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WWE Summerslam PPV Results
August 19, 2012
Los Angeles, California
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YouTube pre-show: Antonio Cesaro def. Santino Marella to become the new WWE United States Champion.

The WWE promo runs.

A video package runs focusing on the 25 year history of Summerslam and then focusing on Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to the 25th Anniversary of Summerslam. We go live to the Staples Center in Los Angeles where a huge display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the live show.

Vickie Guerrero is out first to kick off the show. Excuse her.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho

Michael Cole points out that Jericho has yet to win a PPV match since returning earlier this year. Jericho catches Ziggler with a big elbow. Jericho is all over Ziggler and follows with a big kick to the gut. Ziggler dropst he injured ribs of Jericho over his knee. Jericho dumps Ziggler over the top rope. Ziggler presses Jericho into the ropes and then connects with a low dropkick into the ribs of Jericho. Jericho with chops fighting back. Ziggler catches Jericho with a body splash in the corner. Ziggler with a quick reverse neckbreaker on Jericho. Ziggler mocks Jericho pinning him with his foot over his chest. Jericho with a close rollup and Ziggler responds right away with a jumping clothesline. Jericho with a baseball slide dropkick to Ziggler and then connects with a series of shoulder charges. Jericho catches Ziggler with a big boot in the corner and then connects with a sledgehammer from the second rope. Ziggler sends Jericho into the corner, Jericho bounces off and Ziggler connects with the Fameasser. Ziggler gets a two count. Ziggler counters out of a Walls of Jericho attempt, but Jericho catches Ziggler with a kick to the back of the head. Ziggler gets a sleeper applied.

Jericho fights out of the sleeper, but Ziggler goes back to working over his ribs. Ziggler is sitting up on the top rope. Jericho with a big chop and elbows. Jericho climbs up with Ziggler, hits a few right hands to Ziggler's head and connects with a jumping top rope huricanrana. Ziggler catches Jericho with a quick DDT and gets another two count with a pinfall attempt. Ziggler with a few rights, but Jericho fights back with a running bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Ziggler gets his knees up. Ziggler with the Zig Zag. Ziggler hooks the leg and Jericho kicks out after two. Jericho connects with the Codebreaker. Ziggler falls out of the ring. Jericho tosses Ziggler back in the ring. Vickie then holds on to Jericho's leg. This allows Ziggler to get a rollup. Jericho kicks out after two. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho locked in. Ziggler taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Chris Jericho celebrates his win slapping hands with fans at ringside.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler review footage of Brock Lesnar's attack on Shawn Michaels during Raw on Monday night.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman says Lesnar will finish Triple H and “break the spirit of WWE.” Lesnar grabs the mic and says this is a fight Triple H can't win. Heyman says if they aren't down with that then they have two words for Triple H: “tap out.”

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Daniel Bryan with a series of quick kicks to Kane early on. Kane catches another kick and throws Bryan down. Kane fights back with a few shots including a quick uppercut. Kane with a quick scoop slam and dropkick to the face. Kane with a big boot that drops Bryan. Kane gets a two count after a cover. Bryan with more kicks and Kane tosses him over the top rope. Bryan with a quick shoulder tackle into Kane sending Kane back first into the guard railining area. Back in the ring, Bryan comes off the top rope with a quick dropkick that drops Kane. Kane gets up on his knees and Bryan connects with big kicks to the chest. Kane avoids a kick to the head and drops Bryan with a clothesline. Kane with a series of clothesline body splashes to Bryan in two corners and follows with a quick side slam that results in a two count. Kane comes off the top rope with a big clothesline. Bryan counters a chokeslam attempt by Kane, drops Kane off the top rope, but Kane fires back with a big right hand. Bryan with a big slap to the jaw of Kane. Kane goes crazy on Bryan in the corner with a series of punches and kicks. The referee is barely able to pull Kane off when he reaches the 4 count. Bryan goes to the top rope. The crowd in Los Angeles is going crazy chanting YES! Bryan comes off the top attempting a flying headbutt, but Kane catches him around the throat and executes a huge chokeslam. Kane is calling for the end. Bryan counters a Tombstone attempt into a rollup to get the pinfall.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Kane can't believe it. Daniel Bryan bails out of the ring and heads to the back.

Backstage, we see a shot of an angry Kane trying to find Daniel Bryan. Josh Mathews walks up trying to get word. Kane tosses him aside.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

The Miz drops Rey Mysterio early on after a lock up. Miz launches Mysterio out of the ring and Mysterio is able to roll through and recover. Miz then jumps out and Mysterio jumps back in. Mysterio then catches Miz with a quick dropkick sending Miz off the ring apron. Mysterio attempts a flip up bulldog, but Miz tosses him into the ring barricade area. Mysterio with a few kicks to the body of Miz. Miz catches Mysterio up on his shoulders and drops his lower back over his shoulders/neck. Miz with a corner clothesline on Mysterio and mocks the fans in Los Angeles. Mysterio crotches Miz up top. Miz with a big sitdown powerbomb on Mysterio. Mysterio with a quick rollup on Miz and Miz kicks out after two. Mysterio then quickly catches Miz with a kick to the head. Mysterio with a quick DDT on Miz. Mysterio with a huricanrana sending Miz into the ropes. Mysterio connects with a 619. Mysterio comes off the top turnbuckle with a body splash, but Miz sits up. Miz attempts a Skull Crushing Finale, but Mysterio counters into a rollup for a close two count. Miz then catches Mysterio with a Skull Crushing Finale and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Backstage, Teddy Long is seen leaving AJ's office and talks about what a great job she is doing to Eve. CM Punk walks up and goes in AJ's office. He understands turning her down has made her want to punish him. Punk promises to retain his title tonight. AJ looked off and didn't make eye contact with Punk during the conversation.

A video package runs highlighting Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez

Some stiff looking lock ups early on when Del Rio pushing Sheamus into the corner. Del Rio with a big kick to the head of Sheamus. Del Rio with more kicks to the body pushing Sheamus back into the corner. Sheamus with a twisting neckbreaker for a two count. Sheamus with a few right hands and kicks to Del Rio. Sheamus with a rolling senton on Del Rio off his shoulders and gets another two count. Sheamus has Del Rio up on his shoulders. Del Rio gets the turnbuckle exposed when Sheamus was pulling him away. Del Rio gets off the shoulders of Sheamus, Sheamus avoids an armbar attempt, moves to the ring apron and Del Rio dropkicks him off the ring apron to the outside. Del Rio drives the leg of Sheamus into the steel ring steps. Del Rio tosses Sheamus back in, goes up top and connects with a sledgehammer. We see a shot of Ricardo at ringside yelling at some fans. Del Rio pushes Sheamus into the middle rope choking him and then drives knees into the chest of Sheamus. Del Rio then grounds Sheamus locking on an headlock. Del Rio drives the head of Sheamus into the mat, hooks the leg and gets another two count. Del Rio starts mocking Sheamus slapping his chest.

Sheamus fires back with a quick clothesline. Del Rio quickly recovers sending Sheamus shoulder first into the steel ring post. Sheamus with right hands and a quick headbutt. Del Rio then crotches Sheamus when Sheamus gets to the top turnbuckle. Del Rio grabs the left arm of Sheamus and pulls him down to the mat with force driving the arm into his knees. Del Rio gets the armbar applied on Sheamus. Sheamus is reaching for the bottom rope. Sheamus turns himself over, lifts Del Rio up and drops him off to the side with a powerbomb. Sheamus connects with White Noise on Del Rio, hooks the leg and Del Rio kicks out after two. Sheamus backs up to the corner calling for the Brogue Kick. Del Rio steps out of the way, but Sheamus spears him into the corner. Sheamus then locks up Del Rio in the ropes and throws his big forearm chops to the chest. Sheamus with right hands to Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio trips him up and Sheamus hits the exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio with a kick to the head, hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out! Del Rio is shocked. Del Rio slaps Ricardo who was up on the ring apron. Sheamus uses Ricardo's shoe, hits Del Rio and connects with the Irish Curse Backbreaker.

During the pinfall, Del Rio gets his leg on the bottom rope. The referee still counts the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are arguing with the referee. Michael Cole says Sheamus stole this one tonight.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler plug the Night of Champions PPV on September 16.

Backstage, we see footage from earlier tonight of Triple H talking with referee Scott Armstrong. He says his fight with Brock Lesnar tonight either ends with a pinfall or submission.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c's) vs. The Primetime Players

We start with Truth and Darren Young. Truth with a quick hip toss and leg drop combo. Tag to Titus O'Neil who catches Truth with a big boot. Truth quickly recovers with a flying leg kick dropping Titus. Tag to Kingston who springboards in with a series of shots to Titus including a big dropkick. Kingston drops Titus with a flying clothesline and follows that with a Boom Drop. Young distracts Kingston allowing Titus to roll out. Young misses a clothesline to Kingston on the outside, but Titus takes out Kingston with a clothesline and tosses him back in the ring. Titus lifts Kingston up and drops him hard on the mat back in the ring. Tag to Young who is lifted up in a suplex by Titus and dropped over Kingston. Kingston with big left hands to Young. Kingston with a reversal in midair, but Young fires back with a snap powerslam for a two count. Tag to Titus who takes a ton of kicks from Kingston. Titus counters out and gets an abdominal stretch applied. Kingston with elbows to Titus, but Titus twists him around and Kingston brings him down in a DDT. Hot tag to Truth and tag to Young. Truth with clotheslines to Young and then connects with his twisting body splash. Truth with a front face suplex, hooks the leg and Titus breaks it up. Titus then tosses Kingston out of the ring. Kingston dumps Titus to the outside. Kingston springboards up off the top rope and takes out Titus on the outside. Young with a rollup on a Truth for a two count. Truth with his facebuster finisher and gets the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Video runs of WWE taking over Los Angeles this week in preparation for Summerslam.

A video package runs highlighting CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show.

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

No introductions tonight. The bell rings and here we go. Michael Cole points out the last WWE PPV that Punk main evented as WWE Champion was December of 2011 noting Punk's “lack of respect” cries. Big Show goes after both Punk and John Cena early on with some body shots. Big Show tosses Cena into the corner and quickly tosses Punk to the mat. Big Show with a huge chest chop to Cena. Big Show with a chest chop to Punk. Punk with a slap to Big Show. Big Show with a headbutt and another big chop to the chest. Crowd in Los Angeles is very pro-Punk. Punk and Cena double team Big Show with a few shots. They attempt a double suplex, but Big Show gives them a double suplex instead. Big Show with a quick body splash to Cena in the corner and Cena falls out of the ring. Punk with a dropkick to the knee of Big Show as he came off the ropes. Loud “CM PUNK” chants. Punk with kicks to Big Show. Punk calls for the GTS. Big Show breaks it up and chops Punk. Cena gets Big Show on his shoulders and Punk breaks that up. Big Show then stands on the back of Punk. Punk screams out in pain. Big Show again sends Cena to the outside from the ring apron.

Big Show misses a splash in the corner, catches Punk coming off the top and then drops an elbow over his chest. Big Show catches Cena with a huge spear, hooks the leg and Cena kicks out. Big Show puts a dazed Punk and Cena next to each other near the corner. Big Show goes up to the second rope, jumps back, Punk rolls out of the way and Big Show catches Cena. Punk comes off the top rope over Big Show. Big Show grabs Punk around the neck and sends him over the top rope. Big Show works over Cena at ringside when Punk launches himself through the second rope. Big Show catches him and launches him into the ropes. Back in the ring, Big Show with a side slam on Cena. Punk drops Big Show off the top rope and Cena connects with a back suplex. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Punk cuts him off with a flying clothesline. Punk mocks Cena, goes up top and connects with a flying elbow over Big Show. Big Show powers out of the pinfall attempt. Punk with a kick to Big Show's head and then gets a modified triangle choke applied. Big Show powers out and chops the chest of Punk. Cena is back in and connects with a shoulder block to Big Show.

Cena with an STF locked on Big Show. Big Show powers to his feet and sends Cena to the corner to break it up. Cena jumps off the corner, Big Show catches him and slams him down on the mat. Punk with a flying clothesline that takes out Big Show. Punk with a running knee to Big Show. Punk with a second. Punk connects with a third. Big Show avoids the running bulldog by Punk. Cena off the top rope with a flying leg drop. Punk again goes back to his triangle choke on Big Show. Cena locks the STF on Big Show. Both Punk and Cena have submissions applied on Big Show. Big Show taps.

The referee calls for the bell. Both Punk and Cena celebrate. They start arguing with the referee. AJ's music hits. She skips to the ring and grabs a mic. Punk tells AJ to let the fans decide. AJ orders the match to be restarted.

Big Show grabs both Punk and Cena and connects with a double chokeslam. Big Show hooks the leg on Cena and Cena kicks out. Big Show covers Punk and Punk kicks out. Big Show calls for the knockout punch. Cena avoids it and connects with an AA on Big Show. Punk dumps Cena to the outside, hooks the leg of Big Show and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk grabs the WWE Championship and starts celebrating up on the corner. We see a shot of a shocked John Cena. We then see a replay leading up to the finish. Back live, Punk is gloating in front of an upset Cena at ringside.

We see a shot of Vince McMahon's star on the Walk of Fame. Back live, Piers Morgan, Fred Durst, Rick Rubin, David Arquette and Maria Menounos are shown in the crowd.

A trailer for WWE Studios' “The Day” is shown. The cast from the film is then shown at ringside.

Footage from the YouTube pre-show is shown of Antonio Cesaro defeating Santino Marella to become the new WWE United States Champion.

Kevin Rudolf then performs “Don't Give Up” – the official theme song of Summerslam. We then get really random shots of Lilian Garcia, Justin Roberts, Michael Cole and WWE Divas dancing to the song.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Triple H

Justin Roberts handled ring introductions for Brock Lesnar and Triple H. They dimmed the lights and put spotlights on both for a big fight feel. The bell rings and Lesnar immediately picks up Triple H launching him into the corner. Triple H with some rights and Lesnar launches him back to the corner. Lesnar goes for a kimura lock and Triple H breaks free. Lesnar goes for a second wrapping his legs around Triple H and Triple H again breaks free. Triple H with a clothesline that sends Lesnar to the outside. Lesnar jumps back in and drives Triple H into the corner. Lesnar with a quick clothesline and Triple H catches him with a high knee. Triple H again clotheslines Lesnar to the outside. Triple H yells out, “This is WWE, it isn't UFC. Come on!” Lesnar returns to the ring and removes his MMA gloves. Lesnar with a quick takedown and a huge punch to the back of the head. Triple H rolls out grabbing his head. Cole notes that a punch to the back of the head is illegal in MMA. Triple H with rights to Lesnar on the outside. Lesnar with knees and forearms to the back. Lesnar then lifts Triple H up and drops him down over the announcers table. The referee is not starting a count.

Lesnar drags Triple H in the ring. Lesnar with a knee and again drops Triple H on his arm. Lesnar with big stomps over Triple H in the corner. Lesnar locks on another kimura and throws Triple H into the corner. Lesnar counters a clothesline attempt from Triple H and connects with a big release german suplex. Triple H with right hands and a quick DDT on Lesnar. Lesnar goes for another kimura and then drops Triple H on the same arm. On the outside, Lesnar sends Triple H into the steel ring steps. Lesnar then sends Triple H over the spanish announce table. Lesnar pushes the table over, stands over the side, jumps and connects with a big sledgehammer over the head of Triple H. Lesnar tosses Triple H back in the ring who attempts a comeback, but Lesnar gets in a quick rollup for a one count. Lesnar with a nasty looking clothesline to Triple H. Triple H with a suplex on Lesnar. Lesnar misses a splash, Triple H goes for a Pedigree, Lesnar counters out and sends Triple H into the corner. Triple H bounces off the corner and falls to the outside. Triple H then sends Lesnar gut first into the corner of the announce table. Triple H then punches Lesnar in the lower stomach.

Lesnar is going for the kimura. Triple H breaks it up with knees. Triple H drives a knee to the lower stomach of Lesnar. Triple H with repeated knees. Triple H with a big spinebuster on Lesnar. Lesnar counters a Pedigree, goes for an F5, Triple H counters and connects with the Pedigree. Triple H hooks the leg and Lesnar immediately kicks out after two. Lesnar with a low blow right in front of the referee. Paul Heyman screams at referee Scott Armstrong to let it go since Triple H wanted a fight. Lesnar with an F5 on Triple H. Lesnar hooks the leg and Triple H kicks out. Lesnar can't believe it. Lesnar applies the kimura lock on Triple H. Lesnar falls down and locks his legs around Triple H locking it in tight. Triple H makes it to the ropes and starts punching Lesnar on the side. Triple H with a Pedigree. Triple H tries to roll Lesnar over for a pinfall and Lesnar locks in the kimura again. Triple H is punching Lesnar and trying to break free. Lesnar has it locked in tight. Triple H taps out.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match, a smiling Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman head up the ramp. We see a shot of WWE's medical team attending to Triple H who is refusing help. We see a replay of Triple H tapping out. Back live, we see Lesnar and Heyman heading to the back. We see a shot of Triple H attempting to recover. He is still refusing medical treatment. A loud “YOU TAPPED OUT” chant starts up as he gets to his feet. Triple H says he is sorry as the crowd in Los Angeles claps for him. “Sorry guys. I'm sorry,” says Triple H to the camera as he leans up against the ropes. Triple H leaves the ring and slaps hands with a few fans at ringside. He gets another big reaction as he heads up the ramp. Michael Cole says, “You have to wonder if this is the end of Triple H.”

The PPV goes off the air with Triple H heading to the back.

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