More on the McMahon’s 2011 tax returns

Aug 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

After unveiling her 2010 tax returns to the Associated Press a few weeks
ago, Linda McMahon released the 2011 tax returns for her family after
continued pressure from her opponents. In 2011, Vince and Linda McMahon
earned a total of $24.1 million, and while that’s quite a lot, it’s a $6
million drop from their 2010 earnings. There will be an amendment to the
report as the couple are still waiting for two missing documents regarding
investment income. McMahon didn’t want to file her return before
everything was in order but was advised to file and amend later. “In the
interest of just moving forward, Linda acted on that advice,” McMahon
campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said. The couple paid a total $3.6 million
in federal taxes and an additional $1.72 million in state taxes. They
also made nearly $2.3 million in charitable contributions, with $2 million
of them going to the Vince and Linda McMahon Family Foundation. The
Foundation spent them all, and a bit more, totaling $2.4 million in
donations to various groups including Connecticut Basketball Club Inc,
East Carolina University, Sacred Heart University, Archdiocese of Hartford
for a youth center and other organizations.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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