9/17/12 Detailed Friday Night Smackdown Results

Sep 7, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

– Friday Night Smackdown Coverage 9/7/12

The show opens with Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodríguez, who is wearing a neck brace and David Otunga leaving the office of Booker T. From there, Del Rio and Otunga very carefully, help Rodríguez to the ring.

Del Rio grabs the mic and says he is on the role of his career by making Randy Orton tap out, beating Kane and destroying John Cena on Raw. He says he will beat Sheamus at Night of Champions but he is not happy because Sheamus has an advantage that is more dangerous than a steel chair. He says that advantage is the Brogue kick. He says it should be illegal and kicking someone in the head is a criminal act. Del Rio says Ricardo Rodríguez is his only friend and the kick should be banned because it is unlike the cross arm breaker which is pure and artistic.

It’s David Otunga’s turn with the microphone and he says he is the only Harvard educated attorney in the history of the WWE. He said Sheamus’ actions with the Brogue kick were malicious and used with intent to cause bodily harm. Otunga says it is a joke that Sheamus is allowed to continue to use the kick and demanded compensation from General Manager, Booker T.

“CAN YOU DIGG IT, SUCKA” hits the air waves and Booker T comes out to the ramp. Booker says their conversation was supposed to be confidential. Booker ask’s the WWE Universe is they should ban the Brogue kick. They respond with a resounding NO. Booker says the kick is still legal and leaves.

Micheal Cole and Josh Matthews argue about the way Booker T is handling things on Smackdown and Matthews says Booker told him Kane was fined an undisclosed amount of money and he is satisfied.

– Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes & The Miz:

Miz and Rey start things off and Miz boots Rey into the corner and opens up with some punches. Rey back flips out of a belly to back suplex, lands some leg kicks and makes a quick tag to Sin Cara. They both kick Miz in the chest and back and Sin Cara works the arm as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sin Cara is working over Rhodes with leg kicks and lands top rope somersault arm drag on Rhodes. Rey tags in and goes for the 6-1-9 but Miz pulls Rhodes out of the ring. Rey attempts a baseball slide drop kick under the bottom rope but misses and Rhodes knocks Rey down from behind and throws him back in the ring. Rhodes applies a neck vice and Rey fights out of it. Rhodes charges in and is met with a drop toe hold that sends his face into the turnbuckle. Rey makes the tag and Sin Cara hits a cross body from the top rope and follows up with the back spring elbow and a Hurricanrana.

There is a lot of fast paced action in this match! Sin Cara rolls through a missed swanton bomb and hits a sunset flip but Rhodes is able to make the tag to Miz and Sin Cara is cut off. Miz lands the running clothesline and follows it up with a double ax handle for a two count. Rhodes tags in and lands a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Rhodes applies another neck vice and Sin Cara fights back and rolls through a belly to back suplex and takes out Rhodes in the process.

Sin Cara makes the hot tag to Rey Mysterio and Rey hits Miz with a cross body and a kick to the face. Rey jumps over for a sunset flip but Miz gets up and lands a vicious kick to the face for a close near fall. Rey and Miz exchange in some roll ups and Rhodes kicks Rey in the head. Sin Cara hits Rhodes with a spring board drop kick that sends him outside the ring. Sin Cara follows up with a twisting plancha over the top rope and on to Rhodes. Rey knocks Miz into the middle rope and hits a 6-1-9 and frog splash for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara via pinfall

Backstage, Daniel Bryan bumps into Hornswoggle and the little guy wants a hug. Bryan declines but offers a hand shake. Horney shakes his hand, kicks him in the shin and runs off. Bryan is pissed and tries to keep his anger at bay with some breathing techniques.

David Otunga was yelling at Booker T in the general manager’s office. He can’t believe Booker would put the WWE Superstars welfare in the hands of the people. He said before he takes legal action, he wants Booker T to look at the Brogue kick really close and Booker says he doesn’t need to see anymore pictures and he will think about making it illegal. Otunga said that was not good enough and needs to show him the real damage it causes and asks Booker to go to the training room.

They show a RAW recap of the “Hug it Out” segment and this leads to our next match.


– Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder:

Ryder gets the crowd going with “Woo, Woo, Woo” chants which transition into “Yes, Yes, Yes” chants which upset Daniel Bryan. He snaps, and works over Ryder with leg kicks and stomps. Bryan sends Ryder into the ropes and connects with a running knee to the gut that sends Ryder up and over. Bryan follows up with three well placed kicks to the chest and one to the head for a two count.

Ryder comes back with a face plant, clothesline and lands double knees to Bryan’s face. Ryder lands the Broski Boot and measures Bryan for the Rough Ryder until Bryan calls time out and demands that they hug it out. Ryder falls for it and Bryan immediately hits the No Lock and Ryder taps quickly.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission.

Bryan’s anger gets the better of him and applies the No Lock again. He won’t let go despite the referee’s warning. Lillian Garcia announces the ref has reversed his decision and Ryder wins.

Winner: Zack Ryder via DQ.

Daniel Bryan yells “No, No, No” and the fans taunt him with YES chants. Randy Orton is shown backstage walking slowly to the ring and we go to break.

Damien Sandow comes to the ring. He says he needs to get something off his chest. He says his loss to Sheamus was comic justice and was not given proper time to scout his opponent and exploit their weaknesses. He mentions he has never been pinned and was appalled at the Tweets and Touts that called him a coward. He said people who use social media are the real cowards and no one has the guts to call him craven to his face. Says people should be reading instead of tweeting and that Albert Einstein would never be caught Tweeting. “I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD” blasts from the speakers and the Viper heads to the ring.

Sandow asks what Orton can possibly add to the conversation. Orton says he is not here to add to the conversation and he is here to fight. Says he told Booker T he wanted to hold off on his original opponent and wanted to specifically face Sandow.

– Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits as the bell rings and the Money in the Bank winner comes to ringside with Vickie and joins the team for commentary. Orton and Sandow exchange headlocks until Orton shoulder tackles Sandow which causes him to take a breather outside the ring. Sandow gets back in the ring and they lock up and Sandow follows up with some punches to the head and takes another breather outside the ring. Sandow gets back in the ring and Orton knocks him down and works him over with the Orton stomp.

They fight outside the ring where Orton slams Sandow’s head into the apron and the steel steps. Orton goes for the DDT but is distracted by Ziggler standing on the commentary table and Sandow pushes Orton, back first, into the steel post. Sandow throws Orton into the ring and hits a couple of knee drops as we go to break.

We are back and Sandow has Orton in a rear chin lock. Orton fights to his feet but Sandow cuts him off with a Russian Leg Sweep and connects with his Cubito Aequet elbow drop for a two count. Sandow misses a jumping knee drop and Orton connects with two clotheslines and a powerslam. Hit’s the hanging DDT and sets up for the RKO but Sandow runs out of the ring and goes back to the locker room. Ref starts the count and we get to ten.

Winner: Randy Orton via count out.

Orton confronts Ziggler outside the ring. Ziggler throws a punch but Orton blocks it and nails him with an over hand right. They go in the ring and Orton hits the Thez press and sets up for the RKO on Ziggler until Sandow runs back into the ring and it met with the RKO that was meant for Ziggler.

In the trainer’s room, Otunga shows Booker T two X-Rays. One with a perfectly aligned neck and the second, a neck with bulging discs. The second  X-Ray belongs to Ricardo Rodríguez. Otunga threatens more legal action if the Brogue kick is not banned and Booker tells him he is not in any position to make demands. He also tells Otunga to get his gear because he is wrestling Sheamus, tonight.

-The Prime Time Players vs. Primo & Epico vs. The Usos:

This is a number one contender’s match and R-Truth and Kofi join the team for commentary. Darren Young gets caught with a Backstabber, while combing his hair, by Primo and he and Jey Uso fight back and forth for the cover. They fight in the corner and Epico tags in and drops Jey and kicks Young in the gut. He hits Jey with a suplex and connects with a pump handle slam. Titus O’Neil tags in and suplexes Darren Young onto Epico and Young hits a Northern lights suplex and a two count.

Epico fights back and lands a tornado DDT on to Darren Young. Jimmy Uso takes in and clotheslines both men. Jimmy lands a superkick onto Epico and backdrops Primo over the top rope and on to the floor. Young is hit with a Samoan drop by Jey and the Uso climbs to the top rope and hits the big splash onto Uso for the cover. However, Darren Young throws him out of the ring and covers the fallen Uso for the win.

Winner & New #1 Contenders: The Prime Time Players

After a recap of The CM Punk/Heyman angle from Raw, Eve Touts safety of the WWE superstars is paramount and we go to Teddy Long and Kaitlyn talk outside of Booker’s office and Dolph Ziggler storms in and demands a match with Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Long says Ziggler is not a champion but not every match at Night of Champions needs to be for a title and he will mention it to Booker T. Long says he has no doubt Booker will make the match and Ziggler says he may be world champion by the time the PPV rolls around as he holds up the brief case.

– Wade Barrett Yoshi Tatsu:

This is Wade Barrett’s return match and he came to the ring wearing his new T-Shirt instead of his coat draped over his shoulders. He was wearing black tights with his name in silver lettering on the back and a small Union Jack patch on the front. Nothing much to this match. He worked over Tatsu in the corner with punches and kicks, placed him in between the ropes and landed three knees to the head. He is measuring Tatsu with every shot. Barrett lands a superkick to the stomach and lands a fast and vicious forearm to the head of Tatsu for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

Barrett, on the mic, says after six months away, taking place in meaningless matches like this does not interest him. He said he needs to be thrusted into the title picture and Wade Barrett is open for business.

-Sheamus vs. David Otunga w/ Alberto Del Rio – (Non-Title Match):

They lock up and Otunga rams Sheamus into the corner and Sheamus counters with three well placed knees. The champion drops Otunga with a clothesline and attempts the Brogue kick but Otunga moves out of the way. Sheamus ends up on the apron and Otunga kicks him in the leg which caused Sheamus to hit his head on the apron. Otunga hits a should tackle for a two count and applies a chin lock.

Sheamus fights up and lands two double ax handles and a running knee to the jaw. Otunga crawls outside to the apron and Sheamus lands the ten forearms to the chest. Shesmus hits White Noise and sets up for the Brogue kick until Booker T comes out with mic in hand. He apologizes for interrupting the match and says due to the evidence and the high stakes involved, he has no choice but to ban the Brogue kick. Sheamus can’t believe what he is hearing and Booker says to carry on with the match. Del Rio distracts a shocked Sheamus and Otunga tries to hit him from behind but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Back Breaker and the Texas Cloverleaf for the tap out and that is our show.

Winner: Sheamus via submission

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