brogue Kick being barred.

– Commercial Break –

When we return from break there is a video package of a segment at WWE Headquarters at WWE Head Office in the case of use of Brogue Kick with David Otunga, Sheamus, Ricardo Rodriguez.
Sheamus is asked to promise he will tell the truth. Otunga asks Sheamus his last name and says its Lipshits because his parents are 1/2 Irish & 1/2 Jewish and then he says after a while hes joking,
David Otunga goes through with Sheamus Brogue Kicks on Daniel Bryan, Referee Chad Patton, Ricardo Rodriguez and Sheamus mocks each of those acts calling Daniel Bryan a goat face and says Daniel Bryan turned
round and I kicked him and won World Title in 18seconds, David Otunga keeps asking questions and Sheamus Lawyer stops them, then Sheamus Brogue Kicks the camera which is set up.
Michael Cole informs us later tonight Sheamus Vs David Otunga on Raw.

Match 2: Six Divas Tag Team Match: Unified Divas Champion Layla, Eve Torres & Kaitlyn Vs Alicia Fox, Natalya & Beth Phoenix
End of match sees Eve Torres tag herself in and score pinfall win for her team over Alicia Fox. Eve Torres is so happy that she got the win for her team.
Winners: Unified Divas Champion Layla, Eve Torres & Kaitlyn

Backstage WWE Champion CM Punk complains to Raw GM AJ Lee about having a match against someone chosen by WWE Universe, where John Cena doesn’t have a match, CM Punk says do you have it
in for me. AJ Lee says last week you walked out on the people in your Champion Vs Champion Match so the fans choose your opponent tonight. AJ Lee walks away, CM Punk turns around and Brodus Clay says
hello, CM Punk walks away.

Raw Active Non-Title Singles Match: Fans choose opponent for CM Punk between Jerry Lawler, Randy Orton or Brodus Clay. WWE Champion CM Punk Vs Randy Orton Fans chose Randy Orton with 75% of the vote.
During match Michael Cole says Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler will happen at Night of Champions During the match: CM Punk begins to leave the ring and goes up the ramp by Randy Orton chases him and brings him back to the ring,
CM Punk back in the ring and stops Randy Orton coming back in the ring as we go to commercial break. When we return from commerical CM Punk is back in control, Randy Orton regains control and nails a superplex on Punk but got
a two count. CM Punk goes for a GTS but Orton counters with backbreaker but only gets a two count. Randy Orton nails vintage rope drop DDT on Punk, Randy Orton calls for the RKO but Dolph Ziggler runs in
and causes a Disqualification, Orton drops Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk with an scoop slam, then Orton goes for a RKO on CM Punk but CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler double team Randy Orton till Jerry Lawler leaves
commentary and helps Orton and match goes to the outisde with Orton & Lawler attacking Ziggler & CM Punk, as we go to Commercial.

When we return an Impromptu Tag Team Match: CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler Vs Jerry “King” Lawler & Randy Orton setup by GM AJ Lee during the break.
During match Dolph Ziggler in control of Jerry Lawler, Lawler tags in Orton who attacks Ziggler and then Orton tries to send Ziggler outside with DDT, but Ziggler reverses it, Heyman comes out
and starts talking to CM Punk and Vicky Guerrero gets upset and they continue to talk and Paul Heyman picks up the belt and gives it to Punk meanwhile Randy Orton in control of Dolph Ziggler drops
him with a RKO for the win. Paul Heyman and CM Punk walk off.

Backstage Matt Striker interviews Paul Heyman & WWE Champion CM Punk but they say nothing and leave.

Highlights of the Hug out between Kane & Daniel Bryan last week on Raw.

Backstage Kane & Daniel Bryan are in the locker room when Dr Shelby (from anger management comes in) and Kane says you are a crazy person. AJ Lee says I invited you and Dr Shelby says I have a idea
which will either cure your anger issues or blow it into an Abyss.

When we return Heath Slater is in the ring waiting for his opponent but Zack Ryder appears on the titantron and says its not me but its close its …. Ryback.

Singles Match: Ryback defeats Heath Slater. Ryback picks up the win after his marching power drop on Heath Slater

Backstage: Titus O’Neil & Darren Young come into office of General Manager AJ Lee, AJ says you are not the #1 Contenders for Tag Team Championship, Titus & Darren say we beat Epico & Primo on SmackDown
AJ says you haven’t beaten every team but you will be #1 contenders if you beat Kane & Daniel Bryan next in a #1 Contenders Match.

Tag Team Number 1 Contenders Match: Kane & Daniel Bryan Vs The Primetime Players – Darren Young and Titus O’Neil
End of the match sees Daniel Bryan blind tags himself in the match, Kane isn’t happy and chokeslams Daniel Bryan and exits the ring but when Daniel Bryan lands its in the cover position and Daniel Bryan gets the win.
Winners & #1 Contenders for Unified Tag Team Championship Daniel Bryan & Kane. After the match Kane goes back in and raises hand of Daniel Bryan then lets him go and he falls down again.

Still to Come Bret Hitman Hart interviews John Cena.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out in a neck collar to introduce Alberto Del Rio.

Singles Match: Tyson Kidd Vs Alberto Del Rio.
During match Tyson Kidd hooks on the sharpshooter on Alberto Del Rio but he gets to the rope and then Alberto Del Rio wins the match via Submission by making Tyson Kidd via the cross armbreaker.
Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio.
After the match Alberto Del Rio tells the crowd he will beat Sheamus this Sunday at Night of Champions.

We go to the commentary table and Michael Cole is alone and informs us that Jerry Lawler collapsed and was taken backstage on a stretcher and is currently receiving medical treatment and CPR backstage.
Michael Cole says this is not a storyline.

Note: Michael Cole not saying anything during the match or after match concluded)
Non-Title Singles Match: David Otunga Vs World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.
Sheamus picks up the win via Submission with the Sharpshooter. He leaves the ring and then comes back and nails the Brogue Kick on David Otunga. Raw GM AJ comes out and says I have been left with no
other choice and then SmackDown GM Booker T comes out and says I will deal this, Booker T says if you choose the Brogue Kick against anyone anywhere is over before my investigation is sorted you will be
stripped of the title.

We see a TOUT from Kofi Kingston & R-Truth about Primetime Players losing #1 Contendership to Daniel Bryan and Kane

Backstage: Dr Shelby is with Kane and Daniel Bryan and says the tryout was a success and Kane and Daniel Bryan argue about the name of the team, then Dr Shelby call it Team Friendship.
Kane & Daniel Bryan say NO and walk away.

Matches at Night of Champions
– WWE Championship John Cena Vs CM Punk
– World Championship Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus
– Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler
– Divas Championship Kaitlyn Vs Layla
– Unified Tag Team Championship: Kane & Daniel Bryan Vs Kofi Kingston & R-Truth.
– PreShow: #1 Contenders Battle Royal for WWE US Championship – Winner faces Antonio Cesaro on PPV.

Michael Cole Update on Jerry Lawler – Michael Cole said Jerry Lawler collapsed earlier tonight, taken to medical facility but is breathing on his own.
Out of respect, there will be no further commentary on RAW tonight. Michael Cole says prayers are with Jerry Lawler. Any update will be given if it comes through.

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes picks up the win after Cross Rhodes. After the Match The Miz comes to the ring to attack Rey Mysterio but Cody Rhodes drops The Miz with Cross Rhodes.

Michael Cole Update on Jerry Lawler – Jerry is more responsive, reacting to lights, in isolated section of ER, awaiting a CAT scan

Bret Hitman Hart Interviews John Cena. John Cena says thanks for the interview opportunity. Hart asks Cena about the feud with CM Punk is same as mine back in the day with Shawn Michaels.
My question is I see alot of myself in you, and I see a lot of CM Punk in Shawn Michaels, John Cena thanks Bret for mentioning John Cena in same sentence as Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart.
John Cena says I like how Montreal respect you as a Hall of Famer, as far as comparing Shawn to CM Punk, Shawn never walks out on people, CM Punk is insecure and tells you how good he is, Bret yourself
stand here and are respected, quite frankly CM Punk is desperate and delusional. Bret says my next question is what you going to do to shut that Phoney punk up. CM Punk comes to the ramp and says you
calling me phoney, John Cena says let me answer this you are phoney you can settle it by coming to the ring. CM Punk says the biggest phoney is casting judgment on the WWE Champion, Punk says I do what
I want and come out and defend myself against rampant and disrespect that almost breaks my heart seeing you sit in the ring, Cena & Hart are alike, you can sit here and you were both surpassed by someone
far superior than yourself, Cena in your case talking about myself and Bret in your case I am talking about Shawn Michaels, I am better than Shawn Michaels, Punk says you made Stone Cold tap out and
I am better than him and The Rock, we all saw what I did when he showed me disrespect. I am the best wrestler, talker, technician, brawler and I dont say it from insecurity but because I am it, that makes
me anything but a phoney, John Cena says that makes you conceited and hypocrite, Montreal is an honest city, for years been mentioned as a bizarre world, I will hit you in the face with a dose of truth,
for 300 days you have been champion, month after month you watched main events pass you buy, fact is there is no you, you have been here for many years and that was when microphone was turned silent,
you had convicted talk of change and you got it and the universe was lied to was changed but not by ice cream bars but becoming champion, in reference to success I went from underdog to favorite through
all of this and through the loss and humility I have done it, there is you and have changed your ideaology and stole the elbow drop of Randy Savage, not saying your not tough its around the WWE title, which doesn’t
define you as a champion, you are in jeopardy of losing your title this Sunday at Night of Champions. John Cena speaks French and CM Punk says you have lowered yourself to there level by speaking there
languages, the fans are here to listen and you need to earn respect and in french I said you think you will win but I am going to kick your ass.
CM Punk goes to attack Bret Hart but John Cena stops him, Cena removes his top and says bring it, then goes to hit Bret Hart but Bret Hart punches him and sends him out the ring.

Michael Cole Update on Jerry Lawler – Jerry Lawler condition is stable, is breathing on his own, heart is beating on its own, okay at the moment, awaiting a CAT scan on chest and brain, updates on WWE.com

Raw Episode Match Results
– Non-Title Tag Team Match: Unified Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth def WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz & WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro
– Six Divas Tag Team Match: Unified Divas Champion Layla, Eve Torres & Kaitlyn def Alicia Fox, Natalya & “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix.
– Non-Title Raw Active Singles Match: (Fans chose opponent for CM Punk) Randy Orton def WWE Champion CM Punk via Disqualification
– Impromptu Tag Team Match: Randy Orton & Jerry “King” Lawler def WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler.
– Singles Match: Ryback def Heath Slater
Note; Jerry Lawler collapsed during Tag Match had CPR backstage – taken to hospital – but update by Michael Cole is that Jerry is breathing but no commentary out of respect to Jerry Lawler
– #1 Contenders Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan & Kane def Titus O’Neil & Darren Young to become #1 Contenders.
– Singles Match: Alberto Del Rio def Tyson Kidd via Submission.
– Non-Title Singles Match: World Champion Sheamus def David Otunga via Submission
– Singles Match: Cody Rhodes def Rey Mysterio.

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